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Kittyn awoke knowing it was the day. She had visualized this day many times, never really believing it would actually happen. Daddy had taken her fantasy and turned it into reality. She had been put to bed early last night with instructions to sleep late, but not too late. She stretched and got herself out of bed. She decided to take a long, hot shower to loosen up her muscles and allow herself to be perfectly groomed. Daddy had taken her to a spa yesterday, getting her a full Brazilian wax, as well as getting her legs waxed. She loved the silky feeling of her now smooth skin. Daddy had also said that if she was a good girl today, he'd take her back tomorrow for a full spa day.

She stepped into the hot spray, lathering up her favorite vanilla body washing and cleansing her skin. She washed her long red hair, and treated herself to a deep conditioning treatment. She rinsed her hair and stood for a few moments under the hot spray, letting her muscles relax. She stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in an oversized fluffy towel. After drying off, she rubbed an exotic scented oil into her skin, making it gleam in the light. She selected a short skirt and low cut blouse, knowing that she wouldn't be in them for long. She put on a pair of heels and smiled as Daddy walked into the room.

"Are you ready, kittyn?" He smiled as he looked her over.

"Yes Daddy, are we going now?"

"Yes pet, it is time to go." Daddy gently tied a blindfold over her eyes and attached a leash to her collar. He led her outside and settled her safely in the car. The blindfold would not come off until the end of the evening, after the festivities. They drove in comfortable silence, kittyn lost in her thoughts.

The car stopped and Daddy got out. A moment later he was back and they drove a short distance more. He stopped the car and got out, walking around to her side. He kissed her softly then led her from the car into a building. He greeted a few people, men by the sound of their voices. "Ok pet, strip," he commanded her.

Kittyn silently took off her clothes and stood naked. Daddy silently moved her into position, bent over a padded sawhorse. He secured her wrists and ankles to the rests that had been attached to the sawhorse. He checked to make sure she had good circulation, but couldn't move. He walked around to the front of her and gently placed the bit gag between her lips, securing it behind her head. He attached a chain to her nipple piercings and attached that chain to the sawhorse so that it applied a bit of tension. If she jerked or moved, there would be a sharp pull on her nipples. He knelt down so his mouth was at her ear. "Are you ready, my precious pet?"

Kittyn smiled around the gag. She didn't know what was going to happen beyond what Daddy told her yesterday. She would be fucked. By many men. She had no control over the situation. There was no stopping the situation if she wanted to. Daddy would be supervising, but short of permanent harm to her, she doubted he would stop the goings on. She nodded to let Daddy know she was ready.

Daddy moved behind kittyn and brought a crop down hard on her ass. She yelped and jumped, making the chain attached to her nipples tug unbearably. She whimpered as Daddy laid 9 more stripes across her ass. Without warning he grabbed her hips and thrust into her ass in one stroke. Kittyn screamed behind her gag and struggled to get away. Tears trickled down her face as Daddy continued raping her ass, thrusting as far into her as he could. He was not stopping, nor was he being gentle. She whimpered and cried as the pain continued. Slowly, the pain lessened to a bearable amount and she began to enjoy Daddy fucking her ass. She had forgotten about the on lookers until someone came and rubbed a hard cock against her face. There were people watching! She whimpered and tried to move her head away. The man grabbed her hair and held her head as he rubbed his cock across her face. Daddy continued to fuck her and she moaned, finally enjoying being used. "You like that little slut?" Daddy asked as he continued to fuck her. "Do you want to cum?"

Kittyn whimpered and nodded. She was enjoying the sensation of being fucked while being watched by who knows how many onlookers. "Then cum, now!" Daddy commanded.

Kittyn moaned as she crested and orgasmed. The feeling was incredible. She heard Daddy moan and felt him tense as he came in her ass. He stood for a moment then pulled out. Someone else came behind her and thrust into her pussy. Kittyn whimpered around the gag. It was a decidedly different feeling getting fucked by someone that wasn't Daddy. This cock was a bit longer than Daddy's but thinner. He pumped her hips, fucking her in an animalistic way, focusing purely on his pleasure and the sensations he was feeling. He lasted a few moments, then came, filling her pussy with his seed.

This continued for some time, kittyn losing track of time and space as she floated on the sensations. Various men came and filled her pussy and ass with their seed. Sometimes she was being whipped, flogged, spanked, or cropped. She had no idea how many men had taken her. She had lost count after five different cocks had filled her. She whimpered each time someone entered her, as she was sore, and none of them had used any lubricant. She was dimly aware of the sound of people leaving gradually.

Daddy smiled down as his kittyn as the last man pumped her full of his seed. She had taken twenty different men in the last five and a half hours, some of them more than once. He could see the exhaustion on her face. As the last man finished, clothed himself, and left, he gently began stroking the back of His kittyn. It was a sign of her tiredness that she didn't whimper or move, as she was usually quite ticklish there. He gently released her wrists and ankles from their bondage and removed the gag. He held a glass of soda up to her lips, encouraging her to take more than just a small sip.

She slowly took a few sips from the straw, each one a bit more. She was physically and mentally exhausted. She didn't realize quite yet that she was done with this event. Her body ached from the whippings she had gotten in addition to the men using her body to sate their lust.

Daddy gently encouraged His kittyn up, and got her into a chair. He covered her with a blanket, and held the soda up to her lips again. She drank a bit more, then sniffled as a few tears ran down her cheeks. Daddy wrapped his arms around her, whispering words of love into her ear. After a while, she began to move a bit, and Daddy took this as a sign it was time to get her up. He stood her up and lovingly dressed her in the discarded clothing. He helped her to the car, securing her snugly, and whisked them off to the hotel room he had rented for the night.

They stopped at the front entrance of the hotel, and he went inside to get their room key. He came back and drove to the room, helping kittyn inside the hotel and then into their suite. He settled her on the couch and told her it would only be a moment and he would be back.

Daddy went into the oversized bathroom and ran the water from the faucet in the tub until it was as hot as he could stand. He smiled as the water started filling the huge whirlpool tub. He added fragrant aromatherapy oils to the tub. While the tub finished filling, he lit the aromatherapy oil burner and the scented candles he brought, and placed them all over the room. He turned the water off, and sprinkled white rose petals on the surface of the water. He closed the door behind him to allow the aromas to fill the air.

Kittyn waited for Daddy to return. Her body ached, and she wasn't sure what she wanted more: to sleep or a shower. She felt herself nodding off even as she struggled to wait for Daddy to return.

Daddy smiled at the sleeping kittyn. He had only been gone about five minutes, but already she was asleep. He sat beside her and gently kissed her, waking her up slowly. "I have a treat for you now, pet. Come this way." He helped her stand, and slid her out of the clothing. He tugged her along to the bathroom door. Opening the door, he led her through and closed the door behind her. He kissed her while reaching around to untie the blindfold.

The blindfold fell away, and kittyn blinked to clear her vision. She was in a room filled with candles. It smelled of lavender, citrus, and green tea, her favorite scents. She looked at the whirlpool tub and began to cry. It was so beautiful with rose petals floating on the steaming water.

Daddy looked down at His beloved kittyn. "Why are you crying kittyn?"

She took the step forward to be in his arms and mumbled against his chest, "You are so wonderful Daddy."

He smiled and helped her into the tub. She gasped as the hot water touched her sore skin. She sank into the fragrant water and smiled as Daddy shed his clothes. His cock was hard, but he made no move to take her. Instead, he entered the water with her and gently began washing her body with his hands and a bar of lavender soap. He shampooed her hair, and then rinsed it. He moved to sit behind her in the tub, and let her lean into him. He turned the whirlpool jets on and smiled as she relaxed against him.

After the water had cooled, he gently tugged on her hair. "Time to get out of the tub kittyn." She moved, and he got out, got a towel, and helped her out. He wrapped her in the towel and led her to the bed. After drying her off, he rubbed lavender lotion into her skin and smiled as she stretched like her namesake. "Ready for bed, pet?"

"In a bit, Daddy," she replied with a grin. She leaned forward and took his semi-hard cock into her mouth. She sucked him, concentrating on the head. He buried his hands in her hair and held her head as he fucked her mouth. He grew hard and heavy. "That's it, you are getting fucked." He stated, flipping her over, bending her over the bed, and thrusting into her pussy. She moaned and pushed back against him as he thrust into her, hard and fast. She felt her orgasm building and begged to for release. "Not yet. You will cum with me." He pumped her hips until he felt his orgasm crest. "Now pet!" They came together. He collapsed on the bed next to her, and she snuggled up with him. "I love you, kittyn. You are such a special creature."

She smiled. "I love you too Daddy."

They fell asleep in each others arms.
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