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Full Version: You won't regret it Master, I promise
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I woke early that morning, it was a Thursday. I had gotten everything done and out of the way so I would have plenty of time that day to be with Him. There was a hotel room reserved for me. He had already given me my orders and how they were to be carried out.

I was to be there before Him. Have the room the proper temperature so we would not become too warm during our play. I was also to have a bath drawn for Him and everything needed to clean him, ready for Him when He arrived. I was told to be completely naked and He would call me 5 minutes before getting there to make sure everything was 100 %. I was also supposed to be waiting on my knees and head down when He walked in. I was a little nervous, but God soooo excited. I was so wet thinking of it. He told me that upon his arrival He would immediately undress and proceed to collar me. And He did. I didn't think I would ever feel a collar around my neck, I fought the idea for so long. But that collar felt so good around my neck. I ache to feel one again. I liked it alot. It fit me perfectly.

He took me by the hand lifted me up and kissed me and reached up and pinched my nipples. He was ready to bathe. I followed Him to the bathroom and waited for Him to sit down and settle in the bath. I took my time and slowly washed every inch of Him, watching his cock grow as I touched Him everywhere. I wasn't allowed to touch his cock other than to wash it. And he was throbbing. While I washed his legs, He would reach up and cup my big tits and squeeze them. It felt so good, I had to take a deep breath, close my eyes for a moment and then continue to wash Him. He would just lay back and watch me, my ass moving from side to side. My breasts hanging down as I bent over Him washing. He took one in His mouth and sucked as I clean the other side of him, reaching over. I shivered and gasped ... He made me ache so much.

He was ready to get out and told me to dry Him as he stood. I took my time and dried every inch of my loving Master, softly. He then told me to leave the the bathroom and kneel on the floor of the bedroom and He would come for me. I was so anxious to see what would come next. My heart was racing.

He came to me after a few minutes and my head was bowed so I couldn't see fully what He was doing. But He softly put His hand under my chin and told me to keep my mouth closed. I did as I was told and could hear Him moving about. He came up from behind me and told me to put my hands behind my back and I did as I was told, loving where this was going. He took soft corded rope and tightly secured my wrists behind my back. The rope, and the tightness of it and it's pulling and the slight aching it brought to my muscles, felt good. He asked if it was too tight and I just quietly whispered in his ear, "No Sir."

He then walked in front of me and told me again to keep my mouth closed. And He tilted my jaw up and told me to close my eyes and just feel. He proceeded to take His hard cock, wet with precum and paint my lips with it. The scent, oh my god, was soooo damned sexy. My thighs were so wet by this point. I asked if I could taste Him, pleading. He allowed me. I snaked my tongue out fast and hungrily licked every drop He painted my mouth with. He moaned a little, taking it all in. Me on the floor, eyes closed, my tits thrust out in front of me. Hands tied tightly behind my back, savoring the taste of His cock juice. He then told me to open my mouth ...

He slowly slid His cock in and started moving His hips, thrusting little by little in my warm mouth. He breath caught as I closed my mouth around Him, sucking as He thrust. His cock was very very nice, not too long, not too short, just the right thickness I think ... I'm not big on size. To me His seemed perfect, 6 or 7 inches and pretty thick. I could just imagine how it was going to feel stroking in and out of my tight pussy and buried deep in my ass.

He started thrusting faster, swaying His hips, pumping my mouth. I couldn't help but moan as He was fucking my face. I had wanted this for so long, just to be used this way. I tried so hard to get all of Him in my mouth. He was telling me over and over how damn good it felt, what a good whore I was. That I really knew how to suck cock. He just kept moaning and growling, "mmmmmmmmmmmm, fuck yes!" I loved feeling His hands in my hair, holding my head as he pumped my mouth.

After a time, He slowed, then stopped. He told me to stand and helped get my balance as I did. He put his hands in front of me and reached around and cupped my big titties, pinching them, making me gasp and moan .... I tried so hard to be quiet. He liked the noises I made. He told me to look at Him and I looked at him square. He told me, "I'm going to bend you over the bed and fuck you. Nice and hard." I shivered at that. I just kept thinking to myself, "oh my god".

He took my bound wrists and gently pushed me to the edge of the bed, bent me over so my face was turned the side but buried in the bed. My ass high up before Him. He slipped a hand between my legs and ran His finger up and down my slit, "Damn baby, you're so wet!" He took His finger and slid them in pumping me for a second and then looked at me saying, "You're going to suck my cock after I fuck you and lick me clean. I want you to taste yourself on me." He then lifted His fingers to His mouth, sucking them. " Oh pet, your pussy is soooo sweet. I'm gonna love fucking that cunt!"

Pulling the rope and pushing down on me to steady himself, I felt His cock, wet and hard, pushing past my tight lips. I hear His breathing become shallow, ragged. He makes me moan as He pushes into me. Sooo thick, it fits so tight. "Mmmmmm Baby, so nice and tight. I want you to feel this. Really feel it. I'm going to fuck you so hard. Would you like that?

"Moaning and writhing, I replied, "Oh yes Sir! Please!"

With that, He smacked my ass lightly and just grabbed my hips and started ramming my wet cunt, pounding me harder and harder. I couldn't help but yell and moan and cry out. I was becoming quite loud. To the point of Him slowing and telling me to be silent and just take it. I just buried my face even deeper in the bed and bit down on the sheets while He rode me, fucked me for dear life. I felt my face being ground into the bed. He pushed harder and harder holding onto my hips. Bucking, thrusting, pumping so damned fast. I loved feeling Him hold my hands through the rope for some kind of more imtimate contact while He fucked me. His hands were warm and strong. I knew the power that came with them, the tenderness too.

After a time, He slowed and ordered me back to my knees upon the floor. I couldn't stop shaking from the pounding I had just received. Breathing fast and feeling a little dizzy, I quickly obeyed.

"Remember what I said you would do to seal this between you and I here today?" He asked me. "Yes Sir, I do. I'm to suck your cock, pleasure you, lick your balls and your ass until you cum in my mouth. Then when all is done, you will kiss me to taste us together. My juices on your cock, your cum, mixed sweetly together. " "Very good, pet! Mmmm, very good. Now suck my cock."

I smile so broadly inside, knowing that I will and can please Him. I hungrily begin sucking and lapping His hardness, like I was starving and it was a matter of life and death. Lapping His sack too, as His cock throbs before my face ... bobbing hard and slick . Looking up at Him, I smiled. He was moaning and holding my head, my hair. He knew I loved that. He knew I wanted to touch him, his cock. He leaned over me while I still sucked him off, undoing my ropes. I slid my hand down to my pussy, covering it in my own juices. I could smell the sex ... damn. I reached up and enclosed my hand on his rod firmly stroking ... faster. I spread his legs and to his surprise, start loving His ass hole, drilling it with my tongue. Nipping His ass lightly, all the while pumping His cock.

"Sir, may I ask something of you?"

"Yes little one, you may. What is it?"

"Sir, would you get upon the bed for me with your ass up in the air for me and your face down on the bed? I want to thoroughly worship your ass. "

He quickly released me and climbed onto the bed ... on all fours. What a sight ..mmmm my Master, with His ass up for me and His legs spread apart with a view of His balls hanging there for me to pleasure. I gently pulled Him to the edge of the bed and got back on my knees on the floor, grasping His hips and bringing Him to my eager mouth . I kissed His ass literally, every inch of it, nipping and licking as well. I loved His ass. I rubbed my tits, now warm and quite pink, on the backs of his thighs while took sweet advantage of His tight hole. I buried my face in it, making Him soaking wet. I felt Him back up upon my face. I loved the noises He was making as well. I knew at that very moment, even though His slave. I was in control of Him. And I revelled in it. He was moaning, breathing so deep and fast. All I could hear every now and then was, " Oh my God, my ass. It feels good. Damn it feels so good." That just made me want to do it even more. I buried my nose in there as well .. giving a little pressure, cupping my Master's balls now heavy in my hands, so He would know how my ass felt knowing there was something soon going to invade it. "Sir, am I really making you feel that good?" "Oh yes pet, oh my fucking God, yes. No one has ever done this to me before. Do anything you wish to me in my ass. I'm willing to try."

"You won't regret it Master, I promise!"

more to come...
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