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Melanie is a devil, from the plastic tips of her horns to the shiny toes of her boots. Her boots deep-throat fish-netted legs. The legs disappear into a black miniskirt. The miniskirt leaks the dark frill of her panties onto her stomach. She wears the top button of a short-sleeve black button-down on her chest, letting the sides part in a triangle from her neck, revealing the soft bottom curves of her breasts.

The triangle points to her face, dark purple lips hooked into a sneer, almost-catty black frames of glasses straddling her nose, tightly-curled scarlet hair tumbling down from her head, and black little horns peeking out from that mess. Melanie has to be a devil, because her lover is an angel.

Float looks up as Melanie steps into the kitchen. Her angel is sitting on a wooden stool, hands folded in hir lap, feet perched on the horizontal rod connecting the stool’s front legs, clutching it between the pads of bare toes and the balls of hir feet.

Skinny, shaven and beautiful, Float wears nothing but a corona of black fuzz on hir head and a white babydoll riding high on hir chest, feathery wings sprouting from its back. Angels are born without sexes, Float tells Melanie.

Float looks up as Melanie approaches, gold-pupilled eyes flickering from hir lover to the short black riding crop in her hand and back. Hir mouth twitches indecisively toward a smile.

Melanie snatches another stool by its seat, tugging it over in front of her boifriend. She sits down on it, offering the fat leather head of the crop to her lover. Float reaches hir neck out to bite down on it, and Melanie pulls hir face close to hers.

She licks around Float’s chin and lips, then pushes the crop from hir mouth with her tongue, sliding inside for a long sloppy kiss. Melanie smiles as they part, a twistedly-dimpled smile. Float’s mouth is still twitching.

Melanie sets the crop aside, plucking from the waist of her skirt a pair of shiny metal handcuffs. Float’s eyes go wide when sie sees them. Melanie takes one cuff in each hand, slipping her fingers through them like big rings, and reaches out to offer them to Float, wrists together.

Now Float smiles, taking the cuffs and eagerly snapping them onto Melanie’s wrists. She bites her smile as Float takes a length of red-and-white-striped rope from the kitchen counter.

Float positions Melanie in the center of the floor, knotting one end of the rope around the chain linking her cuffs. Melanie faces forward as Float vanishes behind her. She hears the sound of a stool being moved.

Her angel ascends, running the rope through the eye-hook on the ceiling, pulling Melanie’s arms up above her head. Float loops the rest of its length around her arms and knots it off, binding them snugly together above her.

Float slides in front of her again, grin a triangle the reverse of Melanie’s. Sie snaps that button free and the shirt falls away to show Melanie’s breasts, small and capped with dark little nipples. Float’s fingerpads fly quickly over them, snatching a few brief moans from hir lover.

Float cups the underside of a breast in hir hand, raising it toward hir soft wet tongue. Melanie meows as Float’s tongue-tip flits over her nipple, her cat-glasses trembling on the tip of her nose. Float bites down on her breast, and Melanie throws her head back screaming, tossing the glasses against her brows to slide back down over her eyes.

She can feel Float’s bare toes run over the tops of her boots. With the giddy grin of a child, Float lifts a hand, dangling from one finger what sie found tucked into Melanie’s skirt. She gasps as sie squats and snaps the second set of cuffs around her ankles.

Float steals away behind Melanie again, as she tugs at the new cuffs and finds them secure. Then Melanie sees a ring descend in front of her eyes. It gapes big and black like some hellish gate, fences of leather stretching from its sides. The tips of the ring kiss her nose as they pass, and then the gag is between her lips.

Melanie giggles nervously as her lover fastens the strap. “Oat, udda onna ooda ee?” she asks in only vowels.

Float picks the wings of her shirt in hir fingers, lifting them over her head to tangle them in the rope above Melanie like a cape or curtain, revealing the sprawling black bat-wings tattooed on her back. Float runs hir fingers over them, tracing the intricate mazes of their details. Her skin quivers under hir nails, making the wings look as though they are flapping.

Float reaches down below her skirt, running a finger up her leg. She moans as hir nail scratches along her leg, tugging her netting into one long line of disarray. Melanie’s legs squirm to separate as the nail runs inside her thigh, but the stolen toy keeps her legs tight together.

The tip of Float’s nail nudges the seam of her inside thigh, and Melanie gasps as Float’s finger curls up against her lips, her panties stretched across its middle digit. Its back and joints against her cunt, it tugs until her frilly panties are yanked from her hips, falling to drape the cuffs like a neglige.

Float dances around her, silent on bare feet. Sie is beautiful dancing, a shining white angel. Melanie can feel the feathers of hir wings brush against the bare skin of hers, and sings out a few vowels for hir to dance to.

When her angel whirls to a stop in front of her, it is with a gleaming metal object in hir hand. Laughing as sie turns, Float raises the metal vibrator in front of her face. “Ooooooh,” Melanie gasps.

Float silences her by sliding the vibrator into her mouth, the sleek shaft fitting neatly inside her ring. Float holds it in place as she laps at its head, tasting harsh metal, lubricating the dildo with her spit.

The vibrator slides from her mouth. The light streaming across it breaks on her puddles, then shimmers into a blur as the dildo begins to hum. She shudders as Float flits off with the shining thing.

Float squats behind Melanie, bending her legs apart painfully with a knee. Sie pulls back her skirt to look up at her cunt, juices trickling from it along her leg. She can feel Float’s hand lifting the vibrator up towards her - towards where? “Uuuuuuh,” Melanie gasps again.

She can feel Float point the metal finger, from her cunt to her anus back and forth like a game of eenie-meanie-minie, as if to ask, which one? which one?

“Ooat,” Melanie groans, her small voice squeaking. “Ooant!”

She shrieks as she feels something invade her anus, a steady “Eeeeeeee” as her eyes screw themselves shut. Float’s finger wriggles around inside her anus, thin bony knuckles and digits straining against that pink skin. The vibrator splashes into her cunt, lubed with two of her juices to slide easily between her lips.

The metal dildo slides in and out as the finger claws at the stretched flesh inside her. She can feel them straining towards each other within her, each pushing at a different side of that same wall of tissue, stretching out at one another but never quite meeting. Melanie realizes they never will meet, and with that thought of despair melts into a cool orgasm.

Her orgasm is ice-cold, cunt spitting quicksilver, in contrast to the heat streaming onto her from her lover. In this world it is the angels that burn, and tears begin to run from her eyes at this thought.

Soon she is lying naked on the floor on her stomach, Float tickling the wings on her back until they begin to beat, but she does not stop crying for the silent angel beside her.
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