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You invite me for dinner at your place. I come from work. Your boyfriend answers the door and I am a taken back, but you say he is here to do our bidding.

He is wearing nothing but what looks like a cooks apron that covers the back and from the neck to the knees. I am a little unsure of what is going on, but you insist it is OK. Your dressed like a professional with a skirt showing your great legs and look great with your long brown hair, you look hot.

He takes my jacket, and asks if I want a glass of wine, I say sure. He returns with wine for the two of us.

We talk shop, the regulatory environment, and a case that was in the headlines that week. You boyfriend seems to be doing something somewhere. We get closer and we kiss softly and he returns while we are kissing, I pull away, and you pull me back, and we kiss for another minute, tongues intertwining, chests heaving, temperatures rising.

He tells us dinner is served. We sit down and enjoy a very nice meal, he clears the plates after each course and makes sure our wine glasses never empty. The meal is perfect, like you. He brings dessert, and I notice the back opened a little, and realize he is wearing nothing under the apron. Now becoming curious as to what his role is other than your live-in boyfriend.

We retire to the living room where we talk a little more, and we kiss passionately. You tell me that boyfriend is here to serve our every whim. He is to take orders from either of us, but more me. Interesting, I think.

So you tell me to test him. I say boyfriend vacuum the dining room, and he goes and does it. WOW! While he is vacuuming we start to kiss and hold each other closer. The kisses start ever so slowly, and then we increase them to a slow simmer, sucking at our tongues, and kissing you all over your face, holding each other tight. I can tell your getting excited as you can see my excitement building. Boyfriend comes back saying nothing as a good boy should. I ask if I can be the 'master' and you say yes, please. I tell you to stand up, and you do, I tell boyfriend to remove your blouse and he does, and he folds it neatly on the chair across from us, and I tell him to remove your skirt which he does, and folds it nicely. You are in all black, from your heels, thigh highs, boy shorts (WW602's), and your bra. It is low cut lacy thing that makes you look absolutely delicious.

You look so good, I would like to bend you over and fuck you right then and there, but hold off.

You get back down on the coach with me and we kiss some more, your nipples are visibly hard. Your squirming in your seat.

You show me how good boyfriend is by telling me to stand, which I do. You tell him to remove my shirt, which he does. You then tell him to remove my shoes, socks, and pants which he does, and you see your effect on me as my boxer briefs are noticeable tented. I sit back down on the couch with you and we start to neck more and I start to touch your breasts.

You tell me to stand facing you and you tell boyfriend to remove my boxer briefs, and my cut cock springs out hitting boyfriend in the face. This turns you on a lot. I sit back down and we kiss some more as you explore me a little. I tell you to stand and tell boyfriend to remove your bra, as your beautiful chest springs forth with big erect nipples, your breasts standing there so nice and firm. He removes your panties, and I tell him to smell the crotch and tell me if they are wet, which he does and confirms what I thought. You are phenomenal, I want you over the couch this second, but must hold off. You have beautiful legs, perfect beasts, and a delectable looking shaved pussy.

I realize that boyfriend is having a tenting problem, and you say that is OK.

We make out as he stands there watching. You tell him he is not allowed to touch himself. We kiss, and I start tweaking your nipples, and slowly massaging your breast flesh. I go and kiss your breasts, and slowly suck in your nipples. They are so hard. While kissing your chest I take one hand and slowly rub your crotch, making sure not to get near your lips or clit.

You start to moan a little. I start to move down kissing your belly as I go down to your pussy, I can smell the sweet nectar. You smell is fantastic and taste even better. I slowly go down, and start to kiss and lick your lips, as I stick 1 finger into your pussy. I slowly start licking up to your clit, and you start to moan ever so softly, as I move down. I take my hand that was in your pussy, and let you taste your nectar, and you moan audibly as you suck my finger like a little cock, my cock that you want to suck empty. I slow down, because I want you to want me badly. I lay back and you start to kiss me and work your way down my chest, you know my nipples are VERY sensitive, so you lick and suck them softly, as you work your way down to my pulsing cock, which you engulf like a popsicle on a hot summer day. You suck me and play with my balls. You lick the underside of my ball sac, as you lick your way up my cock and flick your tongue on the hole at the top as you work it baby. It feels absolutely fantastic.

Boyfriend is still standing there with a very noticeable hard on, but that is his problem. I pull you up to me as we kiss for several more minutes.

I tell boyfriend to lick and suck my cock to make it wet so it slides into your pussy easier and he hesitates. I look at him and say prepare my cock for your girlfriend and he reluctantly kneels in front of me and sucks my cock and licks it wet for your waiting pussy as we kiss. This site sets off a mini explosion in your pussy watching your boyfriend prepare my cock.

I turn you around, as u try to reach for my I tell you to stop, and hold your hands down, you are now on all fours, doggy style and you try to lean up against me but I say stay where you are. My cock is grazing between your legs, feeling the juices of your womanhood, you start to go a little crazy trying to reach me.

I then tell boyfriend to hold your hands down. As I start to put my cock at the mouth of your pussy, your WET HOT pussy. It is dripping moisture. I slowly enter a little, and you push back. I tell boyfriend to hold you still, as I slowly enter you again, and stroke it in and out only an inch or so. You start to moan. I tell boyfriend to rub your breasts while I am entering you, and he does what he is told. I slowly slide a little more in and then out. you start to moan.

I tell boyfriend to get under you to put his mouth near on your clit. He gets some pillows, and does what he is told. I tell him if he does a good job we will let him cum ---- maybe. He positions himself under your clit, and I tell him to lick your clit and to play with your breasts. He is in a 69 position, the tent is under your mouth, and his apron. You now have sensations running up and down your body, from your breasts to your clit to your pussy, and I am in total control. I am slowly sliding in and out of you. You start to feel your 1st orgasm build up, and I slow down and I tell boyfriend to stop. We wait a moment and I start sliding my cock into you again. I slide deeper and every time I am fully against you, my balls are hitting boyfriend in the forehead. I tell him to start playing with your clit again and your breasts. Your on all fours, and feeling these multiple sensations.

You start to buck a little as I slide in and out of your VERY WET, and PIPING HOT pussy. I pick up the speed a little more. Boyfriend is going a good job on your clit licking it and sucking it the way you like. He does after all have a little more experience with your amazing body. You start to buck again, harder, and harder, and I start to speed up, I grab a hand full of your hair, and pull your head back a little, not to hurt you, but to control you and us a little as you start to feel a mighty earth shattering orgasm build up in your pussy as it radiates outward like blast of shuddering energy. I start to pump a little harder and tell you I feel my cum moving up, and you start to push back harder, and I start to pound you now harder, and you start to cum, and it is a powerful orgasm, and I tell you I am going to cum, and I start to squirt my hot juices into your pussy, your orgasm is mind blowing, and you cum and cum and cum, shaking as the feelings overcomes you, as I do fill every crevice in your body with my hot juices.

You suddenly realize that boyfriend is also cumming with no assistance or touching. You are not touching him, and he is not touching himself. Just the thought of our fucking is getting him off, and that causes you to cum with another shuddering orgasm. You can't hold yourself up much longer and collapse on your boyfriend, my dick still in you. Boyfriend stops, licking because he has to move his head a little to breath.

We are in this position for a few minutes as we work to recharge our energy banks. I pull out of you and leave a cum trail on boyfriend's face. You get off him, and curl into my arms and we sit still for a few minutes enjoying each others breathes, and we tell boyfriend to sit to the side. I then move you so your back is on my chest, and your legs are to the side. We kiss and hold, and I ask boyfriend if he liked what he saw, his girlfriend getting properly pleasured. He answers in the affirmative. I tell him to get two warm wash clothes, which he does trying not to drip his own cum on the carpet. I then tell him to wash you off which he does. I then tell him to wash me off, which he does.

We tell him to remove his apron and clean himself off, which he does hesitantly exposing himself to me, and he sits on the chair across from us. We kiss and cuddle for what seems like a minute and it turns into an hour. We need to go to work the next day. I get up, barely able to stand and get dressed, kiss you a sweet goodbye, and say goodnight to boyfriend reminding him he is to do what he is told when he is told to do it. You get up and realize you barely can stand, but you bring me to the door nude, we open it and you give me a long passionate kiss good night.

Next time we will turn up the heat. But how?
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