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Full Version: So, bitch, you think you have a dog's life? Do you? Do you really
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A Dog's Life By Tallus

So, bitch, you think you have a dog's life? Do you? Do you really? Let me tell you about mine. My husband treats me like a dog. I mean that literally.

Routine morning, are you ready for this? I cook breakfast for him. Today it was eggs, bacon and toast with coffee. I do not eat with him. While he eats his breakfast I sit at his feet and wait for him to finish while my breakfast grows colder and colder. When he is done, he leads me by my leash, yes, my by my dog leash which is attached to my dog collar, to my bowl in the corner. He fills the bowl with eggs and bacon and splashes coffee on the linoleum.

"Go to it, girl!"

I eat from the bowl. I cannot use my hands because it makes him angry and he punishes me.

After breakfast, with the coffee slurped from the floor and egg on my face he leads me outside to our screened in porch area where we have a sandbox. It looks like a neighbor should be able to see in because I can see out. But I have tried it and the sun reflecting off the screen makes it impossible. This is good because what happens each morning is humiliating enough.

I lift my leg like he taught me and urinate in the sand. If I need to shit I have to squat and do that too. Since he works and I don't and I can use the toilet when he's gone I wait if I can.

While he dresses for work I clean up the breakfast dishes and scrub the floor where the coffee was. He doesn't insist on this but I'll be having dinner the same way and I want a clean floor. As soon as he's ready for work he calls me into the bedroom. He opens his pants and I suck him off. I suck his dick every single fucking day, day in, day out. He varies the routine only by where he ejaculates on my body. He likes to shoot in my face and sometimes on my breasts or pussy lips.

When he leaves I shower, shave off any body hair and dress. I sometimes grocery shop, I sometimes sunbathe, I sometimes just watch TV. I eat lunch like a normal human being and pass my day pretty much how I like. At five p.m. I am at the door wearing only my dog collar. He rarely allows me to wear anything when we are in the house. When I'm on my period I can wear thick white briefs and a pad but tampons are out of the question.

He comes in from work after five and attaches the leash to my collar. He takes me out to use the sandbox. I have to stay until I pee and if I take to long I am punished. I drink lots of iced tea in the afternoons. He takes me back inside where I mix him a drink and sit at his feet while he tells me about his day. He does not give a shit what I did with my day.

I make him dinner and then I eat mine from my bowl. Some nights he takes me out like a normal human being. I don't have to wear a collar and be led around by my neck but he does decide what I will wear out. The list rarely includes panties. Usually we stay in and watch TV. When he is done watching TV he leads me crawling on my hands and knees to the bedroom. Most nights he fucks me, sometimes I blow him instead depending on his mood.

Sex isn't varied very much and I never orgasm with him. Since I have the days to myself I often use a vibrator to get myself off. He will only fuck me from behind because, he says, "that's how you fuck a dog." He enjoys fucking me up the ass quite a bit and he does it often. It hurts a lot and I beg him to stop and that thrills him to no end. When I'm on my period he takes me to the shower stall and puts me on my hands and knees and ass fucks me. He refuses to use my pussy when I'm bleeding.

So, you say, life at home is one thing but you get out, he takes you places and it could be worse, couldn't it?

It's worse. Wednesday night is poker night when he and his best buddies play cards to all hours and torment me. Example, last Wednesday they made me lick vodka out of my dog dish until I was fairly drunk. Then my darling husband tied my leash off short to the coffee table and they took turns ass fucking me in the living room. When the booze caught up with me my beloved mate for life walked me to the sandbox and showed them how I peed every day. I ended the night crawling from lap to lap under the poker table sucking their cocks. I did it without much enthusiasm.

The next day after my breakfast and walk, and after I'd sucked his dick, he told me he was unhappy with my lackluster performance the previous evening and would punish when he got home. I was nervous and scared all day. He is not the gentle type.

After we visited the sandbox when he arrived home, and after his drink and his dinner, and after I cleaned up he led me crawling down to the basement. he led me right to the special kennel.

I hate the special kennel. Upstairs, at night, he puts me in the roomy kennel with my blankets and locks the door. I sleep in the plastic kennel in the closet unless he lets me sleep with him. The special kennel is a plastic and wire cage that is very snug and very uncomfortable. On Thursday, to begin my punishment, he led me into the kennel and secured the door behind me.

Here's the set up. My head sticks through a window at one end. My back nearly touches the ceiling as I crawl on hands and knees and my sides literally brush both wire mesh sides. The floor is hard plastic and hurts my knees. The half-door in the rear presses against the backs of my thighs and squishes me into the cage. My ass protrudes from the rear.

He sometimes puts rods through behind my knees and hips and another under my breasts and he did so that Thursday. The knee rod locks my legs in place, the hip rod keeps my ass still and the one under my breasts pushes me up against the ceiling and makes breathing more difficult. He wasn't done, of course. He tied my wrists to the sides of the cage and fit a collar around my neck, stretching it and holding my head stock still.

Before he started he had me suck his dick. He didn't cum, he just got hard for fucking me later. Then he fit a muzzle on me. Sometimes he likes me to wear the muzzle around the house. It is a leather harness that fits over my head and holds a two inch dildo in my mouth. He made it so I could not control the drooling and would often coat it with honey and make me crawl around the kitchen drooling all over the place.

It did a great job muffling screams, too.

He sat in a chair in front of me with a leather covered paddle in his lap with which he would soon beat me and explained why I was being punished. My lack of enthusiasm for drunkenly blowing his poker buddies embarrasses him and showed a certain lack of respect. I should give this serious thought, he said.

Then he went behind me and blistered my defenseless ass with the paddle. He hit me and hit me and hit me. He took a seat in front of me again when he was done and waited for most of the sobbing to stop. When my tears were at least under control he went behind me a gain and fucked me. I barely felt him inside of me.

Through with that he let me watch him, through my tears and pain, lubricate the shock cylinders.

They are a simple creation of his. The little machine he made is basically a timer which releases a current of electricity through wires into the metal cylinders on the ends of the wires. The shock can be adjusted and so can the interval between shocks. He inserted the metal cylinders in my anus and vagina and hit the switch.

"This will give you time to contemplate your misdeeds," he said and left the room.

He would have set up random shocks, I guessed, and I was right. His purpose was to keep me from sleeping. The shocks were not especially painful but the fired at random and kept me from getting a wink of sleep. The pain of being held for hours in a rigid position was enough by itself to cost me any sleep.

Friday morning he came for me and it was as if nothing happened. My body hurt all over and my ass was bruised and hurt. We went through our morning routine, however, and he went to work. I took a warm bath and slept all day.

I'm not sure I want to tell you the rest. That was humiliating enough. But I went this far so I'll tell two more things and then I'm done with this. First, like any other master with his dog this one likes me to do tricks for him. I'm not kidding. I roll over on command. I play dead. I give him a paw and shake. I fetch a fucking rubber ball he throws for me. Not enough I suck his cock every day, not enough he ass fucks me on the shower floor, not enough he makes me sleep in a cage, I have to fetch a fucking ball and drop it at his feet.

I'll tell you the worst thing now. Weekends are the worst. I'm bred on the weekends. You heard me right. He has friends stop by and he leads me to them on my hands and knees. Then he turns me facing away from them and they get behind me and fuck me like a dog. That's right. A guy comes over, I hear them talking in the living room. I have to stay in the kitchen or the bathroom on the weekends; I'm not allowed in the carpeted rooms in case I have an "accident."

He comes in for me and takes my leash and leads me crawling to the fat slob who's come over for this purpose. They discuss what a fine bitch I am. Then he lets the guy fuck me while he sits there enjoying the show. Some guys like football my guy likes to watch strangers fuck me like a dog.

So your asking: Why would you let this guy treat you this way? What would posses you to put up with this crap?

I'm going to tell you my innermost secret now, okay? It was my idea. That's right! My idea and I like the lifestyle strange as that may seem to you. And if you jinx it for me you're going to find out that this is one bitch who's bite is worse than her bark.

Now back off, okay? I hear my master whistling for me.
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