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Full Version: Sexxy blond sits back in her seat, blouse open, naked from the waist down
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I am writing this in hopes that the couple in the Black BMW-X3 read this and know how much I appreciated they show they put on Saturday Feb 12, 2005.

Now I will explain to anyone else that happens to read this. I am a truck driver, big 18-wheeler. I normally from Iowa, to Michigan two to three times a week. Saturday morning, I was heading back from Iowa, to Michigan. It was early so there was little traffic. I was mumbling to myself about how people don't appreciate the work we do, and really wondering why I do this job. Away from home 4 – 5 days, dealing with traffic, weather, long hours, sleeping in my truck 3 – 4 nights.

I was driving, complaining to my self, and checking out the seat covers in the few cars that passed by that early in the morning. In February, it is still too cold for the short skirts, shorts and skimpy tops, so there really isn't a lot to see, but you still look, hoping to see a pretty woman at least.

I was traveling East on I-88 in Illinois, approximately mile marker 50, when I noticed a Black BMW SUV coming up behind me, and what looked like a blond in the passenger seat. As the BMW passed, adjusted my position to get a better view as they went by. I was right. Sitting in the passenger seat was a very attractive woman, long blond hair, white blouse under a dark jacket, and a dark skirt. I would guess mid to late 20's. She had her head lying back on the headrest, eyes closed. As she passed she opened her eyes, and we made eye contact. As our eyes met, shed smiled, and then her cheeks began to blush. I could see she was turning red as if she had been caught with her hands in the cookie jar.

They passed by, and all I saw was the backside of their black BMW-X3. I could help but think how lucky the young man was that was driving. Sporty SUV, beautiful blonde in the passenger seat. What a lucky man.

As I was beginning to once again mumble to myself, I noticed that the BMW was slowing down and once again would be beside me. Now In Illinois the speed limit for cars is 65, and for big trucks it is 55. For me to be catching them was not anything I could do, they had to be slowing down.

Sure enough, they slowed down and were now right next to my door. I appreciated the opportunity to see this young lady again, and when I got a better look, I was able to see why her face was turning red. The driver had his right hand up under her skirt. It was obvious his fingers were busy, and she was enjoying it.

She once again looked up at me, smiled, red faced, but they stayed there, running next to me, and knowing I was able to see what was going on.

I was straining to see as much as I could. The young lady took her hands and grabbed the hem of her skirt and hiked it up, allowing me to see her black panties, and the drivers fingers pushing them to the side and working them into her pussy. From what I can see, it looks like he has his index and middle finger in her hot box. Working them in and out. She looks up and smiles, then closes her eyes, as the driver continues working his fingers deep into her.

The driver removers his hand and places his fingers to her mouth, she draws his sticky fingers into her mouth and licks them. I see her tongue darting around licking her juice from his hand.

She lifts herself off the seat, and pulls her skirt and panties off and drop them to the floor. She is now sitting there in full view, nice little crop of blonde hair exposed between her legs.

She pulls her jacket open, looking up at me, tongue between her lips, unbuttons her blouse, and then unsnaps her bra from the front, allowing her pert breasts free for me to see.

Doesn't it just figure my Polaroid camera is out of film. New rule, always keep film in the camera, and keep it within reach at all times. I have also decided am going to buy a digital camera ASAP.

The driver is working his fingers deep into her pussy. I can only imagine how wet it must be. From what it looks like he is working his index and middle finger, sawing away. Occasionally he will stop at what looks like flicks her clit a couple of times, then jambs them back, deep into her cunt.

OH SHIT, there is a toll booth ahead. He is signaling to go to the I-PASS lane. I have I-PASS, they pull in front of me and slow down to go through the gate. Luckily this is an automated lane, but the tollbooth on the right is occupied, and it looks like the fellow in the booth is checking pout the show as the BMW passes through ahead of me. After I clear the booth the BMW moves over to the right lane and slows down allowing me to pull beside him so he is now on my right.

The blond is now leaning over and unfastening the driver's pants. It is hard to see but it looks like he is lifting up so she can pull them down. Now she is positioning herself on her knees in the passenger seat, leaning over and licking his cock. I can barley see what is going on, but I can see her head moving up and down. She is sucking it, for all she is worth. I can just imagine those lips wrapped around my cock. Damn, I would love to join them.

I can't stand this, I know that her hot pussy is up in the air pointing at the window, so I slow down and hopefully they figure out what I am trying to do. Yes, he is moving over to the left lane, and allowing me to pull up beside them once again.

I was right, she is on her knees in the passenger seat. I can see her pussy, lips swollen, and I can see her mouth milking his hard cock. She has pushed his pants to the floor, one hand steadying herself, the other is working his cock franticly like it is a race.

I can see the drivers' right hand coming up between her legs. He is working her clit with his fingers. UMMMMM that looks good. He is working his thumb into her pussy. Deep thrusts, while his fingers are toying with her ass hole. There it goes, index finger is working its way into her ass hole. He is working his thumb in and finger out, finger in and thumb out, back and forth, working her pussy and her ass hole, finger fucking her good.

I can see his hips moving, trying to fuck her mouth. His hands have stopped. She sinks her mouth down on him and is holding it there. He must be getting ready to cum. He removes his hand from her pussy, both hands are now on the wheel, his hips are thrusting up cock fucking her mouth. He stops. His head back on the headrest, she must be milking him for every drop.

The sexxy blond sits back in her seat, blouse open, naked from the waist down. The driver's pants are on the floor, around his feet. She looks up at me and opens her mouth, sticking out her tounge, I can see his cum in her mouth. She licks her lips and swallows. She then roles down the window and waves as they speed off, on there way, leaving me with an enormous erection, and 500 miles more to drive.

I am real, this story is true. Ladies remember next time you pass a Big Truck, those drivers are responsible for supplying your favorite stores. Be nice to them, give them a treat and show a little skin. Who know, it may be me that you just passed.

Thanks for reading, and if you are the couple in that black BMW, thank you for a wonderful show.

If any of you ladies have pictures of you giving a show in the car, I would love to see them too. Please feel free to eMail me anytime. Who knows maybe the next Big Rig you flash, may be mine!!
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