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Full Version: Too afraid to have a horror and nasty sex with him
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Chapter #1 Natalie's Basement Encounter

The sun was shining bright on this early November morning in Mid-Town Manhattan. Driving down the street was Natalie. Natalie was driving to work at the mammoth Clamp Center. A technological marvel that had everything fully automated. From motion detecting lights to talking elevators, the Clamp Center had everything a powerful person could hope for. Natalie worked for one of those powerful people, as a secretary to a very prominent New York lawyer.

Natalie knew that one of the reasons she was hired was due to her stunning good looks. A very tall, slim blonde, Natalie never had trouble getting the attention of men. On this day, she was wearing a very tight brown shirt and a very short black skirt that showcased her long legs. Natalie finished off the ensemble with a pair of black high heels.

Natalie pulled her car into the underground parking garage. She was running late so most of the spaces in the upper levels were already taken so Natalie weaved her car down to the basement level. She finally found a spot in the bottom level of the garage. She parked her car, threw her purse over her shoulder and headed out.

Natalie was silently cursing herself for oversleeping. This had happened a few times and every time it did she had to go through the basement level instead of the lobby. Natalie found the basement of the Clamp Center very creepy. It reminded her of the dungeon of a castle. Albeit with a lot more wires and cables.

Natalie walked through the musty concrete maze as fast as she could. Her black heels clicking loudly on the floor below her feet. She clutched her purse tightly on her shoulder. Natalie couldn't put her finger on it, but she felt more nervous than usual about being in the basement this time. The Clamp Center was a fairly new building and still had "bugs" in most of the systems. Natalie had heard rumors of the building sealing itself off during emergencies. She had also been afraid of getting trapped in the creepy basement.

Natalie was about halfway through the basement and to the bank of elevators. She was walking at a brisk pace when she came right out of her shoe. She looked back down at the floor and saw that her shoe was stuck to the floor with a green ooze. Natalie bent down to pick up her shoe; she ripped it off the floor. "Damn it, so much for my favorite shoes" Natalie muttered.

Natalie slipped her shoe back on and stood back up. Before she could get moving again, a big green glob of ooze fell down from above and landed in front of Natalie. "WHAT THE HELL!" Natalie yelled. She looked up and saw four green pods in the pipes. She had never seen anything like them and she had no idea what they were.

Suddenly, the pods started to move and shake. Natalie stared in shock when she realized that the pods were eggs. As the four pods began moving and being torn apart from whatever creatures were held inside, Natalie stood, too afraid to move. This was one of the most disgusting things Natalie had ever witnessed. Green goo was flying everywhere as the creatures inside of the eggs began to emerge.

As the eggs began to open, three foot tall reptilian creatures began to emerge. They were all green, with big ears and long arms. The creatures climbed down to the floor in front of Natalie. They looked on her like a sailor that had been at sea too long. Natalie could feel four sets of beady red eyes running up and down her body. Natalie was too afraid to run, and she knew she could not make it to the elevator bank. She slowly began to step backward as the creatures slowly followed her. She stepped slowly until her foot hit the goo on the floor. Once she put her weight on that foot she came crashing to the floor and three of the reptilian creatures lunged for the scared young woman.

The first thing Natalie felt were bony, hard hands grab at her legs through her tan pantyhose. These things began running their hands up and down her legs. The creatures explored every inch of Natalie's legs, she could feel the warm slime coming off their scaly hands through her pantyhose. While the two creatures played with her legs, a creature with crazy eyes began to place its hand down by Natalie's stomach. The creature clutched Natalie's shirt with its clawed hand and began to slowly pull up her shirt. Natalie was screaming as loud as she could, but no one would hear her in the bowels of the Clamp Center.

The crazy eyed creature pulled Natalie's shirt up to her chin, revealing that she had decided to not wear a bra that morning. The crazy eyed creature's eyes suddenly focused on the young woman's firm breasts. It seemed fascinated with Natalie's perfect breasts and all she could do was watch as it began to cup her breasts.

Natalie had been very busy with work for the last few months and had not had much of a social life. Her and her last boyfriend had broken up about six months before this particular morning. As the crazy eyed creature gently caressed Natalie's breast she could feel that her clit was throbbing and the crotch of her pantyhose was wet. She couldn't help but feel the pangs of pleasure beginning to hit her body.

The three creatures caressed Natalie's body while a fourth, one with large reptilian spikes coming out of its back, looked on. The spiked back creature found a large chain in the basement. While Natalie was focused on the three touching her, the fourth grabbed her hands and pulled her arms above her head, chaining them together. Once they had Natalie held in place, the spiked creature growled something and the other three stopped caressing Natalie.

Natalie looked up and saw the two creatures that were caressing her legs walk off behind a wall and return with two more chains with what looked like padlocks. The two creatures wrapped the chains tightly around her ankles, using the padlocks to hold them in place. Natalie winced at the cold steel through her pantyhose. The two creatures found a place to tie the chains to, pulling the chains tight to spread Natalie's legs wide open.

Natalie had never felt so exposed in her life, her shirt pulled up leaving her breasts out, her legs spread wide open; only her pantyhose were between her and these creatures. The spiked one walked in between Natalie's spread legs. It looked at the beautiful woman in front of it and knew what it wanted. It began to pull her pantyhose. Natalie struggled but the chains were too tight for her to get away. Natalie was now totally exposed.

The spiked creature began to lightly stroke Natalie's clit. It felt unreal to Natalie. The pleasure she was feeling was the most intense she had ever felt in her 26 years. It started in her pelvis and radiated out into her entire body. The spiked creature began to stroke faster and faster and Natalie began to moan louder and louder. Natalie could feel her body tenser then it had ever been, waiting for the explosion that would happen within her.

Natalie screamed as her body thundered in orgasm. Her body went limp and all Natalie could do was pant and try to catch her breath. Suddenly the creature's attention was drawn to Natalie's purse which had been dropped on the floor when Natalie tried to escape. Natalie's boss was calling to see why Natalie was so late. The creatures could hear the phone vibrating through the large leather purse on the floor in front of them.

The spiked creature pulled the phone out of the purse and pulled off the back plate. The creature began to tinker with the cell phone until the vibrating mechanism was continually vibrating. The creature got an evil grin on its face as it walked over to a prone and spread Natalie.

The creature walked over to Natalie and placed the vibrating phone directly on Natalie's still throbbing clit. A small moan escaped her ruby red lips as she felt another shiver go through her entire body. While the spiked creature held the phone in place, two of the other creatures pulled Natalie's pantyhose back up, taking great care to make sure the phone was held snuggly between her pantyhose and her clit.

Natalie was now swimming in a sea of ecstasy; the orgasms began crashing like waves at the beach. It would be more than eight hours before she would be found. The four creatures scurried off into the Clamp Center itself.

Chapter #2 Liz and Valerie's Morning Surprise

With Natalie tied down and vibrating, the four creatures walked into the clamp center itself. Their eyes lit up when they saw all of the technology they could wreak havoc with. The four creatures found an air duct and got inside to move through the building faster. The Clamp center was buzzing much as it usually does in the morning. One place that was busy was the set of "Morning Surprise" a talk show hosted by Liz and Valerie. The two women really didn't know each other that well, but pretended they were the best of friends while taping their show.

Liz walked out of her dressing room first; she looked quite lovely this morning. Her long black hair cascading down her back, a tight white button down clinging to her upper body showcasing her exquisite breasts. A short tan skirt not leaving much to the imagination, a long slender pair of legs extending out of her skirt encased in tan pantyhose and a pair of tan high heels.

Valerie walked out looking just as lovely; a longish bob haircut showcased her beautiful face. Valerie wore a purple silk button down, and a tan skirt and tan pantyhose like Liz. Valerie finished her look off with a pair of black open toe heels. The two women sat in two plush chairs in the middle of the set, and prepared to begin tapping of their show. Valerie couldn't quite get comfortable, as the chair felt lumpier and harder than it had been the day before.

The TV studios were much like everything else in the Clamp Center, they were completely automated. The producers and directors were in a room far away from the studio. Only Liz and Valerie were in the studio (or so they thought.)

As the light on the camera turned green and the teleprompter began running, "Hi and welcome to 'Morning Surprise' I'm Liz" And "I'm Valerie, we have an exciting show for you today! We will be talking about the upcoming......" The two women continued reading the teleprompter and trying to look and sound as friendly as possible.

But as they were reading, a creature with spikes on its back popped up behind the two women. Neither Liz nor Valerie could see it but the camera sure could. The creature looked around the set taking everything in until it saw Liz. As Liz was reading the teleprompter, the creature grabbed her hair and pulled her and the plush chair onto its back. Liz was momentarily stunned and before she could react she saw this green creature staring back at her. As she started to scream, she felt two scaly, wet hands grab her pantyhose clad legs and spread them open. She looked up to see a creature with crazy eyes stare back at her.

As Liz was being groped, Valerie sat their stunned. As she began to realize what was happening, she could feel something moving inside her chair. Before she could get up, a scaly green punched through the bottom of the chair, running its hand right up Valerie's skirt. Valerie could feel the slimy hand begin to rub her thighs and work her way up to the crotch of her pantyhose. It cut a small hole in her pantyhose with its finger and began to make it bigger and bigger until and could get its entire hand to her prone clit.

The creature that pulled Liz down dove in between her spread legs faster than she could imagine. It began to tear at the crotch of her pantyhose in frenzy. Once it had Liz completely exposed it stopped and got its face very close to Liz's clit. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, and she could feel this thing breathing heavily on her. Without warning the creature let its long tongue out, it had to be a foot long. The creature shoved its tongue deep inside of Liz, she let out a half scream half moan.

Valerie was terrified, this thing hadn't touched her yet, but she knew it was about to, she could hear Liz on the floor and she knew it was doing something to her, Valerie did note that it didn't sound like Liz completely hated it. As Valerie was wondering what was going to happen, two green arms burst out of the back of her chair and immediately latched themselves onto her breasts. She screamed as she felt the arms rip her purple button down like it was wrapping paper and pull her bra down exposing he breasts. The creature in the bottom of the chair could feel Valerie flinch and tense up and took that as its cue to go right for her clit. Valerie let out a loud moan as she felt it begin to rub.

Liz had never felt anything like what she was feeling at that moment, the creature had its tongue deep inside of her, it was twisting and turning inside of her and she didn't know how much longer she could hold on. The intensity was becoming too much for her to handle and the creature that was holding her legs open was having trouble hanging on. The creature with its tongue inside of Liz could see how close Liz was and began to push deeper and twsit its tongue faster. Liz clawed at the floor, arched her back and began to scream "OH MY GOD, YES, YES, YES!" The orgasm hit Liz like a thunderclap, she came so hard she kicked the creature that was holding her legs open clear across the room into a studio light, sending sparks flying everywhere, one of which landed on a set of towels in the corner.

The creature with crazy eyes got up and started to laugh manically seemingly enjoying its impromptu ride. The towels behind the creature were now engulfed in flames. The spiked creature saw the fire and immediately rushed over next to the other creature. The two in Valerie's chair followed suit shortly. Valerie, still stunned began to get up slowly. She tip toed over to Liz and pulled the still stunned woman up into a sitting position

The four creatures watched the fire and more importantly, the smoke intently. They watched as the smoke wafted up toward the sprinkler system. Liz and Valerie were too stunned and morbidly curious about what was going on to run. "What are they doing?" Valerie asked in a shaky voice. "I don't know, but they seem to have lost interest in us" Liz said still dazed. Both women jumped as they heard the sprinkler system activate.

The creatures looked to the ceiling as the water began to flow down onto the studio floor. They began to scream and writhe in agony as the water hit them. Liz and Valerie edged themselves into a corner to stay dry; they couldn't escape since the creatures were blocking the exit. "Is the water killing them?" Liz asked. "Look at those bubbles on their backs it looks like....oh God!" Valerie screamed as the bubbles on the four creatures became even more creatures. The process repeated and repeated until the sprinkler stopped. Where there were four creatures their now had to be thousands.

The two women screamed, getting the attention of the new army of creatures. They charged the corner where the women were. Both Valerie and Liz were pulled into the middle of the throng of creatures. The creatures began to caress, lick and touch every inch of both women's bodies. Valerie was screaming in ecstasy as creature after creature licked her swollen clit. Liz could feel every inch of her, as she felt many fingers running through her dark hair, hundreds of hands caressing her body, the creatures even pulled off her high heels and ran their tongues over her pantyhose clad feet.

The spiked creature growled something, and the throng of creatures departed the studio pouring into every vent and open space they could find. Off to wreak havoc. Liz and Valerie pushed themselves up, their hair was soaked, their tan skirts had a greenish tinge, their pantyhose torn and tattered, and their tops were completely gone, leaving their breasts heaving as they tried to catch their breaths. All they could do was gasp as the camera switched off.

The army of creatures went in all directions; the Clamp center was now completely infested. Several headed for an elevator shaft and surrounded the empty elevator. They silently cackled with delight when they saw two pretty blonde women step on, the creatures grew more excited as the doors shut on the two blonde women trapping them inside, knowing that they could do whatever they wanted.

Many of the creatures headed up toward the various offices in the building, including the genetics lab that was housed in the Clamp Center.

But the people who were inside had no idea what they were in for, especially Brooke and Anna. The two women were alone in their office suite not knowing what was coming up the vent toward them. This would be a day they would never forget.

Chapter #3 Brooke and Anna's Unwanted Visitors

"I really do hate this time of day" thought Brooke as she poured herself another cup of coffee. It wasn't even noon and already the building seemed to be having issues. The lights were dimming, the climate control was malfunctioning and the automated address system seemed to cut in at random intervals. "This has to be a new record" she thought to herself. Brooke really didn't have time to be concerned about that though, she had just been appointed to the head of the PR department for the Clamp organization. She had moved up the corporate ladder rather quickly and found herself still learning the ins and outs of being an executive

Brooke really was a beautiful woman, with her long flowing chestnut hair and piercing blue eyes. She knew how to get attention and knew what her best physical assets were and knew how to flaunt them and today was no exception. Brooke wore a black long sleeve top that showcased her curves nicely. She also wore a short ruffled skirt that didn't leave much to the imagination and completed the look with a pair of black pumps.

Brooke sat down and put her long legs on her desk and pushed the button for the intercom. The intercom led to the outer office and Brooke's assistant Anna. Anna was fresh out of college and the Clamp center was her first corporate job. Anna was eager to please and worked quite hard. Anna had just started with Brooke a few days earlier and Brooke was Anna's first female boss. Anna, being so young, was a little rebellious in her fashion choices for work. Pushing the employee dress codes to their limit, wearing a low cut red top that seemed slightly too relaxed, more so because the lace of her bra was poking out, a short skirt in an imitation hounds tooth pattern (an eager, albeit failed, attempt at looking professional) she wore similar pantyhose to Brooke, sheer, silky nude nylon tight on her legs, leading to rather bright red heels.

"Anna, have you finished shredding my mail from this morning yet?" "I'm just finishing Miss Cates." "Good, let's do some memos" Brooke said while absent mindedly rubbing her thighs. Brooke dictated while Anna wrote out the memos, both women not knowing what had happened down in the "Morning Surprise" studio and what was spreading all throughout the Clamp center.

Brooke shut off the intercom and Anna got to work. As Anna slowly, typed her mind wandered to a pleasant blank state; little did she notice the small, hideous green humanoid gremlin that had scuttled out of a floor air duct, crawling towards her with quick, jerky movements eerily similar to a spider. It snuck under Anna's desk and watched Anna. Anna sat at her desk with her legs crossed and dangling her red pump off of her nylon clad foot. The creature stared intently at Anna's long, silky legs. It crawled over to Anna, and with one swift movement swatted away her red shoe.

Anna sat upright as she felt her shoe fly off her foot, before she could even look down she felt something warm and wet on her foot. She looked down to see this big eared creature staring back at her, its tongue hanging out and licking her nylon clad foot. Before Anna could scream another creature lunged out from the behind her desk and latched itself onto her chest. Anna screamed and struggled with the creature as it tore at her top. The creature on the floor grabbed Anna's leg and began to pull her under the desk. In all of the commotion, Anna knocked her purse onto the floor, causing all of the contents to spill out.
The creatures pulled the struggling secretary under the desk and had her just where they wanted. They both sat on her stomach back to back, holding Anna in place. Anna could only see the one facing her as it ripped open her red top and her lace bra. Anna gasped as she felt the creature's clawed and scaly hands touch her exposed breasts. It was all happening so fast that she couldn't think. This creature kept rubbing her breasts and looking her dead in the eye. All while this was going on the other creature began to rub Anna's thighs. Anna couldn't see the creature touching her legs, not being able to see where it's scaly; slimy hands were going to go was heightening her sense. She could feel every little touch, every little caress, every small tear in her pantyhose. Anna could feel herself getting wet.

The creature rubbing Anna's breasts began to lean closer to her (all while still messaging her breasts). Its face got only about an inch or so away from Anna's face. Anna could see into its eyes and feel it's hot breathe on her face, she winced and whimpered as it opened its mouth and let its tongue come up. The creature's tongue began running up Anna's neck and onto her face. Her makeup began to slightly smear as the creature licked more and more. It began to run its tongue through her hair, leaving it sticky and somewhat matted.

The creature caressing Anna's legs looked up and saw the contents of Anna's purse. Mixed in with her wallet and loose change was a small pink vibrator. The creature's eyes lit up, it reached out and grabbed the vibrator and cackled while it switched the device on. With one swift movement the creature ripped open the crotch of Anna's tan pantyhose and put the vibrator inside of her.

Anna gasped and her mouth fell open. The creature licking her immediately stuck its tongue inside Anna's mouth. Anna squealed as she could feel the slime for the creatures tongue filling her mouth and the vibrations from the vibrator. The creature with the vibrator began to push and pull the device. Lust was starting to take over Anna, her clit throbbed as the vibrator hit her G spot. Anna convulsed and squirmed and moaned as the orgasm over her took her. It was too much for her, Anna rolled onto her side sending the two creatures flying off of her. The vibrator was still inside Anna and resting on her G spot. The orgasm spread over Anna's body, she had never cum so hard before. Coughing and spitting out slime, Anna quickly reached and pulled the vibrator out.

Anna looked over and saw the two creatures shaking their heads as if they too were in a daze. "They must have hit their heads" thought Anna. Taking this as her moment, Anna quickly pulled herself from under the desk and ran out of the office and down the hall. She really was a sight, her brown hair drenched and matted, her breasts exposed, missing one of her shoes she was in such a daze she didn't even think to take the other one off.

The two creatures saw their plaything run from the room, they were about to give chase when they heard Brook come storming out of her office. "Goddamn it Anna, when I call you on the intercom you damn well better answer me" Brooke huffed. She was prepared to berate her young secretary when she saw the two creatures grinning wickedly at her.

Brooke didn't scream, she couldn't even move. Brooke could see out of the corner of her eye at least ten more of these creatures come out of the vent. Her legs trembled as she slowly began to try to back away. The creatures lunged toward Brooke knocking her onto the floor. They all held her down, Brooke looked around at the creatures holding her and could see they were all looking to one creature who had picked Anna's vibrator. She could see it had spikes on its back and had a more menacing look in its eyes then the others.

The creature walked up Brooke's spread legs, it put the vibrator down and slowly wrapped its long fingers around the waist of her pantyhose. As the creature slowly began to pull her pantyhose down Brooke began to struggle. She didn't know what was going to happen next. Brooke looked the creature in the eye, it stared back while it turned the vibrator onto the highest setting. The creature glided the vibrator into Brooke, she gasped and began to convulse as the vibrator hit her G spot. While the vibrator was running, the spiked creature began to lick Brooke's clit. Brooke could feel her body betraying her as her legs and back began to arch. Brooke could feel as the orgasm hit and she let out a scream as the pleasure overtook her body, but instead of stopping, the creature kept licking causing Brooke to moan and pant even louder. The second orgasm hit and Brooke was clawing into the office carpet. The creature went even faster and pushed the vibrator even deeper. Brooke wasn't sure how much more she could take. The third orgasm hit Brooke hard, her body went limp as she fainted.

The spiked creature looked up and pulled out the vibrator. It pulled Brooke's pantyhose back on. It snarled at the other creatures who took a hold of her legs and began to drag the unconscious Brooke down the hall and into a storage closet. The creatures weren't done playing with their new toy just yet.

Chapter #4 Sarah And Jennifer's Wild Ride

Sarah walked up to the elevator, her black heels clicking against the marble floor. She pushed the button and patiently waited for the elevator to arrive. Sarah stood and waited to work, wearing a short black skirt, a purple short sleeved blouse, black high heel shoes and tan pantyhose. The lights above her pretty blonde head flickered slightly; Sarah had noticed several odd occurrences today. She didn't give it much thought as the elevator arrived.

Sarah stepped inside ready to get to work. As the doors began to close a tall woman with dark blonde hair ran to the elevator, Sarah held the door for her letting the tall woman in. "Thanks, I always tend to miss these things" "No problem" Sarah said. The two women stood in silence waiting for the elevator doors to close, once the doors closed the lights flickered inside the elevator, neither woman paid much attention. The elevator voice came on as it usually does "Please state your desired floor number?" "38" both women said.

The elevator began to move, but both women were met with a cacophony of guttural voices repeating their floor number mockingly. The two women shot looks at each other. "Is this a joke or is it screwed up or...?" the dark blonde asked, her voice trailing off as the lights in the elevator flickered and the floor numbers quickly changed. Despite their physical differences, their fear and confusion gave them a similar appearance: the same confused, flushed, frightened expressions, wide eyes, their carefully painted mouths slightly open, breathing faster. Similarly their hearts beat faster, panic sinking in, the heavy feeling of dread settling in their stomachs, in their limbs, their hands lightly shaking as they tried to understand the strange sounds outside the elevator, the giggles and the screeches, and the severe technical issues in a building that should have had no technical issues to speak of. Sarah watched the floor read out intently, 28, 29, 30, the elevator seemed to be gaining speed. 32, 33, 34, "It really should be slowing down?" Sarah whispered to herself. The voices were getting louder, and both women could hear the distinctive sound of laughter. 37, 38, 39, 40, the dark blonde woman began to panic, "Elevator stop!" She yelled over the multitude of voices.

The elevator stopped with a jolt, the car was filled with a deafening silence. Both women exhaled simultaneously. "Sound alarm" Sarah commanded. The women's relief was short lived though as they heard the same voices imitating the elevator alarm. Both women looked at each other with a new found fear; they knew something was very, very wrong. The voices ceased after a few minutes, leaving the women to ponder what was happening. Sarah got her first good look at her fellow passenger. She was a very pretty tall blonde, wearing a very short black skirt with a white stripe down the side, a very tight white button down blouse, tan pantyhose, and a pair of red heels. Sarah couldn't take the silence, "I love your shoes" Sarah said, she didn't get any response, the woman stood at the back of the elevator leaning against the railing. Sarah walked up and stood next to her. "My name is Sarah" "I'm Jennifer" the other woman said. Sarah could tell she wasn't going to get much out of Jennifer, she was too nervous and lost in her thoughts. Sarah was nervous as well, she could hear scurrying around the elevator. Sarah tried her hardest to take her mind off of her current predicament. She reapplied her make-up, straightened her outfit, even readjusted her pantyhose to take her mind off of being in that elevator.

They were both beginning to feel the utter helplessness of the situation they were in, trapped in the small, dark elevator with no way to get out, helpless to whatever was scurrying and giggling all around the elevator. They instinctively drew closer to the wall in the middle of the elevator. Jennifer clutched her purse to her chest, fiddling with the straps, trying to keep her mind from racing. Suddenly there was shaking and the scurrying got louder. "Is it the power trying to come back on?" Jennifer asked, hoping, despite the unnatural and terrifying sounds (and, though they did not allow themselves to really notice it, lightly bulging walls) that someone was fixing the elevator.

However, sudden pounding on the walls (hard enough to bend the paneling) and louder screeches made them both instinctively jump to opposite corners; Jennifer dropped her purse when she jumped. Both began to panic, quietly whimpering as they huddled into the corners, shaking with fear and drawing into themselves arms wrapped around their bodies and their smooth, nylon clad legs, lightly shining in what little light there was, pressing together. The screeching and harsh cackling intensified; the walls were pounded on roughly. Suddenly large drills and axes broke through the paneling on either side of both women, making them scream and huddle even more into the corners. Jennifer huddled into the corner as tight as she could, watching the drill and ax cut into the elevator. As she watched this, she felt a warm, slimy hand wrap around her right ankle and then one wrap around her left ankle. Jennifer could feel the warmth of the hands and slime through her pantyhose. The hand on the right kept pulling and rubbing her leg, Jennifer used all of her strength to keep her legs closed, but the creature gave a good tug, pulling her leg and pulling her foot right out of her red shoe. The creature pulled her leg to the wall, leaving Jennifer's legs spread open. Jennifer's short tight skirt began to ride up with her legs spread open.

Sarah was on the other side of the elevator, trying to figure out what was happening. Sarah panicked when she felt the hands tightly squeeze her ankles. She lunged forward falling down toward the floor and falling right out of her high heels. Sarah crashed to the floor, feeling temporary relief to be away from the corner she had edged herself into. Her relief was short lived though as she felt slimy hands grab onto her long blonde hair, It dragged her across the elevator, jerking her between Jennifer's legs, which were being pulled apart wider, the seams at the sides of her tight black skirt straining and beginning to rip open, exposing her upper thighs.

The ax and drill were replaced by two reptilian looking arms. Jennifer shrunk more into the wall, she felt powerless as these arms reached for her. They began to tear at her white blouse, exposing more and more skin. Jennifer was terrified but also a little turned on as she could feel so many sensations, not the least of which was Sarah thrashing and rubbing up against her open legs. The two arms finished opening her blouse and tearing off her bra, exposing her large breasts. The two arms began to grab at her breasts, massaging and caressing them. Jennifer was scared but the hands touching her tender breasts felt so good, she could feel the warmth throughout her entire body.

Sarah was trying to break free from whatever had a hold on her, but more hands broke through the floor of the elevator. Grabbing at her blouse, ripping it open exposing her breasts. More hands grabbed her legs pulling them open as far as they would go. Once they had her in a position they liked, one final hand broke through the floor between Sarah's legs. The hand began caressing her thigh; Sarah could feel the warmth of the hand running up her leg to the crotch of her pantyhose. Sarah was not sure what was going to happen when she felt the hand begin to rub her clit through her pantyhose. Sarah's screams soon turned to moans.

A hand punched through the wall and started rubbing Jennifer's clit as well. She let out a loud gasp when she felt it. Both creatures began rubbing the women faster and faster. Until they ripped open both women's pantyhose and directly rubbing their clits. Both women began to moan and twitch in pleasure. Sarah's back began to arch as the orgasm came upon her. She couldn't help what she felt; she had never felt anything like this, pleasure hitting her body in waves. She screamed when the orgasm hit her.

Jennifer could feel her knees weakening with the orgasm. The hand went faster and faster, Jennifer was panting at this point, just trying to keep her breath. When the orgasm hit her, Jennifer screamed, the creatures let her go, causing her to fall down on top of Sarah.

As both women were catching their breaths, they felt the elevator drop slightly. They looked around trying to figure out what was happening, when the cables finally let go, sending both women flying into the air. They both held onto the railing, trying to brace for the sudden impact that was coming.

But as quickly as it started it came to a crashing halt.

Both women were thrown upwards and then thumped downwards onto the floor. The elevator was a wreck of torn paneling, blinking lights and bloody parts of those monsters.

Sarah and Jennifer lay sprawled near each other, their legs entangled. They were quite a sight, especially compared to their former neatness; both were covered in a sheen of sweat and splatters of slick green blood. Their hair was messy, uncombed and wild.

Sarah's blouse had been clawed open, and she quickly tried to cover herself with the tattered remains of it. Her bare skin contrasted with the sheen of the remaining nylon that covered her legs; much of it had been scratched away. Jennifer's skirt was ripped from both sides, her barefooted legs spread wide (though she quickly covered them when she noticed people looking into the destroyed elevator).

They untangled their legs from each other, the sound of the nylon clad legs smoothly gliding together a quiet, soothing sound compared to the dripping blood and electric chaos going on around them. Panting, sweating and messy they looked around in shock, still unable to fully understand what just happened.

Chapter #5 Kate and Erin's Tongue Lashing

Kate and Erin walked back into the building, returning to work from their break. Both women worked as tour guides in the building. They wore matching white turtleneck sweaters, short black skirts and tan pantyhose the only difference in the outfits where their high heels, Kate wore black heels, while Erin wore white. Kate and Erin were very close and enjoyed working together, they were always joking about their times as tour guides and how they had seen everything. Little did they know what would happen to them on this day.

Both women walked to the elevator and Kate pushed the up button. "Kate, the elevator is at the 62nd floor, it's going to take forever to get here, let's find another elevator" Erin said. "No, look it's starting to come down now, just wait a minute Kate" "Actually, it seems to be coming down awfully fast" Kate said. Both women watched the floor indicator try to keep up, the numbers were barely readable since they were going so fast.

Kate and Erin instinctively took a step back as the elevator came close to the ground floor. The elevator crashed to a halt in front of them, the doors crashing open at odd angles. Kate and Erin exchanged shocked looks with each other and peered in cautiously to the elevator.

The floor of the elevator below them was a mess. Side paneling, electric bits and mysterious, unbelievable but unmistakable gore was thrown (and splattered) around the elevator. In the dull, blinking shine of a backup emergency light they noted the sheen of nylon, before realizing that they were staring at two women, thrown down into the elevator, their legs twisted and intertwined around each other. Erin gasped--she thought they were dead before she noticed them moving.

Two tall blonde women, their hair messy, tangled halos around their terrified faces, slowly started to sit up. Their eyes, wide and shiny with fear and shock looked up at the two women staring down. Their clothes were ripped and scratched at. Kate noticed that both of the women in the elevator had their skirts pulled up and their pantyhose had been ripped open at the crotch. She also noticed that the elevator was riddled with holes.

The two blonde women (Sarah and Jennifer) began to move again, they wore both completely covered in green blood. Erin and Kate stood there watching the two blonde women slowly move around. Erin was finally able to speak. Looking down at the two women all she could say in a trembling voice "We'll......We'll get the next one." And with that she grabbed Kate by the arm and dragged her away.

Erin and Kate got as far from the elevator as they could. They ran down to a long, isolated hallway, they stopped to catch their breaths. "What the fuck was that?" Erin forcefully asked "I have no idea, what the hell were they covered in?" "It looked like slime or blood, but I can't think what in hell has green blood" As Kate was able to catch her breath. "Did you see the looks on their faces? I mean their skirts were pulled up all the way and their breasts were hanging out! Whatever happened to them in there, it was big enough to leave them unconcerned with us seeing them like that"

As the two women began to straighten up to leave, they heard an alarm start to go off. Kate and Erin stood to look, before Erin realized it was a locking mechanism the building set up to separate and contain certain emergencies. Kate tried running to the door, but it slammed shut before she could reach it. Despite knocking and pulling on it the door would not budge.

"Shit" Erin yelled. "I guess we're locked in here until someone comes to let us out" Both women stood silently for a few minutes, each lost in thought. The lights above their heads kept flickering on and off. Normally this wouldn't be noticeable, but after what they saw in that elevator they were terrified of everything.

Erin and Kate instinctively got closer to each other. They exchanged frightened looks. "It's probably nothing, maybe the elevator messed with the electricity or something." Their temporary relief was quickly quelled when they heard strange scurrying and cackling sounds near them, sounds that were starting to sound more like throaty, inhuman giggles as they seemed to get closer. Erin and Kate clutched each other's arms and leaned against the wall together, pressing themselves into it and huddling closer together.

Suddenly the scurrying turned to scratching against the air duct above their heads. Kate and Erin quickly moved away from it, huddling even closer together in fear as the opening to the duct was pushed out, crashing near them.

Suddenly a series of short, reptile like humanoids jumped out, loudly screeching and giggling. Erin heard vague banging on the door, quickly drowned out by Kate's screams. The creatures turned their yellow eyes and giant ears towards them.
Kate and Erin ran back down the hall and tried, in vain, to open the door. Realizing it was locked they edged into the corner of the wall together, holding each other in terror against the approaching, cackling monsters. The creatures suddenly lunged forward.

Two attached themselves to Erin's legs, grabbing and scratching at her with their arms while their legs held them around her ankles. She screamed and flailed at them, feeling their claws scratch and press into her, tearing parts of the nylon on her legs and scratching her delicate skin. She fell forward, kicking her legs out and ripping open the sides of her skirt in her attempts at shaking them off.

Near her Kate fell as well, landing with a hard thud on her side as a creature ripped at her legs as well, with another one pulling on her long dark hair and tugging on the neck of her turtleneck. Kate's screams were unending as she struggled to kick the monster off her legs, her fast nylon clad legs shining a dull red in the flashing emergency light. Kicking hard she lost both her shoes before finally kicking the little beast off her legs but the creature would give up and immediately grabbed her leg again.

Erin continued kicking but was unable to fight the monsters off her legs; they dug her claws into her. She turned around on her back, trying to bash the creatures into the wall. While one dug its claws in deeper, screeching and clawing at the ripped open sides of her skirt, the other jumped up and landed on her chest with a heavy thud. She screamed the sound echoing through the hall.

The monster started clawing at her chest, seemingly trying to rip open her turtleneck. The fabric around her breasts began to tear. The creature ripped at her sweater with frenzy until the sweater was reduced to shreds. Erin gasped as she saw this creature stop and stare at her breasts. It had a look in its eye that Erin couldn't understand. With on fluid motion, it ripped off Erin's bra, exposing her large breasts. Before Erin could even register what the creature had done, it opened its mouth and let its long tongue come out. It began to lick Erin, from her navel slowly working its way up to her breasts. Erin shuddered when she felt the warm, slimy tongue reach her nipple.

As the creature was lapping Erin with its tongue, Kate was still fighting with the creatures on her. Two had a strong hold on her legs, but her upper body was still free. As she was able to catch glimpses beyond where the monsters had her held down, she could see the vent could see more creatures just pouring into the little room. As Kate tried to sit up again, another creature leapt onto her chest, finally pinning her down. Kate was surrounded by creatures now; they all grabbed her and dragged her over next to Erin.

What had to be thirty to forty creatures surrounded and held down the two women. Both were terrified about what would happen to them but knew they were powerless to stop it. The creatures moved in closer and both women could see, these things had a hunger in their eyes. The group of creatures split, half focused on Kate, half on Erin. Kate looked up, terrified, thinking of the worst things these creatures would do, when she felt something down by her feet. She felt a warm, slimy feeling on the bottom of her feet through her pantyhose. Then she felt two more licking up and down her legs, two more ripped open what remained of her sweater and began licking her torso and breasts. Kate was horrified and disgusted, but there was also a little part of her that was turned on. The creatures that had Erin were running their tongues all over her body, even though her hair. She was squirming on the floor, getting stickier by the second. As they began to lick her, faster and faster, she looked over to her friend Kate, Erin could see the creatures were doing the same to her. Suddenly, the creatures all stopped licking the two drenched women; creatures grabbed both women and held them in a spread eagle position, pulling their legs open as far as they would go. One creature stood in front of each woman. At the same time, both Erin and Kate had their pantyhose ripped open, Erin knew what was coming, but Kate looked up and saw the creature in front of staring at her prone pussy. It had a look in its eyes like it had found the answer to life itself. Before Kate could comprehend the creature dove in between her spread legs. Kate screamed as she felt the creature's tongue glide up and down her throbbing clit.

Erin, deep down, wanted this. She had felt so wet when one of the creatures ripped off her bra and liked her breasts. She moved and was grinding against the creature's tongue, feeling every lick from the top of her head to her toes. The creatures licked both women with no mercy, both cried out in pleasure as the creatures stuck their long fingers inside of them while licking them. Kate couldn't even think, the room began to spin, the intensity was to much for her. Her orgasmic screams echoed off of the walls in the little room they were trapped in. The creatures holding Erin's legs where having to use more and more pressure. She was moving wildly until she too screamed in ecstasy.

Both women, panting heavily looked up as the creatures stopped, the creatures giving the pleasure simply got up and walked off, the two woman were shocked when two more creatures took their places. It continued like this for hours, two creatures would give Erin and Kate thunderous orgasms, and two more would take their places and start the cycle over again until every last creature in the room had a turn.

Once all of the creatures had a turn with Erin and Kate, they let the two women go; they climbed back into the air duct, and left the two messy and exhausted women alone in the sealed off room. Kate and Erin crawled into a corner, waiting for the doors to open for they knew, until those doors opened, those creatures were in complete control.

Chapter #6 Kristen and Lindsey's Early Day

Kristen and Lindsey shared what might possibly have been the tiniest office in the entire Clamp center. The room could only hold two desks facing each other, luckily Kristen and Lindsey got along quite well or they probably would have killed each other in this small room. Kristen and Lindsey were two of many secretaries and assistants to Maria Clamp, the owner and CEO of the Clamp organization. They had both worked for Miss Clamp for about a year and were both settling into the jobs quite nicely. Maria Clamp was a bit odd at times, she loved technology and had a brilliant mind (hence how she made the Forbes' 100 list but was still only 28) but she wasn't great dealing with people. Many days she would not set foot out of her office which is why she had so many secretaries and assistants, to help with many of the tasks involved in running the Clamp center.

Kristen and Lindsey's office was right outside of Maria Clamp's master office. Kristen and Lindsey couldn't hear what was being said but they could hear Miss Clamp talking very forcefully to Rebecca Forester, the Clamp Center's head of security. Both Kristen and Lindsey watched as the tall blonde woman practically flew out of Miss. Clamp's office. Neither woman didn't think much of it and went back to work.

Kristen got up from her desk and went out to the front office to grab a file from the receptionist's desk. She slowly walked back as she read the contents of the file. "Damnit" she muttered under her breathe. She needed to make fifty copies of this report and have it back by 1pm. Kristen popped her head back into the office she shared with Lindsey, "Hey Linds, I have to go make these copies before one, do you think you could come down to the copy room in about half an hour and take over for me?" "No problem" chirped Lindsey. With that Kristen was off to the copy room.

Kristen walked with the file under her arm and stopped at the elevator bank and pushed the down button. Kristen took the opportunity to straighten out her silk pink button down and her short brown skirt. She let her foot slip out of her fashionable brown pump and wriggled her pantyhose clad toes. Kristen looked up to the floor readout above the elevator doors; it was on the sixty second floor. She pushed the button again but the elevator still didn't move. With a haughty breathe she shook her long brown hair and headed for the stairwell, she could walk down the three flights to the thirty eighth floor. As soon as the door closed behind her, the elevator floor readout began to tumble down with lightning speed.

Kristen reached the thirty eighth floor and walked into the hallway. She walked into the copy room and began about her work making the photo copies. The room and the whole area was eerily quiet with the exception of the copier. Kristen wasn't sure but she thought she heard what sounded almost like moaning coming from a few doors down. "Thank God it is almost lunch time" she thought, "I'm clearly hearing things" Just then a door slammed open startling Kristen from her thoughts. She looked up and saw a sight that made her do a double take. It was a young woman, her red blouse torn open, breasts exposed. She was covered in something that Kristen couldn't identify, the young woman was also missing a shoe and Kristen could see that the young woman's pantyhose had been torn. Before Kristen could say anything the young woman took off and headed down the stairs Kristen watched the young woman run away before she heard the copier stop.

Kristen jumped as the copier suddenly died. She pushed the button to get the machine to come back to life but nothing was happening. Kristen cautiously peered behind the machine and saw that the power cable ad been ripped from the socket, just leaving exposed wire. Kristen knelt down to look at the wire, just then the door to the copy room slammed shut.

Kristen jumped straight up. She could hear something scurrying and a low, guttural laughter. "Wh-who's there?" Kristen asked in a shaky voice. She backed up slowly into the shelving unit holding boxes for paper and toner. As Kristen's back hit the boxes, two sets of reptilian arms burst out from the boxes. Kristen screamed as the slimy greasy fingers got a tight grip on her hair. Kristen struggled and fought as hard as she could, finally breaking the creatures grip but sending her flying forward and falling down on her stomach.

Kristen turns over onto her back and sees six to eight of the creatures infesting the Clamp center. Two creatures hold Kristen down while the others descend on her body. Kristen screams but it doesn't seem to do any good, if anything it just seems to antagonize these creatures. The creatures growl and laugh and then take their positions. Two grab each of Kristen's ankles, slowly rubbing the nylon of her pantyhose. Two more grab her thighs and pull them open. And two more hold her arms down. Kristen looks up, her glasses askew on her face and sees one of the creatures wearing something. It slowly walks toward Kristen, as it gets closer to her spread legs, Kristen can see that the creature is wearing a strap on dildo. Kristen struggles and lets out a gasp. The creature begins to toy with Kristen, slowly rubbing its new appendage on her nylon clad thigh, running it over her stomach, rubbing it on her clit through her pantyhose.

The creature holding Kristen's ankle picks this moment to torment Kristen even more. It slowly reaches over and pulls off her brown pump. It then takes its free hand and runs its claw up and down the bottom of Kristen's foot. Kristen tries to struggle and kick but the creature is too strong and easily holds her legs in place.

The creature with the dildo growls something and the other's stand at attention. It growls again and two creatures on either side of her chest grab her pink button down and rip it open. Kristen lets out a small scream as she feels the bony fingers of the creatures go into her bra and message her nipples erect. Kristen lets out a small moan as she feels the creature with the dildo rip open her pantyhose and rip off her panties. With one fluid movement the creature plunges the dildo deep into Kristen. She lets out a load gasp as the dildo is thrust deeper and deeper inside her.

Kristen's senses are heightened; she can feel everything that these creatures do to her. Her body comes alive with every caress, every thrust, every slimy, bony finger that is laid on her body seems to make her come alive with pleasure. The creature is thrusting harder and harder, faster and faster. Kristen can feel it coming, the orgasm is building deep inside of her. Just as her eyes are about to roll into the back of her head the creature stops thrusting, and the others stop rubbing. Kristen looks up, trying to get control over herself. All of grab onto her and with one fluid movement flip her onto her stomach. The creature with the dildo walks up behind Kristen, grabs a handful of her hair, and thrusts the dildo in from behind. It is thrusting harder and faster than before, Kristen begins to scream and moan, louder than before.

Lindsey looks at her watch and realizes that she has to go down and help out Kristen. Lindsey walked to the elevator bank and pushed the down button. Lindsey did the same thing as Kristen and took the moment to adjust her dark brown button down and straighten out her short tan skirt. Lindsey looked up and saw the elevator wasn't coming. The floor readout number was blank and the button was not responsive. "Odd" she thought to herself as she made her way down the stairs.

Lindsey reached the door to the copy room and was confused when she found it closed. The door was never closed. Lindsey pushed the door open to see a sight she would soon not forget. She looked down on the floor and saw her friend lying on her stomach covered in these green and brown creatures. They were clinging onto her and touching every part of her body. Lindsey eyes grew wide when she realized that the creature was thrusting a dildo into Kristen.

Kristen's body was betraying her, she felt herself tighten around the dildo with each thrust. Each thrust feeling like an orgasmic blast inside of her. She was almost there, she could feel her muscles tighten, the creature went faster and faster, the more Kristen screamed and moaned the faster it went until Kristen's body twisted and went limp, her heavy breather filling the room and hallway as Lindsey looked on aghast.

The creature with the dildo looked up manically at Lindsey; Lindsey could feel its eyes running up and down her body. She took one step back without breaking eye contact with the creature. Just as she was about to run, another one of these creatures jumped down from the ceiling landing on Lindsey's shoulders. The creature with the dildo laughed and slammed the door, content to play with Kristen some more.

Lindsey screamed and tried to fight the creature off of her narrow shoulders, but it had a good grip and was not letting go. Lindsey flailed around the hallway until more creatures came and grabbed her nylon clad ankles. They gave a good tug and pulled her legs right out from under her. The air was knocked out of Lindsey; two creatures grabbed her long black hair and dragged Lindsey into a large storage closet. Once inside they let her go. Lindsey stood up and tried to run out the door but another creature swung down and knocked into Lindsey causing her to fall backward into a chair. A dozen creatures descended on Lindsey and grabbed her. They began to tie her to the chair. They pulled her legs open and tied her left leg to the cold metal chair leg. Suddenly, Lindsey felt a warm, silky feeling on her right leg.

The creatures were tying her right leg to the left leg of a woman with long chestnut hair and a black top. She appeared to be unconscious. Lindsey looked over the other woman and noticed that her legs were spread too. Lindsey also saw a large white plug in vibrator tightly fastened between her legs. Once Lindsey was tied down, the creatures placed a long, plug in vibrator between her legs. "OH GOD NO!" She pleaded, but it was to no avail, the creatures tied the vibrator right to her clit and powered it on. Lindsey struggled and tried to resist, but the vibrations were getting to her, a low moan escaped her red lips and the creatures howled with delight. They knew they were in for a show now.

Chapter #7 Mary and Jessica's Mutant Menagerie

As far as the Splice-O-Life lab was concerned, they were very lucky Maria Clamp was such a patron of the sciences. The lab had been denied a lease by twelve other buildings in Mid-town before finding a home in the Clamp Center. The reason the lab had such a hard time finding a home was due to the experiments they were conducting. The Splice-O-Life lab specialized in genetic engineering or more precisely creating hybrid animals.

At the head of the lab was Dr. Mary Beringer. Dr. Beringer was young but had an absolutely brilliant mind. She was also an incredibly beautiful woman. The blonde Mary wore a short black dress that accentuated all of her wonderful curves. Her long legs seemed to go on forever into a pair of black stilettos.

Working with Mary was her assistant Jessica. Jessica was still in grad school and was working in the lab part time. Jessica had long blonde hair that framed her slender face. Jessica wore a tight brown sweater, a short tan skirt and a pair of black heels to match her boss.

This was a special day in the lab, Mary and Jessica had just finished creating all of the different formulas that they were going to use in upcoming experiments. Mary and Jessica were about to begin cleaning up when they thought they heard a noise. They looked up to see a gremlin with a beaker in its hand. The beaker contained formula meant to rapidly increase the size of the brain.

Mary and Jessica watched in stunned silence as the creature gulped down the formula. After finishing its drink, the gremlin stared at the two terrified women, before it could do anything though; the gremlin began to have a violent convulsion. Its head shook and the creature fell to the floor. Mary and Jessica slowly stepped toward the table that the creature had been standing on. The creature stood back up and looked the two women dead in the eye and proceeded to speak.

"Well Doctor, I would have to say that your brain enhancement formula was nothing short of a resounding success" The gremlin said. "Wh, why thank you" Mary stuttered. "Oh, please doctor, there is no need to be nervous, my friends and I are, how should I put this, big fans of yours" The gremlin said, gesturing to the roughly twenty additional gremlins that had entered the lab.

The gremlins surrounded both women, snorting and leering at the two trembling blonde women. The brain gremlin began to speak, "Dr. you and your assistant have been in charge of many experiments in this lab, I feel that it is my turn" with that the creatures lunged on top of Mary and Jessica and put hoods over their heads.

Both women were dragged over to two large metal chairs with straps built into them. The gremlins quickly went to work strapping both women into the chairs. Both struggle as the gremlins strap them. Suddenly, both Mary and Jessica feel the gremlins begin to pull at the waist band of their tan pantyhose. The gremlins stick sound activated vibrators right on both of their clits.

Once both women are securely strapped in, the gremlins yank their hoods off. They immediately see the brain gremlin standing in front of them. "What do you want from us? What are you going to do to us?" Mary screamed "I told you, it's an experiment" The brain said gleefully. "What kind of experiment" Jessica asked sheepishly. "Oh, I'm sorry I should be more specific, we are going to learn about human biology, you are going to be our lovely models" The creature said giving Jessica and Mary a menacing look.
The brain gremlin walked over to Jessica "Today we will be talking about one of the greatest mysteries known to mankind, the female orgasm. Talk our lovely beauty here, we can tell that she is quite fetching in her brown sweater, her short beige skirt her silky high heels and her silky soft pantyhose"

Jessica let out a small scream when the brain gremlin placed its hand on her knee. "My my, we are quite jumpy aren't we?" The brain said as it leered at Jessica. The brain signaled to two of the others, they went over and began to tear off Jessica's sweater. "No, stop" she cried but the creatures paid no mind to her pleas. After the creatures removed her shirt the brain began to speak: "Now watch as my friends here begin to rub her breasts with very gentle strokes" "Leave her alone" Mary screamed, but the brain didn't listen.

"No, please, I....ooooh" Was all Jessica could get out at that moment. As Jessica was trying to figure out what was happening she felt to more hands on her thighs rubbing in much the same way.

"Now watch as my friends here rub her thighs, most men don't like hosiery but my friends use it to their advantage, moving up, rubbing the soft fabric on her clitoris making her wet" Jessica was moaning and feeling her legs tremble. The brain, never taking his eyes off of Mary, switched on the vibrator on Jessica's clit. "Oh GOD!" Jessica breathed out as more gremlins began to touch her.

Jessica was beginning to be taken over by lust, she felt her high heels being pulled off, and felt two slimy tongues licking her pantyhose clad feet, this made her cry out in pleasure. She then felt another creature rubbing and pulling her hair. The brain gremlin never broke eye contact with Mary. With one swift hand movement, it tore open the crotch of Jessica's pantyhose and slid its fingers inside of her.

"Oh, God" Jessica cried

The creatures began rubbing and licking and pulling and pushing faster now as Jessica's moans became louder and louder. All Mary could do was watch as Jessica succumbed.

"She is losing control, she cannot resist" The brain said to Mary. "Yes, Yes, Yes," Jessica began to scream, she could feel her body tightening and arching, she was moaning constantly now . The creatures were going faster and faster until Jessica's body couldn't take it anymore. "OH GOD!" She cried as she let out a loud moan and grunt. After her orgasm her body went limp her head was looking down into her lap and her hair went to and fro. She was breathing heavy and sighing. The brain walked up to Jessica. It grabbed her hair hard and pulled her face up to its as Jessica let out a little yelp.

"Did you enjoy being a model?" The creature asked with an evil smile on its face. The sweaty and slime covered lad assistant just sighed a few times trying to find the words. "Good" the creature said as it threw her head down into its previous position.

With Jessica spent, brain slowly walked over to Mary. "No, please, let me go" Mary pleaded. "Oh no, I was saving you for the show." The brain whispered in Mary's ear. "Show?" Mary asked nervously. "You are going to see your work come to life in front of you doctor" The brain hissed into her ear. Mary looked up and saw five gremlins standing on the table holding the new formulas she and Jessica had finished.

The first gremlin picked up the beaker with a little lightning bolt on it. It quickly consumed the contents and looked around for a moment. Suddenly the gremlin exploded into a flash of electricity. It zoomed around the room until it went into a power outlet, making its way through the circuits of the Clamp Center. The second gremlin drank a beaker with a picture of a puddle on it. The formula allowed the gremlin to change from a solid to a liquid state. The gremlin jumped up into the sink, and turned into a green puddle of sludge and went down the drain, now free to explore the pipes of the Clamp Center.

The third gremlin was the spiked gremlin. It stared at the brain and growled. It picked up the spider formula and walked out of the lab, content to go on its own. The fourth quickly followed suit, it picked up the beaker with the squid formula and walked out of the room. "I would say your work is successful so far" the brain said menacingly to Mary. The last gremlin picked up its formula and walked over to the prone Mary. Mary saw the beaker and began to scream. "Oh God no, don't drink that!" The gremlin drank the formula, Mary looked on in horror as it began to grow a large green penis. The gremlin looked at its new appendage, and looked at Mary, she could see that it was insatiable. The gremlin jumped onto the chair and immediately thrust its member into Mary's mouth. Mary gagged and struggled as the gremlin thrust in and out of her mouth. As the creature was thrusting, the brain turned on the vibrator on Mary's clit. She moaned with the penis in her mouth, but as the vibrator began to make Mary wet, she began to actively suck on the gremlin's new organ.

Mary sucked faster and faster until the creature pulled out of her mouth and squirted Mary's face with green slime. Her face and hair were absolutely covered, but before Mary could catch her breath, the ripped off the straps, grabbed Mary and tossed her onto the floor. Stunned, Mary didn't move. The gremlin then walked up, ripped open Mary's pantyhose and panties and thrust its fully erect member inside of her. Mary gasped and moaned as the creature began to thrust harder and harder..

Mary moaned writhed with the creature now. Her body had not been touched like this, and she had not been fucked like this since college. The creature growled and Mary grabbed onto the floor just letting pleasure take over.

Jessica was starting to come out of her daze and she was able to break one of the straps holding her wrist to the chair. With the gremlins all focused on Mary, Jessica carefully undid the straps around her arms and legs. She was quietly heading to the door to get help when she tripped, her hand falling on the light switch for the lab turning on the bright work lights. Almost all of the gremlins hissed and screeched at the bright light and quickly made an escape.

The gremlin fucking Mary turned around just as Jessica tripped. It had pulled out just before it started ejaculating; the gremlin unloaded its seed onto Jessica's legs, soaking her tan pantyhose with a greenish tinge. Jessica was disgusted as she could feel the warm goo soaking through the fabric and onto her skin. The bright light hit it directly in the eye, it screamed as it scurried into a vent.

Jessica crawled over to a still trembling Mary, "Oh God, are you alright?" Jessica asked. Mary could barely even focus, but she absent mindedly felt her hand go down to her clit and finish the job the gremlin had started while a shocked and sticky Jessica looked on.

Chapter #8 Emily's Corridor Run

The gremlins had invaded every area of the Clamp Center. The whole building was in total chaos, most people had escaped, but a few tried to hide out in different parts of the building. Emily worked in a stock office housed in the Clamp Center. Emily had walked back into her office to see about forty gremlins sitting at the various desks yelling and laughing into phones. Emily froze as she saw the mayhem going on around her. She could see her co-workers fleeing; Emily quickly spun on her heel and ran for the stairwell.

As Emily ran down the stairs of the building, she reached the landing and stopped dead in her tracks. A group of gremlins stared back at her, looking over her body and taking delight in watching her. The gremlins lunged for Emily. She turned and ran up the stairs as fast as she could. Emily ran up to the fortieth floor, she was a good five steps ahead of the gremlins. Emily threw herself into the door, ran into the hall and slammed it shut just as the gremlin horde was ready to reach her. She locked the door and leaned up against it, catching her breath as she heard the gremlins claw at the large steel door.

As Emily caught her breath, she looked at the hallway she had entered, it was a wreck. Most of the lights had been broken, and the ones that were working flickered on and off intermittently, the floor was covered in glass and debris from the ransacked offices. Emily slowly started walking around the hall looking for any sign of human life.

Emily had no idea what was happening. One minute she was off to print a report, and the next she was running from these green things that made lustful eyes at her. Emily let her fingers play with her long light brown hair, it was a habit she had when she was nervous. She couldn't believe the level of destruction that the building has sustained, the only thing she could hear was broken glass crunching underneath her purple high heels.

There didn't seem to be a sign of anybody on this floor. Emily turned around and began walking the way she came. Suddenly she felt something hit the back of her shoe. Emily looked down and saw what looked like a glass beaker. She picked it up and began to study it. The beaker had a label on it; the label didn't have any writing. The only thing on the label was what appeared to be a picture of a squid.

A feeling of dread began to sink over Emily, she didn't know what this beaker was, but she knew it couldn't be anything good. "I wonder if this is from that awful lab on forty-eight?" Emily quietly asked herself. Emily began to quicken her pace and turned the corner back to where the door from the stairwell was, but as soon as she turned the corner though she saw something that filled her with panic.

The gremlins had clawed their way through the door. Emily dove behind an overturned table before the little creatures saw her. She trembled as she heard them growling and snarling, and she knew that all of these creatures were looking for her. There was no way for Emily to move forward, there were at least fifteen to twenty gremlins blocking her path to the stairwell.

As Emily was trying to think of an exit strategy and making sure to keep a keen eye on the gremlins in front of the door, she never sensed what was behind her. They had to be twenty feet long, two long, green tentacles crawling and slapping the floor, feeling around for anything, or anyone. The tentacles were covered in a thick green slime that stuck to everything they touched, and they were heading straight for Emily.

Emily knelt down behind an overturned conference table trying to figure out her next move, she knew she would never make it past the gremlins by the door, but she also knew she couldn't hide behind the table for too long either. As she was trying to think of an escape, she felt something warm and slimy soak in through her tan pantyhose and cover her calf. Emily looked down slowly with dread as she saw the slimy tentacle wrap around her leg.

Emily bolted up and screamed alerting the gremlins by the door. They began to laugh manically and charge her. Emily looked up in a panic seeing the horde coming toward her. Before they could reach her though, the other tentacle wrapped around her waist and yanked her back down the hall. Emily seemed to fly through the air until she landed roughly twenty feet into a pile of slime and muck; Emily felt the slime begin to sink into her clothes and hair, she felt disgusting. Before she was able to get up, more tentacles wrapped around her body, holding her in place, Emily looked up and saw who her captor was. It was one of the gremlins, but instead of having arms and legs, it had eight tentacles.

Emily screamed as she saw the octo-gremlin, it laughed manically as it began to play with its new toy. The tentacles rubbed all over Emily's body, and every inch of her was covered in the green slime. Emily could feel the gremlin's tentacles rubbing her legs and pulling them apart.

Emily tried to scream as loud as she could to get someone, anyone to come and rescue her from her plight. This actually backfired on Emily though as the octo-gremlin took Emily's open mouth as an opportunity to shove one of its free tentacles inside her mouth shoving it down Emily's throat. Emily gagged as she tasted the salty slime dripping off of the octo-gremlin's tentacle. The gremlin began to thrust the tentacle in and out, in and out. It began to go faster and faster inside of Emily's mouth until it pulled out, and sprayed a stream of slime right onto Emily's face.

Emily turned her head to the side to spit the slime out of her mouth she saw something that forced her to scream again, the gremlins from the stairwell had found her and were watching her get groped by the tentacles. As soon as she made eye contact, the gremlins charged over to her and surrounded all side of her. As the tentacles worked over her body, the gremlins caressed Emily, picking up slime from the floor and rubbing it onto her, soaking her legs and staining her pantyhose, they covered her light grey skirt, causing it to become stained with a darkish green tone.

The tentacles around Emily's ankles and thighs tightened, they began to pull her legs open into a spread eagle position. The octo-gremlin let out and evil chuckle as its last remaining free tentacle slowly worked its way up Emily's thigh. Emily gasped and drew in a deep breath as she felt the slimy tentacle touch her clit through her pantyhose. One of the gremlins watched intently as the tentacle began to rub Emily's clit more and more.

Two of the gremlins grabbed Emily's purple button down and ripped it open in one move. Emily gasped as she felt them rub her bare skin with more of the green slime. Emily was beginning to struggle less and less as the gremlins worked her over.

The tentacle was rubbing furiously now, trying to find a way to get inside of Emily, but it was unable to get past the silk pantyhose. The gremlin watching began to walk over to Emily's spread legs; Emily looked up and immediately knew what it was going to do. "Please, no!" she begged as she watched the creature get over to her. The creature held up its clawed hand and slowly worked its way up Emily's thigh and to the crotch of her pantyhose, where it made a slight rip. This allowed the tentacle to rip open her pantyhose, fully exposing Emily.

Emily looked up at the octo-gremlin and then back at the tentacle. The tentacle slowly pulled back, building tension in Emily. She knew what was coming; she squirmed and tried one more time to break free. As she felt the energy leave her body, the octo-gremlin plunged its tentacle deep inside of Emily. She moaned and arched her back as the tentacle moved all around inside of her. Pleasure began to take over her body, between the tentacle inside of her, and the gremlins rubbing her body, Emily exploded in a tremendous orgasm, but the octo-gremlin wasn't finished yet.

The octo-gremlin pounded Emily, going faster and faster as wave after wave of orgasm hit Emily. The octo-gremlin pulled out its tentacle, and ejaculated all over Emily, covering her in green slime. The gremlins let her go, knowing that they had pushed the young woman to her limit. The gremlins went back to the stair well, perking up as they heard two women running and screaming a floor below. The octo-gremlin crawled off into the elevator shaft Sarah and Jennifer had been trapped in, making its home in the wreckage.

Emily crawled into one of the abandoned offices, her mind was in a fog and her body was spent. She was content to hide out in that office until the rescue crews arrived hours later. Chapter #9 Julia's Big Scoop

Julia sat down into the big arm chair on one of the few remaining news sets in the Clamp Cable Network's studios. Sitting next to her was the brain gremlin. The studio lights had been dimmed and the cameras were set, they were about to go live, live with an interview that Julia hoped would start her career as a television journalist.

Julia had always been an optimist. Such an optimist in fact that when the Clamp Center was overrun with hundreds of thousands of gremlins that instead of running from them, the young television news intern grabbed a camera and began to report on what was happening from inside. The footage she got was spectacular, all of these gremlins wreaking havoc on one of the biggest buildings in New York, owned by one of the largest corporations in the world, it was too good to be true, or so she thought.

The brain had come out of the light attack in the Splice-O-Life lab rather annoyed. "I didn't get to have all my fun with the good doctor" it thought. The brain quickly looked up and saw Julia, standing in front of the camera reporting live on the gremlin rampage. She was just finishing her latest report, while Julia was willing to film these things and report on them, she wasn't staying any longer than she had to, she got her shot and report.

Julia wrapped up the report and started to break down the camera, the brain watched her as she moved. It immediately noticed her fit, tight body. Her tight pink short sleeved blouse showcased her breasts nicely. Her short black skirt had the nicest slit in it, letting her long legs spill out into a pair of black pumps. "She will be a fine substitute" the brain thought. It was about to lunge toward her when a devilish plan began to form, a wicked grin spreading over the brain gremlin's face.

The brain walked over to Julia, the young woman hadn't finished breaking down her camera yet and hadn't noticed. She looked down and let out a little scream as she saw the brain stare at her. The brain immediately began to speak, "Oh goodness, my apologies, I didn't mean to frighten you" it said in the most eloquent of tones. "Yo, you can talk?" Julia asked nervously. "I can, and I would like to talk with you, I want you to interview me, let the world hear what I have to say" The brain said. "You want to do an interview, with me? I'm just an intern." Julia told the brain. "Everyone starts somewhere" The brain said with an evil gleam in its eye.

The experience was surreal to Julia, earlier that morning she had been relegated to coffee pick up, and now she was about to go live over the entire Clamp Cable Network with a truly groundbreaking interview. Julia quickly gathered her notes and straightened her outfit before she went on the air. Julia settled in and watched as the red light came on the camera indicating they were live.

"Good afternoon, this is the Clamp Cable Network, I'm Julia Morris. As you probably know, the Clamp Center has been invaded by a group of strange little beings...." Julia said to the camera. While Julia was making her introduction to the viewers at home, the brain couldn't help but look down at Julia's legs, the fabric of her pantyhose gave off the slightest sheen in the studio lights. "Oh yes" the brain thought to itself, "I'm going to have even more fun with Julia than with the good doctor and her clumsy assistant"

Julia turned to face the brain, "Creature, I think there is one question the viewers at home have, and that is, creature what is that you want?" Julia asked in her most serious "news" voice. "Well Julia what we want is, what everyone want is civilization. We want to be able to achieve our own culture. We may stumble on the way, but we want to be afforded the opportunity to achieve what you and your viewers have, civilization." "Are you saying you want an area of your own?" Julia asked. "In the long term, I would have to say yes" the brain responded. Julia was beginning to feel more comfortable, she knew the interview was going well as she and the brain debated what the gremlins wanted long term. The rather academic discussion went on for about ten minutes as the brain spoke. The brain didn't believe any of what it was saying; this was all a set up for the real fun part of the interview. "We have talked about what you and your kind wants for the long term, but creature, I have to ask, what do you want in the short term?" Julia asked. The brain looked up at Julia with an evil grin that immediately took Julia aback. "What do we want in the short term? Hmmm" The brain pondered. Behind the main, automated camera facing her Julia saw a gremlin staring, controlling the camera and viewing her through the lens, its grotesque little face drawn back in a sickening grin. Julia could see through the feedback screen that the creature was slowly working the camera up and down, all over her body. She felt sick, as if the camera were an extension of the creature, slowly and somehow methodically working its way over her body, slowly but firmly caressing her from her black hair, down her neck, over her breasts and down her smooth legs. She looked over at the brain and saw a new look in its eyes; Julia was beginning to realize just how much trouble she had gotten herself into. Julia tried to cover and get out of the situation, "well that is all the time we have today on..." she stuttered. "Nonsense!" the brain said, "we are only just beginning" it said in husky, menacing voice. Julia could see herself breathing quickly in the feedback monitor, almost panting, with panic and fear, her chest rising and falling in rapid bursts. Finally willing her legs to move, she jumped out of her chair, trying to jump over cords in an effort to reach the cameras behind the soundstage. She never saw the long, scaly little arm reach out and trip her, landing her on her stomach. Julia's mouth opened in a soundless scream as she realized the room had been full of the hideous little creatures, all silently watching her until now, as they all burst out in a cacophony of chatters, giggles, and cheers. Several of the creatures (there could have been dozens, Julia was too stunned to count) sat, leering at her, cheering and cackling while four creatures jumped on her. One pulled on her hair, its claws scratching at her scalp, her smooth, styled hair now a wild mess. The creature that tripped her now jumped out and sat on her rear, pulling her skirt up while it scratched at her legs, seemingly fascinated by the tears forming in the delicate nylon, exposing strips of her skin. Julia's drawn up skirt interested another creature that roughly pulled her legs apart, tearing her skirt at the sides before it reached in and pulled out the crotch of her pantyhose, scratching at her panties enough to make Julia scream out loud. The gremlin behind the camera spun it around and focused on Julia on the floor, the feed still going out live. The brain still sat in its chair enjoying Julia's plight. The brain jumped down and walked over to the immobilized Julia. The brain grabbed her hair and roughly pulled her head close to its mouth. Julia shivered as she felt the brain's hot breath on her ear as it began to speak. "You want to know what we want? We want you; we want as many women as this building will give us. You see, my kind, we have insatiable appetites. We want to ravish all of you and when the sun goes down tonight, we will go into the city and ravish you all." The brain whispered harshly. With that it let go of Julia's hair and walked down to her spread legs. The brain loved what it saw, Julia, lying on her stomach, her pantyhose and panties ripped off, just waiting for it to strike. Julia couldn't see what was happening, but she could feel the gremlins touching all over her body, she could feel them rubbing her legs, her hair, ripping her blouse to expose her even more to the camera. She also felt the brain slid its head closer to her clit, Julia began to tremble ever so slightly as she felt the brain's tongue hover just out of reach of her clit. The waiting was starting to build up an odd kind of excitement in Julia. The brain let its tongue loose on Julia, causing Julia to twitch and moan at the sensation. The brain hadn't been able to finish with Dr. Beringer, so it really let loose on Julia. It licked and pushed and rubbed in ways Julia had never felt before. Soon the other gremlins let go of Julia and simply watched as the brain brought Julia's body into a state of pleasure. Julia moaned and twisted on the floor until she was on her back and the brain was firmly between her legs. Julia knew she should run, but the pleasure was too much, just when she thought she couldn't take anymore, the brain began to lick even faster. As the final orgasm hit Julia, she screamed so loud some the gremlins watching momentarily jumped back. All Julia could do was twitch as the brain lifted its head back up. The brain looked around, momentarily satisfied with its conquest. The brain looked into the still broadcasting camera, a sly grin overtaking its face. "Was that civilized? No clearly not, fun, but in no sense civilized" The brain began to talk to the camera as the haze lifted over Julia. Julia looked up and saw the gremlins all looking at the camera, she took the moment to run out of the studio as fast as she could. The gremlins began to get ready to give chase when the brain stopped them. "Let her go, we have other's to prepare for" it said with an evil grin as the camera finally shut off.
Chapter #10 Jenna's Technical Difficulties

The nerve center of the Clamp Center was the control room. With all of the chaos going on inside of the building, one lone technician remained. Jenna Neale was young but a technician for the Clamp Center. She knew every inch of every console and knew how to run the entire building. When the gremlin attack began, ninety five percent of the work force fled the building; Jenna decided to stay at her post and try to keep the building running.

Jenna could see everything that happened in the building. Every room, every corridor, every elevator was equipped with a closed circuit camera that pumped a feed to the control room and to Maria Clamps office. What Jenna saw terrified her; She could see Natalie still chained and writhing on the floor of the parking basement. She could see the remnants of the "Morning Surprise" studio, she saw Kate and Erin, still trapped in a closed off hallway, and all of the other women who had been attacked by the gremlins.

Jenna looked at the monitor furthest to her left, what she saw absolutely terrified her. On the thirty ninth floor, she saw the gremlin with spikes sticking out of its back with a beaker in its hand. Jenna watched as it drank down the contents of the beaker in one gulp. The gremlin began to convulse and change, sprouting eight long, hairy legs and a long, distended abdomen. Jenna realized with horror, that she was watching it change into a giant spider.

Jenna looked on in horror as she watched the monitor, the spider gremlin began to spin an elaborate web in the corridor, laying a trap for some poor victim. Jenna looked to another monitor and could see a pack of gremlins at the door to the control room. They had been trying to get in for some time, but luckily the door was reinforced steel, the control was very easy to lock down.

They systems of the Clamp Center were barely running, Jenna was doing the best she could to nurse the lights and climate control along as they had sustained a good deal of damage. She honestly didn't know how much abuse the building could take. Jenna had no idea when, or if, the gremlins siege would end. She could see on the security monitor that the Clamp Center head of security Rebecca Forester was setting up some kind of operation that involved covering the main lobby windows with a giant tarp with a night sky painted on it and moving the clocks ahead by four hours. Jenna had no idea what or how that was going to do anything, but she knew they were all running out of options.

Jenna had no idea how many gremlins were in fact in the building, but conservatively there had to be at least ten to twenty thousand of them, and they had really taken complete control. Jenna had been watching them all on the monitors and saw who they liked to attack, Jenna noticed that they all looked like her and were dressed in much the same way.

Jenna had a stylish flair when she went into work, and knew how to get attention. On this day she wore a very tight black button down, a very short black patterned skirt, and a pair of black high heels. Jenna had definitely taken notice of the fact that the gremlins were attracted to women who looked like her, which caused her to send a cautious look toward the door every few minutes.

The phone lines had been out for some time, Jenna really wished she was able to communicate with the outside world for many reasons. Not the least of which so she could help the women who were still trapped in various parts of the building and to send out a warning about the giant spider web.

"Wait" Jenna thought to herself, "there is a special phone line leading to Miss. Clamp's office, maybe that line is still functioning" Jenna picked up the two way phone and punched in the code. It started to ring; Jenna could feel her whole body relax. The phone rang twice before a very flustered Maria Clamp answered. "Rebecca, I don't care what you think, I have it on good authority if we can lure them all to the lobby and expose them to the sunlight it will kill them, just do what I ask" Clamp hissed out. "Oh no, ma'am, this is Jenna Neale, from the control room" Jenna sputtered out sheepishly. "You are still down in the control room? I thought you all evacuated?" Clamp said softening her tone. "I decided to stay; besides I figure this is one of the safest spots in the whole building." Jenna's words proved to be oddly prophetic for at that moment, the two way phone went dead. "Hel... Hello? Miss. Clamp, are you there?" Jenna asked, her voice beginning to tremble. "It has to be a glitch, the building has sustained a lot of damage, I am still safe in here" Jenna thought to herself, but before she could calm herself down, the lights went out for about three seconds. The gremlins were toying with Jenna now.

Jenna could hear scurrying around the control room and an unearthly chuckle. Jenna spun around to see where the sound was coming from; she thought she heard it coming from the computer bay in the right hand side of the room. Jenna cautiously walked over to the computer bay, carefully peering over to see what was happening. As she peered over, a tower of cds came crashing to the floor. Jenna screamed and nearly jumped out of her shoes. She slowly walked over to the middle of the room to the main console, resting her hands on it. She was trying to calm herself down and catch her breath when a gremlin came flying out of the console sending sparks flying all over the control room.

The gremlin landed on Jenna's chest and grabbed onto her shoulders. She screamed as she began to fight with the creature. She was able to get a good grip on it and throw the gremlin across the room, falling onto the floor in the process. The gremlin looked at her with an absolutely evil look on its face, but instead of charging Jenna, it ran to the door, Jenna immediately panicked.

"No, please don't open the door" Jenna screamed, but the gremlin didn't pay her any mind and pushed the heavy steel door open, allowing ten gremlins into the control room. Jenna hadn't even been able to get back up before the gremlins were all on her. Two grabbed onto her long legs, humping them as hard as they could, causing light tears in her nude pantyhose. One jumped on her chest, ripping open her black top and bra with ease. The gremlin's eyes grew wide at the sight of Jenna's large breasts and immediately begin to lick and slobber over them. One began to grab drool into Jenna's long black hair while yet another ran its tongue over her terrified face. These gremlins had all watch the others have their fun, now it was their turn.

Jenna was being completely dominated; she had no idea what to do, all she knew was she had to make it out of the control room. Three gremlins watched as she struggled on the floor with the others clinging to her body. They watched as she twisted and writhed, moaning and squealing as she was beginning to loose strength. The three gremlins walked over to Jenna and stood by her legs, her pantyhose already tattered and torn in the struggle, Jenna never sensed how exposed she was. The gremlins got down close and let their tongues loose like three slimy snakes.

The three tongues met at Jenna's pussy, one gave her clit a light lick, causing Jenna to twitch and gasp in surprise. One licked tongue licked her lips and Jenna could feel the strength leave her body. One tongue entered Jenna with great force. Before Jenna could even react, the other two quickly followed suit. Jenna moaned and writhed on the floor as she felt the three tongues moving and turning in all different directions inside of her.

As the gremlins licked and rubbed Jenna, her body began to become overwhelmed, she finally let go and let her body ride and move in the rhythms the gremlins were moving in. Jenna could feel an tremendous orgasm building. She had stopped fighting it, "YES, YES YES! OH GOD RIGHT THERE, DON'T STOP YES!" Jenna screamed as the gremlins went faster and faster. Jenna came so hard she actually squirted in the gremlins faces, to which they laughed manically.

The gremlins played with Jenna for what seemed like hours, and she loved every minute of it. It all stopped however when she heard a very dapper voice. "Stop, let her go, we have bigger game to hunt" The brain commanded. The gremlins let Jenna go; she quickly came to her senses and bolted out of the control room, leaving the gremlins and brain in the nerve center of the Clamp Building.

Chapter #11 Brooke and Lindsey's Shocking Awakening

Brooke was still foggy, she didn't quite know where she was but she had had the worst nightmare. Brooke could hear low moans next to her. "Did I leave the T.V. on?" She thought as she began to come out of unconsciousness. Brooke opened her eyes and was momentarily stunned by what she saw. Brooke saw a young woman tied down to a chair, her legs spread and her clothes torn and tattered. Brooke could see a white object tied to the young woman, resting on the crotch of her tan pantyhose.

Brooke not fully realizing the situation tried to get up and help the woman next to her only to find that she too was tied down. Brooke's mind immediately snapped back to the moment. She remembered everything, the gremlins in her office, her vanishing secretary, the spiked gremlin with the vibrator; it all came flooding back to Brooke as she fought to get out of her bounds.

Lindsey's body was exhausted, she had been captured by the gremlins hours before and they had run the vibrator on her for as long. The gremlins cackled as the pretty young brunette struggled and moaned and screamed at every orgasm that washed over her body. They hooted and hollered as Lindsey struggled out of her shoes exposing her pantyhose clad feet. Lindsey could vaguely feel Brooke begin to stir, but Lindsey's mind and body were so exhausted that she didn't pay much attention.

One gremlin walked over to Lindsey's vibrator and mercifully shut it off. Lindsey exhaled and attempted to catch her breath. The gremlin then walked over to a terrified and struggling Brooke. The creature had an evil look in its eye as it rested its hand on Brooke's knee. It slowly ran its hand up her knee, over her thigh and to the large white vibrator resting between her legs. Brooke struggled and tried to break free, but she was tied to tightly to the chair. The gremlin cackled as it switched on the vibrator. Brooke's body immediately tensed as the vibrations hit her clit.

Brooke tried to break free and tried to resist the vibrator, but she found resistance to be difficult. The device spun faster, faster than Brooke had ever felt before. Feeling the nylon of her pantyhose rubbing against her swollen clit was more than she could take. Her body began to arch and she could feel her pussy tighten as the orgasm was about to wash over her body, but right before she orgasm, the gremlin switched off the vibrator, causing the others to laugh and cackle

The gremlins swarmed Brooke, tearing off more of her black shirt exposing her breasts and ripping through her hair. Brooke struggled against the creatures molesting her, when the gremlin switched the vibrator back on causing Brooke to moan again. The vibrator worked over Brooke's clit some more teasing her right to the edge of orgasm, just as she began to moan and squeal, the gremlin switched the vibrator off causing Brooke to cry out in frustration.

This went on multiple times. While the gremlins had fun watching Lindsey have orgasm after orgasm, they decided it would be more fun to tease Brooke, they knew they had both women right where they wanted them. Brooke grew insanely frustrated after numerous denied orgasms, the gremlins decided to torment her even more by showing her what she was missing. They walked back over to Lindsey's vibrator back on, a low moan and squeal escaped her lips as the vibrator went back to work.

Lindsey was in the opposite position of Brooke, she didn't know how much more her body could take, she had had countless orgasms since the gremlins tied her down hours before. Her legs trembled as the vibrations hit her swollen clit again.

Brooke grew oddly jealous and more than slightly turned on by Lindsey. Brooke closed her eyes and let her mind focus on Lindsey's leg rubbing up against hers. Feeling Lindsey's nylon encased flesh against her own turned Brooke on. Lindsey moved her leg to the rhythm of the vibrator and moved it faster as she came closer to orgasm.

All Brooke wanted at this point was release, her body was so tense and the gremlins had worked her into such an aroused state that she thought she would explode. The gremlin switched Brooke's vibrator back on, Brooke moaned and pushed her pelvis into the vibrator to get the maximum effect. Yet again though the gremlin brought Brooke to the brink but stopped just before she reached orgasm. "GOD DAMN YOU! JUST LET ME CUM!" Brooke screamed. The gremlins all cackled and laughed manically; they had gotten to Brooke and were enjoying being in complete control.

The gremlins switched off Lindsey's vibrator again. She let her head slump forward, too exhausted to do much else. The gremlins caressed her and let their tongues run over Lindsey's body, her nerves were alive, and she could feel every little touch, every little caress the gremlins made. Lindsey had not been touched in that way in a long time, and her body was still, even after all of the orgasms, very responsive to the gremlins' touch.

Brooke really thought she was going to snap, this thing was not letting her orgasm and the denial was proving to be too much. The gremlin laughed evilly as the spread young executive pleaded with it to let her cum. All Brooke could focus on was being able to achieve release. Her body ached for it, her legs grew weak and her mind was exhausted. All she wanted was one orgasm. That was all her mind could focus on. The gremlin turned the vibrator on the lowest setting, making Brooke work to feel what she felt before. As the vibrator did its work, Brooke could feel the orgasmic feeling building in her pelvis, prepared to wash over her entire body, giving her the feeling she so badly craved. The gremlin switched the vibrator off again.

Before Brooke could scream, the lights in the closet began to flicker. The gremlins looked at each other confused; after all, they were the one who were supposed to cause mechanical problems. They shut off both vibrators and began to investigate the room. Sparks began to shoot out both electrical outlets filling the small closet with blue light. The gremlins screeched and hissed, running towards the vents, fleeing the closest and abandoning Brooke and Lindsey.

Brooke swung her head around from side to side trying to figure out what was going on. The outlets were shooting sparks and both vibrators seemed to power themselves on. Lindsey's head shot up as the newly engaged vibrator switched on, the head was spinning faster, much faster, than it had before. She screamed and struggled against it as it spun and spun.

Brooke's vibrator powered on at a higher level than before as well! She moaned and cried as her body quickly built back up to orgasm. It was like a fire cracker had gone off inside of her body, pleasure washed over Brooke, she had finally achieved her release, but the vibrators didn't stop, if anything they went faster.

Lindsey looked over at the electrical outlet and saw something she would never forget, the blue sparks shooting out of the outlet had a shape to them. They were in the shape of a gremlin. Lindsey screamed as she saw the electric gremlin leering at her. The beast then made the vibrators spin even faster.

Both women couldn't control their bodies, orgasm after orgasm rocked them, causing their whole bodies to tremble. The vibrators were running so fast, both Lindsey and Brooke could smell smoke as the gears inside the devices began to burn out, they were trapped and had no hope of escape.

Lindsey was so lost in the vibrator she barley heard the door slam open. She looked up to see her friend Kristen, her clothes torn apart, her breasts exposed, and missing her shoes standing in the doorway. Lindsey called out to her "KRISTEN, HELP! UNPLUG THE VIBRATORS" Lindsey screamed. Kristen ran to the outlet but couldn't go to close to it. She quickly looked around the room and grabbed a mop sitting in the corner. Kristen hit the plug for the vibrator tied to Lindsey until it fell from the outlet, immediately powering it done, Kristen ran to the other side and did the same to Brooke's.

The electric gremlin quickly dissipated, using too much of its strength powering the vibrators. Kristen ran and untied Brooke and then Lindsey. The three women were shocked to see that the crotches of Brooke and Lindsey's pantyhose had been worn away, exposing both women. "There was some announcement, saying it was 'time' that thing left me in the copy room" Kristen said "We have to get out of here" Lindsey was too exhausted to stand, so Brooke and Kristen took each side of her and made their way out of the closet and out of the Clamp Center.

Chapter #12 Isabelle's Closet Encounter

Isabelle was a very quiet woman. She was not quite as flashy as the other women the gremlins attacked, but she was just as beautiful, her chestnut hair framing her lovely face, Isabelle had a wholesomely bewitching quality that made men flock to her, even if she didn't necessary notice their advances. Isabelle worked as an accountant for a stock office housed in the Clamp Center. The office could be a bit of a boys club, and she was pressured to dress a certain way, but she enjoyed the work. All work stopped and her male colleagues fled as the gremlins invaded office.

Isabelle was in the back of the office with her door closed, she could get very focused when she worked and she typically shut out the world around her; but the commotion she heard and the faint by distinct screams made her take notice. She cautiously opened her door a crack and peaked out to the main bullpen. Isabelle saw that the desks were not being occupied by her co-workers, but rather gremlins, they threw papers around and took great delight in yelling gibberish into the phones.

Isabelle could see her friend Emily standing at the doorway to the office. Isabelle was terrified of these strange cackling little creatures. Fear filled Isabelle even more when she saw Emily turn on her heel and run out the door, leaving her alone in the office with the gremlins.

The gremlins tore the office apart; they seemed to be on a mission to find something, or someone. They had a definite hunger in their eyes. Isabelle slowly closed the door, slipped out of her black heels and walked back to hide under her desk. She could hear the gremlins coming, they began to pound and scratch on her office door. Isabelle began to panic.

Just before the gremlins broke the door down and came spilling into her office, Isabelle quickly crawled into the coat closet. She closed the door just as the gremlins broke down her office door. Isabelle brought her knees to her chest and covered herself with an old trench coat. She could hear the gremlins laughing and tearing up her office.

The gremlins immediately spotted Isabelle's black high heels placed neatly in the corner of the office. This discovery sent the gremlins into a frenzy, they wanted to find the owner of those high heels in the worst way. They looked in every nook and cranny of the office. Isabelle was terrified as she heard them getting closer and closer to the closet. She didn't know what these things were, but she knew they couldn't be up to anything good.

Isabelle flinched as she heard the clawed hands of the gremlins begin to pound on the closet door. She edged herself into the corner of the closet pulling her legs in tight to her chest and pulling the coat over her body. She tried to keep herself from trembling as the door was pounded on more roughly.
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