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Full Version: She imagined with passion flaring in her eyes as she slowly worked the panties
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It was a warm night Jacqueline had her window open allowing the cool air to fill the room, the moon was full and gave the room a haunting black and white look almost like it was an old style horror movie. Jacqueline hadn't been asleep long when she heard the noise, the soft creak had come from her open window, being that it was on the third floor of the house and there was no balcony she just dismissed the sound as the wind.

A little while later Jacqueline was asleep again, this time she was awoken by the feeling of a finger tracing its way down her shoulder, she woke with a start and when she looked at the intruder her eyes widened and a small gasp escaped her lips, as all she saw was to disembodied eyes seeming to float in the darkness.

Slowly the intruder moved into the moonlight, he was tall with dark brown hair and green eyes, his face was very pale and with high cheekbones and almost perfect red lips his face had entranced Jacqueline.

He smiled softly then putting his finger to Jacqueline's lips and softy spoke "there is no need to be afraid Jacqueline, I am not here to hurt you" his words drove into her mind and laid aside all her fears.

Running his fingers along Jacqueline's arms his caress calmed her and she let herself relax, "how do you know my name she asked the man", his reply can from the shadows as he moved to the other side of her bed "I have watched at waited for this moment, for you are my chosen and tonight you shall join me in eternity" with a sudden movement the sheets of her bed were thrown off and the cool air chilled her bare skin, being that it was a warm night to begin with Jacqueline wore only a nightshirt and a sheer one at that.

The man smile widened as the nightshirt hid nothing of Jacqueline's body, now Jacqueline could see the man clearly in the moon light, he was wearing a black T-shirt and long black cargo pants, she could tell that his body while not muscular was well formed and solid.

He approached the bed and slowly took off his shirt, which gave Jacqueline the familiar feeling, she smiled and her mind started to float, giving up on question such as who is this man? And why am I feeling like this?

He moves slowly but with determination as his hands reached out to her, helping her sit up and moving her towards him. When she was in reach he moved his lips to hers and softly kissed her, the sensation rushed though her, she felt warmth in his lips even though the face looked so cold, now another part of her was getting very warm, a part should knew would take control of her.

Deepening the kiss the man gently parted her lips and his tongue massaged hers, wrapping his arms around her he pulled her close and enveloped her in his embrace.

She was now under his total control she had lost the will to hold back the intense feeling of the kiss and was now pushing herself against the man much more forcefully, without noticing her nipples had hardened and were now pushing against the material of her nightshirt.

The man had noticed this and he guided her body so that she was now sitting between his legs with her back towards him, he wrapped his arms around her waist and then softly started to kiss her neck.

As soon as his lips met her neck, a tingle rushed down her spine, and the feeling was so intense that she could not help but let out a moan of pleasure.

She started to pull at her nightshirt eager to be released from its constrain, she pulled the bottom of it up to her waist then taking the cue the man helped her pull it the rest of the way off.

Once the nightshirt had come off her breasts bounced freely and her nipple were pointing directly out leaving little shadows across her breasts. With his hands the man slowly started to caress the bottom of her breasts with his fingers and started kissing her neck again.

Almost at once she started to moan as the kisses shot little shivers down her back and his finger almost felt like they were scorching the flesh on the undersides of her breasts.

Now she was lost to the overwhelming desire for this man, she wanted no needed him now and she decided he was taking it to slow.

Her hands reached up and grabbed his wrists, and moving them with little resistance she placed his hands onto her breasts and pulled them against her.

His hands seemed to burn into her and the feeling lingered as he spread his fingers then closed them letting her nipples to be caught between them.

Now his kisses were more forceful and the shivers going down her back were almost constant, but then without warning she moved away.

Getting up she turned to the man "I must know your name before we continue" she asked, his eyes were directly looking at your crotch then he looked into her eyes and asked "Why, why do you want to know that?"

His hand brushed against the crotch of her panties and she instantly felt that they were soaked, it aroused her more to know that he was looking directly at that spot. "So I can scream it to the darkness" she said with passion flaring in her eyes as she slowly worked the panties down her legs and started to climb back onto the bed.

"In that case my name is Althrus" he said full well knowing that he didn't have to answer for when the words had left his lips hers were taking their place. As she kissed him she forced him down onto the bed and laid herself on him, feeling a large lump in his pants she almost came on the spot.

Her hands traced down his chest to his pants, and started to pull then down. After she had gotten his pants and underwear down to his knees he bent them up and she slipped them off his legs. Now with her hands around his manhood she gasped at the size of it as it got harder in her hands, Althrus just grinned and kissed her forehead "what do you wish to do with that my dear?"

Without hesitation she slipped the now very hard member between her legs and started to rub it against her slit, letting the juices run over it.

As she did this he went back to kissing her neck, and with a gentle thrust of his hips, he slipped the head of his cock inside her.

Once the head had got in she had gasped for air as she had cum right then, still shivering slightly from the climax she then pushed down onto the cock and moaned as it started to fill her even more but too slowly for her.

He decided it was time to let her have what she wanted and released all control of her, with that she instantly impaled herself on him and screamed with pleasure as the head of his cock rammed deep into her.

Now she was in control she started thrusting up and down his hardness with reckless abandon building herself up to another climax. Althrus while enjoying the sensation of her pussy tightening each time she came he was preparing to give her the ultimate experience.

Sweat was now pouring from her as she was getting faster and faster. "He has to cum soon" she though to herself as she could feel that she was on the verge of yet another climax, most probably the hardest so far.

Running his tongue over her neck Althrus allowed his fangs to extended out of his mouth, Jacqueline was right on the edge of her climax when he sunk his fangs into her neck. The fangs sinking into her neck hurt a little but the feeling that followed and also the feeling of her climax mixed together made her climax again.

The feeling was like nothing else, she seemed to be floating while to feeling of fullness in her pussy was sending out waves of pleasure that distorted her vision.

The blood running out of her neck seemed to drain all of her normal senses out leaving her to float in the waves of pleasure, the she felt his cock start to pulse deep inside her.

Knowing what has coming she thrust herself down onto him with all the strength she had left, then he came his load shooting into her filling her with its warmness and sending her over the edge again. This time her climax was so powerful mixed in with Althrus drawing her blood out that she fell into unconsciousness.

Waking again she felt different, and intense hunger filled her the hunger for blood. Before she could move a wrist was placed in her mouth, her fangs involuntarily extending and biting into it drawing the life giving blood from it. Once she had sated herself on the wrist she looked for the person it was connected to, finding Althrus's green eyes she smile as he said "Welcome to the darkness, my dear."
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