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a surge of pain... no, pleasure... - SexStories - 05-06-2015

My heart is racing. My cunt is dripping a puddle, collecting under me. I have been here before. Blindfolded, tied spread eagle d on the bed. Anticipation brings both excitement and fear. Your words are soft, but direct. "Do not disappoint me. Do not freeze up. Do not be afraid.

Suddenly, a knock at the door shakes me. "Oh, God, is this real?" My mind is racing with thoughts of who it could be. Initially, I think its Sir G back to prove I'm not at all worthy of being your slave. Or, maybe its the girls. Or, is it the guy next door? I try to concentrate on the noises that might be made by whoever is entering my space. But, it's as if no one is there.

The stinging of the paddle across my tit both wakes me from my fantasy, and scares me! I scream out in shock! Again and again the paddle connects with my tits! The fire growing beneath each hit is blending nicely with the pain. As quickly as it started, it stops. Tears are welling up in my eyes, but not yet falling. My breathing is rapidly becoming shallow. The wetness between my legs is completely noticeable.

Before I can assess my situation there is an ass in my face! I am lost in thought, as I eat this ass. I have no idea who or what it this ass belongs to. It roughly fucks my face. Again as quickly as it began, its over. Again, I'm left alone.

My thoughts racing, as finally, after so long, I hear your voice: "Do not disappoint me lil girl." A rush of heat begins washing over me, as you continue. "Do you want what's next?" Without even knowing what that is, I answer: "Yes, please."

The pain begins slowly, as it takes a moment to register in my head. My nipples are being tied, clamped, or something. I can't quite tell, as I find myself both in the present and in some euphoric pleasure space. The pain becoming intensely real. Tears are now falling, as I feel warm, cold, pleasure and pain, all mixing together. Without seeing what is happening, the sensations are also mixing, rushing together like hot & cold water colliding in a tub. I can't tell where the pain ends, and the pleasure begins. Again you ask: "Do you want what is next?" I answer: "Yes, please." Suddenly, a surge of pain... no, pleasure... well, actually, again I can't tell which is which. There is a sting, a slow pain occurring as I hear myself being whipped from my legs up! I can feel the reddening of my skin. I feel it swelling with whelps, as I'm whipped continuously, from my toes to my tits. As my tits are hit, my screams become defined. That is pure pain!

Yet, each slap causes my cunt to drip. It drips, and as each smack is delayed, I can feel each one intensify. I lay moaning, wanting more. Needing more. Its only a moment before you ask again: "Do you want what is next?" No hesitation. No thoughts. Just a quick, precise answer: "Yes, please."

Roughly, hard fingers are shoved into my extremely wet cunt! The pleasure is overwhelming! As I'm fucked, relentlessly, with these fingers, my screams soon become... moaning. I'm now begging for more! Before I'm even asked! "Yes, please give me more!" "Fuck me like the worthless whore you know me to be!" "Hurt me!" "Make me beg you to stop!" "Please fuck me!" "Use my body for your enjoyment!" "Please, God, give me more!"

As quickly as I was filled, I am empty. Fingers, coated in my cunt juices, are now shoved down my throat. I suck every drop off, as the fingers are now replaced by a hard cock, diving deeply, gagging me... choking me... fucking my throat like the life of the cock's owner depended on it.

Then it happens: My cunt is again stuffed. This time it's you fucking me, with brutal force! Simultaneously, the other cock, whose owner I still do not know, continues fucking my mouth, and you both find your rhythm. I cum almost immediately!

I am ruthlessly fucked harder and harder, til I'm filled with cum, both in my mouth, and in my cunt. I swallow what I'm given. The cock that was in my mouth, is removed.

Then, you pull your cock from my pussy, and shove it in my mouth. I suck it clean, savoring our juices mixing together. You again softly ask if I'm ready for what's next? Breathlessly, I answer: "Yes, please."

The pain comes faster than before. My body is cringing in pain, as the paddle dances across my skin. There is no pleasure. Only pain! I scream louder than ever! Then, it stops. But only for a minute. Then, again, and again, the paddle begins to dance... Tears are falling rapidly. Then, just when I can't take anymore, it stops. I take a few deep breaths. I'm left alone, slowly calming myself... when I hear moaning. I try to picture what is happening, but I only hear it. The sounds are becoming clearer, as I hear someone fucking another female. Her moans are growing with intensity, as she begs to be fucked harder. Her words are getting louder. I hear him moan as he cums, filling her. She is then placed on my face, and I lick every salty drop of cum out of her ass. I feel your cock sliding into her pussy as I lick both of you, savoring the mixture of cock & pussy as you fuck her, as she kneels over my face. I find your balls, taking them softly into my mouth. I suck gently. Then, my tongue finds my favorite spot, just underneath them. As you fuck her, as she lays on top of me, my tongue finds your ass. I devour you, as her pussy is splashing all over my face. You plunge deep into her, cumming as you pull out, making sure you drip on my face. I clean both you, and the pussy.

Again I am left alone, as I hear rustling, and then the door opens, and shuts. I hear nothing for a moment, and wonder if I have been left all alone. Then I feel you, as you begin removing my restraints, leaving the blindfold last. Your words again washing over me: "Do you want what is next?"

My answer: "Yes, please." You then remove the blindfold. My eyes readjust. And I find your eyes, sparkling... You are pleased with this worthless whore.

And, I couldn't be happier!

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