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Cock and ball torturing stories - SexStories - 17-06-2015

The morning sun has barely crested the skyline on the shorter winter day. You open the car door and reach for my elbow, helping me from the seat, waiting until i stand steady upon my high heels before turning and waiting for me to follow. Your voice reaches my ears, low and firm; “Eyes down pet, and keep those hands deep in the pockets.” You know that my lowered eyes will draw less attention, and should my hands be seen, the wide leather cuffs round my wrists would draw a glance or two. The oversized beige trench coat is non-descript, and the weather befits its wearing. The collar pulled high keeps the leather about my neck from view. Silently i nod with an unseen motion, but You’ve no doubt of my compliance. i stay close behind as Your long steps lead me to a new place.

We are alone in the elevator and my eyes never rise. i’ve no idea how many floors we traverse, and when the doors whoosh quietly open i await Your lead before following closely once more. The scents of a place of business penetrate my thoughts and yet i still look nowhere but at the back of Your heels. You stop upon reaching a door and i hear the soft click of a lock turning. You wait until i have entered before closing the door once more and again i hear the lock, reversing its motion to seal us within.

Your fingers lift to trace my jaw and slowly lift my chin, kissing me softly. “Oh pet, it will be a most enjoyable day at the office I think.” i see Your smile and feel nothing more than the desire to please You, for that easy smile to be in place when i am gifted with the sight of Your face.

Turning to the room You reach a desk and sit in the high backed leather chair, motioning me to come close. i approach Your side and stand silently, hands still deeply hidden, eyes once more lowered. “Take off the coat, hang it on the stand and return to me. Leave the belt on the desk.”

Silently i comply, slipping my hands from the pockets and loosening the belt, pulling it from the loops and folding it carefully, movements quick and sure. You watch as i softly tug each button from the hole it occupies and slide the coat down over my shoulders. i turn away, the coat draped over my arm and carry it to the stand in the far corner. As i turn back to You i look up ever so briefly, needing a glimpse of that smile. i am not disappointed. Once more my eyes lower and You watch my return, breasts spilling softly from the lacy lavender bra, the matching panty high on my thighs and tight fitting. i know the smile i was graced with upon turning was the result of You watching my silk covered ass sway gently as i went to hang the coat. i reach Your side once more and i sink slowly to my knees beside Your chair, thighs spread to Your view, a cuffed wrist lying upon each one, ending in an open, upturned palm. i slowly lift my face to You, waiting for Your command.

You reach for the cloth belt of the coat and unfold it, stretching its length and tugging at it, pulling it taut between Your hands. “Your wrists pet.” i lift them to You and You thread one end of the belt through the metal ring of each cuff, leaving but an inch or two between them as You fasten a knot. You slide the remaining length through Your palm, reaching the other end and it finds a home through the ring at the collar round my neck. The belt is just long enough tied in this way that my hands will go no lower than below my breasts. You gaze at me, nod, then slowly roll Your chair away from the desk. You point into the knee space, Your words spoken quietly, “Your home for the day Mine...please…” and Your hand opens to wave at the empty space.

my head ducks low and i crawl carefully on my knees, turning once in the cubbyhole, sitting down upon my ass, knees high and thighs apart, hands pressed to my breasts to take some pull from my neck. i lift my eyes to You and nod once, smiling with my eyes. “Thank You Sir, for giving me such a nice place to stay.” You reach to me and caress my cheek, then pull away and rise, walking to the door. i hear the lock turn again, the door opening. You return to Your chair and pull it in closer, as i press back to allow Your legs room. i hear Your voice with one more command. “Not a sound pet…not a whimper, not a cough…in fact, were I you, I would be very careful about breathing to loudly. Do you understand?” i lean my face against Your leg and nod in reply, knowing the command began when it was uttered and my answer was not to be voiced. Your reply, “Good girl,” sends my spirit soaring; for once more i have pleased You.

i lean into the semi-darkness of the knee space and listen as You begin Your workday. Drawers open and close. The tap of the keyboard. A ringing telephone answered. Papers moved about. Occasionally You reach with the toe of Your shoe and press between my legs. i carefully raise my hands so that i can lay my head against the wood, biting my bottom lip to keep the soft moans from escaping.

Several times You have risen and left the desk, always careful to push the empty chair close in. And several times i have heard others enter, but the words spoken go unheard as i concentrate on being very still, on breathing very quietly. And after each visitor leaves You honor me with Your touch, the foot lifting to stroke it’s leather surface across my leg and into my heat.

When time for lunch arrives You speak without ever leaning to look at me. “I’ll be back pet. Be a good girl and lay down please. Turn Your back to me and face the wall.” i maneuver my body so that the curl of my back faces You and press as close to the wall as my position will allow. Then i feel Your touch as You spread my hair out far behind me. And then the wheels of the chair roll across it, pinning me further in my space.

“Don’t move an inch girl. I’ll not see a hair out of place when I return.” i listen as Your footsteps fade, realizing that You chose not to close the door and anyone could enter at anytime. i breathe deeply before closing my eyes and wishing for Your quick return, fearing discovery with every moment that passes.

An eternity seems to pass before i hear footsteps once more. my eyes open widely and i focus on the shadowed wood grain in front of my face, listening intently. Then voices…and it is not You…and i tremble silently, holding my breath as long as i can between a silent exhale and search for new air. Finally they are gone and the tears of relief well in my eyes, my breathing calms and i try and think how long You have been gone.

Just as i begin to think that my body can no longer hold this position i jerk ever so slightly, the sound of steps approaching the desk closer and closer. And i feel the wheels glide from my hair, tasting the blood from the bite into my lip as i wait to see who has discovered me. Then a bone shuddering sigh of relief, soundless but felt to the soul, as i hear Your voice and Your hand touches my shoulder. “Well done girl.” i hear the smile in Your voice as You continue. “I like to find my things exactly as I left them. Sit up now. I’ve got a drink of water for you.” With those words i twist and turn my way back into a sitting position as You take Your seat and slide close to the desk.

i see Your hand come down the side of the chair, in it a bottle of water. “Drink pet. I’ll only hold it for a moment.” i lean forward and clasp the small opening of the bottle with my lips, tugging upon it and pulling deeply, swallowing the cool water with quiet tilts of my head. Three, four, five deep swallows, and then the bottle is gone. i scoot back into the corner, leaning back and pulling my knees up, elbows resting upon them, my thighs open once more to Your touch. And touch me You do…the toe of Your shoe glides up and down my heat, teasing more and more. i know You feel my squirming…and that it is all right as long as You don’t hear a sound.

The rubbing becomes relentless and my breathing harder. i struggle to focus on silence as You bring me closer and closer to the edge. i lift my hips trying to press harder against You, to snatch at my release and then the touch is gone. i crumple down as the chair rolls back and You stand to leave the room without a word. i close my eyes and slowly bring my senses under control.

When You return You are not alone. Someone sits across the desk from You and the conversation seems to last an eternity, the presence of another increasing my tension with every agonizing moment. i have no idea of the time, of how much longer to go or how long it has been. Only that it is afternoon. Finally the strange voice stands and leaves and Your toe finds its way once more to my wet crotch. i hear the scratch of pen on paper as You murmur, “I should bring you to work more often girl.” Your throaty low laughter rings in my ears as my face flames red out of Your sight.

i lean my head back and close my eyes, wishing the day to end, wanting to touch You, moan Your name. i reach out with hands bound together, leaning into my own reach and stroke Your leg, able to resist no longer…fearing that You will pull away, relieved when You stretch a bit closer. Boldly i lay my head upon Your knee and close my eyes, my heart slowing a bit for the first time that day. Realizing how Your touch can both excite me and calm me, cause fear and cause joy….i smile softly to myself and rub my cheek over the rough cloth of Your pant leg.

my eyes flash open as You suddenly slide back the chair and i push deeper into the corner. i hear the muffled sound of Your voice as You speak with someone and then the closing…and locking….of the door. Your footsteps approach and Your legs re-appear within my vision as You take Your seat and slide forward. i look up to see Your hands at Your fly, the sound of the zipper lowering echoing beneath the desk. Your hand emerges with Your hardened cock held out to me and then without a word Your hand is gone and You return to work, the sound of pen on paper heard once more.

i rise as straight as i am able, knowing what is expected, and kneel between Your parted thighs. my bound hands brace at the edge of Your seat and i lean far to pull You into my mouth. With my hands of no use i cannot tease and play. i simply draw You deep and full into my throat and begin to fuck. Careful to keep my moans of desire buried, careful to make no sounds of need or want, i am silent as Your cock disappears passed my lips again and again. i hear the pen drop atop the desk and feel Your thighs tighten against either side of my head. i know You are close to peaking and i pull harder, stronger suction milking at Your shaft.

Your hips buck once and then You are still in Your chair as You cum hard and long into my mouth. i swallow quickly, each hot stream of Your seed flowing quickly down my throat, knowing if any cum should reach Your clothing i will be punished. When the last spasm has passed and the last swallow taken i hold very still, Your slightly softening cock still held in my hot mouth. Very gently i press You deeper until my lips rest firm at the base, my breath felt inside the fly of Your pants. i tighten my lips and pull one long easy stroke from base to tip, making sure You are as clean as i can make You with only my lips and tongue. The very second that Your cock leaves my lips Your hand appears; You adjust Yourself, zip Your fly and once again begin to write. The only words i hear are, “Rest, little one.” i press back into the corner and sitting with thighs open to You i close my eyes, head lying against the inside wall of the desk.

The scraping of the chair’s wheels rouses me from my dozing and i look around. The room feels darker somehow, and i know it is time to leave. i have no idea how long i slept but the sound of Your voice brings me fully awake immediately. “Kneel up, Mine.” i scramble from beneath the desk and kneel high before You, waiting silently, my eyes looking straight ahead. You reach for the tie at my collar and gently loose the knot. i hold my hands steady, not letting them drop when the binding falls between my legs. You repeat the procedure between my hands and hold the belt out to me. “Time to go home. Fetch your coat.”

i grasp the belt in my fingers with one hand and take the hand You offer to stand slowly, legs stiff from being curled so long. Once standing i turn and walk slowly to the rack, draping the coat over my arm before turning and approaching You once more. You lift the coat from my arm and hold it open to me. i slide in one arm, transfer the belt to the other hand and slide in the other, once again facing You. You reach for the buttons at the top and i stand still and straight as You fasten each one, all the way down. You slip the belt from my fingers and thread it through the loops, cinching it tightly round my waist. You reach up and smooth the hair back from my face gently, then lift the collar with a sharp little tug, concealing my neck once again.

Your eyes travel my body once, assuring that all is in place. “Hands in pockets girl. Don’t get sloppy on Me.” i quickly slide my hands into the deep pockets of the coat and turn to follow You out the door, standing to the side as You lock it, then waiting for the elevator.

The elevator ride is silent and quick. Keeping my eyes down i follow You out of the building and to the car, slipping into the leather seat as You hold the door, inhaling Your scent as You reach across me to buckle my seatbelt. i reach across and unlock Your door after You have closed mine, then return my hand to the pocket. You sit, draw the seatbelt across Your torso and lap, turning to me as You do so.

“You pleased Me well today pet. Did you enjoy your day?” I lift my eyes to Yours, a loving smile upon my lips. i nod softly and speak quietly, “Yes Master, i did. It was a joy to be so near You for the entire day. Thank You.”

You smile at my answer and start the car. No further words are spoken on the drive home. But they aren’t needed. We both know what will happen when we get there.

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