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Master, I am yours. I have always been yours, as a child and now as I woman
My name is Rhianna, tis not the name I entered this world with, but how my Master calls me. It brings me pleasure to know he named me, gave his treasure a name. I live in a dark land, placed high in clouds of silver mist and rain. Master brought me here as a young girl, nurtured me, watched me grow, taught me his ways and waited as I grew to a woman. My parents were both killed in the last wars of our lands. I was so completely alone and Master took me to save me from the traders who surely would have sold me to the Slave Bonders had they found me. I remember even then the look in his eyes as he lifted me onto the saddle of his horse and wrapped his arms around me. Not a look of lust, no, more a look of promise. He knew what I would grow to become, I think. Oh yes Master is a wise man indeed!

Through my adolescent years he looked quietly on. Shaking his head in dismay at my tantrums…stroking my brow as the tears flowed when I wept for no reason, never judging, never lecturing but always telling me that one day I would become a woman and be loved as no other ever had.

Well…..This brings me to what I wanted to share with you!

It was the First Day of a new Annum and my life had added another year to its list. This was my twenty first year, and my 7th year with Master and even though no-one ever told me I knew that it was a special year, a year in which I gained my womanhood fully. My friends thought me a "late starter"..many of those I walked with as a child now rearing the product of their own seed. Taken and tied by men they knew little of…and cared little for it seemed! As for me, well, I avoided male attention, preferring to sit by Master and listen to him.

Not long after I woke to see the sun peeping round the edge of the dark turret outside my window I heard footsteps approach the bedroom door. The lightest knock came forth " Are you awake my little one?"…Masters voice whispered through the opening. " I am Master…Good Day to you…May the spirits guide your feet today My Lord!" My words flew from my lips like sparks from the fire, I felt so excited and knew not why. Surely not just this Annum Day..no..It was more.

Master entered my chamber. And I looked at him in surprise…Never in all my years had he done that, always asking me to don robes before he entered, I shivered as his eyes fell upon my naked shoulders…and I saw for the first time a new look in his eyes. "Rhianna…. My little one, today you become a woman…No?"…I nodded in acknowledgment. " Yes… it is so..and today you will learn a valuable lesson My little one….for I have longed many years to know you, all of you…do you understand Rhianna?"

I understood…I thought I understood…. I nodded and shook my head all at one time…. Master chuckled and leaned to me, and for the first ever time kissed me as a woman. Not the fatherly peck on the cheek I had known, but on the lips..full and urgent! His tongue licked over my bottom lip and my own followed it craving the sensation of it again. My heartbeat had quickened I could hear it pounding in my ears and was sure Master could hear it too…. Did it please him, I wondered? I realized for the first time how much I wanted to please him at that very moment, and I looked to his eyes, " I want to understand Master…show me…help me please?"

"I will help you My little one…Have I not always been here, your protector, your Master, caring for you in all things?" I knew he had. " Go now to my rooms in the basement - NO!"..He held his hand up to prevent me gathering my robes around me, " you need no robes little one…all others have left us alone today…for your special day of learning. Go as you are - I would see you as a woman now!!…. Hurry" I stood and moved to the door..looking over my shoulder to see the look in his eyes…and oh My Spirits….I had never seen him look like that, so dark and secret! "RHIANNA!" He cried." Do not enter..Wait at the door till I call you!"

I hurried quickly down the stairs…lower and lower, past the kitchens, the Hall and lower still…. I had never dared venture here before…. knowing always it was Master secret place….not for me or any other! Finally I reached the door. Standing there in the torch light I felt a weird sensation…a warmth between my legs, I let my fingers slide over my belly to touch it and it sent fire through me as I did! What a wonderful thing…why did I never find this before…my fingers continued to probe and rub the hard little bud that formed there under those fingers and the wetness flowed from me…. I felt myself begin to float almost, and leaned on the cold wall to support my body…fingers working so much harder…. Seeking I knew not what! But needing to find out what came next in this trail of sensation…. My reverie was broken suddenly by Masters voice… " Rhianna - Come to me little one, I wait for you!" I opened the door…" Welcome" the darkness opened and I saw Masters frame backlit by seven torches placed on the walls around the room. As my eyes adjusted to the light I saw more clearly….placed around the room were several large frame like structures, some draped with fine silver chain…others with ropes made of fine silver thread. " This is my special room Rhianna, the day I brought you home I began to build this… in anticipation of this day! All you see around you is for your pleasure and for mine… today I am going to show you love, little one, love a man gives to his woman"…. He moved towards me and wrapped his arms about me kissing my lips like before but deeper, longer and more hungrily. I moaned into his mouth, an animal sound, guttural and low. " Are you ready for me little one?" He said…is finger slid to where my own had played only moments before." Ah, yes, I think you are, have you touched here Rhianna?…did you discover this yet?" I nodded…" Today is yet more new then I understand Master" ..my words hardly even a whisper. I expected him to be displeased…but instead he began rubbing, slowly at first…but with more pressure than my own fingers had given! My legs began to shake, feel weak, and I doubted I could stand much longer..I clung to my Master like a drowning woman to a rock in the storm!

Then he lifted me and carried me over to the first of the frames I saw, there was a soft silky cushion on a platform at its center and four arms extending in a cross shape from the middle.

"Lay back little one..Relax and be still" I did, as best I could…so keen with anticipation, it was not easy!

Master began to stroke my skin, gently, slowly and it made my flesh quiver…even more it made my wetness grow! I longed to touch it..to recapture the feeling Master had given me…my hips began to move back and forth…seeking my hand. Master saw this…" No, Rhianna…. Oh No…. Now it is Masters time… You will not touch!!..Do you understand??"… I nodded, and as I did his hand took my wrist and place it at the end of one of the arms of the frame..I felt it held there by a cold chain… not tight… but firm and secure. Master moved swiftly around me..repeating the process on all my limbs. I was spread before him…Wide and exposed. He Stepped back and looked slowly over me from top to bottom…drinking in the sight of me like fine wine. I wriggled a little, perhaps embarrassed by my exposure but more from arousal under his dark eyes.

"You are beautiful my little pet, my wonderful little one…you know how I love you, do you not?…I have yearned for this day for so long…Waited patiently, and it was not easy Rhianna..Not easy at all…I see the way the young men look at you…. I know how they desire you…and how they would use your wonderful body like an animal!" He shook his head…" I want to possess you little one.to make you completely mine…to own you and to feel you give me all of your self!..Can you understand that…do you know what it is I ask?" I nodded…" then we begin on the most incredible journey my little one… I have never desired another as I do you…"

As he spoke he moved into the middle of the frame…standing between my legs…His fingers touching as they had before…but deeper, moving inside me a little. I gasped and lifted my hips to him and saw him smile. His head descended and I felt the heat of his lips and then tongue as it replaced those fingers on the hard bud of my womanhood…dripping in pleasure of him…He sucked on it..pulling it into his mouth, gripping it with his teeth. Squeals of pleasure escaped my lips…I could not hold them in my mouth, and my hips danced onto his lips..harder and faster than before. His response was to let his tongue enter me now… his nose pressed on my bud. His head shook faster and faster as he sucked…I cried out in ecstasy…feeling new sensations rise within me…..ripples of pleasure rose from my core and I felt my pussy tighten and tremble…he slid his finger inside and I wriggled on it…

" Wait Rhianna…Slow my little one….listen to your breathing..the time is not right!…Wait!!". The sharpness of his words broke my thought…I wondered, had I angered him?….for he turned from me and stepped a little away…But what I saw in that moment was wonderous..the sash binding Masters robe fell to the floor and I looked down his back…hard and muscular…the scars of many wars so clearly etched on his skin. He turned, slowly, and I saw the full length of his manhood revealed against the light of the torches. It was SO hard, so thick, so long and straight and I moaned in anticipation of it. My eyes had given away all my feelings…Master smiled and wrapped his fingers around the base of his cock…

" I see you want this little one…Well you shall…but patience my Rhianna!"

He stood there before me stroking his cock with his left hand….his right returning to me…slipping a finger swiftly inside…then another….his thumb rubbing my bud….He worked there in circular movements…teasing me…making me gasp, my eyes never leaving his hand as it stroked his shaft!

He withdrew the fingers a quickly as they entered…and I mourned the loss of them in an instant, but Master moved towards me and the feel of those fingers was replaced by the feel of the swollen head of him pressing at my entrance.

" I will have you now, my pet be ready now.. relax..close your eyes.".

I did and felt his fingers move to my nipples..pinching them hard, and as he did this I felt my body open to him…as he impaled me on his hardness…I cried out…for it hurt me like nothing else I knew!! Master pinched harder on the nipples…and withdrew from me a little…staying there…. Letting my muscles adjust to the assault…His fingers kneaded my breasts, and he leaned forward to suck on my nipples…one by one…I felt the pleasure return to my wet and dripping pussy, and I began to move my hips…seeking his hardness deeply inside me again…but he did not move…letting me work myself to him. I writhed and wriggled harder and harder…feeling the ripples of pleasure return to the core of me once more…

" You are cumming now Rhianna….let it flow…" he said "Let me feel you on me. Make my cock tingle little one!"

I did not know I was screaming…I was lost somewhere between heaven and hell….but I did feel Master slam into me….fully.. not a space between us, and then moving hard and fast in and out, loving me…taking me …possessing me! I felt the spasm rise and jerked against him… on him… around him! My skin burned…my breath seemed trapped in my chest, and I thought in that moment I would surely die. Masters hands played over my skin, stroking me… kneading my muscles. I felt the intensity subside, and him slip from me. My eyes tried to focus, seeing him turn and walk around the frame…to a chain and pulley on the wall…he pulled on the chain and the frame tilted….I found myself tipped a little back. Master moved to my head….reached under my neck and held me there....supporting me. I head a click and he let my head fall backwards to nothing….the frame had gone from my head and it now hung free…I felt the restraints tug at my flesh too…chafing the skin a little. Master looked down at me, leaned forward and kissed me fully…his tongue seeking mine…so much passion, so intense!

" Did you enjoy that feeling little one?" And do you like the taste of your sex?" I nodded both times..." Now it is time you taste my love for you…taste my seed and feed on it!, know I will not hurt you little one. I love you!"…

Again I nodded…parting my lips loosely…my tongue flicking out. Master again began to stroke his cock….taking the head and rubbing in against my lips. My tongue snaked out to lick it as it did....and I heard Master gasp, lightly, I opened my mouth wider, needing to taste more… and lifted my head to suck him deep inside me. As I did Master thrust his hips forward…pressing himself to me…I felt the hair around the base tickle my chin and I felt him buried in my throat. My reaction was to gag, but Master placed his hands, softly, on my neck and soothed the feeling. He now thrust back and forth…I gazed into his eyes, and saw only his love for me. There was no animal within my Master and I knew I was blessed…more than those girls I once knew!

Master worked faster, harder and I matched his pace. Sucking, licking giving him my all, I worked my own body too,,.,hips thrusting, arms and legs straining against my restraints. I could feel my own orgasm begin to rise….Master could see it too…I looked to him…pleading, begging him to touch me to give me those waves of pleasure once more. At this he exploded in my mouth…hot jets of thick creamy cum filling my mouth, and still he thrust - not stopping- it was all that it took for me to join him in his ecstasy and together we moaned….out voices lost in the dark corners of the room. For what seemed like eternity he stayed in my mouth, I sucked and licked each drop of cum from his shaft…savoring it like candied fruit, and finally he slipped slowly from me. Leaning over to unfasten me from my chains.

He lifted me into his arms and walked into the shadows of the distant corner…as my eyes adjusted to the changing light I saw a long bench covered in many soft pillows. He placed me on to it and looked deep into my face.

" Ah my treasure, my little one, how you please me, how I love you!" His fingers caressed my skin, "I have longed for you all of the days you have been growing into a woman, but I need to know your thoughts….tell me?"

I raised myself to sit before him, lowered my self to my knees in front of him and bowed low, my wrists extended on his lap. My heart, my mind all of me pledging to him.

" Master, I am yours. I have always been yours, as a child and now as I woman. I give myself to you. Take me!"

Master lifted my head and kissed me lightly, " I accept your submission Rhianna, I will forever guide and protect you"

Then he laid me back once more on the bench, and moulded his strong body behind me. We lay there in the breaking morning, the sunlight hidden from our world, deep inside our home, and I knew then that there would never be another for me, there would be no other dark welcome. This man was forever my Master!

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