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So eager to suck cock, aren't you slut?
It was 8:15 p.m., and Josie fidgeted in her seat. The medium sized butt plug nestled snugly her rear wasn't exactly helping either. Her Master required her to wear it at all times, only to take it out to use the bathroom. It took her a few days to master sleeping with it in, but she eventually got the hang of it. At this time, she was anxiously waiting for her class to end so that she could race to her car to meet him. Her Master happened to be in town for the next few days. As the CEO of a shipping company, he traveled frequently so face to face training sessions only happened once every few weeks.

Keith glanced at the clock in his hotel room. 9:00 p.m. His slut should be on her way anytime now. He readied her leash, collar, blindfold, gag and cuffs, and propped open the door. She was quite a bit younger than he was accustomed to. 22 to his 42, but interestingly enough she had some experience despite her age, which was both a good and bad thing. Part of the fun of a new trainee is to guide and correct them; however, despite the occasional down turn of her lips when told to do something she didn't necessarily like, she was obedient and willing to please.

As soon as Josie entered the hotel lobby, she skipped over to the elevator. She kept repeating in her mind the instructions her Master gave her. She fidgeted nervously, consciously aware of how wet she was. She walked up to the correct room and took a deep breath, closed her eyes and entered, immediately falling to her knees.

She heard some rustling coming from within the room, and shortly her Master came up to her, systematically putting on a blindfold, collar, and leash. He wordlessly tugged on the leash, and she crawled toward the direction he pulled her until she felt him pulling up. She got up on her knees, and felt him rubbing his cock against her face. She instinctively opened her mouth, but he immediately pulled back and slapped her.

"So eager to suck cock, aren't you slut?"

"Yes, Master," she replied breathlessly.

"Sorry slut, you're gonna have to wait. Keep your mouth shut."

He noticed her lower lip protruding slightly and had to chuckle. He proceeded to slap her face with his cock until he stiffened to full mast, at which point smeared some developing precum over her upper lip. He then leaned forward and spat in her face, and pulled her up by her hair. He roughly bent her over a table, cuffed her ankles and wrists and tied her securely to it. She felt him pull out the butt plug, and made a cry of surprise as it popped out of her. She heard him move about, for a few moments before feeling him shoving what felt like 5 little balls into her aching asshole.

Moving toward her head, he said to her, "You're permitted to suck my cock now, cunt."

She opened her mouth and sucked on it gratefully. She felt his hand at the back of her head as he pushed his cock deeper to the back of her throat, and the other pinched her nose. He held her there until she started to pull back, and his grip tightened. He chucked again, and released her nose after 5 more seconds taking joy in hearing her panting, mouth still full of his cock. After fucking her throat for a bit, he moved away from her face and pressed a vibrator against her clit, causing her to jerk violently.

"Don't you dare cum, whore," he reprimanded as she whimpered pathetically.

He shoved it into her sopping wet pussy as she started trembling. He left it in her and stood back watching in amusement. When she started moaning and whimpering louder, he shoved the gag into her mouth, removed the vibrator and fucked her cunt until he came.

Satisfied, he pulled out of her, patted her on the head and said, "Good girl," while he removed the blindfold. She blinked a few times, getting accustomed to the light and looked at him pleadingly. He grabbed a tissue, wiped away at the drool pooling at the bottom of her lip, and released her of her bonds. He then guided her to her knees, and told her to fetch one of her shoes.

While she crawled towards her shoes, and picked up one of her little slippers and crawled her way back to him, Keith grabbed one of the clothes hangers provided by the hotel.

"You're in luck, slut. They have my favorite kind of clothes hangers here. Go ahead and drop that by my feet. Up on your knees."

Mouth still with gag, her whimpers came out muffled as he attached the clothes hanger clips to her protruding nipples. He then had her kneel on her hands and knees in front of the couch, placed her shoe on the hook, sat down, propped his feet on her back and pulled out his laptop to get some work done.


A few moments later, he noticed his footrest fidgeting. Realizing her shoulders were probably giving in, he decided to have some mercy. Finishing up what little he started, he closed his laptop and allowed his slut to get up on her knees. She winced as the full weight of her shoe tugged at the clothes hanger with this motion before he tossed the shoe aside, and but the blindfold back on her. She made a pained expression and whined as he started pulling at the hanger and wiggling it around.

"I thought you liked it rough, pet," he teased before releasing her nipples making her grunt in agony. He then ruthlessly pinched and twisted them making her rock her head back and cry out in pain. Suddenly, he grabbed her by the hair and pushed her on her back pulled her legs apart and shoved two fingers inside her cunt, at the same time releasing the gag from her mouth.

She swallowed hard and bit her lower lip, arched her back, and was visibly holding back the onset of orgasm. Rather than letting her finish, however, her Master merely pulled his hand away and shoved them into her mouth, and repeated this motion.

"Seems like you like the taste of your pussy, isn't that right, cunt?"

"Yes, Sir," she squeaked back at him, right before he twisted her body, one hand still holding her head down by the hair and roughly shoving his fingers into her ass.

She drew a sharp intake of breath, as he wiggled his finger inside of her. She grimaced when she felt him press them to her lips, but resolutely opened her mouth and tasted... chocolate? With the dawning realization that the balls he pushed in earlier were little of chocolate candy, she shuddered anew, and was glad that she was blindfolded. He repeated this motion until she had eaten all the chocolate that he could scoop up.

He then proceeded to secure her legs to a spreader bar about 2 feet apart. First, she heard the vibrator going at full speed, then the sound of ripping tape. Securing the vibrator firmly to her cunt, her Master then straddled her face and shoved his cock down her throat, while holding her wrists over her head.

Unable to hold back any longer, against her will she came violently, muffled sounds of defeat escaping from her cock filled mouth.

Her Master tisk tisked, and pulled away from her. Immediately she started apologizing, but he shoved the gag back into her mouth, saying "Don't speak out of turn, cunt. You came without my permission. Take your punishment with grace."

Turning off the vibrator and pulling the tape off, he ordered, "Hold your pussy lips apart, slut."

Whimpering, she did as he ordered, and immediately felt him flick her clit hard with his fingers, 3 times in succession.

When her squirming ceased, he used his crop on her, 10 strokes to her clit, 10 strokes to each still sensitive nipple, 25 to each inner thigh. When he was through, she breathed a sigh of relief, and he flicked her clit once more.

Now, uncuffing her ankles, taking off the blindfold, and pulling the gag out of her mouth, he turned her on her side and shoved his cock into her sore pussy and fucked her roughly until he saw her tense up, and allowed her to cum.

"Thank you, Master," she breathed when she was through.

"You're welcome, slut," he replied.

Then pulled out of her, and guided his cock gently into her mouth, allowing her to taste her cum and finish him off. He ejaculated onto her face, and had her kneel by the foot of the bed, and attached her leash to one of the legs. He passed over to her a pillow and an extra blanket, and ordered her on her hands and knees. After grabbing something from the bathroom, she felt him shove her butt plug back in.

"I think it's about time we both got some rest, slut," and patted her head.

"Yes, Master," she said, arranging her sleeping arrangements, "Goodnight, Sir."

"G'night, cunt."

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