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Who would beat your ass, slap your face, and piss and shit all over you
Whhhoooo...click, clack, click, clack. Venus pulled her coat tighter around her body, as she fought the whistling wind to keep the chill from her bones. With each step she took, her three and a half inch high heels echoed along the concrete pavement. Her hair fought a losing battle with the wind as it wrapped around her face and tussled from side to side. The neon sign up ahead screamed out "The Fish Market," indicating that she had reached her destination. She took a big gulp and stepped inside. There's no turning back now, she thought. It's do or die. As she entered the club and looked around, it didn't seem too bad. There were women at the bar, some on the dance floor and others at the numerous tables and lounging on the large cushiony sofas chit chatting. A big smile came over her face, as she allowed her coat to fall from her shoulders. The Fish Market was the latest and hottest lesbian club in the city. Venus scanned the room looking for her the woman she was supposed to be meeting, even though she didn't have a clue what she looked like.

Venus begin thinking about what she was going to tell Pattie, her girlfriend for the last three years. After chatting on line with a woman who sparked her interest, she was here to meet with her for the first time. She was consumed with Deelishus and realized that she was jeopardizing her relationship with Pattie. "Three years," she thought, it could be gone just like that. Venus began thinking about her relationship with Pattie and how it had all started going down hill. Although Venus loved Pattie very much, she had this deep submissive need to serve a dominant and demanding woman. These desires had started creeping up a couple of years ago. She had begun spending more and more time on the internet researching things in the BDSM world, going to websites that offered clips on scat, humiliation, golden showers, and all sorts of degrading things. After spending time viewing these sites, her pussy would be dripping wet at the thought of being one of those unfortunate tortured souls, bent over getting her ass whipped, or having some woman piss down her throat. The mere thought of it sent tingles through her pussy. The trouble all began when she received an IM from Deelishus several weeks ago. Or perhaps it was Venus's online ad and profile that read: "SUB SEEKS MISTRESS FOR OCCASSIONAL ENCOUNTERS TO BEAT MY ASS AND USE ME AS HER PERSONAL TOILET."

"Hi," the IM read that popped up on her screen from some one with the screen name of Deelishus. "Are you for real?"

Venus was intrigued. This was someone who had obviously seen her ad. She quickly pulled up the person's profile to find out more before responding. "Hmmm...single female, 39...cruel dominatrix who enjoys humiliating and degrading bitches that deserve it. Positively, absolutely no men!!!" Venus started to feel that familiar tingle in her pussy, as she read it. She quickly clicked back to the IM before she lost this incredible person, whom she considered to be the ying to her yang.

"Yes, I'm very much for real. I meant everything that I said in my ad. So, what's your interest?" Venus typed.

"I think that my profile says it all, and considering how long you have kept me sitting her waiting for your response, I'm sure that you already checked me out." Venus was in heaven as she read the words that popped up on her screen from this Deelishus person.

"Well, I did take a peek at your profile, before I responded. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't wasting my time with someone who I didn't have anything in common with," Venus responded on her keyboard.

"So I take it that you wish to proceed with this conversation then?" Deelishus wrote back.

"Very much so," Venus typed back.

"Good. Okay, here's the deal. I don't give a shit what you look like, what color you are, how big your tits are or any of that. The only thing that's important to me is that you agree to do what the fuck I tell you to do at all times. No questions asked; no negotiations. If you can't do that then we are both wasting our time. I want your mind and soul, and your body will follow."

With each word that Delishus typed on the screen, Venus found herself leaning in closer and closer to the monitor. By the end of Delishus' message, Venus was damn near kissing the screen she was so close to it.

Venus thought that this was wonderful. "I'm definitely looking for a take charge type of woman for occasional encounters. I need to let you know up front that I am in a relationship. I would like to know more about you and tell you a little more about myself. What are some of your interest?" she wrote.

For a moment there was a long pause, then nothing. "Hello,...are you still there." Venus typed, for a moment she thought that she had possibly scared away this new goddess with the news that she was in a relationship.

"I'm here," Delishus wrote. "I'm somewhat dismayed to find that you will be unable to devote yourself to me entirely. Oh well, life's full of little disappointments. No worry. Here's the deal. In your ad you indicated that you wanted a woman who would beat your ass, slap your face, and piss and shit all over you. Well bitch, here I am!!! That's my interest. As for you, I know all that I need to know about you. I don't give a shit about your relationship. The only thing that's important is me and what I want. So, if I choose to allow you to serve me, you will be where I want you to be when I want you to be there. When we are together -- and it will be often, I have no intention of EVER using toilet paper when you are there with me. The way I see it, I will have no need for toilet paper, when I have you. I will beat your ass and slap your face on G.P. (general principle), simply because I can..."

Venus was so engrossed in fingering her pussy and the information on the screen that she didn't realize that Pattie had entered the room, until the light came on. With a bit of a loud popping sound, Venus quickly snatched her finger out of her snatch and clicked off the computer all in one move. Thank God the computer screen faced away from the door as you entered. Pattie was standing there in her night gown, wiping the sleep out of her eyes and yawning.

"Hey Hon, how long are you going to be on that thing? I turned over and missed you in bed." She said in between yawns.

Venus clicked the shut down button and got up from the computer. She tried to pretend that all was normal, as the pussy juice slid down her leg. She decided that she had enough chatting for the night, and it was time for bed.

Since she was already worked up and on fire, she figured that she would hit Pattie up, and get her rocks off. In bed under the covers she began to creep her hand inside of Pattie's panties. Pattie, quickly grabbed her hand, and told her no because it was that time of the month. As Venus was well aware with their three year relationship, nothing was going to happen when Pattie was on her period. This time Venus was so on fire, that she wasn't taking no for an answer. Besides, as she became more submissive, the thought of eating Pattie's bloody pussy was turning her on so much, she just had to go for it. She started nibbling on Pattie's nipples. At first, just sucking them and running her tongue around them; then, biting them a little bit harder. Pattie leaned back and moaned in pleasure.

Venus saw this as the green light to make her move. She began to slide her hand back down into Pattie's panties. Slowly, she inched her hand along the flatness of her stomach and past the bulky overnight pad that was in her panties. Pattie usually wore tampons, and she only wore the bulky pads when she was bleeding really heavy. Mmmm...Venus said in her head at the thought of eating Pattie's heavily bleeding pussy. She slid her fingers down and parted her labia and began rubbing Pattie's clit, while still sucking her nipples. As Venus begin to move her head down Pattie's stomach, heading for the red river, Pattie sat up in bed and yelled, "Venus, what the hell are you doing??? I told you that I'm on my period. Why are you trying to mess with me down there?"

With that Venus sighed, retracted her hand, rolled over to her side of the bed and pulled the covers up over her head. Her last thought before going to sleep that night was, "I really must look for Ms. Deelishus again. I have got to get me some of that."

It was a busy week for Venus. Between late nights at the office and her and Pattie's regular weekly "date night" it was four days before she found the time to go back online again to try and find Deelishus. Venus sat online for three hours hoping that Deelishus would be online, but nothing. Finally, after she was almost falling asleep at the computer, she decided to just leave her a quick IM message.

"I'm sorry that I had to leave so abruptly the other night. I'm very much interested in you and would like to continue our conversation. Please forgive me. Your humble servant!!!" That should do it, Venus thought. The next time that she comes online she would see the message.

For a week or so Venus was consumed with nothing but thoughts of Deelishus. She even feigned illness to leave work early so that she could get home before Pattie to go online and look for Deelishus.

Having received no response to her earlier message, she decided to send Deelishus an email.

Dear Mistress Deelishus,

I come to you on bended knee begging forgiveness for the way that I insulted you the other night. I am consumed by nothing but thoughts of serving you. Your silence is terrible punishment to me. I would much rather feel the sting of your belt across my ass, or your hand across my face, rather than hear nothing from you at all. Please believe that I am sincere in my desire to serve you. By the way, my name is Venus.

Venus re-read the message that she had typed and thought that it sounded sincere and humble. She thought back over the last five years, since she had started acquiring a tasted for the submissive and thought how perfect Deelishus was for her. In the past, she had tried to get Pattie to do some role playing and be dominant with her, but after giving Venus a few love taps on the ass, Pattie was almost in tears and apologizing profusely for hitting her. If Venus had a dick, her erection would have immediately deflated right then and there. Although, Venus loved Pattie very much and had not considered the thought of ending their relationship, her mind was definitely looking into trying "other things" more in tune with her new interest.

After another two weeks of not hearing anything from Deelishus or even seeing her online, Venus had gotten in the habit of rushing home and going straight to the computer the minute she got in the door. Pattie had even remarked that she was spending a lot of time on the computer lately, but Venus didn't care.

About two weeks later, Venus received the following IM message from Deelishus when she logged in -- "The Fish Market. Last stool at the end of the bar. Friday. 9PM. Wear red and be prepared to stay as long as I want you to. If you're not there, don't ever contact me again. This is the only chance you get. By the way bitch, you've got an ass whipping coming for the way you disrespected me. I just want you to know that up front. Be there!!!"

Venus re-read the message, then again, and again a third time. Finally it dawned on her that today was Friday and it was 7:30PM. That gave her less than two hours to be there. She had to get ready. Her mind was racing. Wait...what was she going to tell Pattie? Her pussy tingled at the thought of what Deelishus may have in store for her. Fuck Pattie. She'd figure that out later. And what did Deelishus mean by be prepared to stay as long as she wanted her there? How long was that going to be? A couple of hours, or perhaps all night??? What would Pattie say if she stayed out all night? Again, she felt the tingle in her pussy at the thought of being out all night with Deelishus. Again, fuck Pattie!!! She jumped up and began to get dressed. It was a good thing that Pattie had not gotten in from work yet. It saved her from having to try to explain where she was going. She would deal with all of that later. The only important thing was to get to The Fish Market by 9PM. She had no idea where the place was. She jumped back on her computer to do a MapQuest search to find the place.

Her instructions were to go to the last stool at the bar, so that's where she headed. She was wearing Pattie's brand new red dress. She felt a little guilty about that, but her instructions were to wear red, and with so little time, it was her only alternative. She walked over to the stool and began to sit down, when the female bartender waived her off.

"Sorry 'luv, this seat is reserved." the manly bartender said with a deep cockney accent. "Oh...hey wait a minute, are you here to meet Ms. Dee?" she asked.

"Yes," Venus replied.

"Well have a seat 'luv. I got somethin' for ya." As Venus sat down, the bartender sat an empty wine glass in front of her. She pulled out a carafe from under the bar and sat it in front of her with a note and gave her a wink. The carafe was three quarters full with a golden liquid. The note read: Venus, Drinks are on me...or should I say from me. I thought that you might enjoy a little pee from Ms. Dee. Drink up...and I mean ALL of it. Once you've emptied the carafe meet me in the bathroom in the third stall when you're done. Don't keep me waiting too long. Ms. Deelishus.

While Venus was reading the note, she overheard the bartender on her cell phone telling someone "she's here." After a few uh huh's and okay's, she hung up. The bartender came over to Venus and told her that she had ten minutes to empty the bottle and get her ass to the bathroom. "Are you Deelishus?" Venus asked.

"Me? Not hardly. You'll meet her in exactly nine minutes once you've emptied that carafe. So if I were you I'd get started." With that, the bartender poured the first glass and walked away to wait on another customer.

Venus raised the glass to her lips and just stared at it for a moment. All kinds of thoughts ran through her head. This was what she had wanted. She hadn't envisioned her first drinking of piss to be quite like this, but she was motivated and encouraged by what was waiting for her in the bathroom. Bottoms up, she thought and gulped down the glass. It was still warm and a little salty. I'll live, she thought as she poured her next glass.

Once the carafe was empty, she raised up off the stool and headed towards the bathroom. She noticed the bartender on her phone telling someone "she's on her way," and giving her an exaggerated wink, again. "The loo's that way, luv," she said pointing in the general direction of the bathroom. When Venus arrived in the bathroom, there was a line of three or four women at the door when she first entered. Not really sure what to do, she just stood at the end of the line to wait her turn. After a few seconds, she heard someone calling her name coming from one of the stalls. She politely said excuse me to the women in front of her and nervously headed towards stall number three. When she got there she stood outside of the stall and said "I'm here" in a rather timid voice that gave away her nervousness. The foul smell coming from inside of the stall made it pretty obvious that the person inside had just taken a shit.

"Well then open the door, bitch." The voice inside said in a rather impatient and exasperated manner. Not wanting to infuriate Ms. Deelishus any further, she quickly pushed opened the stall door. To her surprise she was met with a person bent over the toilet with her ass poking straight up in the air and her head towards the back of the toilet. Not sure what to do, Venus quickly closed the door behind her, so that the other ladies in line would not see what she just saw. In spite of her submissive nature, she was still somewhat conservative and still new to this type of humiliation. "On your knees, bitch!!! I just took a shit and my ass needs to be cleaned." The woman demanded. Venus was mortified -- for several reasons. First, she was sure that the other women in line had heard what was said. Second, because as she looked around, the bathroom floor was filthy and sticky and she couldn't imagine her body touching the floor. Her mind was brought back to the matter at hand by the noise from the woman's ass letting out a loud, stinky fart. She looked down at this glorious ass, and she lowered herself to her knees. She spread the woman's ass cheeks exposing the crack of her ass, still soiled with shit. Having never done this before, and not sure how to proceed she stuck out her tongue and moved forward. She caught site of a full roll of toilet paper out of her peripheral vision, but the woman's hand forced her head fully into the crack of her ass, so she proceeded to lick her ass clean. When her tongue first came into contact with the remnants of shit, it was very bitter tasting. As she poked her tongue deeper into the woman's ass crack, she discovered that there were still chunks of shit in the woman's ass. Venus worked the chunks of shit out of the woman's ass with her tongue, but once the chunks were in her mouth and on her tongue, she wasn't quite sure what to do with it.

As if reading her mind, the woman said "Swallow, bitch, and if you dare gag, there's a whole toilet full of liquid here to help you wash it down with."

Venus peered through the woman's legs to see a slushy mixture of brown liquid sewage in the toilet bowl. She forced herself to swallow and gulp down all of the shit that she had scooped out of the woman's ass. She licked and licked some more until she was sure that she had thoroughly cleaned the woman's ass.

"Are you done, bitch?" The woman asked.

"Yes," said Venus, thinking how ironic it was that she had drunk piss and eaten shit and still did not know what her benefactor looked like. It didn't matter, her pussy was on fire and this was turning her on. Yeah, she was sure; this is what she had been looking for.

The woman reached behind her and grabbed a sheet of toilet paper and dug deeply into her ass, giving it a good wipe. She held the paper in front of her, as if taking some kind of weird white-glove test. "Pass," the woman yelled. Although, Venus wasn't exactly sure who she was talking to; as soon as the words came out of her mouth, the door to the bathroom stall swung open and another woman stood looking down at her on her knees. It had not occurred to Venus that her legs were sticking out of the stall door and all of the other ladies in line could see that she was on her kneed and probably could imagine what she was up to.

"Well, well, well. What have we here? And here I was foolish enough to think that you had come here to serve me" the woman standing over her said as she grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to her feet. "Allow me to introduce myself dear, I am Ms. Deelishus." The look of complete and utter confusion on Venus's face almost made Deelishus come on herself. She loved fucking with people's minds, and this little incident was priceless. "Oh, you're wondering who she is?" Deelishus said pointing to the woman on the toilet. "She's just someone who wanted her ass licked clean, and I told her that I knew a dumb bitch that would lick the shit out of her ass."

At that moment, the woman turned around and sat upright and smiled, allowing Venus to see her face for the first time. Venus was absolutely mortified as the line of ladies waiting were staring at her. Her eyes started to well up with tears. Before the first tear drop could fall, she felt the hard sting of Ms. Dee's hand slap across her face.
"Dry it up, bitch!!! Nobody likes a crybaby." Deelishus snapped at her. "If it's any consolation it was my piss that you drank at the bar. Now let's go." She said with a smile.

Venus dutifully followed her out of the bathroom and outside to Ms. Dee's vehicle. As they drove off, Venus thought of Pattie and wished that she had left a message of where she was going and who she was meeting. She was scared to death of what lay ahead, but she was too afraid to protest or say anything. Venus decided the best thing to do was to sit there quietly and await further instructions from her mistress. She kept saying in her mind, "this is what I wanted, this is what I wanted, this is what I wanted," as if trying to convince herself.

They pulled up to a cheap Motel 6. Ms. Dee pulled around the side in front a room that read "Unit 7" on the front door. She turned off the car and looked over at Venus and smiled "We're here" she sang out and got out of the car. Venus followed her and got out too. She must have checked in earlier, because she already had the room key and she opened the door to the room. The lights in the room were already on. Ms. Dee told Venus that she had 30 seconds to strip naked. Deelishus dropped her coat and to Venus' surprise, she was completely naked underneath. While Venus was quickly stripping out of her clothes, Ms. Dee began rummaging through a bag pulling out different belts. She was swishing them through the air and the different belts made different sounds. Finally she selected a medium thickness belt with a big silver buckle at the end and smiled. Venus just stood there staring straight ahead, completely naked.

In a rather bubbly voice, Ms. Dee explained, "I'm a practical kind of gal. I don't need any fancy whips or cat o'nine tails and all that junk. Just a simple plain old belt is fine for me. When I get finish whipping your ass, I still have a belt to hold up my paints. I'd look kind of foolish with a whip tied around my waste, now wouldn't I? Okay, on your knees, bitch and bend over the bed. It's time for that ass whipping that I promised you; and I always keep my promises."

Venus stood there dumbfounded unable to move. This must have pissed off Ms. Dee, because she found it necessary to backhand her so hard that it knocked Venus to ground.

"I see that you want a little extra something. Some people aren't satisfied with just an ass whipping. They always want to make me exert myself. Okay, I guess I'll oblige you." With that Ms. Dee dropped down across Venus' back with all of her weight. Ms. Deelishus was no small woman. She was extremely tall and a healthy two hundred pounds easily. She sat her ass on the top of Venus' head, while she was on her knees with her body leaning across the bed, with her face buried in the bed. Ms. Dee settled all of her weight on the back of Venus' neck and the top of her shoulders. Her arms were pinned behind her back, underneath Deelishus' weight. With that Delishus began flogging poor Venus with the belt. Her target was Venus' ass, but she didn't care. The strokes hit anywhere from the bottom of Venus' back, to the center of her ass cheeks. Venus didn't make a sound. She could barely breath since her face was buried in the bed with all of Ms. Dee's weight on top of her head, but her body trembled with each stroke. Deelishus was delighted. You would have thought she was Debra Winger in Urban Cowboy. She rode Venus as if she was a bucking bronco, grabbing a hand full of Venus' hair as a rein to stable herself. After about twenty strokes, Ms. Dee began to shake and convulse. It was obvious that she was having an orgasm. Her body went limp, and she fell backwards onto the bed. Deelishus fell back with her legs wide open. Her pussy was inches away from Venus's face. In one fell swoop, she managed to grab Venus by the hair, which was wet and sticky with her cum, and pulled Venus's face onto her pussy.

"Eat me, bitch" she said as she wrapped her legs around Venus's neck. Ms. Dee's pussy was dripping wet when Venus stuck her tongue inside. The sweet taste of Ms. Dee's pussy made Venus quickly forget about the pain in her ass. She slurped Ms. Dee's pussy and sucked her clit, bringing her to another climax. Ms. Dee let out a long moan and fell limp again, kicking Venus in the face to the floor. Venus remained on the floor, since she was uncertain of what she should do now. She licked her lips to savor the taste of Ms. Dee's pussy juice that remained, and tasted a little blood on her swollen lip. She wanted to thank Ms. Dee, but she was afraid to speak without being spoken to. She decided the smartest thing that she could do was to just lie on the floor and remain quiet.

Soon she heard the soft purring of Ms. Dee's snoring. Ms. Dee was sound asleep. Venus felt a little proud of herself. As the old saying goes, you know you fucked somebody good when you put them to sleep afterwards. Venus used the opportunity to sit up and survey her surroundings. She surveyed the room some more and became alarmed when she saw that the clock said 11:37PM. She thought about Pattie and thought that she must be worried to death by now. She started to try to formulate in her mind what she was going to tell Pattie. She couldn't even come up with any rationale excuse. At that moment, Ms. Dee began to stir. She sat up stretching. At that moment, she too was taking note of the time. "It's almost midnight. Where you at, bitch???" Venus, popped her head up at the foot of the bed meekly.

"There's a menu on the dress. Hand it to me and come here. The Chinese restaurant closes at midnight." Ms Dee demanded.

Venus grabbed the menu and walked over to Ms. Dee. "Have you had dinner, yet?" Ms. Dee asked. Venus was so excited that she had forgotten that she had not eaten anything since lunch about eleven hours earlier. She was kind of hungry. "No, m..m'am. I haven't eaten anything since lunch. I am kind of hungry." Venus stammered.

"Good," Ms. Dee said. "I like Chinese. What's your favorite?" Ms. Dee asked. Venus was a nut for Chinese food. She agreed with Ms. Dee that this was her choice as well, of all the menus that was there. Ms. Dee smiled at Venus and gave her the menu and told her to go through and order her favorite dishes and she could have whatever she wanted. Ms. Dee advised that she would eat whatever Venus ordered, so she should go ahead and just order for the both of them. Venus was so hungry that she ordered more than normal, all of her favorites. Shrimp fried rice, spare ribs, egg rolls, egg foo yung. Ms. Dee told her to order whatever she wanted, that money was no object. They called in the order, which totaled $27 and awaited the arrival of the delivery man.

While they were waiting, Ms. Dee picked up Venus's pocket book and decided to rummage through her purse. Eventually, there was a knock on the door. Ms. Dee got up and put on her coat. She grabbed Venus's purse and told her that she was going to go to the vending machine to get some soda's, and that Venus should pay the man while she was gone. Venus said that she needed to get the money out of her purse so that she could pay the man. Ms. Dee slapped her face and told her that she would be needing that money to get sodas and Venus would need to figure out some other way to pay for the food. With that, Ms. Dee threw the door wide open, exposing a naked Venus to the delivery man. On her way out of the door, Ms. Dee informed the delivery man that Venus didn't have any money, but Venus was very hungry and very willing to pay for the food in whatever way possible. "I'm sure that you could come up with some form of payment arrangement from an attractive naked woman," Deelishus said and winked at him. She looked over her shoulder and said to Venus, "There better be food here when I get back. I don't care what you do, but you better think of something to pay for this fucking food." The delivery man was already unzipping his pants before Ms. Dee was out of the room good. Venus was dumbfounded. She couldn't believe the situation that she found herself in. As a confirmed lesbian, she had only been with a man one time in her life when she was 18 years old. She hated it then, and the experience confirmed that she was indeed a lesbian and had no interest in men. Now here she stood, having to service this man for $27 worth of Chinese food. She started to become angry. Fuck Ms. Dee. She didn't bargain for this. The delivery man was now standing in front of her with his pants down around his knees and a major erection. He reached out and touched her breast. He squeezed her nipple. Immediately she tensed up and stepped back.

"Let me tell you right now," she yelled at him, "I am not fucking you and I'm not sucking your dick either."

She must not have been convincing, because he said that he was open for suggestions, but she had to do something to pay for this food. "It sounds like you want me to fuck you in the ass, then. That works for me."

Venus closed her eyes and bent over and turned around. She couldn't believe what she was doing. What was this power that Ms. Dee had over her to make her voluntarily do these awful things? The power was the reward of serving Ms. Dee and just being allowed to be in her presence. She just closed her eyes and pretended that she was somewhere else, while the delivery man plowed his nasty dick into her ass. Just as the delivery man was taking his final stroke before exploding his load into Venus's ass, Ms. Dee came breezing through the door with a couple of drinks in hand.

In viewing the sight in front of her, she exclaimed "Wonderful, Venus. I see that you worked out a method of payment."

"Uuuuuugghhh" the delivery man moaned, and came in Venus's ass. The delivery man pulled his dick out of Venus's ass. It was covered in a mixture of cum and residue of shit. The delivery man started to put his messy dick in his trousers, but Ms. Dee stopped him. She told Venus that she should tip the delivery man. Venus looked at her puzzled since she didn't have any money. Deelishus responded with a quick backhand across Venus' face.

"You silly bitch, how would it look if we sent this poor man out of here with a nasty dick. Beside it's your shit on his dick. Lick his dick clean, you dumb bitch. Damn!!! Do I have to think of everything?" Before the words were out Ms. Dee's mouth, the delivery man was already shoving his dick in Venus's mouth. Poor Venus had no choice but to start licking and sucking the man's dick under Ms. Dee's watchful eye. Venus felt a slight bit of appreciation, when Ms. Dee patted her on the head as she slurped and sucked on the guy's nasty dick.

While Venus was sucking his dick, Ms. Dee leaned over and whispered to the guy. "I'm glad that you chose the ass and not the pussy. Her pussy belongs to me, but I have absolutely no use for her ass, other than whipping it. So I hope that you enjoyed it." After a few minutes the delivery man was gone and Ms. Dee began to open the cartons of food. The food smelled really good, and Venus was looking forward to eating to get the horrid taste of this guy's dick out of her mouth. Ms. Dee had already loaded up one of the paper plates that was provided with spare ribs and chicken and rice, but there was plenty of food left. Venus went to grab a plate to fix her food, and Ms. Dee screamed at her, "What do you think you're doing? You just gave your ass to the delivery man and sucked his shitty cum soaked dick. Do you think that I'm going to allow you touch food that I have to eat? No, I don't think so."

Venus looked hurt and confused. "I'm sorry Ms. Dee. Will you fix my plate then, so that I don't have to touch the food?" she asked.

"No, I don't think so. Right now, I'm hungry and I'm tired. I'm going to eat and take a nap afterwards. Perhaps later after I have had some rest, I may feel like fixing you a plate. I guess you'll just have to wait until then." With that, Ms. Dee plopped her feet up on the bed and begin enjoying her meal.

Venus was dumbfounded, and she was starving. She had no idea what to do now, but she accepted the fact that she was not going to eat at this particular moment, and hoped that Ms. Dee would come around soon and decide to fix her plate. After about an hour, Ms. Dee was on her third helping and scraping the last remains from the carton. Venus almost cried, she was so hungry. How could one person eat so much food and let another person starve.

"So, tell me about this girlfriend of yours." Ms. Dee said, while chewing on the last of the spare ribs and cleaning the bone. "Where does she think you are at 1AM in the morning." She said sarcastically.

"I don't know. She wasn't home from work yet, when I left. I didn't tell her where I was going." Venus explained.

"Don't you think that she's probably worried about you by now?" Ms. Dee said expressing great concern.

"Yes, I think that she probably is very worried right now." Venus said, agreeing with Ms. Dee.

"Well, we'll fix that. You must call her right now and let her know that you're okay. Tell you what, I'll even give you a little privacy to talk to your mate. I've got to go wash this sticky barbecue sauce off my fingers. Go ahead and call her while I'm in the bathroom." Ms. Dee ran off to the bathroom and began the water running.

Venus was relieved and couldn't believe what a kind thing Ms. Dee did. She really was worried about what she was going to tell Pattie. Well, she had to come up with something quick she thought, as she dialed her home number. "Hello" said the teary eyed voice. Venus's heart sank, since she could tell that Pattie had been crying.

"Hi Pattie. I just was calling to tell you that I'm okay..." Venus started. Pattie just immediately jumped in and started asking a bunch of questions before Venus could say anything. Although she had the water running in the bathroom, Ms. Dee was listening at the bathroom door waiting for her moment. She figured this was as good a time as any to make her move.

She came out of the bathroom, and shouted as loud as she could "Venus dear, I just love these panties of yours. They are so sexy. I can't make up my mind if you look better with them on or off. Oh, were you still on the phone, dear??? I didn't realize it." Deelishus said with a smile that could melt better.

Of course Pattie heard every word through the phone, and Venus was really in a pickle now. You could hear Pattie screaming through the phone from across the room. Not knowing what to say or do, Venus decided it would be best just to hang up the phone. This was a situation she really didn't want to deal with in front of Ms. Dee. The one thing that she knew for sure was that Pattie was going to kill her. She would have some serious explaining to do when she got home.

Ms. Dee came over and stood next to her, smiling. "Don't you feel better dear, now that she knows where you are and she's no longer worried about you? You know when I was washing my hands, I thought that you were probably hungry, so..."

Venus's eyes got big with excitement as her stomach growled. Ms. Dee was finally going to let her eat something.

"So, I thought that you might like to lick the remaining barbecue sauce off my fingers. There's a bit under my nails that I couldn't get rid off. Here suck on my fingers." With that she stuck her fingers in Venus's mouth before she could say anything. The phone rang, and Ms. Dee answered it. It was Pattie on the other end. She had the number on the caller ID, and she was calling back wanting to know who she was speaking to and where was Venus.

"Hello Pattie. I'm Ms. Deelishus, and I'm a dominatrix that your girlfriend met on line several weeks ago. We're currently here at the Motel 6. I would let you speak to Venus, but she has her mouth full. She's busy sucking on my fingers right now. If you think that's bad, you should have seen what she was sucking on earlier. Hello...hello??? Venus, I think she hung up on me. Do you think it was something that I said? Your girlfriend sounds like one touchy bitch. Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter. We would have been getting rid of her eventually." Once again, the words poured out of her mouth, with a smile that would have melted butter.

The tears rolled down Venus's face, and she continued to suck on Ms. Dee's fingers and thought about the end of her relationship with Pattie. Craaack!!! Ms. Dee's hand came down across Venus' face hard again.

"Bitch, what did I tell you about cry babies? If I see one more tear, I'm going to fuck you up good. Beside, I'm starting to think that you actually prefer that stupid bitch of a girlfriend of yours over me." Deelishus said, very indignantly. "Now, my ass is in need of some attention. Why don't you worship my asshole, and show me just how happy you are to be here with me." Deelishus said as she climbed on to the bed and got into a doggy style position with her ass in the air.

Venus parted Deelishus' cheeks and buried her face in her ass. By the smell of her ass, you could tell that it had been a day or two since it had been anywhere near soap and water. She closed her eyes and began to devour Ms. Dee's ass with her tongue. In spite of everything that had happened this evening, she was very happy to be right were she was at that very moment. Without realizing it, Venus found herself mumbling, "Thank you Mistress Dee" in between slurps of her ass. Deelishus responded by releasing a series of foul smelling farts into Venus face.

Gggggrrrrrr...at first Venus thought the growling noise was coming from her own empty stomach, but when Ms. Dee sat up, Venus realized that the noise was coming from her groin. Ms. Dee made a comment about Chinese food running right through you and headed for the bathroom. She got to the bathroom door and stopped and looked at Venus who was sitting on the floor by the bed. "Bitch, how do you expect me to use the fucking toilet, when your ass is still sitting there?" She stepped back and grabbed Venus by the hair, dragging her across the floor into the bathroom. Get into the tub she instructed Venus.

Venus' heart was pounding. This was it. This was the culmination of years of internet searches, degrading video clips and all the sorted fantasies that she had had over the past couple of years. It was finally going to happen. She was so excited, her clit was throbbing. Venus sat down in the tub, and Deelishus stepped in and stood over her. She placed her foot on Venus' shoulder to balance herself, and Venus instinctively knew to lean forward and put her mouth on Ms. Dee's hairy pussy. Without any further words, Deelishus let out a stream of piss into Venus' mouth. Venus made sure to give full coverage to Ms. Dee's pussy, to make sure that every single drop of this golden champagne found it's mark and made it in her mouth. After a few seconds, the stream begin to turn into trickles and droplets. Finally, she was done. Venus dutifully licked Deelishus' pussy, making sure that all traces of her piss was gone.

Without a second glance backwards, Ms. Dee turned around and positioned her ass over Venus' face. She let out a series of farts and started to moan and grunt. Without even looking down at Venus, she said "See dear. I told you that I would be feeding you some Chinese food, and I'm keeping my promise." Deelishus cracked up inside. Sometimes she just really amazed herself with her whit. "I know that this is new to you, so I don't expect for you to eat all of my turds, but let's see how well you can do. Let's give it the old college try, shall we?" With that, Deelishus pushed out the first of several small shit balls. Venus took the first one into her mouth. It was a small chunk, not much bigger than a Swedish meatball. Venus, immediately just moved it to the back of her mouth and swallowed it down. The taste was bitter and the smell was atrocious, but this was Ms. Dee's shit. The fact that she was eating shit from Ms. Dee's ass, made it like eating a box of Godiva chocolates. After consuming several small chunks, Ms. Dee begin to shit a couple of large turds, several inches in length. Venus really did try to eat as much as she could, but being the novice that she was, she really couldn't eat it all. What she didn't eat, just fell on her breasts, her face and other parts of her body.
Deelishus indicated that she was done shitting and Venus could clean her up. Venus licked Ms. Dee's ass clean, thoroughly getting into her crack and licking away all residue of shit. Ms. Dee stepped out of the tub and grabbed a piece of toilet paper and did the "white glove" test to see if Venus had done a good job in cleaning her ass. After wiping her ass with the toilet paper, she held up the still white paper to show Venus that he had passed. Deelishus looked down at Venus still laying in the tub, with several turds of shit on her. She was disappointed to see that there was so much of it left uneaten, but realistically, she knew that this was Venus' first attempt so she should not have expected too much. But, she considered her shit to be precious, and felt that it absolutely must be put to some good use that would benefit Venus. She thought for a minute and then a light bulb came over her head.

"Venus, dear, I had hoped that you would have eaten much more of my shit. Let's see...one, two, three, four. There's four turds here. Now what are we to do with these? We can't very well just flush them down the toilet. Any suggestions, dear"? Deelishus inquired, tormenting poor Venus.

Venus didn't have a clue. She knew for a fact that she couldn't eat any more shit, and it took everything that she had, not to vomit the shit she had just digested. It was one thing to eat shit as it was coming directly out of Ms. Dee's, but when she looked at the turds laying on her body, she felt a little disgusted and didn't even want to touch them. The look on her face gave away her feeling of disgust and Deelishus was quick to pick it up.

"Well now dear, I think that I have a marvelous idea of how we can put this shit to good use. You know, I was reading in a health magazine the other day, how our body fluids and waste of full of wonderful proteins that are good for the skin. Why I know tons of ladies that absolutely wash their hair with nothing but sperm. They say that it gives it a wonderful glow. Now hard as I might, I cannot produce sperm, but I think that we can put these turds to good use with a nice facial or body rub. Don't you think that's a wonderful idea, dear?" Deelish said, giving Venus that look of start rubbing bitch.

Venus picked up the first piece of shit and just held it in her hands. It was still warm and very soft and squishy. Ms. Dee took Venus' hand and folded it around the shit, so that it squished in her hand. Of course she was careful not to touch any of it herself. Heaven forbid that Deelishus stook her hand in shit -- even if it was her own.

"Okay, dear. I think that you get the general idea. I'm going to give you a few minutes, and when I come back, I expect to see you covered from head to toe in a nice brown shit mask. It's going to do wonderful things for your skin, you'll see." The meaner and nastier the things were that Ms. Dee instructed her minions to do, the sweeter and more caring she sounded when tasking them to do it. She got up and left Venus in the bathroom and closed the door behind her. The smell was horrid, and she couldn't stand it any more.

Venus knew she had no choice, so begin the task at hand. Since she knew she had to rub all of this shit all over her body, she figured that she would start feet first. That way she didn't have to have it so close to her face right away. She took the clump of shit that Ms. Dee had squished inside her hand, and begin smearing it on her feet and legs. Little by little she took more of the turds and spread it on her thighs, her abdomen, her tits, her arms and finally she was up to her neck. She had one small turd left, just enough to do her face she thought. She squished the last turd in her hand, letting it ooze through her fingers and squeezing it until it was a really creamy consistency, almost like peanut butter. She begin rubbing it on her face, not much different than when she did her Noxzema mask every night. By the time that she was finished, the only thing you could see was her eyes, her mouth and her nostrils. Okay, the task was done. Ms. Deelish would be pleased, Venus thought.

While Venus was in the bathroom rubbing shit on herself, Ms. Deelishus was in the bedroom up to no good. She was gathering up her things in preparation to leave, and she thought that she just couldn't resist one last bit of mischief to fuck with Venus' head. She had finished dressing and picked up the phone and made one last phone call. Venus came out of the bathroom covered completely from head to toe in Deelishus' shit, just as she was hanging up the phone. The stench was overwhelming. Venus looked a little surprise to see Ms. Dee fully dressed.

"Look dear, I've had a blast, but as usual, all good things must come to an end." Delishus said. "I've really enjoyed this, and I would like to see you again. I will contact you at my convenience to make arrangements for another "date" at some point in the future. In the meantime, I'm going to keep this dress. I really like it and well I'm sure that you would want me to have it. But here's your coat," Deelishus said flinging Venus' coat to her.

Venus looked shock. "...but, I need to take a shower. I can't leave like this." Venus protested.

"Oh I'm sorry dear. There's just no time. I really need to get going. But, I have called you a taxi and they should be here momentarily." Deelishus said, dripping with butter.

"Taxi??? Aren't you going to take me back to my car?" Venus asked, trying to imagine herself being around another human being in her present condition.

"I'm sorry dear. It's out of the question. For one, there's absolutely no way that I would allow you to get in my car like that, and for the other, your car is in the complete opposite direction of where I need to go. So, tut tut. Let's get moving. Put your coat on, your taxi will be here in a moment." Deelishus said, as Venus put on her coat and she ushered her out of the room. Deelishus also knew, that they needed to get a move on in order for her devious plot to have the desired effect.

Deelishus told Venus that she had called a taxi and asked them to pick up a passenger in front of Unit 7 in ten minutes. With that, Deelishus got into her vehicle and left Venus standing outside in front of the room. She told Venus that she had to make a quick stop by the rental office to turn in the key, but she had a wonderful time and that she would be in touch real soon. Deelishus drove off and left Venus standing there. After a quick visit to the rental office, Deelishus walked out with the hotel manager. She pointed towards Venus who was standing across the parking lot in front of Unit 7. She got into her car and drove off. As she drove off, she slowed down, as she saw the other car pulling into the parking lot. She stopped her car and poked her head out of the window to observe the scene.

Venus was standing outside of the room waiting for the taxi. Even though she had her coat on, she was completely naked underneath and covered from head to toe in Deelishus's shit. She noticed the vehicle approaching her, and thought that it looked very familiar. Oh no!!! It couldn't be. As the headlights shined on her and the car came to a stop in front of her, she stood still in her tracks absolutely mortified. It was Pattie who had come to pick her up.

"Your friend called and said that you were stranded and needed a ride home and asked me to pick you up. She said she got the number from the caller ID when I called. As mad as I am at you, I'm not going to leave you stranded." As Pattie approached her and got closer, she took in the sight, then the smell hit her. "What the fuck is going on here???" Pattie yelled.

Venus just wanted to go somewhere and die. This had to be the worst moment of her life. There was no way for her to explain to Pattie why she was standing here naked covered in shit from head to toe. She wasn't even going to try. At that very moment, a very irate hotel manager approached the two ladies.

"I caught you!!! You thought that you could sneak out without paying. If it wasn't for that nice lady who came by the office and turned you, I would be out of $35. Now which one of you bitches is going to pay for this room?" The manager said looking back and forth between Pattie and Venus. "What the fuck is that smell?" he said frowning up his face.

Venus didn't have a dime, since Deelishus had took her purse. "Pattie, uh...I don't have any money. Do you mind?"

Pattie began to explode in rage. "You must be out of your fucking mind to think that I'm going to pay for a room after you and your hoe have used it. You fucking bitch!!!" Pattie went on and on. Venus now felt, that the moment earlier when she thought that things couldn't get any worse, she was wrong. They could. At that very moment, Deelishus drove by outside of the parking lot and blew her horn at Venus.

"Bye Venus, let's do this again soon!!!" she yelled out of her car window as she kept on going. Yes, she thought to herself, it feels good to break a bitch down. She wondered whether or not she would be able to get another date with Venus. Tonight was a lot of fun. Delishus had a lot of confidence in herself. She knew that the next time that she called Venus for a hook up; that the bitch would come running. Yeah, she was sure of it.

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