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Mood lightning makes it easier on them and their husbands
I had always been an advocate of the self testicular exam that is recommended for guys. It's easy and something that could prevent a big problem later on. I usually do mine while showering in the morning. Basically, you just feel the surface of the testicle through your scrotum and check for any abnormalities or lumps, much like a breast exam for women, sans the nipples and breasts.

I had been a bit lax in doing this little chore until one Monday morning as I was preparing for work. It the shower, I had just soaped up my cock and, big surprise I got hard. Truth is, I was stroking in the shower so the erection was no accident. I was enjoying feeling the water run over my body and drip down my crotch, the warm rivulets running over my balls. As my cock became more and more engorged, I move one hand under my scrotum and began kneading my balls. About the time I felt the stirring of an orgasm rushing up through my body I tugged hard on my ball sack. That was enough to send me over the edge and a steam of hot cum shot from my cock onto the tile of the shower.

I massaged my throbbing balls as the last of my cum pumped out and that's when I felt it. It's not what I expected when having a nice sensual stroke in the shower, fining a small firm lump below my right nut. Catching my breath I rinsed off the cum that had dripped down my dick and stepped out of the shower. Hastily drying myself off, I reached down again and tried to find the lump. It only took a few seconds and there it was. It certainly didn't feel right, though it was not painful at all.

Nervously, I finished dressing and headed to my office. It was too early to call my doctor, but I programmed my phone to remind me at 9:00 sharp! By the time I had reached my desk I was caught in a spin of "what ifs" and had already planned out my donations to the Lance Armstrong foundation in my will.

By 9:00am, after two cups of coffee, I was shaking both from caffeine and nerves.

I punched speed dial for my doctor and waited through the phone tree. Nothing says "we value you as a patient" like a phone tree! When I finally found the right extension for appointments I got a real person. Barbara was the office administrator and she just happened to be answering the phone while the reception guy Jim, had not yet arrived.

She listened as I hesitantly described what I thought I had found.

"The doctors is full up today but his PA can see you at 3:00."

I agreed and relaxed for a bit knowing I had done all I could for the moment.

By the time 3:00 came around I was sweating. I arrived at the office 30 minutes early and cooled my heels in the waiting room playing silly games on my phone. I had almost forgotten my fear when the door to the waiting room opened and Jim leaned in.

"Kurt, you're next."

Jim was not being cavalier, he and I had known each other for years and it was always comforting to see his bearded face behind the reception desk window.

I followed him to the hallway and was deposited in an exam room after having my blood pressure taken. It was high.

Weighed. I was a little heavier than my preview visit, but still not in bad shape for someone 40 years old.

Sitting on paper covered table I once again lost myself in a barrage of tiny birds flying kamikaze style into ruthless piggies. The silly game did the trick, I had once again forgotten my fears about the dreaded lump.

"So Kurt," the strikingly beautiful woman said as she entered the room. "I'm Amanda, Dr. Barron's PA. So what seems to be the problem?"

I wasn't expecting a woman, much less one so attractive as Amanda. My tongue was tied as I blurted out, "lump."


She looked at me waiting further clarification, she motioned with her pen as though prompting a performer on stage to get on wit it.

"It's on me," I stammered. Then looked down toward my crotch.

"You don't need to be embarrassed Kurt, where is it?"

I took a deep breath and then answered in as plain and clear a voice as I could muster, "on my testicle."

She made a note on the tablet computer she carried and then turned to the sink to wash her hands. "We'll, let's take a look at it and see what is going on. Go ahead and drop your jeans and underwear for me."

I nodded and unbuckled my jeans. Sliding them down legs they stuck on my boots. I struggled to pull them over the boots with little luck.

"You better remove those boots as well," she chuckled, "it will be easier."

That broke the ice and after I laughed at my own fumbling I managed to get my boots off as well as my jeans.

"Underwear, too," she nodded as she slipped on a pair of blue exam gloves.

I sheepishly removed my briefs and stood before her naked from the waist down as she slid forward on a low rolling stool.

"Which testicle is it?"

"The right one, at least the one on my right, your left." I was fumbling for words again.

She reached out and gently felt the skin of my scrotum. As she did, I felt the blood begin to pump into my flaccid cock. As she rolled the testicle around in her fingers my dick had a mind of its own and began inflating slowly.

"I think I feel something here on the underside."

Her fingers were gently massaging my ball as she felt below my scrotum. This was not helping my condition, and I turned away so as not to have the additional stimulation of watching a beautiful woman feel my balls.

Without a second thought, she moved my gradually lengthening penis out of the way and rubbed over the spot where the lump was.

"Is that where you felt it?"

I glanced down and nodded. "Yes, do you think it is anything serious?"

"We'll, I think you should have a sonogram just to see what it is."

I had never had one before, so that mixed with the anxiety over a diagnosis made short work of my hard on.

"You can get dressed again," she replied, "while I schedule an appointment for you."

I was quickly dressing, still blushing from humiliation of my uncontrolled cock.

"If I can get you in, can you go this afternoon?"

I was zipping my fly and looked up. "That serious?"

"Not really, but I figure the soon we find out the better off you will be."

I nodded in agreement and slipped on my boots.

She looked me in the eye and smiled as she spoke, "and don't feel strange about getting an erection during the exam. It happens all the time."

In a few minutes I had finished up at the doctors office and was on my way to the diagnostic wing of the nearby hospital.

It was almost 6:00pm when I reached the desk of the "Medical Imaging" department, I was the last appointment of the day.

I checked in at the desk and the woman behind it took my name and insurance info before passing a clipboard to me. She asked me to fill out the form and return it. She would be back as soon as she checked to see if the technician was finished with the previous appointment.

I nervously scratched out my statistics and then looked up as she came to the door.

"You are in luck, we have just enough time to get you in," she cheerily said, and held open the door.

Down the hall I passed several rooms win large diagnostics equipment in them before getting to a door marked "Ultrasound Suite 1". It sounded more like a hotel suite, and inside it was far less medical looking than the other rooms I passed. There was a reclining exam table, a couple of rolling chairs and a console on a rolling stand with a large computer screen.

The lighting was subdued, I assume for the purposes of viewing the screen better, but it had a calming effect on me. I needed it!

The woman opened the door and motioned towards the table. "Now, if you will take off all your clothes and put on the gown laying over the table. The technician will be in a few minutes." With a smile, she pulled the door closed and left me to undress.

I was relieved that I didn't have to undress in front of anyone. It just seemed more civilized to be left alone to strip my clothes off.

I folded my jeans and underwear over one of the chairs and hung my shirt over the back. Tucked my boots underneath the chair and then put on the gown. Exam gowns are inherently clumsy things. Trying to tie the closures behind my back was a trick, but I managed. I the sat on the edge of the exam table and waited.

When the door opened I was surprised to see a tall muscular man enter the room. His arms bulged beneath the blue cloth of his scrubs. They looked more like those of a body builder than a medical technician. He smiled when he saw I was staring.

"I'm Sander," the blond technician said as he extended a hand.

I shook it feeling his strong grip.

"Kurt", I said, a little flustered at his presence. This guy exuded physicality and his tanned skin and deep blue eyes were compelling.

"Just lie back on the table, Kurt. I will get things ready for you and we'll get underway in a few minutes." His deep voice was hypnotic and as I watched him wash up and get ready,I couldn't help wondering what his muscular body looked like under those scrubs. As he dried his hands he dropped the towel accidentally. Bending over to retrieve it and toss it into a nearby linen hamper he gave me a great view of his muscular bubble butt. It looked like the scrubs were painted on him, every muscle of his thighs and buttocks clearly outlined through the thin cotton.

Once he walked back to the console, he pulled a pair if exam gloves on and sat down next to the table. With few clicks of a mouse, the screen lit up.

"Now, Kurt, you have nothing to worry about. This procedure is painless and shouldn't take long."

Then he reached over and hit a switch and the lights dimmed even further. I assume it was to make the images on the screen easier to see, and most likely it was also to have a calming effect on the patient.

As he adjusted the instrument, he answered my unspoken question. "Usually, I am doing these on pregnant mothers, and the mood lightning makes it easier on them and their husbands."

He laid one of his strong hands on my arm. "I take it you are not a pennant mother?"

I know he was trying to put me at easy, but his touch and his voice caused a distinct stirring in my crotch.

"Nope not pregnant!" I chuckled.

He smiled as he reached for the gown. "I am going to need to pull this back, if you get cold, let me know and I can cover the rest of you with a blanket."

It was warm in the room so I was actually comfortable. "I'm fine."

He pulled a tube of gel from the console drawer and opened the top.

"This gel helps the transmission of the sound waves, but it might be a little cold."

With that he pulled my penis up and began squirting gel on my balls.

It was indeed cold, and that was a good thing since his touch was giving me shivers of a different kind. He then took a towel and used it to pin my cock against my belly so he could do his work.

I was grateful he was no longer handling it, because I knew it was thickening by the minute.

"Now, I am going to run this transducer over your testicles and see way we find."

At that he took a device that looked like an electric razor but where the blades would be there was just a smooth surface. As he began moving it over the skin of my balls, images flickered on the screen revealing the internal structure of the testicles inside. I could see just a glimpse of the screen and was trying to concentrate on that and not the smooth surface of the transducer as it glided over my scrotum.

I was had pressed to concentrate on the screen as this handsome man manipulated and probed my balls. Surprisingly, there was no vibrations at all, the sound waves were so high frequency that it was imperceptible. I was grateful for that. I imagined him moving a vibrating device over me and I would have been far more erect than I was already and my cock was stiffening under the thin towel and beginning to push it upward.

"I am gong to need to move under your scrotum as well, so if you could spread your legs a bit more that would help."

I moved my legs apart further, giving him more access to my balls. He moved the probe underneath my tightening sack, pointing it upward, lifting each testicle as he did. He laid his arm against the towel on my abdomen, pressing my cock underneath. The warmth of his strong biceps against my stiffening cock only made it grow faster. He watched the screen as he recorded the exam and seemed indifferent to my "problem" but I felt sure he knew the effect he was having.

He paused, "don't be embarrassed. Most men get an erection when they are having this procedure. It's natural. "

He turned from the screen and smiled at me. When I looked into his deep blue eyes I was anything but comforted. I was sweating and trying my best to avoid just shooting my load into the towel.

"Thanks, I'll be OK." My voice wavered a bit as he resumed his work.

Once he was finished up with both my testicles, he checked the paperwork one more time.

"We'll, looks like I have one more area to scan."

With that, he moved his arm off my abdomen and released the pressure on my throbbing cock. Then she did something that gave me a real start. He moved the towel allowing my hard cock to spring to attention. As he folded the towel,I saw a large dark spot on it where the head of my cock was leaking precum.

Then he took the tube of gel and squirted a long glob of it all the way down my cock from tip to base. As I watched he grasped the head of my penis and held it steady the proceeded to move the probe slowly up the shaft of my throbbing dick.

I took a deep breath and shivered.

"That's OK, you are,doing just fine." His deep voice assuring me to remain calm as he took images of the shaft of my penis. He first moved the probe up one side the the other. My dick was straining against the probe and throbbing in his hand. The tip of my dick was dripping precum like a river, so much that my cock almost slipped from his grip.

"Calm down, just one more scan"

"Easy for you to say," I uttered, not really meaning to say it out loud.

His deep laughter broke the tension, but just barely. It worked long enough for him to finish the last pass up my cock. Then, thankfully he released the head of my dick and turned to put away the probe.

"Kurt," he said, "you did great." He handed me another towel so I could clean the gel off my balls and cock.

"Did you find anything?"

"We'll, I can't say until the doctor reads the images," he said, "but I don't think you have anything to worry about. It's most likely just a small cyst."

I was still grasping my throbbing cock, wrapped in the towel as I sighed with relief. Sander finished tidying up the machine and turned toward me. He looked at my hand grasping my erection in the thin towel.

"I'm done, but obviously you are not," he smiled. "So, I,will just leave you to take care of things and get dressed. I'll meet you in the front when you're done."

As he left the room, I swear I saw him wink.

The image of him leaning over my body was burned in my mind, and it took only a few minutes for me to stroke my cock to an earth shaking climax. I shot a long stream of cum across my stomach and onto my chest.

After I cleaned up and dressed, I met Sander in the lobby. We were the last to leave and as he unlocked the door for me he spoke softly in my ear as I passed.

"So would you consider me too forward if I asked you what you were doing for dinner?"

I turned and looked into his deep blue eyes, "I thought you would never ask."

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