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I clean your face with my tongue, having released you, boots, handcuffs and all
We have been lovers for some months now, and belong to a small group of bondage enthusiasts who gather every other week or so to play. Tonight is your first time as the center of attention. I bring you into a small room where two dominant women are just finishing up lacing another woman into a corset. You are taken in hand, and told to strip, and you do, down to your new corset, and stockings. They remove your heels, (I have given them a key), and lace on a pair of ankle ballet boots, which also have locks, just like the ones the other woman has on.

She is released, and a man comes in and carries her out of the room, and you are put into the lacing bar, where another inch is taken off your waist. One of the dommes, slips on a rubber glove, and using KY Jelly greases up your puss, and upon removing the butt plug you always wear for me, adds more lubrication to your nether hole. The man who took the other woman away, returns, and scoops you up in his arms, and takes you into a larger room. The other woman is now suspended from a lacing bar. Large rings pierce her nipples, and she smiles at you as you are placed in front of her.

You have trouble with your balance, but your wrists are then attached to the bar that holds the other woman up and now your toes just meet the ground. You are now pressed hard against her, and a double dildo gag is strapped first into her mouth, and then the other end enters your lips and a strap holds you close to her, it is almost as if you are kissing her. Both straps are tightened, and the head of the dildoes is forced into the beginning of your throats. Nipple clips are attached to your nipples and tightened, and the connecting chain is run through her rings, holding your breasts close to hers. A strap is run around each of your upper thighs, just below your crotch, and your thighs are mashed against hers, and it seems as though your clits can almost touch.

The chain fall that holds the lacing bar is now lifted, bringing both of you about 2 feet off the floor, and a pole is placed in the receptacle in the floor just beneath you. The man, who brought you in, now displays a double dildo, to you, with an attachment meant to be placed on the metal pole between your legs. You and your partner's eyes open wide at the sight, for each end is about 9 inches long and about 2 inches in diameter, and there is a small probe of about 3 inches in length in the center. Straps are placed around your ankles, holding your ballet boot encased feet tightly against hers, and ropes are attached, and your legs are drawn apart as one. The dildo is attached to the pole, and two women spread each of your cunts to admit the dildoes as you are lowered on to them.

Once you are completely filled, your ankles are released from the ropes, allowing you both to balance somewhat on your heels, and your clits are held tight to the mysterious center probe. A short minute later, the probe is no longer a mystery, as it begins to vibrate, and your eyes go wide and then shut tightly at the sensation. Two men enter the room, one of whom is a transvestite that you had the pleasure of buggering with a pair of dildo panties on just a month ago at a similar meeting. He smiles at you and glancing at his hard-on you now realize why your bum was lubed, and you twist in your bondage to no avail, as he and his companion take their places behind the two of you. Filled with the dildoes, each of your asses is very tight to the cocks now slowly slithering into your most private places, pressing your clits harder into the vibrating probe. They begin to thrust, the one servicing you also rotating his ass to give you maximum benefit. The sensations are overwhelming, and after about 5 minutes of this, you both cum violently, as the men fill your asses with their cum, leaving your asses dripping.

After a suitable interval, you are both released, and taken to a long table. The other woman, who gave you a lascivious smile, is placed on the table with her head hanging over the end, and a double-headed dildo is placed in her ass and cunt, you immediately see where this is leading. You are placed at the opposite end, as her legs are stretched up and apart to a bar with suspension cuffs. You are scooted onto the opposite ends of the double dildoes protruding from her orifices, and likewise impaled, your legs then stretched up to reside alongside hers in a "V", and fastened to the same bar. Now you are handcuffed, your wrist to hers on each side, and you instinctively grasp her hands, your fingers interlaced with hers, to avoid the bite of the metal. Straps are added to your upper thighs and hers, pulling you closer to her, your ass and cunt almost welded to hers. You both begin to wiggle, first for comfort, and then through arousal. Tweezer-clips are attached to each of your nipples, and secured to the table via small chains, to keep the two of you from attempting to rise off the table.

Everything having been arranged to our satisfaction, two lines are formed at each end of the table, each a mix of males and females. I add one further refinement, a short gold chain with a clasp at both ends, attaching it to your clit hood ring, and slightly stretching it, attach the other end to hers. Your ordeal now begins. First two males enter your mouths and begin to fuck your faces, as one cums, a fresh-fucked cunt replaces him, begging for cleaning by your tongues. The double dildo vibrators are now activated, causing each of you to jump, pulling on the chain connecting your clits together, as the next two men enter your mouths. This continues as before until the end of the lines are reached. I have abstained, waiting and enjoying the view of the two of you twitching at your ass and cunt connection, for there is one more sequence to follow.

Until you are released, you had thought of the septum piercing I had insisted you get a month or so ago, as ornamental, and sometimes useful as an anchoring point for a jewelry chain lead that I sometimes use a tether, when I want you to stay in one place. Your companion for the evening is released, her ballet boots removed, replaced by her pumps, and she walks a bit unsteadily to a nearby stuffed chair, where she sits with her butt on the edge of the cushion. You are released from the table, and the handcuffs are used to bind your wrists together, and the other pair, your elbows. I then lower you from the table, to your knees, and attach the lead to your septum piercing. I walk towards your companion in lust in the chair, you shuffle on your knees to keep up, and I hand the lead to the woman in the chair. She gives you a cat-that-swallowed-the-canary grin, and passes the lead through her clit ring, and slowly begins to reel you in.

She asks you, "Did you enjoy my little scenario dear? I have lusted for you since I first saw you, and now I am going to have you!" Your eyes flash wide, and you try to turn towards me, only catching a glimpse or my smile, before the lead is tensioned, drawing you inexorably toward this evening's destination. Finally, the rings meet, and she simply says, "eat!" You stick your tongue out, and proceed to feast, and I at last unsheathe my sword and enter your juicy cunt, forcing you further into her sex. I fuck you thus for about ten minutes, when, properly lubricated, I force myself into your lovely ass. I can feel your appreciation as you use your muscles to massage me as I rock back and forth in you, and at last, as your companion shrieks through her second orgasm from your oral service, you tighten in your own and milk my cock until it is drained.

A pleasurable evening for all, I clean your face with my tongue, having released you, boots, handcuffs and all, and lead you out with my arm tightly about you to our car.

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