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It started instantly, that tingling feeling over all the delicate parts of my body
It was a month ago from today when I first met Craig. He came into my office like most of the guys I treat, unable to talk openly about his feelings, shy and clearly upset. After several visits, he began opening up, telling me about the stress in his life, the depression and how he suspects his wife is having an affair. The major difference with Craig and my other patients is how much I'm attracted to him. I prepare for my patients by reading over my notes and remembering what we last talked about, with Craig I find myself looking into my mirror, adjusting my hair, fixing my makeup and obsessing about how I look. I know it's totally inappropriate being his psychiatrist, but every time he shares with me, my mind wanders and I become lost in fantasy.

On one of his first visits, when he confided in me about his depression I wrote him a prescription. With pharmaceuticals it's often necessary to weigh the pros and cons of the side effects versus the symptoms you are trying to treat. With Craig I'd have to admit I was completely and utterly selfish. I'm not sure if it was my way of executing revenge on his cheating wife or my own desire to see him sexually agitated. If I was being honest, it was probably a little of both. I intentionally prescribed him an antidepressant that I knew would make it incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to climax. Everything in his mind would want to but the altered chemicals in his body would prevent that final tipping point from ever occurring.

I could tell that the medications sexual side effects were working on the last visit to my office because most of our conversation was about his sexual health. I could tell it had been awhile for him, how he fidgeted on the couch, constantly adjusting his shorts. I pretended to ignore it but inside I was on fire knowing that I was partially to blame. I could feel my bodies' glands salivating both in my mouth and between my thighs. My panties were more than moist for him. I was doing all I could to restrain myself. Crossing my legs, squeezing, and hoping he wouldn't notice.

My paging system buzzed with my receptionist's soft voice. "Craig's here to see you, shall I send him in?"

I pressed the button. "Give me 3 minutes."

I stood and walked to the mirror, pulling the clip out of my hair and letting it down. I checked my face over, unbuttoned an extra button on my blouse, and then on a whim I reached under my skirt and slipped down my panties. Kicking them off my feet, I picked them up and balled them in my hand. Just then the door opened and Craig walked in. I blushed, walked to my desk, and slipped them into my drawer.

"Please, Have a seat." I muttered sheepishly.

It started instantly, that tingling feeling over all the delicate parts of my body. He was dressed in a polo shirt and tight jeans, barefoot and sandals. I'm not normally a foot person but his feet were making me squirm. I just wanted to place my hand behind his shortly shaved head and pull his face into my neck. To feel his hot breath behind my ear and his firm body pressed against mine.

"How have you been?" Craig asked, snapping me out of my wandering thoughts.

I never liked talking about myself during appointments, so I responded with a simple answer followed directly after with a question about his medication. He instantly began sharing how he had become unable to climax and how the frustration was setting in. He wondered if it was because he could not get the thought of his wife with another man out of his head. If there was somehow more that he could do. I felt evil for enjoying every minute. Knowing my own prescription was causing him so much angst. Just thinking about him trying to masturbate was giving me so much pleasure. As he opened up about the problems I just sat there watching his lips move. I'm thankful most of my job is just to listen; I doubt I could have held my composure. As he spoke I fantasized about his lips grazing my skin.

I began to get restless. Uncrossing my legs I shifted my weight in the chair. As I looked up again I saw his eyes quickly dart up towards my face. Was he checking me out? I questioned silently to myself. I uncrossed my legs again but kept eye contact this time. I could tell he was fighting the urge to look down. He was checking me out, I concluded. I bit my lip at the thought and then I remembered why he was looking. I could feel my face instantly flush. My heart began to beat uncontrollably as the feeling of dread washed over my body. The room went silent as Craig stopped talking; obviously aware I realized what he was looking at.

"I'm sorry," he stammered nervously.

"No, don't worry about it. It's ok." I lied.

That's when I noticed his jeans were clearly bulging more than they normally would. Losing all inhibitions I went and sat next to him on the couch. My body was still beating like mad. I took his hand in mine and placed it on my chest. Letting him feel my heart beat.

Nervously, my voice stuttered, "I've never done this with a patient before."

He responded by leaning in and kissing my shoulder. My hand found the back of his head as I held it in and kissed it. My mouth hung open as he continued to kiss me. I gasped as I felt his hand land over my knee. Opening my thighs slightly I closed my eyes blissfully taking in all the sensations overtaking my body. My usual response to a hand sliding up my leg would be to squeeze them shut. As his hand began to move I spread them wider. He was going slowly and teasing me. Biting my lip I waited in anticipation wondering if he would ever touch me or if he was waiting for me to let him know it was ok. He paused in that spot between too far and not far enough. I'm sure his thumb could feel the moist heat that was surely escaping my body. If it did he only responded by squeezing my thigh. I let go of my lip and let out a loud sigh.

Reaching a hand down I rubbed it against his jeans feeling for where that bulge was. It was there only now it was bigger. I began rubbing what I thought must have been the end of it but I couldn't tell and he didn't complain. His tongue was tasting the back of my neck, a spot that always makes me want it to stop even though I can't help but press in for more. His hand that was holding my neck slid down and then back up on the inside of my blouse. Before I could think of what he was going to do to me I suddenly felt the full weight of my breasts. Eagerly his hand slid around the front and under the white lace bra. As he took me in his palm I arched my back into him and pressed my neck tighter against his soft lips.

I imagined my breast was like one of those stress release balls as he squeezed and toyed with it. I could tell he wasn't trying to seduce me anymore. His movements and motions were all about his needs. He was doing it for himself. Through his jeans I could feel why and I didn't mind; my body was his to take. Knowing I was his best hope for the intimate release he craved caused my body to shudder even further. I could feel my excitement in the form of a large wet drop begin to make its slow inevitable journey downward. Lifting my body in anticipation of it tickling, he slid his hand in further and held me down. My wetness I knew was now on his hand.

His thumb pressed tightly against my tingling clit; his hand was still on my thigh wedged tightly between my legs. I could feel is finger closest to me rubbing itself between my cheeks. His other hand had found my nipple and was pinching it as his palm squeezed the rest. My back arched more for him as I began to melt in his hold on me.

My skirt by now had ridden up to my waist allowing me to open myself up further for him. He pressed me into his palm holding me in his grasp. I could feel the cold metal of his wedding band against my skin. All the suffering he's been enduring and what she's been putting him through. I wanted to release the full force of my orgasm into his palm against that band of metal she placed on his finger. My body opened up at his fingers request. He met no resistance as I easily accepted his 4 fingers. All I could think about was that ring inside me as he told me how wet I felt. The strength in his arms was enough to allow me to grind against his fingers while his thumb worked magic on my clit. I felt small in his embrace, a pleasurable toy half sitting on his lap.

I could no longer just receive all the attention. Slipping a hand down I unbuttoned his jeans and struggled with the zipper. Then folded back the front corners of his pants revealing tight black underpants. They were now stained with his excitement and I wanted to feel it wet against my hand as he had felt me. My hand slid under the tight elastic. My finger grazed his tip. He jumped as it traced against his tiny hole. I felt the circumcised ridge and wrapped it in my palm. It was beating and throbbing in my hold. I started stroking it to the same rhythm to which he stuffed his fingers into me. We sat there making love with our hands while our mouths kissed each other and our tongues played.

Craig stood and let his pants drop to the floor. I helped his underwear down and for the first time saw his incredible body. His stomach was perfect, his legs muscular and defined and his cock looked delicious. It had become soaked and shiny with cum where my hand had massaged it into the skin. Delicately I reached out and wrapped my warm hands around it. As my skin touched his it jolted upright and I embraced it. I couldn't take my eyes off of his. He watched me as I firmly squeezed, twisted and pumped my fist over him. His gleaming eyes let me know I was doing it right. As my eyes dropped down I could see that with each forward stroke his little opening would be forced open. The rim was moist and a small drop was gradually being milked out onto his head. I kept pumping him, feeling his pulse in my hand.

When the drop had reached the point it was about to drip to the floor I leaned forward and pressed my lips to his tiny mouth. The feeling was wet and warm. Keeping my lips tight I used my hand to press him into me. Simulating what I imagined might feel like entering a tight virgin mouth. Once my mouth could fully support him I released my grip and reached back to hold his firm ass. As I pulled him into me I licked the length of his cock.

He was still looking down at me and I raised my eyes to meet his. I wanted him to know how much I was enjoying this and unable to talk could only use my eyes. Not breaking eye contact, my hands pushed and pulled against his backside. Encouraging him to take me as he needed. At first he was kind and each entry was slow, letting my mouth and throat become accustomed to his manhood.

His sexual tension had been built up too long and he soon began thrusting into me wildly. Craig grabbed the back of my head for support so he could penetrate deeper. Had he not been going so fast I surely would have gagged. But his deep thrusts were quick and I gasped for air each time his cock came out of my mouth. He closed his eyes and threw his head back. I could tell he was concentrating, trying to cum in my mouth. He fucked in desperation.

After a minute, which felt like forever, he slowed and I couldn't tell if it was frustration or pity on me for enduring his engorged cock. Grabbing his hips I turned him and pressed him to the couch. Standing, straddling his lap, he unbuttoned my skirt and smiled as my panty-less body greeted him. He buried his face into my belly kissing me passionately. His mouth slowly dropped and I spread my legs to let him kiss me. His breath was warm and hot against my skin. Moaning as his tongue ran the length of my opening. I could feel him licking up and down both sides of my lips. Tasting all the pleasure he gave me that had managed to escape.

I pressed his shoulders back away from me and knelt up over his lap. My hand found his hugely swollen cock and aimed it towards my saliva-coated pussy. I used his head to part my lips, adjusting him up and down until his cock head rested at the entrance to my body. I grabbed his face in both my hands and forced him to look at me as I sat down. I dropped slowly feeling my body fold over his. Sinking onto him until I came to rest at his torso.

He filled my cavity and caused my body to ache. Gently I rocked forward and backwards feeling him move around inside me. I smiled and lifted my hands to my hair and pulled it behind my back. I leaned forward and took his mouth in mine. Reaching back he grabbed my ass in both hands and squeezed it open. His thumb found my tight ass, which he pressed and then massaged. All of my openings were pressed against his body and nothing escaped me that he couldn't feel. I felt like I was his in his arms.

I started lifting myself up and dropping back down so I could feel him enter me repeatedly. I was starting to move faster and faster. I was bouncing on his lap feverishly, sure that I was going to snap him. I bit his lip and held it as my body tensed. Squeezing all my muscles tight I tried to hang on as long as I could. Then out of exhaustion I relaxed and allowed the waves of my orgasm to overtake me. My insides throbbed and pulsed against his still hugely swollen body. Still gasping for air I fell against his body and rested my face on his shoulder.

He slid out from inside me and positioned me on my knees. Standing behind me I felt him getting into position. I arched my back and aimed my ass and pussy upwards towards his face. I thought that a better view might help his body fight the medication. Reaching behind I grabbed my own ass and spread it as wide as I possibly could. His thumb found the small hole as his cock thrust into the bigger one. Closing my eyes I waited for what I knew was coming. Instantly he began fucking me harder than I had ever been fucked before. With each thrust air was forced from my lungs. The tip of his thumb curled and my ass was penetrated. His sweaty body slammed against my ass.

I involuntarily let out a groan each time his body slammed into me.

I let my body go and let him have his way with me, happy to be used for releasing his tension. I knew he needed this more than anything. At this moment, as I was being pounded into, I knew this was the best therapy I could provide him. I didn't want him to ruin his progress towards orgasm.

"Craig, just cum inside me." I tried to beg between my groaning.

I stretched my ass open wider than it has ever been. My back arched until it hurt when suddenly he stopped and pulled out. I turned expecting to see his frustration. But he had the biggest smile I've ever seen him smile. His face was glowing behind the sweat. He motioned to the clock and I swore. His appointment was already five minutes past. We both dressed frantically while I walked to my desk, opened my drawer, and handed him my panties. He took them and naturally felt the fabric between his fingers. I kissed his lips one last time before he walked out of my office stuffing my panties into his pocket.

A second later my intercom buzzed again. "Shall I send Joel in?"

"Give me 3 minutes." I responded, still catching my breath.

I stood there thinking how good those final minutes of sex were. I had never been fucked so long and hard by a man who was on the verge of an orgasm. Most men would have come within seconds of fucking like that. He lasted and that's when it dawned on me, did all my clients on this medication fuck like that?

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