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Kaitlynne want to sex with Asian man
My name is Kaitlynne, but everyone calls me Katie. I grew up in a small farm community about one hour north of Columbus. I was pretty much a wall flower most of my life. I had thick glasses that I wore until the summer after I graduated from high school. And to make it even worse, I wore a size 32-A bra until my senior year. Flat and bespectacled was no way to go through high school. The only things I had going for me was the fact that I was a straight-A student and my naturally light blond hair (special thanks to those Scandinavian genes!).

Of course, that brings us to Kevin. Kevin was skinny (5'8" and 130 pounds) and he wore pop bottles for glasses too. We hung around through most of middle school and high school in a bit of a lonely heart club. We actually started to date some our senior year when it became apparent no one else had much of an interest in either one of us.

Kevin was the first, and only, guy that I have had sex with. It started late in our senior year as the heavy petting moved to oral sex, and then culminated on the night of our senior prom when I finally let Kevin make love to me. Kevin was about average in size I guess, maybe 5" long when he was erect. And it was the first experience for both of us. So it was brief and bit clumsy, but it still felt good.

Over the summer we would hook up every week or so and mess around. I'd like to say it was getting better, but I really don't like to lie. But what Kevin lacked in sexual prowess, I must say he tried to make up for with enthusiasm!

During the summer, Kevin and I finally decided to get contacts. By late August, we were both free from glasses. Even with the contacts, Kevin was still, well, Kevin. But between my breasts finally growing into a very perky 34-B and with my contact lenses allowing people to now see my big sky blue eyes, I was starting to get some attention that I never had before. The attention was primarily expressed in stares and cat calls of the local guys, but hey, it was a start! I had grown very nicely into my 5'3", 105 pound frame.

Kevin and I both enrolled at Ohio State in the fall. I went into journalism. Kevin did too, not because he had any great interest in writing, but he really wanted to hang with me like high school.

I was on scholarship and it was important for me to maintain my grades. So I made a promise to myself, no dating (other than hooking up with Kevin occasionally for sex), just studying. This kept Kevin happy and allowed me to start the first quarter with a 4.00 GPA.

The first quarter was tough on Kevin though. I had a lot of guys that would hit on me in the library or in class while Kevin was with me. Most of the guys were Black, oddly. They were by far the biggest offenders of Kevin's territory, often times totally ignoring him as they would tell me how they wanted me and how they would do me. It was crude to say the least. I never gave them any response and they would eventually pimp off.

There was like one black girl in our high school, so I don't think Kevin or I was prepared to handle the cultural differences. It may have been college, but these guys were definitely not rocket scientists and definitely lacking in any of the social graces that I was brought up under. I'm guessing most were in their first, and last, quarter at Ohio State.

Unfortunately, Kevin didn't do to well his first quarter either. He was placed on academic probation and had to sit out 2nd quarter. He was really bummed. And in spite of his nerdiness, I'll miss him too. He was, after all, my safety net.

In the first week of 2nd quarter, I went to the Lantern (the OSU student newspaper) to get my assignment for the upcoming edition. Most of the 1st quarter I did restaurant reviews, which were not a bad gig!

The editor was a senior named Matt. Matt was a very good writer, but lacked any organizational skills, which can be helpful when you are the senior editor. When I walked in, Matt looked like he was at his wits end.

"What's wrong Matt," I said, "you look flustered."

"Damn," he exalted, "Steve (the sports editor) went on a three day bender and can't make the Heisman recognition dinner for JD Williams tonight. And of course, Ray, the associate sports editor, tried to out do Steve and he was so blitzed, well we still can't find him. I have no one to go cover the recognition dinner tonight, and it's a page one story. No one... and it starts in less than two hours. And it's black tie too."

"Why don't you cover it Steve," I asked?

"I have to finish up the rest of the layout tonight, I can't leave Katie," he screamed, "I have the whole back section to do yet. Then he paused for a second, looked at me, and smiled broadly.

"Katie, what are you doing tonight?"

"A restaurant review," I questioned hopefully....

"No, I don't think that's what the stars have in mind for you this evening. I think you have just been anointed the 'acting' sports editor for the Lantern. Let me look at you," he said.

I just had on a short black casual dress under my rain coat. Not exactly black tie attire I thought.

Matt looked me over and said, "Well, not exactly black tie attire, but you're cute enough to get away with it. Here, let me get you some back ground material on Williams so you don't make a complete fool of yourself."

Matt paused for a second, realizing that he sounded pretty harsh and said, "Don't worry Katie, you'll do fine. This guy has an IQ of about 80 and he'll spend most of the interview just staring at you. Go over this background material and you'll have him eating out of your hand." With that Matt flipped the Williams file to me.

"And here is your press pass for the event," Matt said, "Have fun kiddo!"

I took my coat off and began my review of the various articles and clippings in the file. JD "The Freak" Williams was 6'8", weighed 265 pounds, played tight end in football, and was a power forward on the basketball team. He ran a 4.3 forty and had a 40" vertical leap.

He was an All American in basketball last season and in football this season. JD had a great senior season in football with 105 receptions, 28 receiving touchdowns, and 8 more rushing TDs. Even as a casual fan, I knew that was an incredible season.

He also won the Heisman Trophy this year as the best football player in the country, the first time for a tight end.

Williams had a pretty impressive athletic background. The only thing I was really in the dark about was, why the nick name? "The Freak" seemed like an odd moniker. I jotted down a reminder on my note pad to follow up on that item. I looked up at the clock and it was already 7:15 PM. With the dinner starting at 7:30, I had to hustle to get over to the campus center for the event.

"See you Matt," I said as I threw on my rain coat back on and headed out the door. Matt was in the back of the Lantern office and I heard him yell back, "Remember Katie, it's a page one story!"

It had been unseasonably warm for January in Ohio. But the air had cooled significantly over the last couple hours and it was looking like it could snow. With only my light rain coat on, I reached the Campus Center just before my body parts started to turn blue. I was regretting not dressing warmer and a little more appropriately. I only had a pair of thongs on under my skimpy casual dress. Hell, I thought I would be doing a review of some "grill and kill it" diner, not attending a black tie event. Oh well....

The guard at the door stopped me, examined my press credentials, and pointed me toward the press box. When I reached the press area, it was already completely filled. Damn, I knew I should have left earlier. I chatted with a local newspaper writer that I recognized. He suggested I just go down on the main floor and watch the presentation. He said he would make sure that my name was added to the Williams interview list.

He told me that the press coordinator would come down and get me when it was my turn, but it might be a little later in the evening, because the major publications always get first dibs. By tradition, the Lantern usually got the last interview.

I headed back down to the main floor. I found a table at the back of the seating area that had an open seat. It was filled with four older couples who were, I suspected, part of the athletic booster program. The meals were being served and the dinner speeches were just beginning.

The first few speakers were past Heisman trophy winners. I recognized the names but don't really remember any of them playing. Finally, the key note speaker stepped up. It was the outgoing president of the university. She lauded JD not only for his athletic skills, but for the academic excellence he achieved at the university. His last two years at Ohio State JD was an academic All American. I reflected back to what Matt, my editor, said earlier about William's IQ being about 80. It's odd that Matt was so far off base. He was usually very accurate with his statements.

JD spoke briefly after the President. His speech was short but fairly well executed. It was the usual assortment of thanking everyone on the team, the coaches, his teachers, et al, for helping him get to where he was today. Even though it was a tad trite, he delivered it with seemingly genuine sincerity.

That pretty much wrapped up the evening's agenda and the four older couples excused themselves. They were rushing off to see if they could get a football autographed. The hall emptied pretty quickly, and other than the clean up crew, I was about the last person left. It was about 9:10. I took the time to review my notes just to make sure that I "didn't make a fool of myself" as Matt put it.

Finally, at about 10:30 a short stocky guy came running across the room.

"Have you seen Steve from the Lantern." he shouted?

"That would be me tonight" I responded

He paused and then with a smirk said, "Whatever, follow me missy. You don't have long, JD's limo is here and he wants to head home."

And with his short fat legs pumping quickly, he headed back to the press area with me chasing behind.

"Whoa shorty, where are you going in such a rush," echoed a large voice. The short fat press assistant threw his hands in the air and continued back to the press room.

I stopped in my tracks; in front of me stood a giant of a man. It was JD Williams. I knew he was big, but from the back of the room where I had dinner, you didn't get the same sense of the magnitude of his size as you do when standing directly in front of him. He had to tower over me by at least a foot and a half.

I must have been staring and had my mouth gaping open, because he just started laughing.

"Where's Steve," he cracked. "Don't tell me he went on another three day bender?"

"Steve had a scheduling conflict and..."

"Yeah, yeah," JD interrupted me, "he scheduled one to many bars the night before and that conflicted with his sobriety! You don't need to cover for his dead ass. OK, lets go to the limo," JD said as he headed toward the exit, "What's your name again?"

"Katie," I responded, "and why are we heading to the limo Mr. Williams?"

"Well, it's like this Katie," JD paused, "Steve and I have this tradition. He's always gets the last interview and we do it back at my pad. He usually brings the beer though, you got the beer Katie?"

"Uh, not exactly," I stammered, "you see my editor said..."

"Just kidding Katie," JD laughed, "I think there may be a couple left from the last time Steve came over. You got to lighten up some girl."

And before I knew it, there I was in the back of a big black limo sitting next to JD Williams. And damn he was big. He towered over me even more sitting down.

"Do you drive," I asked somewhat lamely?

"Yup," JD smiled, "But the university insists on this limo thing. I guess they think it will help keep me out of trouble. At least I don't get any DWI's."

"So I didn't realize you were also an Academic All American during the last two years in school," I stated a little more boldly.

"Yeah, well I did ok," said JD, "But probably not that good. You see, I promised myself many years ago that if I had the opportunity to make big money, I wouldn't end up like most of the brothers who are flat broke the year after they leave professional sports. Hell, last year during the NBA strike, most of the nigga's were broke after their first week with no paycheck. And these guys were pulling down $5 million a year - so sad."

"So after one year of majoring in African studies, which is short for 'getting the brothas through school without going to class', I switched my major to Finance and Economics. Pissed off the coaches, but I knew I needed to understand money to manage wealth effectively.

"But why don't you think you deserve to be an Academic All American JD," I questioned.

JD said, "Well, most of the Profs were surprised beyond belief that a star black athlete was even showing up for class, let alone majoring in finance. And I attended every day, turned in every assignment, participated in the discussions, the whole nine yards. But trust me, I saw the work others were doing, and mine didn't compare. Quite frankly, mine was probably C, C+ material tops. But, I think I exceeded their expectations so much, that's what earned me the grades. Bottom line, I made sure I learned what I needed to know, and that was how to manage wealth."

The limo pulled over and stopped in front of a two story hillside home, looking out over a deep ravine. It looked very nice. JD saw that I was surprised.

"Hey, it comes with the turf baby," JD smiled. "Wait until you see the inside."

We went inside and it was, as JD said, very nice. The center hall opened up to a large great room with a glass wall along the back of the room and a stone fire place in the center.

"Have a seat on the couch," JD said, "I'll grab you a beer."

"I don't know if I should," I said meekly as I sat on the couch.

"Don't worry," JD laughed as he went into the kitchen, "I won't tell Steve you hit his stash!" He came back in the room smiling with two MGDs.

"Go ahead and make yourself at home Katie, I'm going to get out of this tux and into something a little more comfortable," JD said as he headed across the room and disappeared down a hall.

I took a big gulp of the beer. It tasted good. I don't drink very often, but I was starting to feel a little nervous. Maybe the beer will help relax me. After I took a second big gulp, I fumbled through my notes.

I couldn't tell if the nervousness was from worrying about the interview or anticipation of something else. After finishing my beer, I concluded it wasn't the interview that I was concerned about. It was the sexual tension I was beginning to sense. Looking back, I think it started in the limo. It must have been a combination of JD putting me at ease along with his sheer physical presence.

JD startled me as he re-entered the room and I dropped my notes. I totally fumbled around trying to pick them up; I'm sure it was because JD had only a pair of boxers on as he came into the room. And my God, he was built.....

His chest looked like it was carved from granite and there was not an ounce of fat anywhere on his body as he gracefully moved across the room. He stopped in front of me, looking down, smiling.

I finally felt my notes on the floor and picked them up, but I never really took my eyes off of JD's magnificent body. And he continued to smile and gaze at me.

After what seemed to be a very long pause, JD, still smiling said, "Katie, the strap on your dress has slipped off your shoulder and you may be showing a little more than you intend to."

I glanced down and to my shock the strap of my dress had slipped off my shoulder and both of my nipples were exposed over top of my dress. They must have been out the whole time I was trying to pick up my notes. I took a deep breath, looked back up at JD, and then slowly pulled my dress strap back up on my shoulder. I was trying to cover my embarrassment by being cool about it. Not sure if I was really able to pull that off though.

JD smiled and slowly reached down to pick up my empty beer. As he headed back to the kitchen to get another round of drinks he said, "Katie, if it makes you feel better, I didn't see anything. But if I would have seen anything, I would have told you how absolutely beautiful your breasts are."

"Thanks," I managed to sputter out just above a whisper, much more for the second comment than the first, I thought.

JD returned with two beers for us. He sat on the couch next to me. His presence was so large it was almost, no not almost, it was surreal.

"Uh, your next, uh, next draft, I mean next combine....," I was stuttering badly as I tried to shape an interview question. The sexual tension I was feeling was intense and I was having difficulty concentrating on just asking a simple question.

JD looked at me and calmly said, "Lets take a break Katie."

"Sure," I chirped while taking another big gulp of my beer.

JD rose off the couch and took me by my hand. He led me over to the glass doors overlooking a large deck.

"That is the nicest hot tub in Columbus, right there Katie," JD smiled pointing to the large steaming tub against the backdrop of trees and falling snow. "It's starting to snow and the moon is full, it doesn't get any nicer than this Katie."

With that JD opened the glass door, and with his back to me, slipped off his boxers and headed toward the recessed hot tub. His physique was incredible. His back was rippled with muscles. His legs were solid masses of muscle. And his ass was the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen. He slowly walked toward the hot tub. I watched, mesmerized, as he glided over to the tub. He slowly disappeared as he stepped down into the steamy water.

I sat down in a chair next to the glass doors, sucked up my breath, and slipped my dress over my head.

Things were moving so quickly, I felt as if I was spinning out of control as I sat topless less than 20 feet away from JD.

I like staying in control, so this was not a nice feeling. But my physical attraction to this man was overwhelming my senses. And my desire to maintain control was quickly loosing ground to my own physical desire.

I heard JD call out from the just beyond the still open glass doors, "The water feels great Katie, you need to come in."

"JD, I really don't have anything to wear out to the tub," I called back.

"Hey Katie, it's not like I haven't seen your breasts already, and from what I saw, they were way too beautiful to keep covered anyway. Now get out here before I come back in and drag you out here."

My top was off and I started to go out but sat back down on the couch instead. I was almost breathless with anticipation of what might be happening. After pausing for a moment, I took another deep breath and pulled my thong off as well.

One more deep breath I thought, and I'm going for it. At that moment I looked up and saw JD standing in the doorway staring at me, with just a towel around his mid section. Speechless, I just laid back on the couch and admired the most incredible physical specimen I have ever seen.

The feeling and the moment was apparently being shared by JD as well.

"You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen Katie," JD said barely above a whisper. "Absolutely and completely stunning," he repeated.

We stared at each other in mutual admiration, lust, and anticipation for several poignant moments.

JD came over and gently picked me up off the couch. I literally felt lost in his grasp of his large hands and arms as he carried me outside. The snow was coming down heavier now but I could not feel the cold at all. I felt safe and warm all over in JDs big arms as I closed my eyes and nuzzled against his massive chest.
The next thing I felt was the hot steam escaping the water as we entered the hot tub. JD sat me on one of the seats in the tub and he sat directly in front of me. The water came up to just under my breasts and it felt wonderful.

"Ok Katie, one more question, and then we are done with the interview for tonight. Fire away."

"JD Williams, why do they call you 'The Freak'," I asked, proud that at least I remembered one of my questions and still had enough composure to deliver it with some gusto.

JD laughed out loud. "Two reasons Katie, one football related, one not. In football, I basically run most of my sets as a wide receiver, not a tight end. That makes me a 6'9" 270 pound WR, and more often than not, I being covered by some one who is about 5'9". I'm way too strong for them to check me at the line, far too tall for them to cover, and flat out too fast for them to stick with. And in football terms, that makes me a 'Freak'. "

"Makes sense," I responded, "So, JD, what is the non-football related reason for the nick- name?"

"I'm not sure you're ready for the other reason they call me 'The Freak' Katie," JD said with a sly smile.

"Hey, I'm a big girl JD, I can handle it ...Come on, tell me," I pleaded.

JD smiled at me for a few more moments, and then he slowly stood up and positioned himself directly in front of me.

Dangling in front of my eyes was what had to be the largest cock in the world. It was shiny black, the moon light glistening off the water that beaded across the surface of his skin. It had to be over a foot long and it had the circumference of a damn coke can. Jesus, it was longer and thicker than my forearm!

I looked up at JD and asked sheepishly "Oh my gawd," I stuttered, "can I.....can I touch it?"

JD had a very sincere smile and gently said, "Absolutely Katie. And now," he said softly, "You know the other reason they call me 'The Freak'."

I wrapped my hand around the shiny slick shaft of JD's cock. It was so thick that my fingers didn't touch. I could feel his cock begin to move about and pulsate as I touched it and ran my hand along his shaft. Incredibly, it was starting to get longer, thicker, and more erect right in front of my eyes.

The excitement of touching and feeling his huge cock was incredible as it grew even larger. I squeezed and stroked JD's cock and it jumped and gyrated within my grasp. I leaned toward JD and gently guided his large cock to my mouth. My God, I thought, I'll never get that in my mouth - but I had to try.

My mouth could barely stretch over the bulbous head of his cock that I swear was the size of a small black fist. As it finally slid into my mouth, I circled his head with my tongue and stroked his shaft with both my hands. JD softly grasped my head and moved it in rhythm with his hips as he slowly pushed his cock in and pulled out of my eager mouth.

JD was rock hard now. The power his cock exuded was incredible and I was totally mesmerized as it slid in and out of my mouth. JD moved one of his hands down to my breasts and began to caress me. His hand literally covered both of my breasts.

"Your nipples are beautiful Katie," JD said, "They are the pinkest nipples I have ever seen."

I would have thanked him for the compliment, but I really couldn't say anything with my mouth full.

He slipped his hands under my arms and slowly lifted me up, out of the water. I placed my arms around his bull neck and wrapped my legs around his waist as he pulled me toward him. I was being supported by the long shaft of his rigid cock between my legs and JD had moved both his large hands and had them cupped under my ass for additional stability.

JD slowly moved my ass up and down the length of his hard cock, rubbing my pussy back and forth across the entire length of his shaft. My pussy was dripping wet, a result of being in the hot tub and of my sexual desire being totally out of control, and it slid easily back and forth across JDs throbbing cock.

I looked JD in the eyes and gave his a soft sensuous kiss. He had the softest lips I have ever kissed. My mouth just seemed to melt into his. I let my tongue dart between his soft lips and I playfully caressed his tongue. The next think I knew, my mouth was filled with JD's tongue. Like his cock, it was rather large and it filled my mouth as I sucked on it.

"Let's go back inside Katie, I want to fuck you bad," JD said.

I think I managed a make a sound that was reasonably close to a yes and JD stepped out of the hot tub, with me still draped around his body, and carried me into the house. My arms were still wrapped around his neck, my legs wrapped around his waist, and my head was buried in the warmth and safety of his chest as we moved through the living room to his bedroom.

JD laid me down on the king size bed and gazed at me as he went over to the master bath. He returned with towels.

"Here gorgeous, dry your self off some," JD said.

JD stood beside the bed drying his magnificent body. I never took my eyes off his still bulging cock. Satisfied that he was sufficiently dry, JD slid in beside me on the bed, and we began kissing again.

He rolled over on top of me. It was almost frightening to have someone that large on top of you. JD must have sensed my fear as he paused and said, "Don't worry Katie, I'll be gentle."

And then JD slid his cock down and then back up across my still soaking wet pussy. He slowly repeated the motion up and down, up and down, sending shivers through my body. JD continued this for the next 5 minutes while kissing me softly and sweetly.

Every so often, JD would start to gently push the head of his cock into my pussy and then he would pull it out and go back to rubbing his shaft up and down between my legs. Every time he did this my anticipation grew and I could feel myself building toward an orgasm.

I came two, maybe three times during this foreplay. It was incredible and he had not really put his cock in me yet.

But now, with each pass up and down his shaft JD would stop and push the head of his cock a little deeper into me. Even though my pussy was soaking wet, he was still meeting a lot of resistance. No doubt a result of his extra large cock and my very tight pussy. Something was going to have to give.

Finally JD was able to work the head of his cock completely into my pussy. Even at that point, I felt filled. He started moving the head of his cock in and out a little quicker. It felt so good.

But I wasn't prepared for what happened next. JD thrust hard and about half his cock made it into my pussy and he pulled it out just as quickly. Even though it was a quick move that lasted no more than a few seconds, it literally took my breath away as I let out a loud gasp.

"Oh my God, JD, oh God you are so huge," I gasped.

And before I could say anything else, JD thrust again, a little harder and a little deeper. And then again, harder and deeper, and again..... My eyes rolled back into my head as the intensity of the pleasure and pain was causing me to almost pass out.

JD was now fucking me hard, even though he was only able to get about half his cock into my pussy. The bed was rocking hard against the wall and I swear the walls seemed to be moving, hell the whole room seemed to be spinning. I was breathless and really was just holding on to him as tight as I could, screaming now with each savage thrust of his muscular 270 pound frame and his pulsating cock.

"Katie," JD said between thrusts, "Your pussy is so tight, so damn tight, it feels great wrapped around my cock."

I think I managed to grunt a barely audible affirmative sound. I couldn't really form sentences in between my gasps and screams as JD's cock pushed into parts of my pussy that had never been reached before.

I was having orgasm after orgasm, each seemingly a little bigger and stronger than the last. I was cumming so much that my pussy was soaked in my own juices and a large wet spot was forming on the bed under my ass.

The sight of JD's cock ramming into my hot pink pussy was intense, but the squishing sound of my pussy juices being pushed in and pulled out was just incredible.

I was literally on the verge of blacking out from the intensity when JD rolled me over and mounted me from behind doggy style. My arms and legs were so weak from the furious fucking that I could barely hold up my 105 pound frame.

JD sensed that I was hanging from a thread and he slowed his strokes as he slowly pushed his massive throbbing cock into my soaking wet pussy. He was moving slower, but now with longer and deeper strokes. Within minutes I was totally orgasmic again, experiencing one monster orgasm right after another.

JD was working his cock deeper and deeper into my tight pussy. With every penetrating stroke I would find myself literally gasping for air. It was as if he was pushing the air out of my lungs with each pounding stroke of his massive cock.

My arms were so shaky and weak they finally gave out and my head fell into the fluffy pillow as JD continued to pound my pussy, driving deeper and deeper. His thrusts were now driving my whole body deeper into the pillow as he started fucking faster and harder. My eyes were rolled completely back in my head and I felt lightheaded. I had no idea that sex could be like this, none at all. The mingling of pain and pleasure had me in a state of arousal that was indescribable.

JD's whole cock now disappeared into my pussy with each massive stroke in and he was pulling his monster cock almost completely out before thrusting powerfully back in. My juices were flying out of my pussy with each penetrating stroke. I could feel my juices splash over my ass and my legs as it squirted out.

"Holy shit Katie, you are coming like a freight train," JD shouted. "Damn girl," JD said with obvious pride, "you are making a lake on my bed."

Sure enough, under our sweaty bodies there was a puddle of my pussy juice that had squirted out during my many intense orgasms.

JD was a machine, he had fucked me furiously and non-stop for over an hour in every imaginable position. My orgasms were so intense that I actually started to black out briefly as I came. Both of us were drenched in combination of our sweat and the juices which were flowing freely from my pussy.

My pussy was stretched beyond what I could ever imagine possible. As JD pulled his pounding cock out of my pussy with an audible pop, I could only imagine how wide my pussy must be gaping.

JD positioned himself back in the missionary position and started fucking harder than he had all night.

"Katie, I'm getting close, I'm going to come hard," JD said deeply. "Can I cum on your face Katie?"

"Oh God yes, JD," I panted.

I wanted to tell him how much I wanted to suck every drop of his cum, but JD was fucking me so intensely that I couldn't even talk. His muscular 270 pound frame was slamming me with such force that his King size bed was moving across the room.

Suddenly I had my biggest orgasm yet. I found myself screaming hysterically as I tried to match his massive thrusts with my tiny 105 pound frame while every nerve in my body was exploding with tingling sensations.

JD pulled his monstrous, throbbing cock out of my pussy and scooted up until he was straddling my face. His cock was looming directly in front of my face. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It was engorged with blood and I could see it throbbing. It was slick and shiny with my juices coating the entire unbelievable length

I could see some of his juices had already starting to seep out of his cock. I gently took my tongue and licked the first few drops and then slid and swirled my tongue around the huge head of his cock.

As JD stroked his huge cock he grasped the back of head pulled me closer. I could hear his breathing getting more rapid and I opened my mouth in eager anticipation of his climax.

"Oh Katie," screamed JD, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming hard," as he ran his big hand up and down the massive shaft.

JD exploded into my wide open mouth. The first shot was so strong that it stung as it hit the back of my mouth. His second and third shots were equally strong and my mouth quickly filled with his cum. The next shot I felt across my cheek, followed by shots off my forehead, the side of my nose, and again on my cheek. There was so much cum in my mouth that it was flowing out of both sides as well as down my throat.

JD shoved his still squirting cock back into my mouth and I sucked as vigorously as I could on the huge head. I wanted to suck every drop of cum from his beautiful cock.

"Katie, I can't tell you how beautiful you look sucking my cock with my cum all over your face."

JD pulled his cock slowly out of my mouth. I wrapped both of my hands around his cock and held his head above my mouth. I licked off copious amounts of cum that remained around his head and was still seeping from the tip of his cock. I licked and sucked and swallowed every drop of his juice that I could find on his magnificent tool.

JD rolled over and smiled.

"Katie, I think you need a shower girl," he softly said.

"Yes, but I don't think I can walk JD," I said, "and I'm not just saying that."

JD picked me up from the bed and carried me into the shower. I was able to stand, barely, and he turned on the shower for me.

He did not leave; he stood and watched me shower. We stared intently at each other as I soaped up my body, realizing that what we experienced that evening was a special time for both of us.

"Katie," JD said haltingly, "Would you come to Chicago with me for the NFL draft next week?"

It was the first time I heard anything but total confidence in his voice.

I smiled at JD, but paused before responding. Sometimes you don't have to have 270 pounds of muscle to be powerful. And at that moment, I sensed that it was I who had all the power....

Coming next.... The NFL Draft

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