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I exposed my black pussy to the american
It was a long day of classes, immature people, and meaningless assignments. As I walked down the stairs, all I could think about was getting home and maybe working out or lying by the pool. I got in my car and called Chris (my husband) to let him know I was out of school and on my way home. Usually, we would talk a few minutes about how our days were going, but he quickly cut me off and said he had to make a phone call. So we hung up and I got on the highway, heading home. About ten minutes went by and he called back. He told me he was sorry for being so short, but he had to make a quick call. I asked who he had to call and he just said his boss. I didn't think anything of it at that moment. We talked for a few minutes and he had to get back to work, so we hung up and I continued on my way home.

It was a nice sunny day, so I was thinking when I got home I would go lay out by the pool and give my summer tan a jump start, but by the time I got home, the sun was being covered up by a lot of clouds so I figured I would just relax and watch some TV. Boy was I wrong.

I walked in the house and put my heavy-ass book bag on the couch then went in to the kitchen to get something to snack on. While I had my head stuck in the fridge, I could hear the water in our bathroom running. It sounded like the shower. I walked in to the bedroom (which is connected to the bathroom) and saw the light was on. Scared the shit out of me! I was about to call the cops but as I hurried over to the phone on the night stand, I noticed a note folded up on the bed. It read:

"Hey sexy - It's me, Shane. Don't freak out! I know you weren't expecting me. Chris asked me to come over and play with you while he was at work. I wasn't going to turn it down. He wanted it to be a surprise for you. If you're not in the mood - I understand, just stick your head in the bath room let me know. If you are, then get naked and come join me


Well needless to say - I was very excited after reading it was Shane in the shower and by the end of this note and was really beginning to get hot and bothered. I had all kinds of thoughts running through my head. Mainly, what it was going to be like to play with him without Chris. Awkward? Maybe. Exciting? Absolutely!

Well, I was about to find out. I unbuttoned my jeans and let them slide down my legs to the floor. After stepping out of them, I reached under my shirt and unlatched my bra; I was wearing a spaghetti strap top, so I pulled my bra out through the arm holes. All I had on now was my thong and the shirt. I walked in the bathroom slowly, anticipating the hunk behind the curtain. The mirrors were all steamed up, so I couldn't see him in the reflection, which made me sad, because I so wanted to just look at him for a minute before he saw me.

I suppose I opened the door a little too fast cause he heard me coming in and he peeked around the shower curtain and looked dead at me.

He smiled and said "I guess you're in the mood."

I smiled and said "Of course!"

He asked me how long until I got in the shower with him and I told him to wait a few minutes and I walked in and sat on the counter directly across from the shower. He continued to smile and grin. I could see the excited "little boy look" on his face as I opened my legs and slid the front of my panties over. I exposed my pussy and asked him what he wanted to do to it. He started to tell me he was going to fuck me so hard, my neighbors would here us.

I told him "I don't want them to think I'm cheating on Chris."

That's when he told me what Chris told him. Make sure the neighbors hear. I just laughed thinking that sounds just like him. I then lifted my shirt above my tits, not yet removing the shirt and started to twirl my finger around my nipple, making it hard. You see, my whole plan here was to make him hard before I got in, and apparently it worked because he kept stepping back away from the curtain as if to try and hide his huge cock. It didn't take very long for me to become totally aroused. I asked him if I was getting to him and he responded with a big smile... I knew I was, just as much he was getting to me.

I lifted myself up off the counter and slid my panties down to my knees. He fingered me to come closer and I did. As I got to the edge of the shower, he reached down and slid two fingers into my wet pussy and kissed me hard on the lips. I almost came from just the kiss. His other hand reached from inside the shower and grabbed my left tit and he started to play with me, sending sensations all over my body.

He took off my shirt and started to lick my neck and shoulder. I was getting really aroused now and wanted to get in. I took my hand and gently took his fingers out of me, took off my panties and stepped into the shower. His hands started on my tits. His lips touched my neck, then my ear, then my nipple and then my belly. He was going down, he took his fingers that were inside me and placed them on my lips. I began to suck the juices off them as he lifted my leg up to rest on the edge of the bath tub. After a few seconds of him teasing my clit with his tongue, he took his fingers back then gripped my ass with both hands. His tongue was in me pretty deep and his hands were pressing me into him from behind.

I could feel one of his fingers close to my ass hole and I reached around and pushed it towards my hole hoping he would get the hint and he did. He took his finger and stuck it in me slowly at first and gradually picked up the pace and started full out fingering my ass. While he was eating me, he took his other hand off my ass and placed two fingers in my pussy and the whole time all I could do was try to keep my balance. It felt so good having him do all that to me, but all I could think about was getting his dick in my mouth.

As he was eating/fingering/making me cum, I was staring at his throbbing cock down below and just seeing how big it had gotten was contributing to my orgasms. After about three of them, I started to pull away from him so I could repay the favor. As he stood up I saw he had some of my juices on his mouth. I started to lick it all off with the tip of my tongue. After cleaning him off and some tongue play, I pushed him back softly for him to sit on the edge of the garden tub. He sat down as I knelt to the bottom in front of him.

The water was rushing down my back shielding his large cock for my enjoyment. His legs were spread open, each foot resting on either edge of the tub, allowing full access to every part of his balls and cock.

I took both hands and wrapped them around his shaft and then stuck the remaining three inches in my mouth. Slowly at first, I stroked up and down with my hands in the same rhythm with my mouth. After a few minutes of this I could feel him starting to thrust into me so I removed my first hand and tried my best to take him deeper into my mouth. I picked up the pace a little before I got about half of him in me. I almost gagged. Yes I have a reflex and it sucks.

I had one hand still on the base of his shaft stroking him and the head was in my mouth. I was licking the tip with my tongue from the inside of my mouth and I took my time to taste every inch of it. I took him out and started to lick him from his balls all the way up the bottom part of his head, up and over to the tip and then I put my head down again. I went a little faster this time over his shiny thick head. I kept some eye contact with him and could tell he loved it. I wanted to make him cum, so I kept allowing my spit to run down his shaft so that I could use it for lubrication for my hands. I was using one hand to stroke him near the base of his head in correspondence with my mouth and the other hand was playing with his big ass balls. I swear they were the size of eggs. I licked them occasionally and even sucked on them a little, which he seemed to love. He kept trying to reach me, which was hard to do from where we were sitting and now he knows how I felt when I couldn't reach him about 15 minutes earlier.

All this oral action was making my jaw sore and I really wanted him to cum. I stopped with the oral action and went to just jacking his huge dick off. It took both hands to cover two thirds of it, but I used both hands and told him when he gets close I wanted it on my tits. He continued this for a few minutes and then he got up quickly and started to jack off, I leaned back a little so I could watch him squirt my boobs and then it all came out. After he was done, I rinsed off all of his cum with the water and asked how he liked that. He just smiled and then asked me if we should go in the room now. We both agreed that we should go get on the bed. We turned the water off, stepped out of the shower and dried each other off. He picked me up and placed me over his shoulder, probably on purpose so that on the way to the bed he could finger me in my pussy as he carried me.

When we got to the bed, he scared me a little because he flipped me around so that my legs were opened in front of his face and his yet again throbbing cock was right at my disposal, in front of my face. I commented on how strong he was and before I could finish he was deep in my pussy again with his tongue. I could only moan a little while I tried to get his dick in my mouth without using my hands. Finally got it and did my best to go down on him while I was trying to hold myself out-wards from him with my hands on his thighs. After a few minutes in this position, he took me and bent me over towards the bed so that we both stayed in the 69 position and he released me so I fell on the bed. He placed his cock back in my mouth and held my head so he could control the strokes in and out.

That turned me on even more so I grabbed his ass and helped to push him in to me. After a few minutes, he leaned forward to reach my, now – soaked and dripping wet pussy. I felt his hands touch me on the sides of my body and firmly move down towards my ass. Once they got there I could feel how strongly he was pressing my ass up into his face.

I took my hands and grabbed his ass from around his legs the best I could and pulled me up into him anyway. His legs were on either side of me and his balls were just hanging over my head. He suddenly stopped for a second and I felt his hands release my ass cheek and I wondered what he was going to do now. Just as I finished that very thought, I felt his warm, wet finger enter in my ass again. He spit on my pussy and let it run down to my ass hole, further lubricating my tight hole.

I was feeling very freaky by now and although I knew I would never be able to take his dick in my ass, I wanted to see how many fingers I could fit in there. So I took his dick outta my mouth and told him to try two fingers. As he tried to put them in I noticed he was being extra careful to not hurt me, and I liked that. I figured he would try and get rough or something and he didn't. Finally got his middle and pointer finger in my ass and I told him to stick four in my pussy with his other hand and he did. It wasn't hard either because I was so wet. They just slid right in. All I could think was this was going to be the closest I would ever get to a DP...it was great. I think I came like three times...in like 5 minutes.

I was happy and so ready for him to just ravish my body and fuck me till Chris got home. I turned my head over to glance at the clock and noticed my phone had been blinking, Chris must have either called or messaged me, and he must know what's going on since I didn't answer or message him back. I could just picture him at his office, jacking off to the thought of me and Shane fucking in our bed. I just thought at the next position switch I would call him and went back to focusing on the huge dick touching my cheek. I tried to catch it in my mouth w/out using my hands again and I finally got it. As soon as I got it in my mouth I could feel my pussy tightening up around Shane's fingers and I knew I was about to cum again.

I had lost count by now how many times I had actually came, but I know I had more to come, because his dick hadn't even touched my pussy yet. I could feel Shane's dick getting more and more swollen in my mouth as he used his big fingers to fuck me. Just as I thought about fucking him, he came in my mouth. At first, it surprised me and I felt him lift up as if to try and pull out but I pressed him back down into my mouth. I loved it! I had never had someone just cum in my mouth without telling me. It was so hot. I swallowed every drop and stroked his dick dry while he just flinched and moaned on top of me.

I figured I would have to work a little to get him back up again, but I was wrong. After a few minutes of me sucking his soft cock, he turned around, got off me and grabbed my tits in both hands. He kissed me deeply as if to try and get some of his cum back. His tongue went almost to my throat. After a few minutes of our lips touching and hands all over each other, his dick was at attention once again. I grabbed his chest and pressed him backwards off of me so that I could mount his throbbing rod and ride it.

I grabbed a condom off the night stand and placed it in his hand, he ripped it open and slid it on, I grabbed the base of his dick and sat right on top of it. Starting slow, I took him all the way in me, I could almost feel him in my stomach he was so deep. After the third or fourth stroke up wards I leaned forwards and placed my head on the side and softly blew into his ear and just moved my ass up and down on his dick, trying to keep him still. Which was pretty hard, being his dick was almost as big as me. (NOT REALLY -- BUT IT IS BIG.) It was pretty hard to keep him from squirming.

I had almost forgotten about calling Chris, so I reached over and grabbed my phone and dialed Chris. It took a few rings but he answered. He could tell I was short on breath and asked if I was having fun, I told him I was. It was hot talking to him while Shane and I were fucking. Never in my life had I been so turned on. Chris wanted me to leave the phone on the table and just let him listen so I did, but only for a little while.

After about ten minutes of my screaming and moaning into the phone, I told Shane to hold on. I reached over and grabbed the phone to see if Chris was still there. He was. I asked him if he was enjoying the sounds and he said he was. I told him abruptly, I had to hang up now and leave the rest for his imagination. As I hung up, I could feel Shane sliding his dick back into my wet, slippery pussy. He was on his side and I was in front of him. He grabbed my hips and pulled me toward him. I could feel him slowly sliding his hands up around my tits. As he slid in me over and over again, I could feel another orgasm mounting. I wasn't moving much, he was doing all the work at this point and I was kind of glad because I was starting to tire. After a little while of this I made him get on his back again, except this time, I wanted to ride him with my back to him, so I got on top and mounted his huge cock and actually watched as he slid back into me, this time I was in control and he had one hand on my left tit and his other hand was rubbing my clit. I rode him for about ten minutes like this until he sat up and pushed me up and over onto my knees. I was staring back at him and he had this grin going on. I asked what he was thinking and as I did, he grabbed my ass and placed his whole mouth over my entire pussy and started to lick me, my cum was all over his face and I could feel his tongue getting deeper in to me with each lick, he was spreading me open with his hands and I was starting to moan. Then he stuck his fingers in me and started to finger me and pull them out and lick them off. I told him I wanted to taste and he reached around and stuck his fingers in my mouth and I sucked them dry of all my juices.

After he was done doing that, he leaned up over me and slid his dick back inside me and my pussy was spread open once again and he began to thrust into me. He had one hand wrapped around me on one of my tits and the other one was under me cupping my shoulder. He was using the leverage to really get deep and it was working. I could feel him so far in me. I had to scream with every thrust. I arched my back so my ass was sticking up and I laid my head on the pillow, shoulders to the bed and he was now holding me by my waist. It was so hot to feel him pulling me and pushing me, I was just laying there like dead weight. He knew exactly what do with and to me. He was grinding deep and smacking my ass. Just as I was about to cum AGAIN, he grabbed my hair and pulled it back hard. He asked me if I liked it like that and in between moans and screams I told him I loved it. Then we came together in what seemed to be a very long time. My legs were drenched and my pussy was dripping. After all the shivering and shaking stopped, we laid on the bed exhausted until Chris came home...

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