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Her long afro-kinky locks which fell freely down her back swayed
"See Matt? The club is hot, isn't it?" Jim was almost yelling to be heard over the pounding base of the calypso music in the club.

"I guess so." Matt was standing with his back to the bar, left elbow propped on the counter top, Banks beer in his other hand as he examined his atmosphere. He was in Barbados, a small island in the Caribbean on a family holiday. He would have preferred to visit Jamaica and experience the publicised life of the celebrities. For a long time, he had just longed to lie on the beach watching the gorgeous black girls as he pulled on some weed, or as they call it, ganja. However, he was out numbered. His mother, father, older brother and younger sister had all wanted to visit Barbados. They were all mesmerised by the beautiful beaches and wonderful hotels advertised in magazines and finding out that many celebrities had bought houses over there had not made anything better. His younger brother was the only one who was in agreement with him, so the family had decided to form a compromise; this year Barbados, next year will be Jamaica.

Two days into their holiday, Matt found that Barbados was not as bad as he had expected. The island was really small; they had done a tour of the entire island in less than two hours, but the beaches were fantastic. At times, he encountered difficulties understanding the native dialect, but the people appeared to be very friendly nevertheless, and now, as he stood by the bar drinking the local beer and watching the people in the club, he could not help but to notice that Barbados was blessed with a lot of beautiful black women as well.

His attention was fixed on a small group of girls standing almost in a semicircle near the wall adjacent to the bar, simply sipping drinks and moving slightly to the music. Two of the girls were wearing dresses and heels, while the other three wore shorts, blouses and high-heel boots. At first, he thought it was bizarre that they were wearing boots when he was told that Barbados, being a tropical island had a year round climate of about 30 degrees Celsius, meaning that it never got cold or snowed; however, he had later learned that it was the style in the island for girls to wear dress boots when they are going out.

Out of all the girls, his attention was completely stolen by the girl in black. She was the only girl in all black while her friends all wore lighter colours, but this was not what caught his attention. She stood out in many ways. From the angle they both stood, he realised that she had an amazing body. The black shorts she wore reached to about an inch under her behind, and held onto her tightly exposing her voluptuous hips and ass. Her short top which ended near the top of her belly button hugged her closely, completely covering, but not confiding the size and shape of her prized C-cups. As the girl in black moved to the slow rhythm of the raga-soca music, gyrating her waist slowly, her long afro-kinky locks which fell freely down her back swayed, making her even more desirable, and increasing her seduction.

Matt watched in awe, wanting and craving this Bajan girl whose name he did not even know. He had never dated, nor even really paid sexual attention to a black girl before, not because he was racist or anything, but simply because he had never had the opportunity to date out of the Caucasian race. However, now, on this holiday with his family, he was beginning to crave this black girl more than anything. He found that the more he watched the mesmerising movement of her hips and the way she interacted with her friends, the more he wanted to just hold her, get to know her, and perhaps make love to her.

He took a gulp of the cool beer from the bottle he held in his hand, and continued to watch the girl. Every once in a while she would glance in their direction, but he could tell that to her, he was 'just another white guy'. She probably had not even notice him there watching her, and was only looking in the direction of the bar. This made him want to talk to her even more, but he knew that he would probably never approach her. He knew he was a pretty handsome guy; tall, well built, with blue eyes and black hair. At home he never had a problem finding a girlfriend, or even a fuck buddy, but here was different. In a population with about 95% black or black Indians, he knew he probably looked to her as any ordinary tourist.

He was still watching her when her friend who stood directly beside her in a matching blue top to her, tapped her and whispered something into her ear. Giggling, they both turned and look in his direction and continued talking. Embarrassment and fear began to pour within him as he assumed that he had been caught, and not wanting to seem like a creep or a stalker, he quickly looked away.

"Want another beer?" He turned to his brothers for a distraction. "This time it's on me. What do you want?"

"We have to try the Mount Gay, it suppose to be the best rum in the world... or so they say," his younger brother Sam suggested.

"Mate, you realise that These Bajans consider everything they own the best?" Jim replied. "Why would any straight guy even consider drinking something called 'Mount Gay'? Are you fucking kidding me?"

"It's just a fucking name," I interjected. "Are we having it or not?"

"I just want to see what its like," Sam said. "Call for it. We can chase it with some more Banks. At least that's good."

"You want to try a fucking gay rum?" Jim teased.

"You need to fucking grow up, mate. You're the oldest of all of us, and you act like a little girl." Matt looked up at the prices. "I'm calling for the Mount Gay and some Banks."

He turned away from his brothers and faced the bartender. It appeared as if every organ in his body froze for a second as he realised that the Bajan beauty in black who he was admiring was standing directly beside him waiting for the bartender's attention. Up close, it was obvious that she not only possessed a sexy body, but she was also beautiful. Wearing absolutely no make-up and hardly any jewellery, she was a natural beauty. She looked in his direction and their eyes met for a split second before she turned away. Noticing that the bartender was still engaged, she returned her attention to him. He searched desperately for something to say, anything at all that would not make him sound stupid, and would get her to smile, or intrigue her at least, but nothing came to mind. She opened her mouth slightly as if she was about to say something, but smiled slightly and turned away when she realised that the bartender was ready.

"I want two Smirnoff Blacks, and three Heinekens, please," she called as she unwrapped a $50 note.

He strained to hear her voice over the loud music, but from what he could hear, her voice was beautiful. It was a soft female voice and almost velvety smooth, made even more perfect by the sing-song of her Bajan dialect.

"Wunna ready to party?" The DJ's voice sounded over the music, and everyone responded contemporaneously: "Yes!"

: I mean really party. Wunna ready to really party?"

Again, the crowd yelled "Yes!"

"Alright," the DJ went on. "Let we mash up and buy back in hay. When wunna done, let Sugar Ultra Lounge have to buy back a new building, wunna hear me?"

Again, everyone responded "yes!" And with that, the music changed from a slow beat to a louder, faster and a more pulsating rhythm of soca.

Before Matt could even have a chance to gather his courage and approach the girl who he had now christened his black Bajan princess, she had gathered the drinks and disappeared into the crowd. At first he visually searched the crowd for any signs of her or her friends, but finding none, he turned and called for the drinks. He stood there by the bar for a while with his brothers pouring drinks and chatting about everything that was going on in the club for a while, before Sam left and said that he was going to find himself some "black pussy". Not wanting to be stuck with his older brother Jim, he took his drink and walked off looking for his 'Bajan princess'. This time, he promised himself that when he found her, he was going to talk to her.

Passing all kinds of people coupled up and dancing to the music, Matt walked through the crowd still looking for her. He did not pay much attention to the group of guys standing by a table smoking weed, nor did he pay any attention to the girls who appeared to have been in a 'who can wine the best' competition. He was so set on finding his Bajan princess that he did not even notice the girl who laid back flat on a table wildly gyrating or "wukking up" as they call it with her legs wrapped around a guy. On any ordinary day, he would have found it amusing, probably even wonder about what she's like in bed, but tonight, he had a mission, and he was going to find this girl.

It was not until he heard Lil Rick's loud energetic voice through the speakers instructing girls to "try and behave" that he found who he was looking for. She was standing bent over in front of a guy, wining and wukking up her waist in a very sexual manner, while the guy spanked her behind every time Lil Rick said "try and behave" or "You looking fuh lashes!"

Matt just stood there, part in anger, and part in disappointment as he watched the girl and her dancing partner. He knew he could not be angry at her because she had no way of knowing that he was interested in her, but he was angry at himself for not being braver earlier, and angry at the guy for being so disrespectful towards her, especially in public! He knew that it was not the time to approach her, so he stood at a side so that he would not look too strange, and drank his drink while he watched.

The song changed then, and so did her dance. As Big Red's voice was heard on the big speakers commanding girls to "sit down, sit down, sit down pon it", the guy stooped to a squatting position while she bounced and gyrated on him. Even though anger continued to build up within him, Matt could not control the undeniable fact that he was becoming aroused by simply observing the sensual way she was grinding her ass against that guys cock, and he began to wish that it was him she was bouncing on, rather than that guy.

The song finished then and the guy left for a drink. Straightening and fixing herself, the girl looked around, probably looking for her friends, and their eyes met. All his courage fled at once as she smiled her lip-gloss smile and looked away. He knew he had promised himself that he would talk to her, but he also knew that he was probably not the kind of guy she was accustom to. Taking a quick glance around and noticing that the guy was returning, he quickly dismissed his nervousness, and approached her.

Trying to appear brave, he took a few steps into her direction and tapped her on the shoulder. Startled, she spun around, and there they stood face to face. For a moment, both of them said nothing, they just stared at each other, and then she spoke.

"Hi," was all she said, but it was enough to break the ice.

"Hi," he replied. "I'm Matt; can I get you a drink?"

"No thanks," she refused. "I'm good, but thanks for asking. Where you from? You is a Bajan?"

"Uhhh, I'm from the UK," he replied. "What's your name?"

"Akelia," was all she said before turning as the song changed and yelling "my song. Daz my song that playing!" And with that, she obeyed the Jamaican song and started to "bruk it dung".

Matt watched for a while, completely captivated and turned on by the way she moved her body. Her behind went up and down, stuck and twirled as she danced, taking her body lower and lower as she did. Before he knew it, she walked over to him, and with her back to him began to gyrate and wuk up her waist on him, causing his cock to become harder and harder by just the feel of her butt moving against his cock.

His hands took on a mind of their own as he could not help but to touch her. He rested his hands simply on her bare thighs at first as if he was just holding her in place, as he attempted to copy her gyrating movements. She continued to grind and wine up against his crotch, and he was certain that she knew exactly what she was doing to him. There was no way that she could not feel his hardening cock as it begged for a release. His hands slid a little higher then, simply caressing the bare flesh beneath the area where her pants ended. She did not stop him, instead she pressed closer to him and he could tell that it was turning her on as much as he was being turned on.

He did not even notice it when the song changed, but soon she was engaging in a dance which he later learned was called the '6:30'. Spreading her legs a little, she kept her legs straight and butt against his crotch, as she completely bent over until her head was through her opened legs. Her wukking up and gyrating did not cease though. Holding onto her legs to maintain her balance, she pressed back into him and twirled her butt against his stiffened cock. At this point, he could not think of anything else but fucking her. He wanted so badly to fuck this Bajan princess in the same position she was in. He wanted her to stay there with her head between her legs as he plunged his long hardened member deep into her. It was at that moment that shy guy completely left him, and he made up in his mind that before he returned to the UK, he must have this girl to himself.

A song later and he was propped against the rail as Miss Bajan prince lifted one leg around his waist and holding onto him, gyrated against him. From this position he was able to feel it all; her breath in his neck as she was pressed closely under him, the size of her pussy as she gyrated it against his crotch, her hardened nipples as they too begged for attention and protested against the fabric that kept them caged in. It was all too much for him. By now his hands were roaming all over her body; up her sides, feeling the curve of her hips and down and back to her butt. He slowly slid his hands over it for a while before grabbing and squeezing it in his hands.

"I want you," he told her. "From the time I saw you, I wanted you."

She said nothing. She simply continued to wine up against him, her hands now exploring his body, feeling the straightness of his back, the curve of his behind and back up where she ran her fingers through his straight hair.

The music changed again as if the DJ was reading their minds, and slow dancehall and reggae was introduced. Thoughts of fucking the girl in his arms flooded his mind as Lady Saw told her lover in her song that she wanted to "fuck ([him] with [her] heels on". He imagined having Akelia dance for him in nothing but her boots on, and as soon as she bent to do her sexy 6:30 dance, he would go behind her and ease his stiff cock into her.

"Will you come home with me?" He asked her. "I want to take you to my hotel."

"Where is dat?" She asked. "Where you want to carry me?"

"I'm sorry?" He was having only a little difficulties understanding her dialect.

"I ask part you want to carry me," she repeated. "Where you taking me then."

"Oh, my hotel is not too far from here," he informed her.

"You want me to come with you?" She asked incredulously. "Wa I don't know you."

"I would love to get to know you," he said. "It would certainly make my vacation if I got to know a beautiful girl like you".

She smiled. "Alright," she looked around. "I guess you could get to know me."

Not even looking for his brothers to tell them goodbye, Matt escorted his beautiful black Bajan princess to his hotel room. Upon arrival, she accepted his offer for some wine and he ordered it up. He had no idea what she had expected from him, or what she thought she came there for, but as soon as the phone was down he turned to her. Approaching her slowly, he took one of her hands in his and looked her in the eye.

"Of all the women in the club tonight, you are the only one that caught my eye," he kissed the palm of her hand before turning it to kiss the outside of her hand. "You are so beautiful."

She smiled, but did not reply to his compliment. "My girls probably wondering where I is right now."

"Don't worry about them." He started to caress her inner wrists tenderly. "You'd be fine."

He gingerly pulled her into him and kissed her passionately on the lips. At first, she seemed hesitant, but her hands soon found the back of his neck and pulled him in closer in order to deepen the kiss. His hands found their way to her arms and gently caressed them before moving to her back. Not being able to keep still, his hands explored every centimetre of bare flesh on her back before dipping downward to her ass. Grabbing the ass he had suddenly grown to love, he slid back on the bed and pulled her on top of him. Still kissing, their hands franticly touched and examined each other's body while, with her feet at his side, she gyrated against his already hardened cock.

His mouth left her lips and left a trail of kisses from her mouth to her neck. Stopping in her neck, he inhaled her beautiful unfamiliar scent for a while before kissing and sucking on her sensitive areas. She reacted just as he had hoped. Pressing herself even closer to him, her breath became ridged as her hands struggled to pull his shirt off. Pulling away only to allow her to take it off and to take off hers, he laid her in the bed and got between her legs. He wasted no time with her bra. Unhooking it, he slid it off and tossed it aside. Finally, he could see every secret her blouse held from him. Her C-cup breast stood there full and beautiful with their nipples standing erect and tempting. He gave into the temptation though, easing one nipple into his mouth he sucked on it. Moans started to escape her lips as she thrust her hips upwards to meet his crotch. He turned his attention to the other nipple, sucking on it and licking it as she grabbed and pulled onto his hair, begging him not to stop.

A knock on the door interrupted them and pulled them apart. Abandoning his job for a while, he met room service at the door and took the wine. They did not even bother to drink the wine; they were both thirsty for other things. Their bodies both thirst for a sexual satisfaction that only the other person could quench at that moment. Placing the wine on a table, he turned back to Akelia and began to ravishly take of the remaining of her clothes. Turning to him, she fought with his pants buckle for a while as she repeatedly cried "fuck me; I need your cock inside me."

Free from all clothing barriers, he directed her to bend over the bed so that he could enter her from behind; however she stopped him.

"Condom, condom condom!" she said in a rush. "You got to put on a condom!"

Grabbing a condom from in his bag, he hurriedly rolled it on.

"Lie down," she commanded him,

Baffled at first he hesitated, but no sooner was he laying on the bed did she climb on top of him. Sliding his cock into her soaking wet pussy she began to ride him cow-girl style. Creating her own rhythm, her breast bounced on her chest as she moved her hips and her body, taking him deep into her, and then allowing him to slide out. He reached up and cupped her breast in his hands and began to massage and caress them as she continually took him deep inside her. He gently pulled her forward and slid one nipple into his mouth while he played with the other nipple. Her moans filled the hotel room as she worked towards her own orgasm.

Suddenly they were changing positions. He held her and lifted her. Putting her to stand on the floor, he gingerly bent her over.

"I want to fuck you like how you were dancing to night," he whispered to her. "I want to fuck you in that 6:30 position."

She did not protest. Sticking her butt in the air, she placed her head between her legs and held onto her legs for support. Coming up behind her, he plunged his erect cock into the depths of her pussy. Holding her hip for security, he thrust in and out of her. First extremely fast and then slowing the tempo as he tried to freeze the moment. He wanted badly to make her come and to come, but he knew that if they did, it would be all over too quickly.
"Fuck me hard," she asked, and he complied.

Pushing his cock as deep into her as possible and then sliding it back, he pounded her over and over in that 6:30 position until her screams and cries filled the room.

"I want to come!" she cried. "I want to coooommmmeeee!"

Letting go of her hip with one arm, he found her clit and began to stroke it as he pounded her, making sure to keep the quick rhythm. In no time her screams turned into loud moans of pleasure, and she was no longer holding onto her legs. Her hands were out stretched grabbing for anything in her reach. Then she was shaking as her vaginal muscles contracted around his cock. An orgasm erupted within her, forcing her to collapse onto the ground panting.

"No, no honey," he scooped her up in his arms. "I'm not finish yet.

With that, the wine was moved aside and she was made to bend over the table. Seeing that her pussy hole was at the perfect level for him, he once again thrust his cock into her. This time he really needed to come. With his hands wandering all over her body; caressing her sides, foundling her breast, rubbing her stomach, he repeatedly hammered her with his cock begging for his release. However, he still did not reach his orgasm.

Falling back onto the bed, he again placed her on top of him. This time, she was too exhausted to sustain the energy and rhythm she had earlier that night. Holding her hips, he created and maintained the tempo and rhythm. They soon rolled over and then he was on top. Placing her legs over his shoulder, he repeatedly entered her; riding her like he was in a hurry to reach his destination, and in a sense he was. He really needed to come. He could feel the semen building up within him, pressure collecting as it prepared to explode, but it just would not.

Leaving her on her back, he grabbed her legs and raised them until they were in a 90 degree angle in relation to her body, then keeping them firmly held together, he knelt and thrust into her once more. By this time she was screaming his name and practically begging him to stop, but he could not. He was almost reaching his finishing line; he could see it marked out right before him. Viciously moving his hips and rapidly thrusting within her, he was soon able to reach his orgasm. His millions of seeds exploded into a condom with a force that compelled him to collapse in the bed next to his lover.

Pulling her into his arms, he held his black Bajan princess for a while. They simply laid there, both too tired to speak. Eventually they drifted off to sleep, leaving the wine untouched, and not even checking to find out about the people they both left at the club.

He woke up first. The sound of the alarm on his phone telling him that it was time for his morning workout pulled him away from his lover. Quickly turning it off so that it would not wake her, he replaced the phone on his bedside table and assumed his position.

Spreading her legs slightly, he crawled between them and buried his face in her pussy. He began by slowly licking and sucking around her vagina, paying extra attention to her labia. The sensations which rose from these actions woke Akelia out of her deep sleep. Upon awakening and seeing what was happening she did not complain. Instead her moans were heard as she reached and buried her fingers in his hair pulling him closer in her.

"I wish I could wake up like this every day," she commented, but he did not respond.

Instead, he led his tongue to her clit which he licked and lashed for a while before sliding it back and plunging it into her cunt hole. She gasped and thrust her hips, begging him to bury his tongue deeper, but he did not comply this time. He returned his tongue to her clit and began to flick and suck it. Her pussy was soaked by this time and he inserted his middle finger. Sucking and licking her clit while fingering her, it was not long before he brought her to another orgasm. Her body started to writhe and she started to pull his hair as her moans got louder. Realising that she was at her peak and was soon about to orgasm, he increased his tempo. His finger went deeper and faster, he sucked her clit harder, licked it faster... and then it happened. Her body erupted into another powerful orgasm. Licking as much of her juices as he could, he finally rose from his position.

"Good morning my beautiful Bajan princess," he greeted her as he gathered her in his arms. "Collect your strength. After breakfast, I want to fuck you in that 6:30 position again."

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