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A big black man fucking a tender young white girl
It was hard to hear, but Katelin could tell there were moans coming from the bathroom. The party she was at was loud from all the dance music filling the air. She had thought she was lucky when she saw there wasn't a line for the restroom. Having a lot to drink and needing to use the toilet badly she figured she'd pretend to not notice the noises coming from behind the door, falsely hoping that they were from another spot from around the corner.

Turning the doorknob she boldly stormed in immediately bumping into the couple that was inside. The door opened half way before bumping into a big black man fucking a tender young white girl. Katelin froze for a moment looking into his eyes forgetting that she had to use the toilet. She couldn't hold his gaze for much longer and shyly dropped her sight when she realized that she had instead looked straight at his big black cock on its way back into the euphorically tight pussy wrapped around it. The woman, who had shoulder length red hair that was too vibrant to be natural, hardly noticed Katelin with her eyes closed from the immense pleasure coming from the man's impressive rod.

Katelin, breaking her mesmerization from the large black cock, looked back at the man's eyes as he started pumping back into his slut. They could read each other's minds and the black man could tell that Katelin needed to use the bathroom. Still wanting to bust a nut though so he grabbed the inexperienced white girl he was screwing by the hips and forcefully slammed her tight pussy with all his might. She started creaming all over his massive member, her pussy juices visible as the shined on the man's dick like a mark of submission to his incredible power.

Katelin was about to question herself being there when the man wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her further inside before shutting the door back closed, locking it this time. For the next ten minutes Katelin watched, forgetting why she was there, as the man invaded spaces so deep the white girl couldn't help but scream. Her creamy legs lifted up, grabbing around the black man's lower half, opening herself up to further penetration. Her pussy was gushing wet now, so slippery the black man nearly fell into the women as he made one final dive into her cunt and unloading ropes of cum so thick that the white girl started bucking uncontrollably as he filled her up.

The man pulled his cock out and Katelin was blown away by how big it was. She had only seen half of it really as she watched the two fuck, but now with it all out she noticed a warm, wet feeling begin to flourish between her legs. Roughly the size of her forearm, she looked at the magnificent big black cock that was covered in pussy juice and semen.

The red headed women got down on her knees, opening her lips up and spilling out globs of the black man's cum onto the floor as she started sucking his cock as a thank you. Grabbing the back of her head the man pulled her in, forcing his dick as far down her throat as he could. She resisted a little, but his goal was to break her and he held her on his huge cock until she gave up struggling and coated his amazing manhood, messaging it with her throat.

When he was ready he pulled her off his cock and helped her up to her feet. She pulled up her skirt, giving him her thong, saw Katelin in the corner and said "He'll change your world baby," gave the man a kiss and left.

Katelin didn't know what to say, but still having to pee asked the man to leave the room. He walked up to her, his cock still out and getting harder. "Don't worry I'll find you on your way out," he said as he reached for her hand, leading it to his big black cock. A shock went through her body as she touched it, but she didn't pull back. Instead, she opened her hand and, with a firm grip, grabbed a hold of the thing curious and amazed by its size. "I have to go to the bathroom now," she said. Letting his cock go she walked to the toilet and waited as he pulled up his pants and left.

Finishing her business she was about to use the sink when she remembered the pool of cum in front of it. She washed her hands as she stood over it. The smell in the room was thick and pungent, leaving her nose hooked on the scent of the black man. She enjoyed it, wanting to find him when she went back to the party.

Her friends, though, made it a different problem. She was originally there on a date of sorts. Her friend Aaron, who she had little feelings for, had invited her to it thinking that if he could get her drunk enough maybe he could finally do something with her. Instead, she ran into a black man with a cock that would put him to shame. Not wanting to get with Aaron, as he was a friend, she invited some others from their group to tag along to help reduce any unexpected passes.

However, she was heading back to her friends when the black man from before got to her first. "Hey wait up, where you going?" he asked. She pointed to her friends, "over there."

"Well I'm over here, we got a blunt passing around if you wanna join me."

"O, uh, no thanks, I've had too much to drink. I need to calm down."

"Well shit, more for me, hang out with me then, I know what you want."

Katelin looked over at her friend as she thought about it. It was obvious Aaron was trying to not be noticed as he watched her talk. He did that a lot. Whenever she would walk off to go somewhere he would always see her a mile away as she came back. It gave her an uneasy feeling of being watched and it creeped her out. She knew she was attractive, with long blond hair and a youthful figure that made so many drool as she walked by. She was wearing a tight, dark green tank top that held her large breast in a firm hold. She liked dressing up in front of Aaron with tops that showed off her cleavage because it distracted him and he could never talk well. He always tried to pass off his obvious stares as something else, but Katelin wasn't fooled. It had the opposite effect on the man she was in front of. Looking at Aaron directly, who had noticed the big black man she was with, she turned back to him and said "Ok, lead the way."

They walked over to the corner he was staying in and, for the rest of the night, talked about whatever came up as Katelin watched Aaron continually check over his shoulder when she would come back to talk to him. He didn't want to believe she wasn't interested in him the same way he was with her. "Hey you know that guy?" Hakiem asked Katelin (that was his name - Hakiem), "he keeps looking over here at us."

"Ya, that's my friend Aaron. He invited me here, but I don't really like him so I'm with you."

He snickered, "Tryin' to get yo pussy huh?"

"Ya," she giggled, leaning in closer to him to whisper, "but I don't want him." She reached down to grab his cock to hold herself closer to him as Aaron watched from afar. She squeezed Hakiem's dick as he put his arm around her body, resting it on her ass and kissing her fat on the lips as Aaron took in the horror.

They ended their kiss, Katelin looking back to see Aaron still there. "Wow, he he's creepy," Hakiem said as Katelin stroked his cock over his pants, never looking aw.ay from Aaron. "Alright baby, you're getting' me all worked up so let's go say bye to your friends before I fuck your brains out."

"Ok," Katelin said, her imagination sparking as she thought of what was about to come.

They got up, heading over to her friends to say goodbye. All of them were shocked to see her leaving with black man. She winked before hugging Aaron, a noticeable bulge in his pants.

Hakiem grabbed her ass, making sure Aaron saw, and led her out from the house party and to his car. They go inside and immediately Katelin's hands were all over Hakiem's big black cock, fetching it out as he started up the car. Bending over, Katelin put her mouth on his cock and began sucking him off as he drove to his apartment a couple miles away.

He sat back, enjoying the ride as she bobbed back in forth. Her mouth was smooth and wet with saliva, her tongue caressing his massive cock. The entire ride to his place she was wrapped around his dick, up and down, his cock getting seemingly harder every minute.

By the time he found his apartment parking spot Katelin had lost track of time and did not want to stop sucking his great big cock. She was all the way down on it, finding the right rhythm for breathing.

Hakiem grabbed her head after turning off the car and began slamming her up and down on his black cock for a couple seconds, reminding her she was his bitch. "Alright we gotta go," he said, taking her off his dick. She wiped the slobber from her face, her lips plumped up and ready to suck more.

They made their way up to his apartment and, after shutting the door, were immediately on top of each other, rolling around and groping each other. Hakiem took off Katelin's shirt, leaving on her bra which still held her fertile tits up. Her waist narrowed down and flared out, her hips getting wider, to her pants which Hakiem also took off.

He was still wearing all of his clothes when he bent down and started rubbing her wet lips through the thin material of cotton over it. Within seconds they were moist and smelly so Hakiem took them off. He dropped back down and began licking her pussy, bringing her clit to life.

She thrust her hips as he continued lashing her with his tongue. Every lick was a swift dash of delight that brought her up to a powerful explosion that shook her down to her very toes. Waves coursed through her, pulsing in her center and crashing across her limbs.

She reached up, grabbed his shirt, and violently ripped it off as he wiggled out of it. Freeing himself he looked back down and saw Katelin reaching at his belt and unbuckling it. She was quick with her hands, excited to see his big black cock spring out as she got his boxers down.

Then it was there, hanging in front of her, huge and swelled up, not entirely hard, yet larger then what she knew Aaron could ever compare. That's why she wanted Hakiem. She didn't want cuddles and things that were cute, but this massive black monster of a dick that could fuck her as hard as she needed it.

She took it with her hands, Hakiem stepping out of his shoes and pants slowly, doing his best to keep his balance as Katelin sunk her head and inhaled his black pipe. It started grow as her blonde head moved back and forth against his dark skin. Her palm-perfect breast swinging under her as she gave herself to the mighty man.

It was her first sexual experience with a black man, and immediately she was convinced that it was better. His cock was so much more massive than any other he had ever seen. Even the white guys from the pornos she watched growing up couldn't hold their own against his incredible cock. She loved it, the way it tasted and smelled. The strength of it soothed her into a satiated groove she could never give to Aaron.

He could handle her, she thought. He would have blown his load while they were driving, but Hakiem was a real man with a real cock, a big black one that made all the statements of black power true and dominant. It hypnotized her and brought her to her knees on the bed as he finally removed all of his clothing.

A lamp in the corner was the only light on in the room, casting light on the dark figure who took his big black cock from Katelin's mouth, laying her down so that he could shove it deep inside her.

Their skin mashed together as he let his wait drop onto Katelin. The pressure from his body creating a buzz in her abdomen, and creating a fire in pussy. His cock rested on top of her lips enjoying its treasure of touch when he lifted up, looked Katelin in the eyes and placed in front of her wet, white pussy and pushed it in.

She gasped and took a breath as the big black cock stretched her tight folds apart. "O my God baby, o, it's so big, wow," she moaned, reaching up to his shoulders and pulling him closer.

"That's just the tip," he said with pride, "you white bitches love it huh?"

"O yeah, give me more, more baby more. I want you to fuck that pussy, it's yours now. Give me that big black cock!" she screamed as his cock pushed further in her cunt. She gasped again, losing her breath, his black cock reaching depths she never knew. Her hips bucked back onto his cock as she loosened up, and took his black snake like the slutty white bitch she was.

"Baby, I'm gonna' cum, fuck me harder!" She pleaded, amazed by his sexual ability.

Hakiem grabbed her waist, pulled her closer, more directly under him, and pushed her legs up and apart fucking her pussy as much as he could. He speed up and packed his black dick into her so deep that she froze in a contraction before bursting into a frenzy of euphoria. She bumped up to his huge black cock wild, wishing he would cum.

Her body tired out and fell limp, her pussy accepting Hakiem's black cock with welcome. Her body was his now, shooting with electricity at everything he did. They were right, she could never go back. It was the most powerful orgasm she had ever had and it came from a black man. It all made sense to her, black man really were better. "Hakiem your cock is so amazing, I want you to come so bad baby." She pleaded.

"In a second baby, but I want you to call up your friend. Let him know what a real man can do."

"Aaron? Ya that sounds fun," she giggled, "I bet he'll jack off to it." They both busted out laughing. Hakiem was still fucking Katelin, her pussy owned by the black man.

He got off Katelin so that she could go get her phone. She wrestled through her bag, finding it at the bottom and was about to dial Aaron when she saw that he had called 4 times. She walked back to the bed, "he tried calling me already," she said.

"O yea?" he replied.

"Yea, he must be going crazy right now knowing I'm fucking a big black man."

"Mmm that's my pussy though, call him."

Katelin did as she was told when Hakiem reached over and turned onto her belly to fuck from behind. She got up on her knees and elbows, raising her ass high and tilting it so that Hakiem could find his way into her well-fucked pussy.

The phone started ringing when he put his black cock in her love hole. She yipped a bit and started breathing irregularly as Aaron picked up the other line.

"Katelin!" he cried, "where are you I've been worried sick!"

"I, uhh," she moaned, "ooo, I've been...uhh, you remember that man I left with earlier?" she asked, knowing Aaron was freaking out.

"Yeah, what about him? Did he hurt you?" he asked worriedly.

"O no baby, ooo, no he's fucking me with his big black cock. O Aaron, it feels so good."

Aaron got quiet, his breathing could be heard and there was some shuffling around. Katelin couldn't tell what it was but she didn't care, there was a big black cock in her.

"Is he fucking you right now?" he asked hesitantly.

"O yea, he's about to fill me up like the white bitch I am. Why don't you start wanking, your little white dick won't ever get the chance to fuck me."

There was a silence matched by a faint thud. "O you already are aren't you Aaron," she teased.

"How could you, I thought we had something?" he moaned, he was jerking off to her getting fucked by a big black man.

"Baby, look at your dick, see how small it is? Hakiem's not like that. His cock is better than you, so listen to him fuck me." She put the phone down next to her and buried her head into the mattress as Hakiem drove his huge cock deeper and deeper into her. She shuddered and screamed, Aaron hearing clearly on the other line that she wasn't lying.

Aaron's white dick was small in comparison to what Hakiem was doing and made him feel like a little boy. He was soft and sensitive, squirming to what he heard like a bitch because he knew Katelin was right - black cocks are better because they're bigger. It was a simple law of nature, the dominant man had the dominant cock, and they were black.

Katelin could tell Hakiem was about to cum when his incredible cock swelled up, "You ready Aaron? He's about to make me his bitch. He's not using a condom either, I bet that makes you jealous."

Aaron was quit again, his dick between his hands. He didn't know what to say, but he was turned on, and didn't think he would ever have a chance to get with Katelin. "Here it comes baby!" Katelin screamed in the phone as Hakiem dropped loads of his black cum into her womb, deep and in the heart of her body. She moaned in ecstasy, taking every drop of Hakiem's potent cum.

She thought it was over when Hakiem flipped her over, spread open her legs and started fucking her again with his superior black cock. Her pussy leaked his cum all over the bed as his cock stayed hard as steel. It cut into the white pussy, with its sensitive nerves on fire from Hakiem's amazing cock, and caused her to shudder in another orgasm that made Aaron start cumin on the other line.

His entire room was soaked, he never left his room during the call and, in the heat of the moment, laid his lousy seed across nothing but carpet and furniture. Hakiem's black cum, however, rested in a white bitch who would never fuck a small, white, pathetic cock again. For the rest of her life she would only fuck well hung black men who knew how to make a girl climax with his big black cock.

Katelin and Hakiem continued fucking so much that eventually they lived together, Katelin barring him 3 children even though he fucked other white girls on the side. Katelin didn't mind though, she thought that it was important that all white women enjoyed big black cocks. She encouraged Hakiem to fuck more women, wanting him to make a good role model for their children as dominant black men.

When their youngest was four they moved to a small residential suburb near the central valley of California were there were not that many people. Hakiem was one of only a few blacks in the town, and Katelin was proud to call him hers. She knew he had one of the biggest cocks in town because he was black. Every time they walked by a couple she would always give the woman a look that told them about how great black men were at fucking.

Their neighbors, though, were the ones Hakiem wanted to fuck first. It was a family of three consisting of a husband, his wife, and their daughter. The man's wife was stunning. She had great round breasts that were larger then Katelin's, and a figure that had never change from her youth. Her face was seductive and charming, sharp cheeks, dark eyes, and beautiful brunette hair. Hakiem had seen her a lot since they moved in and couldn't stop telling Katelin about how much he wanted to fuck her. They decided to fuck in front of open windows so the couple could see how great Hakiem's black cock was.

Their daughter was also a hot piece of ass, with equally colorful brunette hair, a bit wavier though. Her ass was more petite, her tits youthful and perky, lifting up more than her mothers. She was young though and Hakiem would have to wait until she got older.

One day as Hakiem was driving home he had his chance to make a move. He drove by his neighbor's house, their garage door open and saw the married women climbing around in the shelves. It looked unsafe to Hakiem and when he parked his car he heard a loud crash come from the open garage. Alarmed, he ran over to the garage and saw the woman toppled over with boxes of random stuff on top of her.

"Are you ok?" he asked walking closer, "I heard you heard you fall."

"Ya I'm fine, just some bumps and bruises. Can you help me up?" Hakiem lowered his hand and she took it as she was lifted up to Hakiem. She looked straight into his eyes and realized she had seen him fucking his white girl with his big black cock plenty of times through the windows. She was a little stricken by how braisen it was to fuck that openly, but deep down inside she wanted to be that white bitch getting her pussy rammed like the black cock whore she wanted to be from looking into his eyes.
"Thanks, I, uh, was looking for something, but I couldn't find it," she said slowly trying to explain herself. "My name's Ericka," she said putting her hand out to shake his.

"Hakiem," he said in a deep voice that shook her insides.

"You're the new neighbors aren't you?"

"Ya, we are," been here for about two weeks now."

"Well you're certainly not shy," she said motioning towards his cock.

He grinned at her, "no I'm not shy at all. It's my wife's thing, turns her on being seen get fucked." His vulgar language and the topic of the conversation suddenly hit Ericka, Hakiem carried on, "she likes the idea of people seeing white women fuck big black men."

Ericka didn't know what to say, she just looked at him with a wide stare. "Watch us tonight," Hakiem kept going, savoring the sexual tension, "and you'll see what I mean. Unless..." he paused, "you want to find out right now?"

Ericka's eyes burst open with surprise knowing Hakiem's cock was as big as he said it was. She had already watched them a few times before away from her husband late at night. It was the sexiest show, and after terrible sex with her husband, Hakiem's big black cock sounded amazing. "We can't here my daughter's home."


"She'll find out!"

"Good, she needs to know that my cock is better than your husband's. You do too, so et down and start sucking."

She did as he said, getting to her knees and fetching his cock out from his pants. She was excited and nervous at the same time not knowing what she was doing until the black monster was nicely in her mouth. She wet it with her saliva and began pleasing it the best she knew how, unused to what to do since Hakiem could last longer than a minute.

Hakiem grabbed her head and began fucking her in the face, surprised she could be controlled so easily. Her throat was relaxed, taking everything he shoved down with his black cock.

Ready for more he stood her up, pulled down her pants, and ben her over across the table she fell off of. Her pussy waited calmly for its intruder and jumped when Hakiem touched it with his finger instead. Her little, tight pussy went wash with moisture and oozed as he put his cock near it. "Get ready," Hakiem warned.

He moved his black cock towards her pussy, the color contrast between his big black cock and her silky white skin was enough to heat up the room. The heat of her pussy circled Hakiem's cock and, pushing in further, was as on fire as his rock hard black cock found its way into Ericka's cunt.

Ericka was a quiet fuck Hakiem thought. She, unlike Katelin, was able to keep her volume down as she took the huge poll. Her body, though, acted all the same as she quivered over his incredible penis and came harder than ever before.

She bent further down, offering more of what he wanted, and more of his black cock. He put his arms on her shoulder blades, pinning her down to the table and causing her to orgasm again on his dark dick. "O my God," she whispered, "Your cock, it's amazing. Fuck me, fuck me forever with it. My husband can't do what you can and I want you to fill me up with your cum. Breed me please!" she begged, "I need a son with a real cock, a black one!"

Hakiem liked the idea and exploded a huge load of his superior black semen deep in her pussy. She squeezed his cock as hard as she could, wanting every drop and whimpered like a satisfied bitch when Hakiem finished filling her cunt.

After that Ericka soon became a regular fuck for Hakiem. His big black cock giving her something she always craved. Over time she eventually became pregnant with Hakiem's child, her husband ignorant to the fact until she gave birth to a black baby. Her husband was shocked and hurt to find this out, but Ericka continued fucking Hakiem, taking him when Katelin didn't.

When Ericka's daughter had turned 18, she had given her to Hakiem as a gift for being so good to her. She was a virgin that had only see a dick once or twice and was blown away by Hakiem's gigantic cock. It was a fun night of fucking and more fucking, an experience Ericka's daughter, Lorena, would never forget.

Lorena's father, Robert, was unaware of what his wife had planned for his daughter's birthday, already fed up with their current state of affairs. As he approached the door he could tell something was up. Opening it, the smell of raw sex filled his nose and he prepared himself for the worst of things when he saw his own daughter Lorena, in her first moment of being 18, wrapped around a black man's big dark nigger cock, swallowing every last drop of his superior cum as he came down her smooth white throat.

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