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Tell me you loved my big black cock in your hot blond white pussy
Corey Blaine was pumping his prick in and out of her a very conservative pace now. He had finally got up the courage to capture her in her home, and fuck her, he had worn a mask to keep his identity a secret, but now he didn't really need it any longer.

She had guessed who he was by his voice as he mumbled and gabbled, he had thought under his breath, but she had heard his bass tone. So he had no use for the mask now, and also because he had made her cum. It had served its purpose; it had scared the shit out of her, making it far easier to subdue her. He hadn't really even the thought that making her cum would be in favour. But once she had given it up, it was game over as far as he was concerned.

He hadn't taken it off yet, but he would do soon, there would be no point in keeping it on. All he wanted to do was make her cum again, and if possible, then cum again some more. He knew enough about women to know that when they came, they all came differently, but the end result was the same. That little gasp of happy satisfaction, even most of them, but not all, gave out a little 'phew!' sometimes, and she had done just that.

His saving grace was the fact that he still had a hard on despite cumming before she did at the first instance. Another reason she had guessed who he was, was, she had seen the tattoo on his arm, he'd forgotten about that, but when she saw it, right after hearing him, she knew who her attacker was. But he denied it, and kept on fucking her.

She for her part had tried to deny it, and she had held out determinedly, but his nipping bites at her nipples, the hot breath and nibbling at her soft neck. The thick cock in her pussy, had all collaborated in sending her over the edge into sexual satisfied bliss.

Now Corey was screwing her lengthily and rhythmically, all the way in, half way in, all the way out, half way out, sometimes the tip of his prick was barely touching her pussy lips, and then smashing it back in. She was 'Oooohing,' quietly, trying to block the sound in her throat as he did, why, because she couldn't guess which inward thrust would be next? And it all heightened her unwanted arousal.

She was still trying to fight it, but she was involved now fighting a losing fight, she was on the ropes, and the knockout was near. He was on a roll, he had her held down, she couldn't get away, and she couldn't get him off her. He just kept going, and he would until she gave up, and gave in. She exploded, another orgasm that she wasn't really expecting smashed her on to the rocks of sexual release, another one followed, and then she mewled, had he beaten her, had she succumbed?

Corey felt his balls tighten, he had concentrated completely on her getting it, he had shot his load first off, now he was going to give her a second bucket full. He humped hard into her, causing her to gasp and moan, they were involuntary, as she felt it swill her insides like a fireman's hose.

Corey was more than happy at this, if this hadn't have gone his way; he would be on his way to a long and difficult jail term. Her eyes were closed, she was breathing deeply, mumbling between deep breaths, Oh, hmmmm...... Then he spoke for the first time.

"You shouldn't have said what you did Angelica," he told her, he looked down at his mother's best friend. She was beautiful, thirty five years old, a sexy blond goddess from above, and Corey had had the hots for her since he had first jacked off. He stared at the woman he had wanted to fuck for as long as he could remember, and now he had, and the best part was, he had done it successfully.

"Said," she murmured, "what are you talking about Corey?" He smiled when she said that, he pulled the mask off, sure now that no matter what happened, now or in the future, she wouldn't betray him, simply because of what she had said to his mother.

"You told her in our house," he said, "that there wasn't a man alive who could satisfy you in bed, and that included your husband! You had never met one," you told her, "since the first time you had sex, that you could look back on and say, Wow! That was the best ever."

"You heard me say that, you can't have done, you weren't there, were you?" she suddenly knew he had to have been.

"I was outside the door Angelica, I had just come in, I heard you speaking, I love your voice by the way, as well as your body," he told her, and squeezed a nipple quickly; this caused Angelica to rear up off her bed. "So I listened, not expecting to hear what I heard. And here we are. Now," he said, "I don't know if that was the best you've had, but I do know one thing, you came, and you came a few times too, and hard as well."

Corey eyed her speculatively, she was laid on her back, her fabulous chest rising and falling spectacularly. She was gorgeous, beautiful enough to give any red blooded man an instant hard on for her. And that, he had thought was men's problems with her, she was too beautiful, and they were all scared to a man of failing, and so, they did just that, they failed!

But Corey wasn't scared of that, he had been scared of ending up in jail, but now he was 99% certain he would not be going there. There was also one other massive favour in his armoury. One he had had no idea of, and why should he? He had been the kind of lover she had always imagined 'the one' to be. The one that had taken her as if he had owned her, forced her, and fucked her, and indeed had made her cum, several times.

Corey was one that she would never have taken herself, never accepted any kind of offer from, never gone anywhere near, had never mixed with, until she had met his mother five years ago, and they had become instant friends. Corey was black, and a very good looking black boy, or young man of nineteen, his forty year old mother knew of Corey's sex life, or at least a lot of it, and she also knew he had the hots for Angelica.

When she had broached the subject, his mother reminded him that she was married. "And, the only way you could get someone like her Corey," she had said, "would be to take her, and I would definitely not advise it. I would hate to have to visit you in jail!" she had told him, thinking that should end the subject.

He had acknowledged her words, and had seemed to heed them, but he wanted her so much. And because of this he had been friendly, and helpful, when she wanted something, or wanted something doing; he was the one that volunteered, his mother would smile at her smitten boy and sigh.

But Corey, rightly or wrongly began to feel that she was attracted to him in some way, he had caught her checking him out, or thought he had. He had seen faraway looks in her eyes when they had chatted, he began to think that maybe one day, just maybe one day?

Then he had heard the conversation, he had thought about just trying his luck, but he sensed that he would be blown out of the water. Then in desperation he had thought up this ridiculous plan to capture her, fuck her, make her call out his name to him, declare her undying love, that she would want him forever and ever. HAH!

But now here he was in her bed with her, he had in a moment of insane judgement decided to do what he had just done. He had entered her house, silently gone into her bedroom and waited for her to come home from the school where she taught. He had grabbed when she had come in, forced her face down on the bed and ripped her clothes away, tied her wrists behind her back, he was already naked. He knew her husband wasn't around, he was adept at finding out when he would be away, which was fairly often.

He would ask his mother when 'Dumbell' was away; she would admonish him for calling him that, but would smile too, she knew what he meant. Angelica's husband was a quite successful business man, but always came over as some kind of person who didn't know anything about anything. His plan came together that Friday night; her husband wouldn't be home until the following afternoon, so he had gone for it, the consequences overruled by his ever demanding cock.

So Corey, unknown to himself had achieved what no other man had in Angelica's past, he had just fucked her brains out, she had fought him, and she had struggled, but she had cum, several times too. But now he began to think that it was not just him, and what he had done to her, was it also, or maybe solely, because he was black, he wondered?

He thought, 'Well Corey fucking well ask her, ask her if she has a thing about being black screwed,' he wouldn't say 'fucked' it wouldn't be right, not yet, but if she did, then it was open all hours for him he was sure! He was up on one elbow looking at the gorgeous soft lines of her, the swell of her magnificent breasts, the light brown erect nipples, the flat stomach, the rounded hips, her sleek long legs.

"Angelica, you have a thing about being black screwed haven't you hmmm?" It was more of a challenge than a question. He went on feeling reasonably confident he was right. "Black on blond, it turns you on doesn't it? You a gorgeous blond being topped and tailed by a strong black man, in this case me! That's why no one had satisfied you in the past have they. And ask me if I'm happy I found out, am I glad I overheard you!" he told her gleefully.

He hadn't meant to babble on like that, he hoped he hadn't gone too far and offended her, so he tweaked her nipples again, hoping to keep her mind on the moment in front of her, it made her squeal softly. "Corey Blaine don't, you have gone too far," she said, "I am not here for your sexual gratification, regardless of what you think, I am not the person you think I am!" But her voice didn't sound that right to him.

'And why say that,' he thought, 'why not go crazy, fight him again, even if her hands are tied, why hasn't she kicked me, tried to bite me, what's in her mind?' He decided to try again, he leaned over her, "watch me Angelica," he told her, she did. And she nearly broke her neck as it snapped back when she watched as he sucked a nipple into his black lips, nipped it with his teeth.

"Oooooh, no Corey stop it, please don't," She cried out in a sort of desperation. It was a plea not a demand, she writhed about; he cocked his leg over hers, and sank a finger into her cum filled pussy.

"You have black fingers in you now Angelica," he almost sniggered; he knew he was right, she did want black, and he had got her. "Just like you had my nice big black cock in you, you loved it didn't you, come on Angelica, tell me you loved my big black cock in your hot blond married pussy?" Angelica moaned out load, it was sexual husky growling moan, he dug deep, sucked harder on her nipples, and Angelica fell over the cliff!

The beautiful married blond school teacher, was climbing the wall, the barrier she had erected all those years ago, to deny forever to herself the need to feel, and to try black love. Corey moved her, he put his hand under her neck near the base and lifted, then he bent her over, shoved down his body and growled to her.

"Here you go Angelica, suck your first black cock," he jammed her over and on it, holding it in his hand, and his other at the back of her head, he forced it in. She gagged, struggled but he held her there, she weakened, the thought of her biting him hadn't entered his head, or he wouldn't have done it. But she didn't, her head lowered, the weak struggle abated, and she rested on his stomach, he still held prick in one hand, and her head in the other.

Then Corey felt warmth, heat, and then she started to suck. If his prick hadn't been where it was he would have jumped up and cheered, his mothers beautiful married friend was giving in, or had given in. Angelica's senses had been assailed by his man smell, the distinct, and very different aroma of his messy cock, his spunk coated flesh, the hairy balls. But it was the sight she was seeing out of one eye, his legs, they were spread, strong, muscular and powerful, and they were as black as the ace of spades, Angelica swooned.

'Oh my God,' she said to herself as she took him in, her suction increased, her tongue got to work, her blond hair was spreading around as she worked to suck him off. She refocused for a moment and watched Corey's prick appear and then disappear as she bobbed up and down on it.

It was a sight she had never once expected to see, but now she was doing it, she was admitting to herself that it was what she had always wanted to try, and now she was, there would be nothing like it ever again. Corey reached behind her and sank a finger into her sprouting pussy; he slicked it up, and then pushed it into Angelica's ass.

She squealed loud and long around his cock, but she never let go, and she never stopped sucking it. Corey was amazed, delighted, and astonished at finding this lucky discovery, she was what he thought she was. A black skin, black cock, black man lover, and he had found her, and he was going to claim her. He pulled his finger out and slapped her ass hard, several times, she never moved from his prick, she wriggled and moved around as each blow landed, he heard her cry, but she stayed locked on him.

"Make me cum Angelica, I want to cum in your mouth, hurry, I'm waiting he told her. She attacked him as hard as she could, she damn near sucked his cock right off his body, she needed no further encouragement. She went at him wholesale. Angelica wanted him to cum for her more than he did.

His hand went into her blond hair, the sight was worth a cum by itself, then his hips rose, and he blasted lots of hot steaming cum into her waiting desperate mouth. She sank everything he gave her, he felt her tremble and shudder, it had given her an orgasm all on its own. He lay there wondering what to do next.

He decided to tease her when she came up for air, but first he wanted more of her luscious white skinned body, her soft loving caress, he wanted to know whether she would wilt before him, now that she had been mastered by a black man. Corey had read of situations like this, a beautiful blond giving it up, married or not, to a strong black male.

Corey decided to try the strong black male thing, without being nasty or hurtful, He pulled her up to him, held her close and kissed her, he could taste himself and her in her mouth, he liked it. "So Angelica, are you going to admit it, you know you can't deny it, not now. You love black cock don't you, you need it don't you. A strong black male is what you want isn't it, so you can give in to it, give in to him, give in, to me!"

"Please Corey I don't want to say anything about that, or this. It's too sudden; I can't get my head round what has happened to me today."

Corey pressed on, he had the advantage, he wanted to build on it. "So are you telling me that you don't want my nice black cock in your gorgeous white married pussy again Angelica, or anywhere I might decide to put it?"

"Corey please, I can't talk like that, I'm not used to saying things, or words like that."

"But it's what you want isn't it Angelica, nice thick black cock all the way in your hot white pussy, fucking you, driving you cockeyed with lust, black skin all over you, tell me Angelica," his voice softened, sympathy spilled from his tongue. "Tell me it's what you want, what you need, that after all these years of denial Angelica; you finally, are being given exactly what you want.

Angelica's eyes filled with tears, she tried to speak and couldn't, she seemed to nod to him, but he wasn't sure. He tweaked nipples, making her squirm, "Tell me Angelica," he said, his voice soft and soothing. She coughed and gagged, in her heart she wanted to say yes to everything, but she just couldn't, not yet.

"Right!" Corey said, good cop, bad cop act, he decided, "I'm leaving, you'll have to do without my lovely black cock now." He knew he was taking a risk, but felt it was worth it, "I know your husband is away, you could have had this to yourself all weekend, but, you've blown it." He waved his prick at her, bent his black muscular arm, making his biceps swell.

Then to Angelica's near horror, he began to untie her wrists. She twisted away almost violently. "What..... Corey please, don't er...... don't untie me, er, not yet, I, er, I, erm, er I... I quite like it, Corey?" This stopped him in his tracks, and before he could say anything, she continued. "While I'm like this I'm helpless aren't I, I can't stop you from, er, you can do what you like, you know you can, Corey?" she pleaded into his eyes with her fabulous blue headlights.

Without waiting for more, he jumped on her, his knees either side, his ass more or less on her pussy. Then he grabbed her nipples, and stared into her eyes, and said gruffly. "Mouth tight shut Angelica, a tight line is all I want to see," he told her. She clamped her lips tight together. Corey crushed her nipples, he heard the scream behind her lips but they didn't open.

He damn near pulled them off, crushing and twisting as he did, he dared her to open her mouth. Tears fell from her eyes, her face was mask of pain, he let go. Angelica's mouth opened and a sagging moan emitted, Corey bent his head and kissed, licked and gently sucked her very sore nipples.

"Oh Corey, Oh Corey," she wept, her body shaking with the pain and the tears. He never said anything, he didn't know what to say, everything that was going on, was as much of a surprise to him, as it was to her. He put the palm of his hand over a nipple and caressed, it, then he did the same to the other. Angelica murmured into his neck. "Oh Corey, Oh Corey," she said again.

He lay there with the most gorgeous sexy blond he had ever seen in his arms, naked, and by his side. He had taken her, tied her up raped her, and seduced her, and now she was a quivering wreck moaning his name to him. 'What a winner!' he yelled to himself in his head.

"Now," he said to her softly as she began to calm down, "I am going to screw you again Angelica, tell me you don't want me to, and I will leave you in peace forever."

"Please Corey," she whispered, "give me time to accept what's happened to me, what's happened today, please?" He relented, no point in spoiling a good thing, he told himself.

"But if you deny to me right now that you want this, I will leave, so Angelica, come, admission time." She nodded her head in his neck, then a very soft whisper.

"No, I won't deny it Corey," she replied.

Now we're talking he said to him only, "I don't know why you just didn't come right out and say it a while ago Angelica," he told her, "I knew it, and so did you. You love black don't you, you love my black cock, and now you've had it, you want it more and again, don't you?" Another nod was pressed into his neck; she would be telling him soon all he wanted to hear.

"So you want to stay tied up until hubby comes home," he asked, "so I can do what I want, how I want, and when I want with you, hmmmm?" She stiffened a little, but then to Corey's amazement, she nodded her head, and whispered to him.

"I think so yes."

Corey took the bulls by the horn, "You really are one black cock slut aren't you Angelica? I've read and heard about people like you, especially beautiful married and dissatisfied blonds, and now your mine, you're my black cock slut aren't you? TELL ME!" His loud harsh words stunned her, she cried into his neck, and nodded her lovely blond head. "TELL ME YOU SLUT, YOU BLACK COCK SLUT, MY BLACK COCK SLUT, TELL ME!" He roared into her ear.

Angelica broke, "Yes I am, yes I am, now are you happy, there, I've said it for you, I am your black cock sssssslut, please Corey, please?" He smiled and held her, now he would be nice to her, make her feel she was the special woman they both knew her to be.

"You are magnificent Angelica; you are the most beautiful special person I have ever known. I will never hurt you, not mentally anyway, I will have to spank you now and again, just to keep you in line," he told her lovingly. Then he began to kiss and love her, Angelica moved with him, he stroked and caressed her, fingered her pussy, sucked her nipples, dipped a finger into her ass.
He was letting her know she was his, "How long have you known this Angelica, all your adult life, hmmmm?" She nodded. "You have wanted to be loved, screwed and fucked, made love to by a black man all these years?" She nodded. "You have denied yourself; your beautiful sexy body has been waiting for this moment for all your life?" She nodded again.

"Was it what you had expected it to be, was it as good as you hoped it would be, did it give you the satisfaction you have denied yourself?" More nodding ensued. "So when I tell you I need to fuck you, you will never say no to me?" A heavy shake of her lovely blond haired head.

"What if I tell you I might take you away from your husband?" Angelica stiffened but said nothing, He smiled, "don't worry I'm not about to do that." She relaxed, he thought, maybe in the future, I'll farm her out to some selected friends, and I could earn a fortune!' But for the moment he would keep her to himself, he wasn't going to give her to anyone just yet.

"Is my lovely black cock bigger and better than his?" meaning her husband. Again Angelica stiffened; he took that as a yes. "I thought so, pencil dick is he?" Corey swore he felt her giggle. "So pencil dick can't cut it can he, and now you're new black dick has moved into his beautiful wife's hot white pussy, and taken it over?" Angelica moved against him, he was hitting all the right buttons without forcing her to say anything, he was moving her to where he wanted her to be by suggestion only.

"What did it feel like when you sucked your new black cock Angelica," he asked gently, "was it the best you've ever had because it was a big black cock?" Her head nodded. "And now you'll want to suck it, and swallow all of my black seed whenever you can?" More nodding. "Are you going lick and suck my hairy black balls baby?" Nod. "What about my hairy black ass, I like tongue around there too?" She never moved, then a after a few seconds had elapsed, she nodded.

"What about your pussy Angelica, do you want my black lips to suck you up, pull you in?" She kept nodding, "My pink tongue, do you want that all the way in you too?" Nod nod nod. "I'll suck and lick your ass too, stick my tongue right up you and make you cum; do you think you could stop me?" A shake of her lovely head no.

Corey saw his prick pick up; he was exciting himself never mind feeding Angelica more arousal for her day's feast. He rolled her on her side, he was going to fuck her in her ass, he almost asked if she had ever had cock in there, but thought better of it, 'surprise is best,' he told himself.

He pushed her top leg up, so her knee was almost touching her chin, then he straddled her lower one, knees either side, he slid forward, 'should I ram it straight in?' he asked himself, 'show her who's boss, No,' he decided, 'I'll do it slow, she'll accept it better.' Instead he positioned himself and slid into her pussy, Her hands behind her kept her helpless to stop what he was about to do. He groaned at the sight of her little pink hole, a little crinkly and so very inviting.

He got all the way in to her, she was moaning, mewling, grunting as he delved with his cock. "Do like that Angelica, do you like my big black cock in your married white beautiful pussy?" He was taunting her somewhat. "I bet pencil dick can't get this far can he?" he said and rammed it in, Angelica broke out in a sweat, she wanted to shout, "No he can't Corey, no he can't," but she managed hold her mouth shut, and keep her counsel, just!

Corey pulled back and out, aimed it at the unwitting ass hole and slid in, he had a hold of her, knees at her back, and against her stomach, his hands on her waist, his elbow at the back of her raised knee, she was going nowhere! Her head went right back, the leg he was sat on kicked as much as it was allowed, her upper leg shot out, but he kept it in place.

Her head twisted this way and that, Corey pulled back and went in again, then he started her very first ass fucking, one she had only ever imagined in her mind. But the one she had imagined was this one. She was being force fucked in her ass by a big black cock, just like she had always dreamed of in her head. She turned her head to him, he saw her face, it was bright red. Her eyes were bulging, her cheeks were puffed out. But her mouth was closed, zipped tight, two lines of pure determination not to scream and cry.

It gave Corey all the reason to fuck her ass and he did, he held her as he ripped into her hard, but steadily, she waved her head from side to side, he could see the pain in her. But he also, and just as he was taking pity on her, and was going stop or at least slow down. He saw her squirt her cum right out of her dripping, soaking, and super slick pussy. Her hips convulsed on his, she jetted her love juice all over her bed, it landed about two feet away before slowing and dribbling out of her.

This made Corey cum too, Angelica did cry out then as she felt him filling her with it, the heat boiled her back up, and she came again. Then she knew no more, she didn't feel Corey emptying his luscious cum into her ass. She didn't feel him pull out, straighten her up, slide in next to her and pull the covers over them. She didn't know her young black lover, her young black master had fallen asleep holding her.

She was spooned into him, she felt warm, she was in an ocean being gently rocked by the soft warm waves, golden sand spilled around her gorgeous head, she was cocooned in silk black flesh. She snuggled back into the warm body next to her. Then she opened her eyes, she had been dreaming, she felt her husband next to her, she was in his arms. She lifted the sheet and saw his now, to her, scrawny white arm. Angelica was desolate, bereft, she wasn't where she wanted and needed to be. She had wanted to waken to Corey. 'Corey!' she shouted in her head.

Angelica slipped out of bed and looked at him, laid there, she sneered in her head, 'Pencil dick!" It had been the best dream ever, nothing would ever compare to it. She knew she would probably never have it again, maybe snippets, but not in its entirety. Then she felt the cum dripping down her legs, it had been so real.

For the first time in her life she had been satisfied sexually, she had been overcome by a black lover, and used in such a way that she would never know again. Angelica went into her bathroom and cried, tears of sadness flowed down her extraordinarily beautiful face. "Oh Corey, Oh Corey," she whispered to him in her heart.

She recovered after some time, and went downstairs, 'at least he'll be out all day golfing, I won't have to listen to his blithering pontificating chatter about work!'' She had never ever spoken to him like this, it was in her head, but she had never even thought such things. She told herself. 'I need him, I need him,' she said to her reflection in the mirror, 'I need his black cock in me again and again, anyway he wants to!'

She picked up her phone, "Hi Mary, I have something's I need doing this morning, is Corey busy?"

Oh that's great Mary, no I'll see to him don't worry, ten o clock then?"

"Thank you Mary, I'll be ready, bye." And Angelica was ready, she was wearing an extremely short white silk dressing gown, tied with a loose bow, her hair was perfect, parted in the centre, hanging over her slim shoulders, her makeup was, and she was. Corey had been letting her know he had the hots for her for weeks, even months.

"Well Corey, today is your lucky day, and you'd better believe it!" and she waved a length of soft rope in her hands, one end already tied in a loop.

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