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Hmm, my baby-doll likes the slight pain, doesn't she
Lady Tiffany lazed back on her sofa, the soft silk of her robe folding gracefully over her bare body. The smoke of her cigarette entranced her, and the soft mellow music in the background filled her head. There was a knock on the door that adjoined her apartment with the rest of the house. She jumped slightly.

"Come in," she barked, annoyed at the interruption. Rebecca poked her head around the door, looking sheepishly at Lady Tiffany from under her raven locks. Tiffany raised her brows and cocked her head back, blowing a stream of smoke.

"What," she asked the girl rudely. Rebecca bit her full lip nervously and her slight frame entered the room.

"You required me to come to your room at eight, my lady," she mumbled in voice barely louder than a whisper. She looked around, and backed against the door. "Shall I, er... shall I leave, my lady?"

Tiffany took the last drag from her cigarette and stumped it out in the ashtray. She sighed and sat up, taking in Rebecca's shivering form framed in the doorway, looking ready to sprint away any second.

"You are not wearing what I required you to wear," Tiffany stated. They both knew it was not a question. Rebecca bit her lip again and looked down at her outfit, clutching at the top of her skirt that hugged her hips tightly.

"I didn't have anything shorter," she mumbled in apology. Ignoring the statement, Tiffany shook her head in disapproval.

"Come to the middle of the room," she said, pointing at a position some two meters away from the couch. Rebecca made a slight nod and closed the door behind her, moving briskly to the indicated position. She stood there, seemingly not knowing what to do with her hands. She kept clutching at her clothes and fidgeting. A smile played at the corners of Tiffany's lips, but Rebecca was too self-aware to notice.

"Well, take of the clothes if they bother you so much then," Tiffany said after a minute of silence. Rebecca's head shot up and she hesitated for a second. Tiffany looked at her questioningly, waiting patiently. With slightly shaking hands she began to unbutton her blouse, and she let it drop to the floor in a puddle. Her mid-thigh skirt followed. She stood there in her black lace underwear, unsure if they were to follow as well.

"Oh, for goodness sake, Rebecca, are you going to make me wait all the night for you to finish," Tiffany snapped, inwardly amused at the girl's awkwardness. Rebecca made an inaudible sound and reached behind her to undo her bra. It hit the floor unceremoniously with the rest of her clothes. Her nipples hardened in seconds in the cold air and Tiffany admired the smallish firm perky tits for a while. Rebecca blushed at the attention, and then shimmied out of her thong, revealing her perfectly shaved pussy. Again she started fidgeting with her hands.

"Lace your hands behind your neck," Tiffany commanded, lighting another smoke. She crossed her legs and lounged back again, never letting her eyes leave the girl. Rebecca complied, thankful for the diversion.

"Stand up straight, girl, and spread your legs a little," Tiffany said and watched Rebecca comply. Savouring her cigarette slowly she contemplated her subby.

"Did you masturbate this week," she asked, noticing a flush appear on her cheeks and chest. Rebecca turned her gaze towards the carpet. Tiffany was about to admonish her for not answering when she said in a small voice, "Yes, my lady."

"Oh? How many times?"

Rebecca looked at her pleadingly but Tiffany just waited expectantly.

"I don't know," she answered turning a deeper shade of red. Tiffany frowned.

"How many times, you little insatiable whore?" Rebecca closed her eyes as if she was stricken.

"Five times, my lady." Tiffany nodded.

"Did you come all five times?"

Rebecca shook her head in the affirmative.

"Once I came twice," she admitted.

"What did you think about? Did it cross your mind that you were touching my pussy? Playing with my breasts? Did it occur to you that you could be punished for it? Or is that what drove you on? Hmm?" Tiffany's voice sounded angry, and Rebecca shifted uncomfortably. Her eyes beseeched Tiffany. For some time they stared at each other, but Rebecca dropped her gaze, no longer being able to meet Tiffany's icy glare. Silence reigned for another minute.

"Show me," Tiffany suddenly said.

"What," Rebecca asked in a shaky voice. Tiffany did not repeat herself, she knew she didn't have to. The girl licked her lips and unlaced her fingers behind her neck, dropping them to her side. She closed her eyes and let her right hand's fingers travel to her pussy, spreading her lips. She dipped two fingers into her cunt, bringing them out moist. She spread her juice on her clit in small circles, taking her time. Her other hand's fingers explored her upper body, finding her nipples each in turn. As she twisted and tucked at them a small groan escaped her lips and her hips began to move slightly. She moved her fingers over her clit faster and faster, thrusting them up her pussy every now and then.

Tiffany finished her smoke and stood up. Rebecca's eyes flew open and she stopped, but Tiffany commanded her to continue as she disappeared into the bedroom. She returned with some rope and a bag in a couple of minutes. She let the coils fall to the ground next to her sub. Rebecca did not seem to notice. Her hips were bucking wildly and she was moaning.

"Kneel, and put your hands behind your neck again," Tiffany commanded. Rebecca bit her lip again, her fingers flying over her clit. Suddenly Tiffany slapped Rebecca across her face. Rebecca cried out, staggering slightly. Her hand that had been frigging herself of seconds before now came up to her cheek to soothe the angry red mark that appeared there.

"I said kneel, don't make me ask you again," Tiffany said, frowning at her. With watery eyes Rebecca complied, dropping to her knees and putting her hands behind her head. Tiffany shook her head and drew a chair up next to the kneeling girl, sitting delicately on it. She reached for the rope on the floor and considered it for a second.

"Hmm, no, rather stand on all fours," Tiffany said, reconsidering her plan of action. This time compliance came fast. Tiffany laced the rope around the girl's chest, just underneath her breasts, and then around. Methodically she bound her tits. When they were done they were taught, and the nipples poked out almost obscenely.

"Right, on your knees again like before," Tiffany said, pleased with the effect. Rebecca's face twisted a bit as her body got used to the new pressure that was on her tits. Reaching her hands behind her neck was painful as the ropes strained against her. Tiffany flicked her thumbs over the nipples, enjoying the effect on the girl's face. She noticed how she rocked her hips slightly in tell-tale of the fact that she was enjoying this too.

"Hmm, my baby-doll likes the slight pain, doesn't she," Tiffany crooned. Rebecca licked her lips and nodded.

"I wonder how much," Tiffany mused. She reached in the back and brought out a pair of pegs, watching the girls eye's fly wide. She laughed.

"But look at your nipples, dear. They are begging for the attention," she said as she applied first the one and then the other. Rebecca grimaced then moaned appreciatively as Tiffany flicked them.

"How pretty you look," she stated, "with your tits jutting out like that. They feel so tight. I'll let you enjoy it for a while."

She stood up and removed the chair. Rebecca looked demurely at the floor in front of her, lust obvious in her whole stature. She moved her leg slightly so she could rub her pussy against her heel, glancing at Tiffany guiltily. Tiffany laughed again.

"Look at you," she said, "such a little bitch in heat, humping your leg like that." She sat down on the couch again, watching the show for a while. She spread her legs wide, letting the robe fall open. Rebecca gasped softly and opened her mouth when her lady's pussy was displayed.

"Crawl to me, pet," Tiffany demanded, "and come feed." Rebecca kept her eyes on Tiffany's crotch as she got on her hands and knees again. The added pegs made gravity pull on her nipples more and she moaned aloud again. She crawled the distance between her and her mistress. Tiffany patted her head as she burrowed it in her juicy folds.

"Good girl," she sighed as her skilful tongue licked her outer lips then delving in deeper. She teased for a little while, but then her mouth found Tiffany's button and sucked. She nibbled it and flicked her tongue over it, working the lady in just the way she was taught. Soon Tiffany was groaning and forcing the girls face deeper into her crotch, obscenely rubbing her cunt against her face. She closed her legs tightly around the girl's head and let her orgasm wash over her, feeling it burning in her cunt and spreading out to her whole body. When her violent rocking subsided she released Rebecca from her grip.

"Such a good girl," she said again as she came down. Rebecca sat back on her haunches and smiled, her face glistening with juice.

"But only when you want to be, isn't that right," Tiffany added, more sternly. The smile on Rebecca's face faded away as she started to expect what's coming. Tiffany smiled as she saw it dawn on her sub's face.

"Up on my lap, across the couch," Tiffany demanded. Rebecca looked at her mistress, knowing that the pegs would bite painfully into her nipples if she lay flat on the couch.

"Now, slut," Tiffany warned, knowing this too. Slowly the girl moved to obey, carefully positioning her buttocks on her lady's lap, biting down on her lips as she lowered her chest into the couch. She groaned loudly. Tiffany's hands were on her ass, rubbing it, allowing circulation to spread. She knew Rebecca to enjoy pain up to a certain degree, and knew it was not necessary for any implement other than her hands to be used with her nipples aching like that. She started spanking her softly, almost caressing, letting Rebecca get use to the sensation. When her hips started thrusting against her lap, Tiffany slapped her harder. Rebecca gasped at the new pace and force, but gradually felt the pleasure in it too. Her buttocks started glowing pink. With each stroke she felt a sting that faded. Soon, however, the sting did not fade and it was burning constantly, outlined by a deeper pang of pain as Tiffany's strong hand fell all over her backside. Her buttocks turned a vivid red. She felt the pain and submitted to it, letting it swallow her as she pressed her tits harder into the couch. She bucked more wildly in her mistress's lap, clutching at the small pillows at her head. The last few strokes were so hard that she cried out loudly.

She suddenly felt Tiffany's hands in her hair, her fingernails scraping at her skull.

"You're such a horny bitch," Tiffany growled in her ear, "get off me and kneel."

Rebecca moaned and rolled off the coach, dropping into a kneeling position. Her lips were dry and her pussy aching to be touched. Tiffany found a vibrator and slid down behind Rebecca. She turned it onto full and without mercy brought it down on the sub's straining clit, rubbing it hard. Rebecca's back arched, letting her nipples take more strain as she fucked her cunt against the vibrator, mumbling incoherently.

"Come on, my little whore, this is what you want, isn't it," Tiffany spurred her on, pulling the pegs hard. Rebecca's breath came in loud bursts as she felt her orgasm bubbling to the surface. She rode out the waves overcoming her body, until finally she could take it no more. Tiffany removed the pegs and the overwhelming burst of pain sent Rebecca over the edge. She slumped into a writhing mass on the floor and felt the orgasm rip out of her. She called out to her mistress in the throws of pleasure and tensed up her whole body.

Tiffany threw off her robe and covered her sub's body with hers, feeling her tremble. She kissed her head tenderly.

"Well done," she said, rocking her in her arms, "such a good girl."

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