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Remove your skirts and lay down over My knees
Poor Mary. How had she come to this? What had come over her, what had possessed her to choose to submit to the cruel bastard who had put her in this place?

Reality intruded on her thoughts and forced her to again suck her spit from around the ball gag and swallow. She could not drool! No, anything but that...

Her back and neck hurt almost as much as her back side and her... unmentionables. He would have called it her cunt, but she clung to the person she was before. The sweet and innocent girl who just wanted a little adventure, a bit of excitement. If only she had known!

But it was her private area that was of the most concern to her now. As each guest arrived, as the announcement bell was rung, the bell crank moved the shaft, sliding through the loops mounted to the ceiling, which ran between her legs, up inside her, stretching her to the point of cramps, and the pain was turning; turning oh so slowly. Just as He had said it would.

Her stomach quivered as the main hall door opened again. It was coming... oh please no, please let it be someone leaving and not another arrival. But it was not to be. The bell rang, "Announcing Lord Black and Lady Welt"; the shaft pushed back and forth into her most protected space and the shudders of pain turned again to pleasure. This time the shaft moved back and forth 5 times before stopping. She was getting wet. She was lubricating the shaft. Soon she would drip. She new it, and hated herself for it.

How much longer could they possibly not notice? How long before her tell-tale drops would alert someone?

She could hold her head up no longer. The pain was biting, sharp, and well past the ache of muscles that are merely sore. With a sigh she allowed her head to drop, and accepted the pressure of the second shaft against her rear as her hair, tied to a line leading to the other end of the shaft, pulled it forward. Desperately clenching her nether hole against the shaft head, she could provide only slight support for her aching neck. Soon the weight would be too much and she would lose her anal virginity just as she had lost her real virginity; to another of Masters hard unyielding shafts.

Gasp! His voice! Below her, He walked, greeting his guests. Now just beneath her, He turned to the crowd and in a loud voice said "Is it warm tonight? Shall I turn on the fans?" A general murmur of approval greeted His suggestion and He turned to a large knife switch on the wall, then looked up directly into her face and pulled it closed. His smile was burned into her mind by a sudden "smack" against her behind. Surprise and shock distorted her features as she twisted to see what had happened; and when she saw it, she began to cry.

Now she knew she was lost. She knew it because this latest indignity had been her undoing at their first meeting: The fans where run by belts reaching back and forth over the ceiling and in places along those belts, material hung down to form small leather paddles. One of them had smacked her when Master had started the fans. And then another and now another. She was being spanked. And it had been a simple spanking through which Master had found her out.

She had only wanted His attention; had only hoped to be noticed. She had worn her clothing looser, exposed more of her bosom, bent over in His view, tried to attract Him as some others did. But He had ignored her in a way that was completely infuriating to her. When one of the other girls had mentioned the spanking He had met out on a clumsy serving girl some time before, her mind went back to all those times her own dear father had laid a hand on her disobedient backside during her wilder youth and she had remembered, with a strange tingle, how much she had hated, yet enjoyed, the attention. Finally, when she could take it no longer, she purposely dropped a fine china plate right in front of Him, and froze, kneeling, heart pounding, waiting to see what He would do.

Again her memory was interrupted by reality. Another arrival, another announcement, 7 swings of the rod into her and her neck and bottom could take no more: The second shaft breached her behind and plunged into her darkest secret. The pain was hard to tell from pleasure and she gasped as much as she could around her gag.

She was being penetrated between the legs in both her holes, one by the bell shaft, one by the shaft attached to the line leading up over a hook and down to her head, while being spanked by the fan belt paddles and gagged by the ball. How much more could she endure?

The next slap of the belt caused her to jerk and a single tear dropped from her face into the hat of a fine lady below. Saved from notice, she thought back to the moment of her first humiliation at Masters hands.

Strangely, He had not appeared angry at all. In fact He did not appear to be the least upset with the loss of the expensive china, and almost smiled as He looked down at her. "Follow me" He said quietly and then turned and walked towards His chambers. Her poor heart about to burst, she paused and then staggered to her feet and followed as best she could.

In His chamber, he sat on the padded bench by the foot of his fine large bed, a bed about which she had centered more than a few salacious thoughts, and motioned for her to come to Him. She moved quickly and kneeled at his feet. Taking her hand in His, He explained "you have cost Me, and must pay, or be released from My service; but the choice is yours: Will you go, or stay and accept what punishment I see fit?" Confused, frightened, and acutely aware that she had no place else to go to, she nodded her head and said "I accept your punishment, sir"

With that, He smiled, a slow and peaceful smile and spoke these words "you are very trusting to have accepted a punishment I had not yet detailed for you, and brave to accept any punishment from a master with the reputation that I know I have built." Pointing behind her He said "Very well, go and lock the door and remain with Me here in My chamber. Remove your skirts and lay down over My knees."

In the ceiling of the hall, her mind again snapped back to the world as the sting of another slap combined with the ringing of the bell to force her first orgasm. She mewed quietly into the gag as her body betrayed her and sent the first drops of wetness from between her legs running down her thighs toward her knees where it must eventually drip down onto the crowed below.

He had not spanked her at first, but had adjusted her position by touching her directly between the legs, pulling and pushing on her sex until she felt sure she would die from either the embarrassment or the excitement. The heat in her face and her belly was stunning. He stroked her hair, squeezed her bum as if gauging how hard to spank her, and He talked quietly to her all the while. "Is that the right place?" and "How hard must I spank you?" He asked. "What amount of punishment will serve your mind and body the most?" she heard Him say with out comprehending.

The first slap was not as bad as she had feared, leaving only a little sting where she had expected great pain. A smile of relief passed her lips. "No, that will not do" He said, and again put His strong hand between her legs. God, she thought, please save me, this man is going to drive me crazy before He actually spanks me. And then the next blow fell, a bit harder, but still not really hurting over the buzzing sensation she felt deep inside. Again, He "adjusted" her, causing her such feelings as to almost make her faint. Then "smack" a harder, yet somehow better, swat was landed on her backside. And so it went, until the feeling was so intense that she shuddered, cried out and felt a pleasure such as she had never known.

At that moment, she truly believed she had died and gone to heaven, for surely no earthly hand could move her so. And yet, when she opened her eyes, she was still over His knees, and now with a strange cool feeling between her legs where His hand was moving, probing, feeling; bringing her to another massive orgasum, and another, and...

Two arrivals in short order combined with the spanking and the jerking of her head and the shaft in her bottom had pressed her to another cum and now the wetness down her legs was sure to give her away for a slut, just as it had in Masters' chamber on that first occasion. She sobbed; releasing tears that she knew would give her away. She held her eyes closed so as not to see the faces she knew must be looking up at her by now and remembered Masters words that first evening.

"You are a special one, my clumsily little pet. You can cum from pain. Your body responds in a rare and wonderful way and I will take great pleasure in it as time goes by. In fact, I believe you will serve us first in the coming ball. Yes, you will be held aloft in the ceiling of the great hall and spanked until you are wet like this for all my guests to see."

His words had stabbed a blade of fear into her otherwise happy heart that night. She had heard of the great balls, but had never worked at one. That effort was always reserved for the older members of the staff. And though the other maids reassured her and did not appear concerned as the event approached, she could hardly stand to do her work. Of course, the increadible pleasure she felt when he took her to that special place that He said only a few can go made her want to stay forever, but in between those amazing session, her doubts returned. Only Masters hard but calming hand and shafts every evening and his demonstration of simple suspension systems provided lasting comfort. More than once, she considered running away, but decided to trust her Master and believe the maids who smiled and said "perhaps you will not be seen; you know, the guests almost never look up."

A new sensation jerked her head back, running the anal shaft almost out, and then back in while the bell range loudly several and touched off yet another massive orgasm. When her spasms subsided, she heard her Master saying "Well done!" and the voices of the guests below agreeing and clapping. She opened her tear stained eyes to find that she was the centre of attention of the crowed below. Not a shocked and disgusted crowed of tightly clothed lords and ladies, but a crowed of smiling happy faces in which tight restrictive clothing was being shed as fast as the servants could help and naked skin was being touched, spanked, fucked and loved in every way possible.

English Sex Stories

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