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Sex toy fantasy BDSM stories
Moon sat at his desk, deep in thought. The cursor on the screen awaited his next keystroke. He wondered as he stared at the blinking light if the cursor ever bored or impatient. He knew she was coming, he could her the sound of her heels on the hardwood floor.

"Hey, baby," Nikki leaned over and kissed Moon on the cheek.

"Hi, how are you?" Moon leaned back in his leather chair.

Nikki's face became shy and coy. "I've been a naughty kitten, sir."

Moon's eyes arched in mock surprise. "Really?"

"Yes, sir." Nikki nodded her head. "A very, very naughty kitten, sir. I may need to be punished."

"You were talking to those men again, weren't you?"

Nikki could feel her face burn with shame as she nodded, "Yes, sir."

"Did it make your pussy wet..." Moon paused and stared at her, and continued. "Again."

No words came from her mouth, she just cast her eyes towards the floor and nodded.

"My little slut likes making the mens cocks stiff and hard, doesn't she?"

"Yes, sir." Nikki's reply wasn't much more than a whisper.

"Did you play with your pussy?"

"No, sir. You told me not to."

"Very good, I like it when my slut follows orders," a smile formed on Moon's face as his head nodded slightly in approval. "Did you show them your tits on the camera?"

"Just one time, sir."

Moon's eyes opened a bit wider, "Oh, and what did he have to say?"

"He said he wanted to jizz me, he wanted to cum over my tits and face." Nikki looked up, a sparkle now in her eye as she added, "sir."

"Did he show you his cock?"

"No, sir. He didn't have a camera, but he did say he was jacking off while we chatted."

"Very good," Moon pointed towards a chair, "You've been a very good little slut, you may sit."

The chair was a very severe, straight backed wooden piece from the 19th century, and sat a few feet across from an leather upholstered wingback chair of the Queen Anne style.

Nikki had on a very short gray plaid pleated skirt, a black silk blouse, and black knee high socks, and a pair of tall pumps.

"Lift up your skirt, I want to see your cunny."

"Yes, sir," Nikki answered Showing her sex on command still embarrassed her, but she didn't want to disappoint her man. Nikki lifted her skirt revealing that she wasn't wearing any panties, and her pussy was as bare as the day she was born.

"I see you've remembered what I like in a naughty slut."

"Yes, sir, I have."

"Open your blouse."

She undid one button at a time until her blouse was open, revealing a black satin shelf bra, her nipples already stiff, jutting forth from her large, perfect breasts.

"Nice tits," Moon's voice changed, there was a growl of arousal. "Take the blouse off, but leave the bra."

He watched her intently, drinking in every detail of her form.

"Sir," she cleared her voice, "I have a request."

"Oh, and what would that be?" Moon's eyebrows arched in mock surprise.

"Sir, your naughty slut would like to suck your cock," Nikki licked her lips in anticipation. She loved to suck his cock, she loved how it tasted, and how it felt growing hard in her mouth, until it completely filled it.

"Yes, you may." He motioned her forward.

"Thank you, sir." Her eyes gleamed as she knelt between his legs.

With deftness, she undid his alligator skin belt, opened his trousers, reached in his silk boxers and pulled out his semi-erect member.

Moon nodded with approval. "Be my cock-slut and suck me, take all of me into your mouth."

"Yes, sir," her small hand pumped his growing member as she opened her mouth to accept his swelling cock-head.

He moaned as her head began to slowly bob up and down, "Mm, I love what you do to my cock, you're such a good cocksucker. "

Nikki could feel her pussy becoming damp, she loved it when he called her dirty names, it turned her on even more. And the feeling of his stiff cock in her mouth made her even wetter. Her tongue flicked back and forth as her head moved back and forth.

Moon's hands slid over his legs and onto her breasts. He squeezed them tightly and began to fondle them.

She winced as his hand squeezed her titty-flesh, she loved having her breasts treated roughly, and he seemed to sense it.

"I love your tits." His voice was dreamy sounding. "Just the perfect size for my hands, and my cock."

The thought of him fucking her tits made her pussy even wetter, she fought the urge to reach down and begin playing with hot, wet cunny. She liked it when slid his stiff manhood between her soft boobs and began to pump. She especially liked it when he came that way, spraying her tits and face with his hot man-cream.

His hips began to slowly pump, he removed one hand from her breast and put it on the back on her head.

"I want to fuck your mouth. Good cock-sluts like a good facefucking, don't they?"

She hummed her approving answer, and nodded her cock-filled face up and down. The tip of his thick cock touched the back of her throat with each thrust. He felt so hard, and her mouth so full, her mouth felt on verge of splitting open.

"I love making you my cum-slut, my little cock-whore," his cock thrust a bit harder into her mouth, and every few strokes he would pause with the tip of his cock touching the back of her throat and hold it there until he felt her gag reflex begin to kick in.

He was close to the edge, he could easily just pump a bit harder, pull on head just a bit more and the floodgates would open, sending his thick semen deep into her throat. That would be too easy, he wanted to use her tonight. There was perceptible nod of his head and he made up his mind.

"Although, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to fill your mouth with my cum, I've decided I want to watch you masturbate."

She was reluctant to release him from her mouth, she had wanted to taste him, feel the moment when he started to spurt that she felt a bit of power, of control. That thought vanished into the vapor as soon as she realized she would be able to touch her aching sex.

After giving his cock one last lick she rocked back on her heels, "Sir?"


"Would you have your slut remove her skirt?"

He paused for a moment, weighing the options before answering. "I think, the skirt off."

Nikki unfastened the clasp on the skirt and let it drop to the floor. The look of pure lust in his eyes was the only approval she needed. "Sir, where would you have me sit?"

"In that chair," Moon pointed to a leather upholstered Queen Anne chair.

With his cock bobbing up and down as he walked, he rolled the chair from behind his desk to a spot four feet from where she had sat down.

"Put your legs up on the arms of the chair," he directed as he sat down.

"Yes, sir," she complied. She wanted to reach between her legs and touch the wetness, but she waited for his command.

His hand dropped to his swollen shaft, it was still wet from her mouth. As his hand slowly stroked, he gazed in her eyes, "Play with your pussy. I want to watch you masturbate."

A surge of excitement coursed through her body. This was the moment she had been waiting for, her hand touched her lust drench folds and her whole body sighed with relief. Her finger pushed down over her tingling nub to the center of her sex. For a moment she hooked the tip of her middle finger in her opening before dragging in back up past her hood.

"Yes," his voice was soft hiss, his eyes focused on her finger.

Nikki wanted to close her eyes and let the pleasure wash over her, but she wanted to see his reaction as well. She bit her lower lip, and felt a rush of pleasure as she looked up and into his eyes. She knew that look, he was pleased with her.

"Show me your girl-cock," lust had corroded some of the control in Moon's voice. "Stroke it for me, make it stiff."

Her tongue licked her lips as she put her thumb and forefinger on her swollen nub and began to move her hand back and forth. The sensations rocked her body as her clit stiffened and swelled.

"Does that feel good?" Moon leaned forward in his chair, his erection seemed to quiver as he watched Nikki masturbate.

Nikki nodded her head as her eyes locked on to the bead of pre-cum on the tip of his swollen head. "Yes, sir, it feels very good."

"Very good for what?"

"Very good for stroking my little girl-cock for your enjoyment, sir." She wondered if he would start stroking himself as he watched her. Nikki enjoyed watching him pleasure himself, seeing him lose control just before his climax and to watch the fountain of ivory cream spurting forth.

Moon stood, and walked to Nikki, he let his stiff cock-head brush against her cheek. She could feel the slick drop on her cheek. What was he going to do? Was he going to stroke himself and release his load on her face? Would he order her to open her mouth? Would he have her squeeze her large breasts together and deposit his creamy load onto her breasts. Her aereola crinkled in delight as her nipples began to stiffen.

"You're my hot little slut, Nikki," Moon's voice was heavy with lust. "It seems I need to mark you again, brand you with my cum so that you remember that you are mine, and mine alone."

His words caused ripples of raw pleasure to move through Nikki's body. "Thank you, sir for that honor. I am yours, I am your slut. I will try to remember that I am only yours, sir."

He held his throbbing shaft in his hand and rubbed the velvety skin from his engorged cock-head against her soft cheek. "I'm so tempted to give over to my desire and shoot my load on your face, but I want more. I want to take you, I want to fuck you, I want to fuck your tight little pussy. I want to claim you as mine."

His words along with the feeling of the tip of his erection on her chin was sending her to the precipice of an orgasm. "Sir?"

"Yes?" Moon answered.

"I'm about to cum, can I, sir?"

Moon smiled benevolently into Nikki's eyes, "No, not yet, not until my cock has claimed it's prize."

Part of Nikki wanted to disobey him, but the desire to to please him was stronger. Her fingers eased up on their stroking, she moved her head slightly from side to side, feeling the warmth from his engorged member on her cheek.

"Over to the desk," Moon stepped back from Nikki. "Put your hands on the desk and bend over. I want to take you from behind."

Nikki felt her pussy quiver at the thought of his cock filling her. She put her hands on the dark, rich wood of the desk, she loved this room. It smelled of his cologne, leather, and wood, it smelled like him.

She moaned as she felt his finger touch her throbbing clit. His voice, calm again, dominated her thoughts.

"You're so wet and creamy. I like when my little slut is wet and creamy."

"Thank you, sir, your little slut does try to please you."

Moon put his swollen tip against Nikki's entrance, with deftness, he spread her lips. "Spread you legs more."

He began to slowly feed his tip into her tight, wet pussy. "My little slut's pussy is so tight."

"Oh, sir!" Nikki felt his large, swollen cock-head pushing through inside, "You cock is so big, sir."

"You like that, don't you?" Moon asked as he grabbed a handful of hair and pulled back on it.

She liked the feeling of his hand pulling her head back. "Yes, I do like your big, fat cock fucking me sir."

He looked down, it fascinated him to watch his shaft, wet and slick with her juices, moving in and out. Moon would pull almost all the way out, pause for a brief moment and then push as deep as he could, until he felt the tip contact her cervix. He'd hold it there again for a moment before dragging his cock back out.

As he increased the rhythm he could see her big breasts swaying in the reflection of the mirror on the wall.

"Look at your big tits bounce," He let out a guttural growl as he released her hair, leaned forward at took her fleshy orbs into his hands.

Nikki had been watching her breasts, and it turned on more to see them jiggle and shake with his fucking motions. "I love watching them -- sir."

Moon could feel her nipples responding to his touch, as he pinched with a light touch, he could feel them stiffening. He slammed his cock harder and faster as he pulled and pinched her stiffening nipples.

Little whimpering sounds of pleasure came from Nikki's mouth as he really began to fuck her. "Sir, your cock is driving me wild, you're so big and so hard. Fuck me, fuck your little slut."

"You are my cock slut now, you feel my stiff cock in your hot pussy. Only mine is allowed there."

"I only want yours, sir, no one else's." Nikki closed her eyes, she knew she was close. Her hips where slamming back into Moon as he drove forward, the rhythmic slapping of two bodies was almost hypnotic. "Fuck me, fuck me hard, use that cock to make me cum."

Moon moved his hands to Nikki's hips and began pistoning his cock into her like a machine. "Cum for me my little cock-slut, cream all over my cock." The meeting of their bodies was like a slow roll of applause. "Do it. Cum for me, be my cum-slut girl."

His words and his stiff manhood driving in out of her pulsating pussy sent Nikki over the edge. "Oh, yes, I'm cumming, Fuck me, use that big cock on me, make me yours. Fuck me, sir, fuck me with that big dick."

Long moans replaced her words as Moon continued to drive hard and fast, he could feel his own climax approach. Nikki felt her body quiver as she began to cum, her eyes closed and she focused on the rainbow in her mind, feeling all the colors fusing into one hot light. She was cumming hard.

As her climax subsided, Moon was nearing his. "Turn around, and kneel," he ordered. "It's time to mark and brand you.

"Yes, sir" Nikki's climax had waned, but as she turned and knelt she put a hand between her legs and began to stroke her swollen clit. "Make me yours, sir. Mark me."

Her eyes were focused on the hand stroking his perfect cock. The head and shaft glistened with her juices, she felt a surge and wanted to taste him.

"Let me suck you off, sir. Your hot lil slut wants to make you cum." She opened her mouth wide as her fingers strummed her swollen nub.

"Yes!" Moon put his cock in her mouth and grabbed two fistfuls of hair and began to pump her mouth. He knew he wasn't going to last long. He was too far gone now to slow down and savor the pleasure she was giving him.

"I'm going to cum!" Moon's voice was ragged with lust as he felt the first spurt shoot into her mouth. The second spurt landed on her cheek as he pulled out of her mouth.

"You are mine, and mine alone," he moaned as the next two spurts landed on Nikki's impressive breasts. "I have marked you, branded you as mine."

Nikki felt herself cumming with his words and he feeling of his warm seed in her mouth, her face and on her breasts. "Yes, sir. I am yours. I don't want anyone else but you. You are my man."


Later, as they lay in bed, Nikki's head on Moon's chest she whispered, "I love you Bri."

His hand head reached over and caressed her cheek. "I love you, too baby."

Her eyes felt heavy, "If I'm a naughty girl tomorrow, will you punish me again?"

"Yes, baby, I will." Moon smiled as he played with her hair.

"Good," Nikki voice was soft. "You are my man, and I am your woman."

"I am your man!"

And with the last waking breath, Nikki whispered, "I love you, Bri, I mean Mr. Moon."

He smiled and leaned down and kissed the top of her forehead, "I love you, too, Nikki. Sweet dreams."

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