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Illegal sex stories with mastering in torture
"Hi Gaz, how's tricks" Archie's voice boomed out as he approached across the saloon bar of the Rising Sun.

"Not so bad. I got one in for you." Gary indicated a pint of Boddingtons waiting on the table ready.

"Good man. I'm surprised that new girlfriend of yours has let you out." Archie sat down and took a long pull at his pint. "You seem to be spending all your time with her, completely ignoring your old muckers."

"Hey, lay off my bird. Anyway, she's off with her mum shopping. They've gone into Manchester, you know, that Trafford Centre."

"What's she shopping for, wedding dresses or a ball and chain, maybe?" Archie laughed. He wasn't the sort to let his mate off the hook that easily, indeed, their joshing was all part of the ritual; a mutual piss take that communicated their deep friendship ever since they had met at college. Gary was now working in I.T. whilst Archie was a ranger or some such for the council. Even when Gary had met Jessica and fallen head over heels in love they still kept their Friday evening drink together as part of their lives; their way of touching base.

"You'll never guess what happened to me last night." Archie started after a good half of his pint had disappeared. "I was up on Barton Fell, you know the place."

Gary did indeed know Barton Fell; half nature reserve, half leisure amenity its deciduous woods covered several square miles of rugged countryside. On Sundays the car parks were full but mid week it was the perfect place for a quiet walk. He and Jessica liked to take a spin out from time to time and watch the sunsets; well, that was their excuse, anyway.

"So, I'm working on this new hide out by the tarn near where the grebes are hatching and yesterday I only went and left my binoculars there." Archie continued. "I nearly left them be but I'd promised the nipper we go star gazing and they're just the thing for a youngster to use so, there I was, well gone nine at night, heading through the woods towards the tarn. I was a bit rushed so I cut across country, worked my way up Pismire beck and right in the thick of it I suddenly hear voices. More than that, it's a woman's voice and she's calling out 'Stop, stop, please stop!'"

Archie took another long sup of his ale.

"Well," he went on. "I'm not going to leave a damsel in distress, am I? On the other hand, if I go blundering in then the blighter who's doing this will run off and they'll never catch him. So I go slow, softly, softly, like."

Gary smiled at the thought of Archie going softly softly but, having been out on a badger watch with him he knew that the big man could move very quietly when he needed to.

"I creep up on them and there, in a bit of a clearing I can see this woman, completely starkers, hanging from a tree... no, not like that, you berk, hanging by her wrists, like." Archie held his arms over his head to demonstrate. "He had a bit of rope over a branch and he'd tied one end off to some leather cuffs around her wrists. She's not off the ground or anything but she's pretty helpless. He's holding a riding crop and laying into her like there's no tomorrow. Then he lays off for a while and he's right in there, groping her cunt and giving her tits a good old feel. I thought I'd got me a right pervert so I put on my best park ranger voice and I'm in there."

"Stop that! Stop that at once!" Archie mimicked himself, trying to sound as official as possible. "Before he knows what's hit him I have him over and on the ground with his wrist up behind his back in a half nelson. I was pretty pleased with myself, to tell the truth.

"So?" Gary was intrigued. "Did you call the cops?"

"Nah, I'm busy giving this guy a little talk about how he should treat women when she chimes in, tells me off for hurting him! She's still hanging by her wrists but now she's giving it lots of 'Stop it, leave him alone, you big bully. Get off him, you're hurting him.'" This time Archie mimicked a woman's voice. "There I was thinking I'm rescuing some poor bint from a fate worse than death whereas it turns out they're husband and wife enjoying a bit of hankie-pankie. I let him up and turn my back while he unties her and she puts on a bit of clothing and then it's all embarrassment, sorry, won't do it again, sort of thing. I'm still playing the stern park ranger but inside... hah, it was all I could do to keep from pissing myself with laughter.

"So what did you do?" Gary asked.

"Nothing, what was I going to do? It's not really a police matter, it was just a bit of fun, no one was hurt, well, not more than they wanted to be. Silly thing is they'd have been fine if only they'd have gone over the other side. There are plenty of spots over by Blay Tarn where they would have been perfectly safe. OK, so it's a bit of a trek from the car park but that's the point, isn't it? Now, your glass is empty, ready for round two."

Without waiting for an answer Archie got up and went to the bar. Two more pints of Bods were on their way.


After the second pint Gary made his excuses and left. Jessica was due over by nine thirty and he wanted to be home ready and waiting. He was fast learning that it did no harm to do a quick tidy up to his bachelor pad before she arrived. He'd never felt like this before about any woman, she was special, very special, and if she liked the place spick and span then he was glad to oblige. Secretly he admitted to himself that she was right; he had become a bit of a slob in his bachelor years and he was glad that she was looking after him, making him live up to what he knew he ought to be.

In particular he changed the bedding. Jess, lovely sweet, adorable Jess, made it quite clear that her favourite thing was getting into a bed with freshly washed bedlinen and, given what happened once she was there, he was more than glad to oblige. She was a tigress between the sheets and Gary smiled to himself in anticipation as he smoothed down the covers and squared away the duvet. Archie might take the piss but this one was different, this one was special and, if she was checking out wedding dresses, well, he hadn't proposed yet but they both knew it was only a matter of time. He had never felt so blissfully happy.

At nine thirty he heard her car pull up outside and his heart leapt. He rushed to the door to let her in and she was still in the hallway when they were in their first clinch. He'd put aside a sloppy movie for them to watch but, somehow, they never got round to it but rather they put his pristine bedding to good use again, and again, and again. Finally satisfied, for a while anyway, they snuggled down together under the covers.

As they chatted Jess told Gary all about the shopping trip and, no, wedding dresses weren't involved, this time at least. That done Gary told Jess about Archie and what he had come across in the woods.

"God! What a hoot!" Jess laughed as Gary got to the punch line. "Imagine how embarrassed that poor girl was. Mind you, that could be part of the turn on."

"What do you mean?" Gary asked.

"Well, that's the point of doing it outside isn't it? She's dangling there stark naked, unable to run and hide if anyone comes; half the thrill must be the risk of discovery. It must be a different thing when it actually happens though. Not that you'd ever catch me like that. You on the other hand..."

"What do you mean?" Gary asked carefully. The atmosphere was still light and jokey but there was something else, some other undercurrent going on.

"I mean, my messy friend," Jess tweaked his nose playfully, "you're not going to get me tied up like that but I can imagine having you hanging naked from a tree. Maybe a good smacking might teach you not to leave your boxers in the middle of the bathroom floor - again." Jess was half joking, half serious. "And something, maybe it's that wistful look in your eye, tells me that you wouldn't be completely averse. Is that what you want?" Jess rolled on top of him and knelt up straddling him, pinning his shoulders to the bed with his arms.

"Please, please, Mistress, please have mercy on your humble slave." Gary said in a jokey voice.

"Oh, you'll have to beg much harder than that!" Jess joked back and she bent forward and kissed him, a kiss that went on and on as, once again, they discovered just how much pleasure could come from the physical side of their relationship. And with that the subject was closed but both knew it was far from over.


It was Saturday morning maybe a week or so later and Gary and Jess were, once again, cuddled up in bed together.

"Gaz, honey." Jess started. "Do you remember what you were saying, you know, the other night when you told me that story about Archie finding the couple in the woods."

"Umm..." replied Gary.

"Well that got me thinking and I've done some shopping..." She rolled over and reached out to her hand bag which was on a chair beside the bed. When she rolled back she was holding a pair of wrist cuffs. "Why don't we see how these fit for size?"

"Where did you get those?" Gary was amazed. This was far beyond simple handcuffs.

"Anne Summers." Jess replied simply. "After seeing you so excited about Archie's little story I thought I'd do us both a favour. Now put your wrists out, there's a good little boy."

Gary didn't hesitate to do as he was told and Jess positioned the cuffs around his wrists. They were fastened by buckles and, simply held in front of him, he would have no problems undoing them himself. However, Jess had been ready for this. She reached back for her handbag.

"Hands above your head, that's the way." She produced a short length of chain and two padlocks. In no time the cuffs were attached to the headboard and now there was no way he could twist his wrists and reach the buckles. She lay back down next to him.

"Does that turn you on?" She asked sweetly. "Judging by the state of this..." She gently teased her finger tips along his rigid penis. "...I'd say you're just loving every minute of it. Well, does it turn you on?"

"Yes, Jess." Gary replied.

"Ooh, bad boy! It should be 'Mistress Jessica' when you're wearing the cuffs, shouldn't it? Now let's try again. Does wearing the cuffs turn you on?"

"Yes, Mistress Jessica." Gary's voice was guttural; a mixture of nerves and excitement seemed to slog his throat; he had no idea just how far Jess was going to take this.

"Maybe I should take you out to the woods, smack that pretty little bottom of yours, would you like that?" All the time Jess's fingers were playing with Gary's penis but gently, just teasing, and she was delighted by how hard he was, how obviously aroused.

The truth be told it wasn't just Gary who had been turned on by Archie's story. Jess too had felt the thrill and, although she hadn't said anything, the thought of having Gary strung up in the woods was very alluring. When she'd found herself in town passing Anne Summers she couldn't resist popping in and, whilst the fur lined handcuffs had seemed ideal at first the more she thought about it the more the wrist cuffs were more suited to what she had in mind. They wouldn't cut into the flesh so much and he could wear them for longer.

Now that it was real, now that she had him at her mercy it was a whole new thrill and it awoke a little devil inside her. Sure, she wasn't, and never could be, the heartless cruel dominatrix, she loved Gary far too much to hurt him in any real sense of the word, but, if he was as willing as he looked then there was plenty of fun to be had playing along. She could tell from Gary's breathing that, despite her going slowly on his penis, he was close to coming so she stopped and kissed him gently on the lips.

"That's enough of that." She said as she pulled away and sat up.

"But... but... but... Jess, please..." Gary stuttered. He'd been so close and now the need from his groin was urgent.

"What did you call me?" Jess feigned anger.

"I'm sorry, Mistress Jessica. Please, please don't tease me. I need to come. Please."

"That's better but I'm still not sure you've got the message. I decide what you do or don't need, is that understood?" Jess was enjoying this.

"Yes, Mistress Jessica." Gary said resignedly.

"Good. Now, if you're going to come you're going to have to earn it. You can start by kissing my nipples." For the next hour or so Jess continued to tease. From time to time she'd break off for a while, making herself a cup of coffee, for example, before returning to Gary and, once again, playing with him, bringing him to the edge. Both knew that this was just a game, that Gary could call a halt to it at any point but, for all his frustration, for all his unresolved need, there was no way he wanted to stop and his ever rigid penis was testament to that. Finally Jess looked at the clock. It was ten thirty; the day was slipping away.

"If we're going to get into town before lunchtime we need to get on with things." She said matter of factly as she got up off the bed.

"But... but... but..." Gary spluttered. "Please Mistress Jessica, please; I need to come so badly."

"Do you deserve to come?" Jess asked, sitting back down, her fingers once again returning to his penis.

"Deserve..." In time Gary saw the trap. "No Mistress Jessica, your slave can only beg for mercy."

"My slave, eh? I think I like the sound of that. Tell me how much you love me."

"You're my Goddess, my one, my only, oh, Mistress Jessica I love you so much I... Oh... Ahhhh..." Every muscle went into spasm as Gary came, great gobbets of jism shooting from him, covering his chest.

"Hmm... You did need that, didn't you?" Jess laughed. "Now let's get you out of those cuffs and get on with the day. You go and shower whilst I clean up round here."

It was well gone eleven before they were in the car and on their way into town.

"Gary..." Jess was thoughtful. "I had a lot of fun this morning but... look... I don't want it to take over. I want us to be Gaz and Jess, most of the time. I want a partner, not a slave, but, now and again..."

They pulled up at some lights so Gary had a chance to look across at this women, this perfect woman, this woman he loved.

"Jess, darling, absolutely. I know just what you mean." He said

"Mind you, I still want to try a session in the woods." Jess returned.

"Whenever you're ready." Gary replied. With that the lights turned green and, as they pulled away the conversation turned to other things.


Over the next couple of months bondage play became a regular part of Jess and Gary's sex life. By gently pushing the limits they found that, apart from the bondage aspect, there was a D/s side to their relationship and, one time, after Gary had left the bathroom in a state, again, "Mistress Jessica" decided it was time to show her naughty little slave just what happened to untidy slobs. A little experimenting led her to Gary's table tennis bat and she soon discovered that a bright red backside did nothing to diminish his rock hard erection. Furthermore, whilst Gary had never been reticent about offering oral sex he was now getting lots more practice and becoming far more proficient in knowing exactly what turned her on.

Spring rolled into summer, July turned into August and Britain experienced one of those rare heat waves with daytime temperatures up into the high eighties. Gary was working away in the data centre when his mobile rang.

"Hi there honey." Jess purred once he had answered. "It's far too hot to work. How about we bunk off early and have some fun."

Jim looked at the rota. He, like Jess, worked flexible hours and he had enough in reserve so he called over to the boss and pleaded domestic emergency. Just how much his boss believed him is moot as, half an hour later, he was away from the office and pulling into the car park outside where Jess worked and five minutes after that they were free. He was delighted to see that Jess was looking bright and summery wearing a short skirt and a light blouse. Her legs were bare and on her feet was a pair of strappy sandals. Instead of her normal handbag she was carrying a holdall that looked quite heavy as she shoved it on to the back seat. When Gary asked what was in it a curt 'you'll see when the time comes' was all he got in reply. A quick discussion on where to go ruled out most of their usual haunts as being to hot, too indoors or just over done. When Jess suggested a spin out to Barton Fell Gary agreed at once. It was maybe a twenty mile drive but Gary's sports car made light of the distance and, in no time, they were pulling into the main car park.

The woods were nigh on perfection. It was quite cool in the dappled shade and, being midweek, it was pretty peaceful. At first they walked together hand in hand down the main pathways but, more and more they strayed and, as they got deeper into the woods Gary couldn't resist pulling Jess to a stop and, pinning her to a tree, kissed her long and hard. Naturally his hand strayed to her thigh, up under the hem of her skirt and was heading for all points north but, as his fingers reached the elasticated leg of her panties he was firmly told to wait.

"There will be plenty of time for that later, don't you worry." Jess whispered. "Doesn't this heat make you horny? It certainly does me."

At that point Gary's restraint nearly broke but a party of school children on a nature trail approached. Fortunately they were noisy enough that Gary had time to get his hand out of Jess's skirt before they got too close.

At six-o-clock Jess suggested that they eat at a nearby pub which had a good garden where they could sit out and enjoy the weather. Gary's main hunger was for something other than food but he knew better than to demur and they went back to the car park, retrieved the car, and drove the five miles or so to the Rose and Crown at Duck Green. The weather had brought the crowds out but, after a short wait, they found a table and ordered.

As they chatted together over the meal Gary started to realise just how much the woman opposite meant to him. Maybe it was the two pints of Boddingtons he'd had with the meal, maybe it was the unrelieved tensions in his groin, maybe it was the perfect afternoon they'd just spent together or maybe, maybe it was that this was the one for him, his one true love. He was nigh on the point of proposing there and then but he hadn't got a ring and proposing without a ring just wouldn't be right. By the time they had finished the sun was getting low. Hand in hand they walked back to the car.

"I'm driving." Said Jess firmly as they approached the car. "I know you with two pints inside you. You may be legal but you're not safe. Hand over the keys."

It said much for their relationship that Jess was the only other person allowed to drive Gary's precious sports car and, without demur, he handed over the keys and got in the passenger side. Jess got in the driver's side and they drove off, out of the car park. It wasn't long before Gary realised that they were not heading back towards his flat, or hers for that matter, but were, once again, heading deep into the countryside.

"Where are we going?" He asked.

"Can't you work that out?" Jess said, playfully.

"But this is the road back to Barton Fell." Gary said. Then the penny dropped. "Are we going to...?"

"You betcha!" Expertly Jess steered the car through the narrow country lanes and, minutes later, they turned into the car park and drew to a halt. "Grab the bag from the back and follow me."

They got out of the car and Gary took the holdall out of the back before Jess pushed the switch that put the roof up and locked the doors. Then, with a purposeful stride she headed off into the woods.

Gary was beginning to realise that she had planned this all along. After all the bag had been there right from the start. Furthermore the afternoons walk hadn't just been for pleasure, judging by the assured way she was taking turn after turn she knew exactly where she was going. He was pleased to see that she had remembered Archie's comments and they were heading towards Blay Tarn. It wasn't long before they came to a clearing, a patch of soft turf tucked away under the overhanging branches of a mature beach tree.
"This will do." Jess said. "Bag please."

Gary handed her the holdall and she fetched out the wrist cuffs from home.

"Strip to the waist and put these on." Jess said in a 'matter of fact' voice before passed the cuffs to Gary and, whilst he was complying she fetched a length of rope out of the bag and, with a practised swing tossed it so that it went over a branch that overhung the clearing. "What? Didn't you know I used to be a Girl Scout?" She joked.

In moments Gary found himself standing with his hands over his head. Jess tied off the rope adjusting it until he was at full stretch but still taking his weight on his feet.

"Now then, I don't want to hear a squeak out of you." Jess said in a playful voice. "So I think a gag is in order. Unfortunately I don't seem to have brought one. Now, what can I use...? Oh, I know." She reached up under her skirt, pulled down her panties and stepped out of them. "Yes, these will do fine. Open wide." Gary opened his mouth and Jess balled up her panties and pushed them inside. She reached into the bag and fetched out a silk scarf which she fastened around his head holding the panties in place before standing back to admire her handy work.

"Very pretty but you're a bit... overdressed, don't you think." She came and stood next to him and, as her fingers fiddled with his belt buckle she reached up and kissed him on the nose. Then, gripping his jeans either side if his hips she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of his boxers and slid the whole lot down until they were puddled around his ankles. She slipped off his shoes and helped him step out of his jeans and boxers.

"Ooh look!" She exclaimed. "Someone's enjoying this." She stood up and took his rigid penis in her hand. Gently she eased his foreskin back and forth over his glans and Gary shuddered as his penis seemed to get harder than ever. There eyes met, hers twinkling with wicked amusement, his already pleading for more.

"And that's enough of that to be going on with." Jess retuned to the bag and fetched out two more cuffs, a pair of tent pegs and a rubber mallet. As she bent down to fetch the stuff out of the bag the hem of her skirt rode up at the back and, knowing only too well that her panties were in his mouth, Gary got a tantalising 'almost' view. She came back to where he hung and drove the tent pegs into the soft turf either side of him so that, once Gary's cuffed ankles were attached to them, his feet were maybe three feet apart. It was now much harder for him to retain his balance and he was starting to take some of his weight with his arms. Then she went back to the bag and as she retrieved something from it, Gary once again got a teasing half view of his favourite pair of buttocks. When she stood up he saw that she was holding something that looked like a cross between a riding crop and a fly swat. The business end was maybe ten centimetres square and she flicked it back and forth experimentally.

"Now then, let's see how well this works." She went round behind him and flicked the end across one buttock. Gary gave a squeak, as much of surprise as of pain. "A little harder, perhaps?" This time she chose the other buttock and, as suggested, was less restrained. Gary was starting to realise that, far more than their sessions back at his flat, Jess was not going to hold back.

"You see..." She continued. "Back at the flat I have to worry about making too much noise, about upsetting the neighbours, but out here... out here I can make as much noise as I want. We have the whole place to ourselves. Don't we?" Another quick flick caught Gary out and he once again squeaked in pain. "But why am I doing this? Is it because you've been a slob – again? Is it because you left a black tide mark in my bath last Thursday? Is it because you lay in bed all Saturday morning instead of getting up and helping with the cores? Well, what do you think?"

All this time Jess had been circling Gary, giving occasional flicks with the crop. Now she stood in front of him and was pleased to see that, despite the concerned look on his face, his penis still stood proud and strong. She reached up and gave his right nipple a tweak with her finger nails. "Well, slave, what do you think."

With his mouth full of Jess's panties Gary was in no position to answer. However Jess seemed to be demanding something to he tried to say 'I don't know' although all that came out were muffled sounds. He shook his head.

"I can't hear you." Jess said. Gary tried again. "What's that? You don't know." Gary nodded gratefully. "Well, you may not know but I do, I've tied you up because I can, because I want to and now we're going to see just how many strokes of this you can take."

She went back round behind him and started to really lay into him. She had to use a certain amount of caution. The sight of his rapidly reddening buttocks was really getting to her, as was the thwack of the leather on his backside and the squeak of pain that accompanied it so she had to be careful not to get carried away. From time to time she would move around to in front of him and smack his nipples for a change and she was pleased to see that, despite the fact that he was obviously hurting his erection was as hard as ever. She upped the tempo a bit, trying to find that fine line between pain and pleasure and was actually hitting quite hard before a change in the tone of his muffled cries told her that he'd reached his limit.

She went back round in front of him.

"Had enough?" She asked. Gary nodded and she could see that his face was tear stained and, if it weren't for the evidence of his still semi-hard penis she would have thought the poor lad had really suffered. "And are you ready to say thank you?"

Gary nodded fervently so Jess went over to where the rope was fastened off and let it free. Gary slumped to his knees. She quickly untied the rope from his wrist cuffs, unfastened his ankles from the tent pegs and undid the scarf holding her panties in his mouth. Then she went over to where she had laid a blanket on a suitable log and lay along it.

"Here, slave, come and thank your Mistress."

Gary took no time in shuffling across the clearing and burying his head between her thighs. He was slightly surprised to find out just how turned on Jess was. He knew she enjoyed D/s games as much as he did but, as he eased the lips of her sex apart with his tongue he found that she was fully aroused, her juices were flowing freely and her clitoris was an inflamed bulb of flesh. As ever he started slowly but she was having none of that and told him to get on with it if he didn't want another beating.

Almost immediately Gary was glad they were deep in the woods as Jess held nothing back and vocalised her growing arousal in ways she would never dare do back at the flat. Partially it was instructions to go harder, to stay there, not to stop, partially it was cries of pure passion, pure fever, pure animal desire until with a massive "Oh Yes!!!" she came, her cries disturbing a flock of starlings.

It took Jess a few moments to get her breath back before she sat up, got up, off the log and pushed Gary backwards to the ground. Straddling him she reached under her skirt so that, as she lowered herself down onto him, she could guide his penis deep inside her. Again there was the passion, the intensity the power as she rode him and rode him hard. She lent forward and rested her hands on his shoulders, gripping furiously as she rubbed her groin back and forth, back and forth.

"You're mine, aren't you?" She asked breathlessly.

"Yes, yours Mistress." Gary replied.

"What are you?" There was an edge in Jess's voice now.

"I'm yours." Gary repeated.

"My what?"

"Your slave, Mistress, your slave, your... ughhhh.... ughhhh....Oh Jess!!!!"

With a shudder Gary exploded inside his Goddess and, as he nearly blacked out with pleasure, he was vaguely aware of Jess climaxing too.

For a while the only noise was the feint rustle of the wind in the leaves. In the end it was Jess who spoke first.

"Are you OK?" She asked tentatively.

"OK? God, Jess, that was fantastic." Gary replied.

"But your poor bottom..."

"Well, I won't pretend I won't be feeling sore for a while but it was worth it, oh, god it was worth it. Oh, Jess, I love you so much, really, really I do."

"You're not so bad yourself." Jess joked. "Now, let's get dressed and back to the car before it's too dark to see."

She stood up and went over to the bag and started tidying the bits and pieces away whilst Gary put his clothes back on. She saw him wince as the waistband of his boxers went over his buttocks; she really had laid into him pretty hard but there were no complaints from his side and definitely none from hers. Already she was planning their next trip, after all, in a couple of months the summer would be over and it would be too cold for outdoor games.

Dressed at last Gary came over and gave Jess a long, long hug.

"Jess, darling, thank you, thank you so much." He said as they broke.

"Thanks for what?" Jess asked.

"For... for... for playing along with my kinky side." Gary looked slightly abashed. "You're so good to me."

"Yes, I am good to you." Jess replied. "But what makes you think I'm doing this to play along to your kinky side? Now grab the bag, it's getting dark."

Hand in hand they returned through the woods, each one wondering how they had got so lucky as to find their perfect lover.

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