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Domination mastering armpit stories
I walked into the bedroom wearing these soft material, black pants, and nothing else. The bedroom had white walls, with plush wine colored carpet, a platform bed (Japanese bed) with matching wine colored sheets and dark colored dressers with lit candles on it and along the wall.

You were in the middle of the room, near the bed, kneeling down with your legs tucked under you and your hands resting on your knees. Your hair was dyed black, cut shorter than normal as it reached just past your shoulder blades, but you had it back in a tight ponytail to expose the wide leather collar around your neck, with a ring in the middle of it for attaching a leash. Your face was powder white with jet black eye shadow and lipstick to give you a truly gothic look. As my eyes traveled down past your bare shoulders to your chest I stared at your breasts nearly spilling out of the shiny black vinyl corset you were wearing. To add the gothic effect there was a piece of the corset that came to a pointy batwing shape that helped to hide your nipples. You said nothing as my eyes trailed lower to the shiny black vinyl shorts, and the fishnet stockings I could barely get a glimpse of as they rose slightly above your knees. And then I stepped slightly to the side to get a better look at your net covered legs and saw your fishnet clad legs end in black platform, 8" heeled shoes. I stepped back to the front of you, taking all of you in.

"Does it please you Master," you asked with a wicked smile.

"It does," I responded, "It pleases me very much," I said stepping forward to you and the mischievous little smile returned as I brought myself closer to your face and looked down at you. I reached down and began to unzip my pants while looking at your eager face. The tip of your pink tongue came out slightly over your black lips in anticipation.

"Hands behind your back luv," I whispered.

"Yes Master," you replied while complying with my wishes.

"Now suck me without using them. Don't try and use them, I don't want to use the handcuffs tonight."

"Yes Master," you said with a slow nod as your face came closer to my cock. You took me in your mouth slowly sucking me as I watched you.

"Stop," I commanded as I had already become semi-hard. You looked up with a slight disappointment on your face, but I didn't care, as I was ready to move onto the next part. I held my hand out to you, but you wouldn't move until I said anything.

"Take my hand. I want you to stand so I may see you better," I said.

"Yes Master," you replied. Taking my hand you were able to slowly get up from the kneeling position. You stood still as I took in the sight of you. I circled you slowly my fingertips over you bare skin, stopping briefly to play over the tops of your breasts. You inhaled sharply as I kneeled down in front of you and continued to run them down the inside of your thighs, and then further down your legs, before tracing back up the out side of your legs to your hips. I stood once again and continued this for a moment before moving behind you. I stood close behind and began to whisper in your ear.

"I'm going to take this off now. Do you have a problem with that?"

"No master." But before you could finish I was already untying the back of the corset. I felt it come loose from your body, and before it could fall I moved back to the front and slowly pulled it the rest of the way off. Your nipples were hard already and I made you stand perfectly still as I flicked my tongue over them, and then continued with some light biting and sucking. I then gave both a pinch, which caused you to moan, before I moved away to a nightstand, and brought something over to where you stood. I pulled a rough chunk of ice out of a black cup and held it up to your face.

"This is what I'm going to use on you. But you must look straightforward and not watch. Do you understand?"

"Yes master," you replied with a gasp. I then kneeled down in front of you and began to circle the ice around your nipples. Each time it touched for the first time you gave a shudder, but otherwise didn't move. When the ice began to melt I tossed it aside and then returned to sucking your nipples, alternating between the two. You flinched when you first felt my mouth on you, and your hands came up slightly from your sides to hold me, but you remembered your orders and returned them to their place at on the sides of your legs. As you continued to look straight ahead I pulled something out of my pocket, a pair of nipple clamps, and as my mouth came away from your right nipple and gently clamped it on. The shock made your legs buckle a bit, but my hands quickly going to your hips kept you in place. I sucked your left nipple for a while longer, and then placed the clamp on it, a little less gentle this time. Again your knees buckled, and again I held you up. I then retrieved a small piece of ice and just barely touched the tips of your nipples with it. You let out a moan as I stood and circled you, running my hands over your bare back and chest. Stopping occasionally to lightly touch your clamped nipples. I could see your legs were shaking.

"I'm going to help you lay down now," I told you.

"Yes," was all you could say. I lowered you to the ground. First to a kneeling position, then on your butt, and then I had you completely prone on the carpet. I lay on top of you and began to run my tongue over your bare stomach. You gave a slight moan, and flinched a little when it tickled but otherwise obeyed perfectly the fact I wanted you in this position. After I licked and kissed your stomach, I moved up to your chest, removing each nipple clamp and sucking hard on your nipples right after removal. You moaned loudly as it seemed to be over saturation of sensation. Quickly I kneeled to one side and rolled you onto your stomach. I began kissing your back as I got back on top of you.

"The carpet is rubbing on my nipples," you muttered with a gasp. I ignored you speaking out of turn and as I moved up your back kissing you, I reached around and ran the palm of my hand over each nipple, causing you to moan more. Getting excited myself I pushed your body into the carpet as I began to grind into you from behind. You began to moan more with each thrust into your backside, and I then quickly stopped grinding and slid down your body to run my hands over your legs. You couldn't seem to take it anymore and finally you spoke up.

"Master, may I speak?" you questioned with a moan. I stopped touching you and paused before answering.

"You may."

"May I remove my shorts now? Please I'm so soaked Master."

"You may. I will help you though." I then rolled you back onto your back. I unzipped the vinyl shorts and slowly began pulling them down your body. Postponing removing them just to add to your torture. As I pulled them off I saw your bare pussy was glistening, and knew it was time to speed things up. I stepped close to the top of your head, and gestured you to raise it slightly. When you did I firmly took hold of you ponytail and told you to rise. With ponytail in hand I brought you to the same kneeling position you had started in, and I circled around you taking in the nakedness of you, loving that you were completely exposed with the exception of the fishnets and heels. I once again faced you, and then reached behind your head and grabbed your ponytail.

"Sit up straighter. Part your legs a bit, and use your hand between your legs," I commanded while still holding onto your ponytail. When you had done this, had started to flick your right hand over your clit playing with yourself, I gave a smile of approval. "Now suck me. Slowly."

"Oh yes Master," you drawled out. You eagerly took me in your mouth, and I watched you have to remind yourself to do it slowly while trying to move your hand faster between your legs, as you were getting closer to getting yourself off.

"Stop with your hand," I commanded. You at first ignored me. You were so close now.

"I said stop with your hand," I restated while grabbing your ponytail tighter to emphasize the point. You stopped and gave me a sour look while still sucking me. I made eye contact with you, and pulled back on your ponytail so you would take me out of your mouth. Once you did I spoke.

"You will not cum unless I give you permission. Do you understand?"

"Yes master," you replied breathless and pouting. You wanted to return to sucking me, but I held firm until you looked up at me again.

"We're done with this part. Kneel here a second." I commanded. And before you could answer I walked over and brought a chain leash back to you. I hooked it onto your collar and told you to crawl behind me. As I lead you to a door that connected to the bedroom, I stopped to open it, and then gestured for you to take the lead and crawl in ahead of me. I stared at your bare ass in front of me as you crawled into the next carpeted room, then stopped and kneeled before the swing. There was some soft lighting near the swing to sort of make it stand out like it was spotlighted, but you didn't care, and I didn't either. I watched you unable to take your eyes off of it. It was a black swing and black metal frame. Not connected to the ceiling but free standing. There were three parts that came down from the top of it, a thick strap for back support, and two straps that ended in leg cuffs to put your feet through.

As you continued to stare at it, I moved beside you and unhooked you from the leash, tossing it aside.

"This was my surprise for you. Are you ready now, slave?"

"Yes Master," you tried to say, but your voice kind of cracked. I stood you up, no commands, or formal master/slave ceremony, as we both couldn't wait. I helped you sit in the swing and get comfortable before getting your still high heel clad feet through the leg cuffs. I then stepped back and looked.

You were strapped into the swing, naked and completely exposed to whatever I wanted to do to you. And with an evil smile on my face I stepped forward to your gasps of anticipation. Your legs, already spread wide, I spread even wider as I kneeled down and attacked your clit with my mouth. You moaned loudly and shook a bit, almost as if you wanted to get away from the attention I was paying it, but I wouldn't stop. My tongue into you're soaking pussy, and then up your slit to lick roughly over your clit again and again, before stopping and sucking hard on it with my mouth. Each time you moaned louder, flinched more, and tried desperately not to cum, as I seemed to relish the torture.

It wasn't long before you started to beg my permission to allow you to cum, and as I added a finger, sliding it deep into you, you really began to beg.

"Please, please, please, please, oh god, oh god, please, please let me cum," was all you could scream. And I shook my head no and continued to use my mouth on you. But all your begging had gotten me hard to, and I finally slid my pants off to relieve some of the pressure on my hard cock. I stood between your legs then and you strained to keep your head upright as you watched me place the head of my cock so close to your pussy that we were almost touching.

"Do you want to be fucked?" I asked.

"Yes Master, please fuck me," you replied. But before you could finish I slid into the hilt, and you let out a loud moan. I placed my hands around your hips and began to thrust into you, using the swing as well as my own thrusts, to go deeper, and harder than I ever had before. Your neck seemed to finally weaken and you let your head go back and stared up at the ceiling as you moaned louder and louder as I fucked you without any restraint.

In and out, each thrust eliciting a moan or some sort of dirty talk as I plunged into you. I slowed and focused on slow deep thrusts into you, which caused you to beg me to go faster again. But instead of speeding up again, when I pushed in as far as I could go inside you; I then leaned over your harnessed body and began to attack your nipples, sucking them hard. You practically screamed out from pain and pleasure, and it seemed it was enough to once again have you ask my permission.

"Master, please let me cum?" you wailed.

"Yes," I consented. And then I sped up again, fucking you hard, deep, and fast. Over and over again as you screamed you were going to cum. And as you started too, I didn't stop thrusting, which caused you to moan and swear as you tried to handle the orgasm and the unrelenting thrusting. But the dirty talk and the moaning helped to do me in as I felt you drench my cock. Unable to pull out in time, and exploded inside of you, mixing our orgasms together.

I wish there was more but right about then I woke up sweating, hard, and dripping a bit.

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