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Black mastering fuckstories
Tommy had never done well in school. It wasn't a lack of brains or a surplus of attitudes. Not at first. It was the opposite. Tommy was too smart for his teachers, his angry parents and almost every kid his own age. When he found a smart kid like himself in school, he clung to them regardless of what they were into. Even if it was stealing cigarettes he'd never smoked before, drinking piss colored liquor or vandalizing the popular kids' fancy-ass cars.

At 16, his friend José had introduced him to a 25 year old girl named Suzanne who worked at the record store. She soon became his first girlfriend, lay and housemate. She was demanding. She loved his sixteen year-old eagerness and endless erections. He hadn't even finished growing all the hair on his balls by the time he had done every position he'd ever heard his friends talk about. Even when he would get tired of the sex, constantly being asked to bone her after a hard day of work — never mind the homework for an Honors English class he'd managed to weasel his way into — she would just keep begging until he got hard out of sheer anger. Every time she would suck his cock like she'd been in prison for years without one.

By the time he managed to graduate, with a scant 2.1 GPA, he had grown disgusted with Suzanne. She'd gotten so used to the constant sex, she never took care of herself. She'd beg to get fucked and she'd smell of two day-old B.O. and pot. So he left, without a place to go home to. His mother wouldn't let him move in because of his "attitude" and his father wouldn't let him move in without the "My House — My Rules" lecture. So he slept for days in his beat-up van, taking showers at the swimming pool at the park. Each day going out to look for a job. When he finally got hired again, it was making minimum wage at a Taco Bell. He didn't even eat meat, and everyday he scooped thousands of scoops of pseudo-meat.

Less than a month at his job and he'd turned back to drugs. All his graduation got him was a job where he was one of three people with a high school diploma and that included the manager. He couldn't stand the thought of kissing ass for years to finally make assistant manager, and he couldn't get into the local community college because his parents made too much money. Never mind the fact that they wouldn't give him any for school.

Pot quickly lost it's luster because it slowed down his mind too much. So one day, he asked Mike if he could hook Tommy up with some crank. Mike gave him a strange look.

"Well, it's your body. If you wanna spend your money on that shit, I can find you somebody who'll sell it to you."

"Cool. And yah, it's my body. Don't worry about it."

"Okay." Mike said. "When do you get off?"

"Midnight." Tommy responded.

"Okay. Well, I get off at 10. Meet me outside and I'll drive you to go pick some up. But you'll have to go in and buy it and I don't want you using the shit in my car, okay?"

"All right. Don't freak out."

That night, the hours passed more slowly than when he was drunk or stoned. Each order needed something special, and every elderly person in the world wanted something that wasn't "too spicy" and they needed their discount which required a manager.

Finally, around 11:30, the traffic to the place had slowed. The bell on the drive-thru hadn't rung in 10 minutes, and Tommy was almost finished sweeping the front. Then he saw a Sport Utility vehicle drive up.

"Goddammit!" Tommy threw his broom against the trash can and walked behind the counter to take another order.

He watched as a woman got out of the car. She was dark-headed, and even through the glass he could tell she was built. For a second, he forgot about his after-work plans, and almost smiled. The lady was dressed really nicely with a suit and skirt that was slit up the thigh. As she walked in and surveyed the restaurant, he admired her toned, strong thighs and thought about burying himself between them. He stared for a long time, even as she walked up.

"You like what you see — Tommy?" She asked smiling at him.

"Uh. I don't what you mean."

He was getting red in the cheeks.

"Don't worry honey, I saw you looking and I don't mind. Makes a lady my age feel proud."

"Can I take your order?" Tommy was fidgeting and shuffling his feet audibly. He couldn't look her in the eyes.

"Sure. I like to give orders." She grinned and Tommy looked up and felt a little better.

"I'll take a number four, with no meat. And make sure you don't charge me extra for the beans." She continued.

"No, ma'am. And what would you like to drink?"

"Well, I'd like a Rum and Coke, but I know you don't have the rum, so I'll take a Coke."

"Pepsi all right, ma'am?"

"Make it a Dr. Pepper."

"Anything else?" Tommy asked, finally relaxed enough to stop shuffling his feet.

"No, that'll be it, Tommy. By the way, that's your real name isn't it?"

"Yes." He answered as the register beeped and displayed a total.

"I like it. It's cute on you."

"Thank you. Your order comes to $5.32." She paid him and watched as he walked back out from behind the counter to start sweeping. While she waited, she leaned back against the counter on her elbows and stared at his ass while he bent over to push the dust into a dustpan. Tommy noticed her staring and found himself almost becoming erect. His face turned red again. As he walked back behind the counter, he avoided looking at her, instead reading the instructions on the hand disinfectant dispenser.

"You've got a nice ass. Hope you don't mind me returning the favor of giving you a glance over."Tommy didn't say anything.

"It's okay sugar. I won't bite you right here. But if you come home with me I'll do that and more."

Tommy thought he was about to pass out. He'd never met such a sexually aggressive woman in his life. At that point, his jockey shorts were about to burst with a full eight inches of cock. His hands began rubbing the disinfectant furiously when he heard a bell ring and a co-worker slide her order to the prep counter.

"Here's your order ma'am."

"I like the way you say, 'ma'am.' I mean it about you coming home with me. You're a sexy guy. I promise I'll be kind."

"Well ... I've got a friend ..." His gut was about to fall out of him and spill all over the counter like a busted pinata.

"This friend of mine whose gonna give me a ride after work."

"Suit yourself, but I tell you what. I'll give you a while to think about it. When do you get off work?"

"Here in about ten minutes."

"That should be enough time," she said, as she looked at her watch.

"I'll be waiting outside in my car."

The last ten minutes of work passed so fast, Tommy could hardly believe it when his boss told him to clock out. Tommy looked out the window and Mike was nowhere to be found. If he didn't want a cigarette so bad, he would've stayed inside and wasted time, but there was no where to smoke in the entire restaurant, not even in the back.

As he walked outside, the the manager locked the front doors behind him and he felt like there was no turning back.

"Hey, Tommy. You changed your mind yet?" She said as she got out of her car with a bag of trash from the meal in hand.

"Well ..."Before he could finish she brushed past him to throw her trash away in the can behind him. She felt the muscles of his arm tense as she did. She was tempted to stroke his ass, but she didn't.

Tommy almost got erect again, but he managed to stop it.

"I don't see my friend anywhere." Tommy said, never answering her question.

"No strings attached. Just come to my place and talk. You can spend the night on the couch if you like, or I could take you home tonight. I just want to get to know you, sexy."

Tommy stood there feeling her near him. She stood to the side of him almost forcing him to change his stance if he wanted to look at her. With her just in his peripheral vision, he became aroused again. He could just barely smell her cologne — like a woodsy flower smell drifting past him. Her sultry voice was deep for a woman and when she talked to him, he could feel each word she enunciated tickle a vertebra in his back. He wanted so bad to just turn towards her, but that would be some kind of admission or submission to her request.

"Mike'll show up here in a little bit, he's always late." Tommy finally uttered.

"What are you doing working at a place like this anyway?"

The question surprised him enough that his shoulders shrugged jerkily.

"What do you mean?"

"Don't play coy. I can see it in your eyes you've got a brain. How long has it been since somebody put it to the test?" She asked.

"I don't know what to say."

"That's much better than some lame, idle prattle that most people just dribble out like slobber. I bet you get a lot of that here, don't you? Mindless automatons that expect you to act like a good automaton, too." He finally turned and looked at her face. She was striking. Her cheekbones were high, but not too sharp. Her brown eyes were deep and intense as she stared at him.

"My boss is the perfect example."

"Yah." She said, smiling, inviting him with her expression to keep talking. Letting him know she was interested in listening.

"He can't help but spew the company rhetoric like a Baptist preacher at the pulpit. And no matter what kind of day you've had, he always tells you to take it any way you can get it. And I swear that the man only has one mood, which is resigned mediocre determination. I don't think the man has ever known passion in his life. Let alone the majority of the customers. Even the ones I like. The nice ones who actually remember me and listen when they ask me how I'm doing, even they are just so ... vanilla."

She looked up at him with a half-smile, half-sad look. He could tell just by her expression she knew exactly what he was talking about and that she hated it, too. She just waited for him to talk, with eyes demanding he continue.

"Do you ever feel like that? That most of the world is living on auto-pilot? Barely aware that the world is spinning?"

"All of the time. But I don't let it get to me. I make my world something they'll never have. And when I get a chance, I try and share that with people," she said.

"It's a lot easier to do that when you have money."

"Yah, it is. But I had to earn everything I have. I own my own business and got it without once getting a loan. Everything I have is mine — my life included."

"That's cool." Tommy was starting to feel like he was being lectured. As much as she made him think, it smacked a little too much of his teachers in high school lecturing him about pot when they got to go home to their own apartments and houses and lives, not his.

"Are you going to school?" She asked him.

"No. Costs too much and my parents make too much money that I'll never see for me to get financial aid."

"That sucks. That's not why I pay taxes, you know? I'd much rather smart kids like you got to go to school or got a chance to learn how to run a business."

"It'd be nice, but that's not the way it works, huh?" Tommy asked, feeling angry that he even said the words but more that he felt they were true. "You know, Tommy, it doesn't have to work like that. I mean, yes, the system works like that, but there are other ways to go. First, you should let me try and get you a better job."

"Doing what?" He smiled in disbelief.

"You could start off as an assistant for me making a lot more than minimum wage. Or I have a couple of friends who own businesses if you don't like photography."

"You're a photographer?"

"Yes. I make a good living, too. And I like what I do. I get to be creative, in control and get paid for it. It's great."

"Wow." He said, smiling widely like a child, "I'd love to see your stuff sometime."

"Well, sexy Tommy. Why don't you come home with me tonight? I'll let you see what I do and take some pictures of you, too."

"Whatever. I don't need my picture taken."

"Believe me, you'd look great on film. I'd love to watch you through my camera." She said smiling.

It was only a few minutes after work and he knew Mike was just running late, but the thought of going home with this woman made it too easy to not wait and not want to go find some rundown house with crank dealers.

After an hour in her studio, looking through photos and talking about how cool Tommy thought she was, she turned the camera on him and began taking photos.

"Now open your shirt."

"What?" Tommy asked.

"Don't worry, honey. I want to see your chest. Just open your shirt and leave one button open."He did as he was told, nervously, his nipples becoming erect when the air and her eyes behind the camera found them.

"Now just relax, sugar. Lean back and start to think about how sexy you are."Tommy laughed.

"I'm not sexy."

She pulled the camera down from her face, looked him straight in the eyes, and said, "I said you were sexy. You are. Now let yourself feel it." His smile faded, he stopped talking and he leaned back into his chair.

"That's better. Put your hand on those pecs. Those are nice. Just run your hand over your nipple. Palm down. Slowly. That's it. Doesn't it feel good?"

[Yes. It did.] He thought.

"Feel your neck. Can you feel the tendons. Lean your head to the side. Oh yah. Damn, that's a good neck. Put your finger in the divot under your adam's apple. Gently. Yes. Now lick your finger. Put it in your mouth. More. Get it really wet. Now run over the top of your nipple. I want to see the light shine off that hard nipple. Run a trail down your torso. Damn! Trace the line down the center. That's masculine. That's hot. Can you feel it it? How powerful you are?"


"Don't stop. Tuck it down under those pants. Stick that finger down into your pubic hairs. Can you feel them? Good. Now grab that cock you've got on that thigh. God, it's hard isn't it?"


"Can you feel the head through your pants?"


"Run it up to your mound. Now cup your balls. I bet those things are loose and swollen aren't they?"

[You have no idea.]

"I know, baby. You're so young and horny. You've got this monster cock that no one knows about. No one knows how you want to fuck and be fucked do they?"


"I can tell by looking. You've never had it like you want it, have you?"


"You can't even tell yourself how you want it, because you've never known it. Open your pants. Pull that zipper down. Pull your pants down. Rub that fat cock through your underwear. It feels big doesn't it?"

[Here. Now.]

"Go ahead and pull that out. Grab it around the base. Wave it at me. Show me your cock. Your proud of it, aren’t you?"


"Pull those balls up. Stroke them. Caress that loose sack."

[Oh my God!]

She put down the camera and moved towards him. She moved so that her knees touched his and she stood above him. Looking up at her, he looked into her eyes over her breasts almost spilling out of her bra. He reached his hand up to touch the skin of her thigh that was exposed on the side.

"No. Hands down."He stopped instinctively. He looked back up to her face.

"Who made you feel this good?"


"Remember that. You never thought you could feel like that, did you?"

"No." Tommy answered looking up at her, seemingly towering over him as he sat.

"I can teach you things you've never known. How to feel that powerful all of the time. Proud and sure. Strong. But there's a price." His silence was his question.

"You felt like you do because you did what I said. More than that, you gave yourself to me for the moment. If you want what I can offer, you'll have to give more, give it fully and freely and all of the time." His eyebrows lifted and squinched.

"It's simple. You agree to do what I say. For that, I will teach you."

"Do what you say?" he asked.


"Yes." Tommy said without taking his eyes off of her.

She smiled and placed her hand on his head and stroked his hair.

"Good boy. I'll save you and teach you to take care of yourself." He said nothing.

"You deserve a treat. You can touch my thigh now." He did. He ran his hand up and down her thigh. She pulled her skirt up and exposed her white thighs and cunt. She grabbed his hands and placed them palms flat on her full, heart-shaped ass. Then she pulled his face to her crotch.

"Now lick my pussy. Slower. Not so wet. Now stiffen that tongue. Get in there. Get off my clit and lick my cunt. Open that mouth wider. Up further. Bury it." She pressed his face hard into her pussy. He couldn't breathe but he did as he was told. She was wet from spit and her own juice. It started to dribble down his chin and he tried to swallow when she pulled his head back long enough to breathe.

"Good boy. Do you want your cock in my pussy?"


"What would you do for it?"


"You mean it. Truly anything?" she asked.


"Then take off your clothes." She said as she stepped back. He stripped naked. His young body firm and exposed. His cock rigid, standing out from his belly. He stood and awaited her command.

"Now get behind this chair and bend over putting your hands on the chair. Yes, but pull back. Not so close. Put some space between your hips and the chair."He was bent over at the waist, his hard round ass in the air and his cock flopping out from his hips.

"Now don't take your hands off the chair until I say so."

"Yes." He answered.

She walked behind him and let her skirt brush against his bare white ass. Startled, he jerked and his cock bounced.

"It's okay. This is for your own good. You'll like it more than you hate it, I promise. Just don't take your hands off the chair and I will reward you."

"Yes."She ran her hand over his ass, her middle finger resting in the crack. The white soft hairs on his ass raised. Her finger found the dark skin between his ass cheeks as she stroked his butt.

Suddenly, she raised up and slapped his ass. The sound echoed throughout the empty studio. His ass cheeks went hard but the skin jiggled. His body jerked. His grip firmed on the chair, but his hands never let go.

"Good boy. Now spread your legs so I can see those big balls hanging between them."

"Very good. My God those are big balls." She stood back and ran her hands across her hard nipples protruding through her blouse as she stared at his ass and his balls. Without a word she walked up silently to him and ran her index finger along the length of his sack and them underneath. She lifted her finger up between his balls so they hung on each side of her finger.

"My God. When was the last time you emptied those balls?"

"This morning." His voice was shaky.

"Wow! What a healthy young man you are." She grabbed the top of his sack gently all the way around and then slid her fingers down. She repeated the milking motion several times. When she got to the top the last time, she tightened her grip and stuck her finger up towards his anus and rubbed. He shook.

"Good boy." With that, she smacked his ass again. A red mark appeared slowly in the shape of her hand across his cheeks. He stood steady.

"Very good. You want my pussy, don't you?"

"Yes. Very much."

"You keep this up and I'll let you have it." She put her index finger in her mouth and wetted it. She leaned over him and reached around with her other hand and grabbed his cock. Then she put her finger to his anus.

"Now just relax." His anus tightened at first, but when she pressed hard enough, and long enough, he finally let go and her finger slid into him to her first knuckle. She began stroking his cock. She could feel his balls tightening as she moved her finger in and out of his sphincter while she stroked his cock. His prick was so hard it barely gave even when she grabbed tightly on it.

"You're so good. You haven't let go once." With that, she thrust her finger into him so her fist spread his ass cheeks.
He pulled in a deep breath, his hips jerked and she could feel the blood surging in his cock.

She pulled her finger out of him slowly so as not to hurt him.

"Good boy." She said. "Very good boy."

She got down and kissed the red mark on his ass. She started to lick him while she let go of his cock. Then she spread his thighs even farther apart, flattened her hand and held it palm up under his balls just tickling his sack.

Without a word she started gently bouncing the palm of her hand up against his balls. She bent down to watch as his balls smashed over her hand and then fell down filling his sack when she pulled away. She did this for a few seconds before she paused.

Suddenly she raised her hand up hard and smacked his balls. She hit hard enough his cock bounced against his pulled-in stomach. His whole body shook. The chair came up off the ground for a moment and clacked when it hit again. His hands became red as they gripped the chair.

"Such control, boy. Such a good boy." She said as she started gently rubbing the balls and cock she’d just abused.

She stood up slowly and stepped back to look at him. His ass was red and his muscles were tense. She could see the lines along the sides of his abdomen.

"One more thing, and you can have some pussy."He waited silently.

"Whatever you do, don't cum or you can't have any of my pussy. Don't let go, either."She got down between the chair and his thighs. She looked up and his cock was standing out vertically and she pulled it down. The head was purple around the edge and shiny. She lifted her head and licked the tip of it. Then she put her tongue to the base of it, his balls resting on her chin and she licked down the length of it.

"Good boy. Don't move."He thought he would come any second, but he tried hard not to. She pulled away her face and held his cock down for a moment, when suddenly he felt the warm wet plunge of a mouth engulfing his cock head and most of his shaft. His body shuddered. She grabbed onto his balls with her other hand and alternately stroked them and squeezed them as she slid her mouth up and down the length of his eight inch cock. It was thick enough that it was no easy task for her to not graze him with her teeth, but she didn't. His cock was so hard and hot. She could feel the veins bulging out against her tongue while they pulsed with his shaking.

After a minute of sucking his cock, she pulled off of it and leaned back to look at his face.

"You like that."

"... yes." He whispered.

"What did you say?" And she squeezed on his balls. He thought he would come right then.

"Yes. (cough) Ma'am."

"Very good boy." She let go of his balls and he began to breathe again.

"Now sit down and you can have some pussy."He sat down and put his hands on the arms of the chair.

"No. Sit on your hands."He did and waited. She walked up to him and pulled up her skirt. She licked her finger and started to play with herself. She rubbed her clit which he could see was swollen. Then she slid a finger in and out of her pussy. Her pussy was so wet it glistened. His mouth opened as she put her finger to his mouth. He sucked on her finger, enjoying the salty taste of her juice. He sucked like a child sucks on a nipple. Hard and deep.

"Such a good boy."

She lifted her blouse off and unfastened her bra. Her large breasts undulated before him as she bent down to take her skirt off. Finally, she came close to him and straddled his thighs. She swung her breasts in his face.

"No tongue. Keep your mouth closed and enjoy." Her hand pulled his cock and aimed it up. She hovered her pussy just millimeters away from the head of his cock. She was so close, he could feel the heat radiating off of her pussy. Then she lowered enough that his head was barely touching her lips. She slid her pussy all over the head of his cock and got it shiny wet.

He let out a desperate moan.

After a second of not moving, she let all of her weight down and thrust his cock deep inside of her pussy. Her plump ass smashed his balls as she hit his thighs.

"Oh God." She said. "What a good cock!" Then she lifted up and slowly fucked him with her pussy.

"You can't come until I tell you."

"Please." He begged, trying to tense his muscles so he wouldn’t come. He could feel the cum building in his balls and inside him. Every time she dropped her weight on his, he could feel his seed trying to rush out of his testicles and into him.

She grabbed his nipple and pinched so hard he thought it would come off. Pain shot throughout his chest and he felt his heart skip a beat.

"You come when I tell you." She let go of his now red nipple and started to play with her clit as she slid up and down his cock. His balls got tight and his face contorted as he tried so hard to not cum.

After a minute of long slow strokes she quickened her pace and started letting all of her weight hit his thighs. His balls were smashed flat as she did. The sound of their skin slapping together echoed off the walls. She began to groan and her finger moved faster across her clit.

"Now cum." She exclaimed. And as she did, his face grew tight and he let out a yell. He could feel everything inside of pumping as fluid started rushing through his insides like he’d not cum in years. Hot cum filled her pussy and she began to shake herself, still riding him and thrusting down on his cock. As their bodies slowed and cum began drizzling out onto the chair, she exhaled and looked at Tommy's face.

"You're a good boy, Tommy. Very good."

"Thank you." He breathed out. A long thick line of tears built up on the inside of eyelids before a tear finally spilled out onto his cheek. She leaned over and smashed her breasts against his neck and wrapped her arms around him and started stroking his head. She wiped the tears on her neck.

"Such a good boy, Tommy. I can save you. You can have more than this. You deserve it. You made me so proud tonight. I knew you were a smart boy. I knew you were good." He leaned into her and let his lips taste her shoulder and his own tears.

"I'll take care of you if you'll let me." She said.

"I will. I'm yours."

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