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Sextoy slaves eratic stories
Having left work early to relax at home, I read the rest of my morning paper on the train. I arrive at the 16th station, and I make my way out of the station and out into the sun light. It is fall in San Francisco, weather wise, the best time of year. It is warm with that hint of cool in the air of things to come.

As I begin my walk home, I give her a call. No answer. I wonder where she could be and hope that she is being productive.

There is a large old building two blocks away from the 16th Station that sat empty for over 30 years. The corner had become a place for drug addicts and dealers to hang about. Every time someone came up with a use of the building the locals would stop it. It is now porn studio that specializes in BDSM.

When the neighborhood found out about the studio the locals organized a protest. Ironically, they do nothing to deal with the filth on the street where their children play. However, "Oh my god, two (or more) consenting adults may be get a spanking." is enough to cause a special planning commission meeting. The meeting amounts to just lip service to the locals and the studio still stands.

Arriving at my building, I enter through the lower floor, where my office is located, and place my briefcase on the desk.

"Hello," as I make my way up the stairs. There isn't a reply.

When I get to the main floor, I find books and scholastic supplies spread out on the dining table. It appears she is studying. This puts a smile on my face and I am glad to see she is finally taking things seriously.

"Hello," as the brat comes down the stairs in her stocking feet.

"Hi. You're home early. Why?" she says somewhat breathlessly.

"Just felt like coming home and working later. I tried calling you."

"I guess I didn't hear it ring."

"Called to see if you wanted to do something. What's up?" I ask.

"Nothing. Just studying with a friend from school." She replies.

From upstairs I hear the toilet flush and a door open.

"Who?" I ask.

"Ashley," she replies. "We have a couple of classes together."

Going to the kitchen, I retrieve a glass from the cupboard and fill it with ice-water from the refrigerator. As I turn, I see Ashley come down the stairs and the two of them exchange some quiet words.

"This is Ashley." She says.

"Hi, Ashley. Studying hard?" I ask.

"Yes," says Ashley as she takes at seat at the table.

Between sips of water, I ask what they are studying. Ashley replies, "Math." I damn near spit my water out.

"That's funny, I was helping her with some math last week," I reply.

The brat walks into the kitchen and retrieves a glass from the cupboard. She pulls a carton of juice from the refrigerator and fills her glass.

"What kind of host are you? Not going to offer Ashley something?" I ask.

"Yes...Ashley do you want anything to drink?" she asks in overly dramatic tone.

"No thank you. I am fine," Ashley replies.

As she sips her juice, I come behind her putting my hands around her waist, I whisper in ear, "I'm glad to see you studying."

"If I don't you will get pissed," she replies.

"Yeah. You are right. Do you need any help with your math?" I tease.

"No," as she breaks from my grasp.

She moves away from me to put the juice back into the refrigerator. Turning as she closes the door, I lean in to kiss her and she pulls away.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

"Nothing," she curtly replies.

Leaning in quickly, I give her a kiss on the cheek. Pulling back, I get a slight whiff of pussy. She gives me a puzzled look.

She is against the sink and I can see Ashley off her shoulder studying at the dinning table.

"You may want to wash your face next time," I whisper.

"Next time what?" she snaps at me.

"The next time you go down on someone," I reply.

My words were loud enough that Ashley heard. She seems to have become a little more diligent in her studies.

"You're crazy," she replies.

"OK. Explain why one of your socks is inside out?" I ask.

She looks down at her feet and then back at me.

"I guess I put them on in a hurry," she states.

"I guess you are right."

Huffing, she walks out of the kitchen brushing by me and takes a seat at the table. They share a telling glance between them.

I walk to the couch and sit down. Picking up a magazine, I begin paging through it and then turn on the TV. Mindlessly surfing through the channels and generally being a pain in the ass.

Without looking up and with almost a dismissive tone she says, "Can you go down to your office so we can study in quiet?"

"Aren't we a little bossy? Are we going to talk about what I interrupted by coming home early?" I reply.

"Don't be a dick," she replies.

"I think I should be going," Ashley says as she gathers up her things.

Turning off the TV, I walk over to the table and look at the brat as Ashley looks to her. Placing my hand firmly on the brats shoulder, she looks up at me searching for forgiveness or reassurance. Today they will not be forthcoming.

"Ashley, do you want to see her again?" I ask.

"I need to go," Ashley replies.

"If you leave you will never hang out with her again," I state.

Ashley looks to the brat for guidance.

"Please don't be an asshole over this," she says to me. "Ashley didn't do anything and when have you ever cared in the past."

Crouching down, I place my head between Ashley and the brat and grab a hold of the brat's jaw. I look sternly into her eyes and ask, "Remember our agreement?"

"yes," she replies softly.

"I get it. Ashley doesn't know," I say.

"Know what?" Ashley asks.

"The brat and I have an agreement as far as girlfriends go. I can't have any and I have to know about hers before she does anything, and this is the first I heard of you. So, she has broken the rules."

Ashley gets up from the chair.

Turning, I look up at Ashley, "Ashley, I am dead serious. I can't punish you. However, the brat here, that is another story. I can keep her from seeing you."

"Sorry Ashley, just stay. He is just pissed at me."

"I am not pissed at all. Ashley. You didn't do anything. Hell, I would fuck her, if I had the chance. Oh wait. I do. Now, I am a bit Disappointed in her."

"Why don't the two of you take a seat on the couch?"

Ashley hesitates and looks to the brat. The brat nods her head in the direction of the couch. They walk over to the couch and each takes a seat at opposite ends. They appear as two kids that got caught shoplifting. They could have afforded to pay for the item (asked me first), but they wanted the thrill of stealing it or, I should say, the brat wanted the thrill of stealing it.

As she sits down the brat rolls her eyes, "He loves lecturing."

"You, young lady, are on thin ice." I take a seat in a chair across the room facing the couch. "I thought we were done with you acting out?"

"Acting out! Please!" The brat protests.

"Hey, you broke the rules."

"But..." She stammers as she looks away from me.

"We will get to your butt shortly," I interrupt.

Leaning forward in my chair I begin the questioning.

"How did you two meet?"

"We have classes together," the brat replies. "We were actually studying."

"And that is when you accidentally went down on her."

"That is what you think," the brat replies as she repositions herself.

Ashley looks down as her face goes flush.

"Well, considering the color of Ashley's face, I would say I am correct."


"yes?" She replies.

"Did the brat go down on you?"

Ashley looks to the brat for some guidance or support.

"Just tell him the truth. It's OK," the brat replies.

"Yes." Ashley shyly replies without looking directly at me.

"Now which one of you was the aggressor?" I ask.

The brat tucks her legs under herself and looks at me, "I was."

"Figures. I am not even sure why I asked that question. Ashley, is this the first time you have been with a woman?"

"No." She replies, still not looking directly at me.

"Ashley, you can look at me. There is nothing to be embarrassed by. I know what you two have done."

She looks at me, "OK."

"Hell, you may get more than you bargain for, and I mean that in a good way."

Simultaneously, both girls look at me with puzzled. I am starting to have fun.

I get up from my chair and walk around behind them. Leaning over I place my hands between them on the back of the couch.

"How did you go from studying to eating pussy?" I ask.

"It just happened," the brat replies.

"Did you bring her here to have sex?"

"No. We needed to study, and we need to get back to it," the brat says.

"So how did you find yourselves upstairs?"

"Well, Ashley was leaning over helping me with a problem and her breast rub up against my arm and I turned and kissed her."

"And...?" I reply.

"And one thing lead to another," the brat replies.

"And the next thing you know. You have your clothes off and are going at it."

"Something like that," She replies.

"Are you going to give me more detail?"

"No. You have seen it a dozen times before. Can you just drop it and let us get back to our studies?"

"Dozens of times?" Ashley turns to the brat.

"Ah. Yeah. I like girls," the brat replies.

"It is one of the things we share in common," as I smile.

"Were you going to tell me?" I ask.

"Yes. This just happened. I wasn't planning on it, and I would have told you this evening," she states.

"Are you sure?"

The brat looks at me as if to question my doubting of her.

"Yes, of course I would have. You know I would," she insists.

"OK. I broke the rules. You can spank me later," she says.

With her words, Ashley looks at her.

"It appears that you haven't explained the extent of our relationship to Ashley," I say.

Ashley's expression becomes even more perplexed as the brat begins to squirm.

"No, I haven't, and I'm not sure she needs to know."

As the brat speaks I can see concern coming over Ashley face.

"You are just causing Ashley to be anxious for no reason. Just explain it to her."

I step back as she turns towards Ashley and begins the explanation.

"Well...It is like this. Our relationship is a bit different. We have this dynamic between us and he makes sure that I am safe and cared for and makes me do things to better myself, and, in turn, I do what he tells me to do and try to be a good girl."

"I don't get it. He tells you what to do. Sounds more like a parent," Ashley says.

"Well, um, have you seen the movie 'Secretary'?" the brat says.

"Yes," Ashley replies.

"Well, it is like that. Only neither of us is that dysfunctional," the brat explains.

"And you are much more beautiful than Maggie Gyllenhaal," I inject.

"Who?" Ashley asks.

"The girl in 'Secretary'."

"So, you like whips and chains and rope," Ashley says.

"Yes, sometimes. Well, not whipping per se," the brat replies.

Ashley turns towards me, "So you are going to punish her later with a spanking."

"I'll spank her. However, I am not sure how much punishment that really is," I reply.

Turning back to the brat, Ashley asks, "And you like this arrangement?"

"God, yes!" Replies the brat. "I thrive on being his good girl. However, I am not perfect."

"What am I going to do with you?" I ask.

"You could spank me!" The brat exclaims.

"Why don't I take you shoe shopping while I'm at it?" I reply.

"Yes, that too," the brat replies.

Having walked back to my chair, I take my seat and turn my attention to Ashley.

"Ashley did you come?" I ask.

"Ah..um...no." she replies.

Turning to the brat, "And you?"

"No. Someone came home early. Bastard," she says with a smile.

"Want to know what it is like to top a woman?" I ask.

"I already kind of do," the brat replies.

"I wasn't talking to you."

Ashley looks startled.

"Top? I am not sure what you mean," Ashley replies.

"You get to be the sexual aggressor," I say.

"Um...I don't want to have a three way with you two. No offense," she states.

"No three way. I am not going to be involved. I am not going to touch anyone. Well, at least not physically. I mean you were having sex with my girlfriend in my house. Jesus. Maybe even on my bed. How could you?"

"I am sorry," Ashley replies.

"Just teasing. You have nothing to be sorry about. She is the brat, and she needs to be put in her place. And you get to do it."

"Well, I don't really know what to do," Ashley states.

"Don't worry, I do. I will talk you through it."

"Hey don't I have any say in this." The brat speaks up.

"Be still. I'm talking to Ashley."

The brat crosses her arms and huffs.

"Don't mind her. She gets like that when she thinks she should get her way."

"I'm not sure. It is kind of weird," Ashley replies.

"Weird like creepy or weird like your pussy is wet and that is kind of disturbing?" I ask.

"Um...well...It isn't creepy," she replies.

"So your pussy is wet?" I ask.

"God...Are you forward," As she squirms herself into position.

"You have no idea," the brat replies.

"Shush. We are not interested in your opinion," I admonish the brat.

"Yes. I'm very forward. Ashley, it is alright to be aroused. Look at her, she's fuckin' hot. If I had a pussy, I would want her to eat me, and I'm certain her pussy is soaking wet."

"How can you be so sure?" Ashley asks.

"Because she is not getting her way, and she has to just sit there waiting quietly," I explain.

As Ashley and I have been speaking, the brat has been repositioning herself, squirming, if you will. Her forced stillness fuels her quiet desire.

"That doesn't make any sense to me," Ashley replies.

"Ashley, I have long stopped trying to make sense out of peoples' responses to various things."

"Should I leave you two alone to discuss the emotional dynamics of my sexual response?" the brat says.

"Will you just sit there quietly?" Ashley says to the brat.

"What?" the brat says as she rolls her eyes.

"Are you going to put up with that, Ashley?"

"Should I backhand her?" Ashley asks.

"No," I chuckle. "First we need to get one thing perfectly clear. She is mine! I have NEVER let anyone else top her. Do not hurt her or do anything to her without asking me and if I say stop, you stop. If you don't, you will have to answer to me. Got it?"

"I understand."

"OK, sweetheart, here is the deal. You have been a bad girl. You have broken our agreement. An agreement, I'll remind you, which is very accommodating and generous on my part. I should be so lucky."

"Do you want to fuck other women?" the brat replies.

"Please be quiet, and, no, why would I want to fuck anyone else? I have you. You know that," I say looking at her intensely.

She smiles at me. That smile, that fucking amazing smile.

"Ashley is going to punish and use you. If you don't accept this punishment, you will not be allowed to see her again. Do you agree to this?" I ask.

She nods yes.

"Good girl and you have to call her Mistress."

"So, what should I do with her?" Ashley asks.

"Well, I would begin with a good spanking," I reply.

"Oh, OK, but how is that punishment?" She asks.

"You will be doing it in front of me. You are little bigger than her. You should be able to spank her over your knee. Do you want her naked?"

"Yes. I do," Ashley replies.

"Tell her."

She turns to the brat, "Get naked."

And the brat doesn't do anything.

"That sounds like a ten-year-old boy asking one of the neighborhood girls to get naked. Get up and get in her face about it."

Ashley gets up from the couch. She positions herself in front of the brat. Leaning down, Ashley gets right into her face.

"I want you to get up and take your clothes off, now!" She orders.

"By the way, you can pull her up by the hair."

Ashley reaches into the brat's hair, pulling her up off the couch and pushes her into the middle of the room.

"Be bossy. She hates it. It arouses her."

"What!" Ashley replies.

"Be demanding in your tone with her."

"Now strip!" Ashley demands.

The brat looks pissed. But, I have seen that look before. Whether she is pissed or not, I know she is aroused.

"Yes, Mistress," the brat says in an insincere tone.

"I suggest you show Ashley the respect she deserves," I say.

She pulls her top off and tosses it on to the couch. She reaches around her back and undoes her bra and tosses it on to the couch. Unbuttoning her jeans, she begins sliding them down around her thighs and wiggles them down around her ankles.

"Jesus. I must have surprised you when I came home. You didn't have time to put on your panties and thank god you shaved today. I would hate to have you unkempt for company."

Stepping out of her jeans, she picks them up and throws them at me.

"Ashley, I expect you to smack her hard. I don't like being disrespected."

"OK. I will," Ashley replies.

"Now go give her a kiss. She did what she was order to do, more or less. And play with her nipples while you are at it."

Ashley walks over to the brat. Putting her arms around the brat, Ashley hugs her and they begin to kiss. I can tell there is tongue exchanging going on. Ashley reaches between their embrace and appears to be playing with the brat's nipples. The brat squirms and squeals in response.

"Good girl," Ashley says to the brat.

"Good girl, Ashley," I say.

Ashley turns to me and smiles.

"Sit on the edge couch so you can easily drape her over your lap."

Taking her seat, Ashley calls the brat over to her. The brat makes her way to Ashley's lap.

"Brat, stop. Ashley, look at her, the upper part of her inner thighs."

"What?" Ashley replies.

"Her thighs are wet from her pussy."

Ashley slides her hands between the brat's legs. As she pulls back, her fingers glisten with the brat's fluids. Looking up at the brat, Ashley takes her moisten fingers and places them to the brat's mouth.

"Open up and clean them," Ashley says.

The brat slides her mouth down Ashley's fingers until she meets Ashley's hand. Then she slowly strokes the fingers in and out of her mouth, and I feel my cock grow hard.

"Get over my lap. You have been a bad girl. You didn't tell me you were breaking the rules. That is not fair. You put me in a bad position."

The brat positions herself across Ashley's lap.

"Ashley, you want to begin by just rubbing and squeezing her ass."

She begins rubbing and squeezing as I continue with the rest of my instructions.

"You want to strike her in the lower half of her ass, in the fleshy part of her butt. Start softly and build up. Your hand may get sore, but don't let her know it hurts. You need to keep the upper hand, so to speak."

Ashley begins lightly tapping the brat's ass.

"You have to start a little harder than that," I comment.

"OK," she replies.

She picks up the pace and starts striking hard. However, I can tell the brat is a long way from hurting. Ashley stays with it, and her expression is starting to show that her hand is hurting. Stopping the smacks, she rubs the brat's ass.

"How does it feel?" I ask.

The brat begins to speak. "It..."

"Be quiet. I am talking to Ashley."

"Her ass feels warm and is starting to turn pink," Ashley replies.

"Nice isn't it. Slide your fingers into her. You can pull her hair if you need."

Ashley slides her fingers into the brat's pussy, the brat moans in response as she rolls her head back and Ashley yanks the brat by the hair.

"Have you learned your lesson yet?" she asks the brat.

"No," mouths off the brat.

With the brat's answer, Ashley delivers a big smack on the brat's ass. The brat responds by struggling and squirms against Ashley's grip.

"Put your forearm down along her spine as you hold her by the hair."

Ashley pushes her forearm into the brat's back and begins to smack her harder and harder.

"Harder," I say.



"Even harder!"


"Fuck!" comes from the brat.

Ashley looks startled and stops.

"She is ok. Just rub her ass a bit," I assure her.

I get up from my chair and walk over to Ashley and the brat. Kneeling, I look at the brat. She looks at me a little glassy eyed and flush with some drool dangling from her mouth.

"Get off of Ashley's lap and kneel at her feet."

I turn to Ashley, "Stroke her face and hair. Make her feel appreciated."

The brat gets to her knees. Ashley reaches over and strokes the brat's hair and touches her face and the brat places her head on Ashley's thigh.

Standing up, I am very grateful that I wore Levis to work today. They are helping to hide my throbbing cock. I hope my jockeys soak up the pre-cum.

"Ashley, you did a good job. I am going downstairs to get some items for you to use on her. If she starts yapping, just shove your fingers into her mouth. That usually does the trick."

"OK," Ashley replies.

I head downstairs and go to the cabinet where I keep all my wares.

Upstairs, the brat lifts her head from Ashley's thigh and looks up at her.

"Don't hit me so hard. This is suppose..."

"Shush!" Ashley scolds the brat.

"Don't shush..."

With the brat's words Ashley yanks her back by the hair and shoves a couple fingers into the brat's mouth and begins probing her. The brat falls silent.

Ashley removes her fingers from the brat mouth and wipes the slobber off on the brat's face. The brat flinches back.

"You know the next time we are alone..."

"Shush. Or I am going to tell him you were bad and you are supposed to address me as Mistress," Ashley says and reaches down and begins to play with the brat's nipples. "I like this, it is fun. I am never in charge."

"Mistress, may I say something?" the brat asks.

"Yes," replies Ashley.

"Mistress, being in charge comes with a lot of responsibility for my well-being. Don't take it lightly," the brat states.

"I will do my best," Ashley replies

"Mistress, may I kiss you?" the brat asks.

Leaning down, Ashley kisses the brat and touches her face. With the end of their kiss, the brat places her head on Ashley's thigh

Back downstairs, I have placed the selected items into my doctor's bag and head back upstairs.

Upstairs, I find Ashley stroking the brat's hair as her head is on Ashley thigh. It is very touching.

"Did she behave?" I ask Ashley.

"For the most part," Ashley replies.

The brat rolls her head slightly to look up at me and smiles.

"She looks so fucking cute, sitting at your feet. Doesn't she?" I ask.

"Yeah, she does," Ashley replies.

Returning to my seat, I place the doctor bag at my feet.

"Tell the brat to crawl over to me."

Ashley lifts the brats head from her thigh and looks at her. "Crawl over to your Master."

"He is not..." the brat sounds off.

"Shush...I don't want to have to hit you," Ashley scolds the brat. "Now get over there."

On all fours the brat starts her crawl. Every man should have the chance to see the target of his desires crawling nude across the room. Kneeling at my feet as she reaches the end of her crawl, I look down at her and stroke her face. She responds by grinding her cheek into my hand.

"Nice to hear someone around here has respect for me," I say as I look down at the brat.

She sticks her tongue out quickly and as fast as her tongue returns I give her a quick smack in the face. She wasn't expecting it and is startled. I can see her eyes tear up.

"We have company. Be on your best behavior."

Looking into the brat's eyes, "Ashley have you ever fucked anyone before?" I ask.

"Well, of course," she replies.

"No. I mean have you every placed your cock in a woman."

Placing two fingers into the brat's mouth, she sucks them as if it was my cock. Fuck! All I can think of is shoving my cock down her throat.

"Ah. No," she replies.

"Well, today is your big day."

Pulling my fingers from the brat, I reach into the bag and pull out a thick dildo and harness. Being pretty sure that Ashley had never used a strap-on, I select a stubby dildo. It is a bit shorter in length while a bit thicker then normal. Figuring she can't go too deep. But, it will provide a nice spread of the brat's pussy. Fuck, I am evil.

"Here is a nice dildo and a strap-on. I am sure the harness will fit. The brat can help you put it on."

Taking the harness, I drape it over the brat's head and let it hang around her neck. With the dildo in hand I say, "Open up." She shakes her head no.

"I said open up."

Again she refuses. I hold her nose and cover her mouth so that she is not able to breathe. I can see her starting to struggle against it. Releasing my hand from her mouth she gasps for air and I shove the dildo into her mouth.

"Don't drop it. Now go back to Ashley."

The brat struggles to crawl with the harness around her neck and the dildo hanging from her mouth. If you think a woman looks great crawling towards you nude, you haven't seen anything until you have seen her crawl away. As she crawls, the dildo bounces back and forth in a counter beat to the swaying of her ass. From between her legs I can see her smooth lips glistening as she crawls.

The brat arrives at Ashley's feet and kneels. Ashley reaches down and takes the dildo from the brat.

Handling the dildo she looks at me, "Seems kind of stubby."

"I thought shorter would be better for your first time," I reply.

"So how does this work?" She asks.

"You can either wear it over your clothes or wear it naked."

"Um, I am going to trying it over my clothes. I think."

Standing, Ashley steps into the harness. Pulling it up over her hips and secures it around her waist. The brat helps to secure the straps in the back.

"How does this attach?" Ashley asks, looking rather dumbfounded with the dildo in hand.

"Just give it to the brat. She knows how it works."

"She has used a strap on before?" Ashley asks.

"Yes," I reply.

Ashley hands the dildo to the brat, and it is quickly secured. Then she positions herself on her knees at Ashley's feet.

"On you?" Ashley asks.

The brat snickers with Ashley's words.

"Ah, no, I am strictly top material. However, we have entertained guests before," I reply and leave it at that.


With the brat looking up from her position Ashley asks, "Now what should I do?"

"When my cock is hard and she is kneeling in front of me, I usually shove it in her mouth and force her suck on it."

"OK" Ashley replies and places her hand on the back of the brat's head and slowly pushes her mouth onto the dildo.

"Ashley, the important word here is force. You are not going to hurt her."

Ashley thrusts the dildo forward into the brat's mouth and the brat gags.

"Well, you may gag her," I say.

Ashley pulls back a bit. The brat naturally responds by placing her hand around the shaft and begins to stroke it as it probes her mouth.

"Ashley, do you find this enjoyable?" I ask.

"I really like looking down at her," she replies.

"I concur. She is stunning on her knees. A few more rules; she can't come without asking permission, and you have to be rough with her. No gentle girl on girl action. Fuck the cunt!"

"Ashley, come over here I want to tell you a few more things."

Ashley pulls the dildo from the brat and walks over to me, and I direct her to lean down so that I may whisper to her. I don't want the brat to overhear us.

She leans in and the brat turns towards us and struggles to hear our words.


"OK. I understand," Ashley says and walks over to the brat.

"Any questions?" I ask.

"No." Ashley replies as she walks back to the brat. She reaches into the brat's hair. "Get up!" as she yanks her to her feet. She walks the brat around the couch and bends her forward over the back of it.

"Spread your legs, you little cunt," she commands.

The brat is slow to respond.

"Kick her feet apart," I say.

Ashley kicks the brat's feet apart and the brat looks back at her, with a dirty look. Ashley returns the look with a hard smack on the ass. Positioning herself behind the brat, she pulls the brat upright by the hair and slides her fingers into the brat. In response, the brat rolls her head back and moans.

"Here you may want to use this," I say as I pull a bottle of lube from the doctor bag.

"Why? She is completely soaked."

"Yeah, but it is a little thicker than she is normally used to."

I walk over to Ashley. "Put out your hand," I say, and I pour a small amount of lube in her hand and she proceeds to stroke the dildo.

"I kinda like the way this feels in my hand," she says.

"Feels powerful, doesn't it?"

"Yes," she replies.

"Now you understand why we like grabbing ourselves."

While Ashley and I discuss the merits of having a cock, I can see the brat is frustrated with our conversation. I love making her wait.

Ashley begins teasing the brat with the dildo. Moving it up and down her lips and pressing it into her clit. Attempting to enter the brat, I can see from the brat's face that Ashley is less than successful.

"Mistress, may I speak?" The brat asks with a grimace on her face.

"Yes," Ashley replies.

"A little lower," the brat requests.

"Whoops. I think that was her ass. Sorry," Ashley replies.

"Next time," I reply.

In a somewhat awkward motion, Ashley enters the brat's pussy.

"Fuuuck!" the brat responds.

"Start slowly. Remember what it is like to get fucked," I caution Ashley.

Ashley begins slowly stroking the dildo in and out of the brat. The brat looks me in the eyes. I can tell she is enjoying this. It takes all my control not to walk over and shove my cock down her throat. But, I said I wouldn't be getting involved and I will keep my word. Well, at least not physically involved.

"God this thing is thick," the brat says.

"Shush," as Ashley yanks the brat by the hair.

From the doctor's bag I retrieve a ball gag.

"Ashley, use this to gag her," and I make a motion to toss it to her.

"Wait my hands are full of lube. Do you have a towel?"

"No. Just wipe your hands in her hair."

"Hey! Not the hair!" the brat protests.

With complete disregard to the brat's request, Ashley grabs a handful of the brat's hair and wipes her hands clean of lube. I toss the gag to Ashley.

"Good catch. Now shove that thing in the little bitch's mouth."

Ashley takes the ball gag and shoves it into the brat's mouth. The brat struggles as Ashley forces it back deep into the brat's mouth. With the ball gag in place Ashley continues her thrusting.

"Steady strokes. You never want to hurt her without intention."

Ashley gets into her rhythm. Pulling the brat's hair and slapping her on the ass, Ashley begins to explore and dominate the brat's body. Reaching around the brat, she teases the brat's nipples, first rolling and pinching them and then more firmly pinching until the sensation can be seen on the brat's face.

"Ashley, there is always a sure way to tell if you are working a submissive well. Is she dripping from her pussy and drooling from her mouth, and I think you got both going."

Ashley smiles at me.

With Ashley's teasing, pushing, and probing the brat nears orgasm. I can see it rising in her face, her skin, her body. I don't want her to come.

"Ashley, quit fucking her! She is going to come and I don't want her coming."

As my words register with the brat, she begins shaking her head 'no'. Ashley pulls the strap-on out of the brat and I can see the disappointment in her face.

Ashley is standing there now stroking her 'cock', and the brat is pissed.

"Are you aroused, Ashley?" I ask.

"Yeah. Quite a bit," she replies.

"Do you want her to go down on you?" I ask.

"Ah. Yeah. But..."

"But what?" I reply.

"Never mind," she replies.

She begins to unbuckle the harness.

"Hold on. Make her undress you. She needs to be used and made handy."

She yanks the brat up from her prone position, and the brat starts to unbuckle the harness and helps Ashley out of it and places it on the couch.

"Ashley, free her from the gag."

The brat turns, and Ashley unbuckles the gag and tosses it on to the couch. With her release the brat turns to me.

"I really wanted to come," she exclaims.

"Yes. I'm aware of that," I reply. "Now be quiet."

She huffs in response.

"Ashley, give her a hug. You need to reassure her."

Ashley puts her arms around the brat and pulls her in close. The brat returns the embrace and kisses Ashley. Reaching down, Ashley grabs the brat's ass squeezing and kneading it. Then she suddenly smacks it hard.

Pulling back from their kiss, Ashley orders, "I want you to eat my pussy." However, there is a sound of uneasiness in her voice.

Sensing Ashley's concerns, the brat takes Ashley by the hand and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

"Mistress, you are safe here. He is as concerned for your well-being as mine. He is really a good person. Trust me," the brat states.

Ashley looks at me.

"Trust us," I say.

"I do," Ashley replies.

"You are still in control of her," I remind Ashley.

By the hand, the brat guides Ashley to the couch, where she sits down. The brat kneels at Ashley's feet and leans forward and places her head on Ashley's thigh. Ashley strokes the brat's hair for a few moments, then the brat moves up Ashley's body kissing her. The kiss goes from gentle to passionate.

Ashley begins to kick off her shoes.

"Mistress, let me."

The brat removes Ashley's shoes and socks. Setting them aside, she slides up to Ashley's waist and begins unbuckling the belt and goes on to unbutton Ashley's jeans. As the brat begins tugging on the jeans, Ashley raises her ass, and the brat pulls the jeans down Ashley's thighs. All along the two of them are looking at each other intensely.

Pulling the pants off, the brat sets them aside and slides her hands up Ashley's thighs. It appears that the brat has begun to rub Ashley's pussy through her panties. In a few moments the brat pulls Ashley's panties down around her thighs and then off. Again, she sets them aside with the jeans. Leaning forward, the brat buries her face into Ashley's pussy.

With the brat up on her knees and leaning forward, I can see the thin line that separates her cunt lips. I would love to sweep down upon her and penetrate her with my cock. However, I will stick to my word. Later this evening, I am going to strip her bare and use every part of her, her holes and her mind.

"Ashley, do you want any toys or a vibrator? I ask.

"No, just fingers and tongue."

"OK. Make sure she does what you want. If you want her tongue in your ass make her!"

Reaching into my bag, I pull out a nice slapper and walk over and hand it to Ashley. "Here use this on her ass. I enjoy feeling her flinch while my cock is in her mouth. Perhaps the jolt will feel good against your clit."

Shyly Ashley says, "OK."

The brat has her fingers in Ashley and is devouring her pussy. The brat looks beautiful with her face buried in Ashley's smooth pussy, and I can hear her fingers slipping in and out of Ashley.

I return to my chair.

The brat looks up at Ashley, "Mistress, can I place the dildo from the strap-on inside me while I go down on you?"

Ashley looks to me for guidance.

"It is up to you? However, she cannot come until you grant her permission!"

"OK," Ashley replies, "but only if you let me smack your ass five times."

"Yes, Mistress."

The brat places her face between Ashley's legs and her attention on Ashley's pussy. Leaning forward, Ashley begins smacking the brat. The first lands firmly and the brat doesn't flinch. However, the next four land hard.

With each strike the brat can be heard. However, her moans are muffled by Ashley's pussy. The brat's ass is quickly turning red.

"You're right. It feels good when she flinches when I smack her."

Ashley picks up the dildo and harness off of the couch and hands it to the brat. Sitting up, the brat frees the dildo from the harness and begins to insert it.

"Look at me while you insert it and remember you can't come with out asking," Ashley instructs the brat.

"Yes, Mistress."

The brat lowers herself down on to the dildo, and I watch her pussy dilate to accept it. Again I feel my cock swell in response as I hear her moan softly.

Ashley grabs the brat by the hair and forces the brat between her legs. At this point I want to get up and get a better view of the brat eating Ashley's pussy. However, I am concerned that Ashley may become uncomfortable with me being too close and I settle for watching the action from my chair.

By the movement of the brat's arm, I can tell that she has her fingers in the Ashley's pussy. This is confirmed by Ashley response. Her breathing has changed and her face and neck are becoming flush.

All along the brat has been slowly fucking herself with the dildo, forcing herself down on it and then squeezing it out.

With the brat's attention, Ashley closes her eyes and appears to be getting close to coming.

As the brat fucks herself, she tries to slide her free hand between her legs. I know that she is attempting to rub her clit in order to come.

"She is rubbing her clit. She is going to come," I tell Ashley.

"Stop!" Ashley says as she takes the brat by the hair.

"Eat my pussy and make me come and maybe you'll get to come."

"Make her give you back the dildo," I tell Ashley.

"No. Please," pleads the brat.

"Give it to me," Ashley commands.

The brat resists the command. Taking the slapper, Ashley smacks the brat on the ass several times very hard. I can see that some welts and abrasions develop on the brat's ass.

With the smacks the brat extracts the dildo and hands it to Ashley. Taking the dildo from the brat, Ashley attempts to force the dildo into the brat's mouth. The brat doesn't comply, and Ashley again delivers several hard blows to the brat's ass. With the strikes, the brat gasps for air, and Ashley shoves the dildo into the brat's mouth.

Pulling her back by the hair, Ashley pulls the dildo from the brat and licks it herself. Then she kisses the brat lustfully, pushes the brat's face into her pussy and tosses the dildo aside.

"Now finish your task."

The brat's head bobs front to back and side to side while licking Ashley's pussy. With the brat's fingers probing her pussy, Ashley is soon rolling her head back with her eyes close. Her orgasm is near.

"Put another finger in my pussy you little bitch," she says, and she delivers another smack on the brat's ass.

By the brat's body movement and Ashley's moan, I can tell that the brat has inserted another finger into Ashley.

"Fuck!" Ashley writhes.

With Ashley's words the brat increases the intensity pushing Ashley closer to the edge.

"Fuck...God...Fuck!" Ashley says and begins to hold her breath in what I perceive as the beginning of her orgasm.

The brat pushes forward with her hand and continues licking and sucking on Ashley

"God!" Ashley begins to breathe again. "Fuck!"

"Stop licking...it is too sensitive," she says to the brat.

The brat quits and moves up and kisses Ashley. A deep slow kiss and Ashley returns the kiss with an embrace.

"Thank you," Ashley says to the brat.

"You are welcome," the brat replies.

"Mistress, I would like to come," she asks Ashley.

Ashley again looks to me for guidance.

"Hey. She is all yours right now."

"OK. How would you like to come?" she asks the brat.

This is something I would never do with the brat. I often give her several scenarios to select from, each with its rewards and punishments. However, I would never give her complete freedom to decide the method of her orgasm. She is uppity and bratty enough.

The brat looks at Ashley and states, "I would love to be tied up and..."
I interrupt, "I think it is best that we leave bondage for another time."

They both turn and look at me with surprise on their face.

"Yeah. Ashley, I was thinking next time I would bind her tightly and you can fuck her pussy and I will fuck her ass and we can both use her mouth."

I can see the brat's brain spinning as Ashley's face looks startled.

"Um...We will see...Hand me my pants," Ashley says.

The brat hands Ashley her pants and Ashley pulls them on without getting off the couch.

Buckling her belt, "Now how do you want to come?" she asks the brat.

"Um...ok. I will lie on the couch. Face down. I will masturbate while you fuck me with the dildo," she requests.

"And you must ask and get permission to come," I inject.

"Yes," replies the brat.

I walk over to Ashley and whisper a few words to her. "....you will know."

"OK," Ashley replies.

"One other thing, Ashley, before you fuck her, I want you to give her ten smacks with the slapper. I would never give her such leeway in selecting a manner to come. She must earn it."

"Ten!" the brat protests.

"Want twenty?" I reply.

"Sorry," the brat replies.

Ashley stands, and the brat scampers up on the couch flat on her belly. Ashley picks up the slapper and readies to deliver the smacks.

"Ashley, before you smack her. Check her pussy."

Ashley slides her fingers between the brat's legs and turns to me, "She is wet."

"OK. Continue."

Ashley delivers the first strikes, and the brat yelps and squirms. As the rest of the strikes fall, the brat raises her ass to meet them, and she takes hold of the couch fabric to endure the sensation.

"Fuck!" from the brat as the last strike falls.

"Ashley, rub her ass. She has earned it."

Ashley sits on the edge of the couch rubbing the brat's ass and the brat wipes away some tears from her eyes as she looks at me.

"Happy?" she asks.

"Yes." I reply.

"Ashley, check her pussy again."

Again, Ashley slides her fingers between the brat's legs.

Pulling back her fingers she tells me, "She is soaking wet. The couch is wet."

"Guess you will not need any lube on the dildo," I reply.

Picking up the dildo, Ashley positions it between the brat's legs and teases her with it. The brat arches her back in response as she slides her hand under her belly and between her legs. With the brats back arched, Ashley slides the dildo slowly into the brat and the brat responds by throwing her head back and then rolling it to the side facing me.

As Ashley fucks her, the brat rubs her pussy and opens her eyes and sees me watching her. She blushes and turns her head so that she is facing the back cushion of the couch in an attempt to avoid my eyes.

Ashley looks to me for the sign. I shake my head 'No'.

Well, this is my girl. I can watch whatever the fuck I want. She can't get away from me and there is no politeness to protect between her and I. Getting up from my chair, I walk over to the couch and stand right above where the brat's head is resting. The brat looks up and sees me looking down on her and she buries her face into the cushion.

"What? You thought somehow you could escape me?" I say.

Even now with all that I have done to her, she can still become embarrassed. As this little game between the brat and me has transpired, Ashley has continued to fuck the brat with steading rhythmic strokes.

"Mistress, can I please come?" the brat asks as she peeks out of the cushion.

Ashley looks at me and I shake my 'No'.

"No. Not yet," Ashley replies.

"I can't hold out much longer," the brat states.

I nod 'Yes' to Ashley giving her the sign.

With the signal Ashley pulls the dildo from the brat.

"Put both of your hands behind your back," Ashley orders.

"No!" the brat protests. "This isn't fair."

"Just do it!" I reply.

The brat complies. However, she huffs and puffs.

"She hates being denied. It makes her even more aroused," I state.

"Raise your ass up and spread your legs a bit," Ashley orders the brat.

The brat slides her torso back along the couch cushions, which causes her ass to rise, and she opens her legs.

"What a great hole," I comment. It is by the way. "Ashley, touch her."

Ashley reaches down and lightly brushes the brat's lips and touches her clit. The brat trembles with the attention.

"Ashley, now take the dildo and slowly, and I mean slowly, work it into her pussy.

Taking the bottle of lube, I pour some on the brat's pussy. She flinches with the cool liquid. Ashley takes the dildo, begins working the tip around the brat's pussy, and the brat struggles and squirms trying to get it inside her. Slowly Ashley inserts the dildo into the brat. I love watching her taking something large in her tight hole.

The brat still with her hands across her back, "Mistress, can I use my hands?"

Ashley looks to me and I nod 'Yes'.

"Yes. You may," Ashley replies.

Soon Ashley's strokes are firmer and faster, pushing deeper into the brat. I can see that the brat is franticly rubbing herself, a race to an orgasm, which may be denied at any moment.

"Can I please come?" the brat begs.

"What?" Ashley asks.

"Mistress, can I please come. I cannot hold out anymore."

"Stop fucking her," I order Ashley.

And in one complete motion I grab the brat by the hair and throat and lift her in to a kneeling position on the couch. In this moment of action the dildo falls from her pussy and her hands fly away from her clit. I grab up her hands and hold them against her breasts.

This action as left the brat breathless and both girls confused.

"I thought she was going to get to come," Ashley says.

"Not yet. There is something I want to do for a while and she has been resisting a bit. Perhaps this pent-up energy can come in handy this evening." I state.

"What! I want to come. Ashley said I could."

"Not yet. Not now," I reply.

"You are making her out to be a liar," the brat states.

"No, I am making me out to be in charge."

"Grrr...Not fair," she says.

"I would stop at that. Now get dressed. The two of you can clean up this mess and finish your homework."

"OK," Ashley replies as she gets up from the couch.

"What?" the brat says to Ashley.

"Careful...little girl," I look at the brat.

"Fuck!!" she yells.

"Keep it up, and I will leave you alone this evening and just watch some porn."

"Ashley, you did a good job," I hand her the slapper. "Now make sure she does her homework. But, she doesn't have to call you mistress anymore."

"I will," she answers as she takes the slapper from me.

"Now I will leave you alone. I will be downstairs if you need me."

Going downstairs, I enter the bathroom next to my office. My cock is so fucking hard. As much as I wanted to join in, I needed to show them who is in charge.

Slowly my cock loses its hardness, and I take a piss.

Opening up my briefcase, I take out my work. Setting out to complete the task I need to finish, all I can think about is the brat and how I will torture her this evening.

She damn well better get her homework done today.

Back upstairs they have cleaned up the toys and have dressed. They are back at their studies. However, the slapper lies across the table as a reminder.

"Did you enjoy it?" the brat asks.

"Yes. It was amazing," Ashley replies.

"You could have been nicer to me and help me come."

"But, you like being denied," Ashley replies.

"That is not the point. Plus, you never know what happens next."

"What do you mean?" Ashley asks.

"I maybe in charge of you next time, and I have a lot more experience being mean than you do."

"Oh," Ashley says.

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