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Best hottest submissive sex drama
Skye lay on her bed, permission granted from Mistress to pleasure herself for part of the evening, after having removed her clothes. Her large and perfectly shaped breasts and her wet pussy were thankful to be free from clothes. She moved onto her hands and knees first so that Mistress could approve her freshly shaved pussy. Skye had missed some spots two days before and had received quite a spanking in return. She tried very hard that day to make sure she had gotten herself smooth, Mistress liked it smooth and wet.

The wet part was never difficult to arrange, Skye spent 95 percent of her days walking around wet knowing that at any given moment Mistress would demand something of her and that she would willingly oblige whatever task it was Mistress asked of her. Mistress ran her fingers over Skye's pussy, careful not to even place a tip of one inside of her much to Skye's displeasure.

She was horny and while she never minded the toys Mistress wanted her to play with, Skye loved it when she used her fingers inside her best. Satisfied with her shaving job, Mistress took out the toys Skye was to use for that evening. The first was a large jelly dildo, it was a new one Mistress had bought for her. Skye wasn't certain that it would fit it was so thick but she was anxious to try it if only to please Mistress. The second toy was a smaller, harder dildo and Skye knew this was meant for her ass. She could take larger, but tonight it was not to be. Skye was a little disappointed by the size of the second dildo, she loved to have both of her holes filled. Mistress then pulled out two clothespins, the last of that evening’s toys and set them on the bed for Skye to be able to reach them.

Skye closed her eyes, knowing that Mistress was sitting in her chair watching her intently. She ran her fingers over her tits, bending her head down to take each nipple into her mouth flicking it back and forth with her tongue to make them even more erect than they were. Her pussy was getting wetter from her toying with her nipples. She slid a hand over her belly and down to her pussy. She played with her pussy, teasing Mistress slightly by rubbing her fingers around her pussy, spreading her lips wide so that Mistress could see inside. Skye waited to put her fingers inside of herself, prolonging the teasing for as long as she could. One by one, though, unable to stop herself any longer she inserted three fingers into her pussy, fucking herself good and hard with them while Mistress looked on.

She pulled her fingers out of her pussy and brought them to her lips, licking them clean. She groaned softly as she tasted her own juices on her fingers. Knowing she was wet enough, she first took the smaller dildo meant for her ass and thrust it in and out of her pussy a few times to get it lubricated. She then positioned herself on her hands and knees again as she inserted the dildo into her ass knowing Mistress liked having a clear view of the toys going in. She was slow and deliberate in thrusting it into her ass, feeling her muscles contract around it as it slid deeper within her ass.

Rolling back onto her back Skye wiggled on the bed for a while working the dildo in and out of her ass with her body’s movements. Her legs were spread wide, giving Mistress a perfect view of the end of the dildo, her pussy and her ass. Skye then began working the monstrosity that was to be her cock for the evening. She licked the length of it, her eyes closed, doing to it just what she’d do to any cock Mistress told her to suck. She slid it into her mouth; deep throating it as best she could and then lowered it to stimulate both of her nipples before she brought it to her pussy. Her back arched and her hips moved off the bed as she started working the mammoth dildo into her pussy. She let out an audible moan as she pushed it further and further into herself. Skye couldn’t believe she could take as much of it as she could, and she loved the feeling of being stretched she was experiencing right now. She wasn’t sure she’d had anything so thick around inside of her before.

"Thank you for the new toy, Mistress," she managed to say in between her audible moans of pleasure. Next came the clothes pins, she played with her nipples again both dildos still inside both of her holes. She wanted to ensure they were good and erect before she clipped the clothespins on. She let out a gasp once she’d closed the first clothespin over its targeted nipple at the conflicting feelings of pleasure and pain running through her. Things Mistress bid her to do usually brought her both; with Mistress pleasure and pain went hand in hand. Skye had known this before giving herself to Mistress and she had never regretted her decision.

Her eyes fell closed; her head and back arched back, her hips raised as she was busy working the huge dildo in and out of her pussy. She wanted to see how much of it she could take now that her pussy had had time to adjust some. The dildo in her ass wasn’t getting as much attention as she would have liked, but she could worry about that later. Suddenly she felt a harsh slap on her clit causing Skye to cry out. Skye opened her eyes to see Mistress standing over her with a cat o'nine tails that she proceeded to use on her clit and pussy lips around the dildo. It was too much for Skye to take with both of her holes filled, her nipples clothes-pinned and now the pressure on her clit of the leather strips flogging her. "Oh, Mistress, I'm going to cum." Mistresses’ floggings to her clit increased in tempo and in intensity, which Skye took as permission to come. It was a good thing too because Skye came hard. She lay still for a moment, feeling her pussy contract around the dildo inside of it and the one in her ass felt so good as it always did after she’d come. "Thank you, Mistress," Skye murmured softly still coming down from the good orgasm.

Mistress had returned to her chair by now. She demanded Skye lay on her belly with her legs together on the bed with only the large dildo in her pussy. Skye removed the dildo from her ass; a regretful groan escaped her lips once it had come out. She then did as she had been bid. She lay there like that for some time; the anticipation of what was yet to come was both arousing and frightening.

Suddenly she felt hands on her back along her waist, caressing her in a possessive almost predatory way. A gag was placed in her mouth, which Skye objected to only briefly. She knew she had little choice in what was done to her, so there was no point in arguing. Rough fingers fondled her nipples and breasts, which were overly sensitive just then due to the clothespins having been on them. Skye had always liked having her nipples played with roughly, so she enjoyed and was aroused by the rough treatment they received. And then the hands were at her clit and her ass roughly poking and prodding her. Whoever it was, Skye was not allowed to look at her partner when in this position, he was there to cause her pain.

They roughly pushed their fingers into her ass causing Skye’s head to fall back slightly. The gag prevented her gasp from being heard. She had no idea how many fingers he had inside of her ass, fucking her ass raw, but she knew it was at least two. As rough as he was Skye’s ass was already somewhat loose from the dildo that had been in it earlier so it didn’t take much for her to start enjoying it.

The fingers were removed almost as roughly as they had been inserted into her and were replaced with a cock in one swift, deep and hard motion causing Skye to cry out quietly through the gag in her mouth. Her reward for her outcry was a series of swats to her ass by the earlier used cat o’nine tails. This and her head was roughly pulled back by her hair.

Mistress' voice spoke from somewhere in the room, presumably her chair. "You are not to make a sound when you're in this position you little slut." More spanking followed her words. "No looking, no sounds; you know the rules, Skye." Mistress laughed. "I'm giving you what you deserve, slut, to be fucked like a bitch in heat. That's all that you are, don't think I don't know that."

The man’s thrusts became harder, pounding into her ass as if inspired and aroused by Mistress’ little show until finally he came and pulled off her. "You can lie down on your back now, slut."

Skye did as she was told; Mistress stood over her and removed the gag from her mouth. "That's all for you tonight, slut."

Skye nodded her head numbly; her ass still recovering from the violation that just occurred. She removed the dildo still in her pussy groaning softly as she heard her pussy make a wet, sucking sound as the head popped out.

She spread her arms to her sides so that Mistress could put the restraints on her wrists; she no longer restrained her legs. Mistress left the room, turning off the light and closing the door behind her as Skye lay there a load of fresh come seeping from her ass making the sheets beneath her wet.

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English Sex Stories

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