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I am such a cock hungry slut
My Dom walked through my door. He immediately dropped his bags and removed his jacket. His eyes were fixated on mine the second he walked in. I stood against the wall waiting for him. As soon as he set his things down, he walked quickly toward me and seized my body and my mouth. We were instantly connected. We held each other tight as our mouths were pressed deeply together. It was a hungry embrace. We had both been craving each other for so long, and our kiss was suffocating. He pushed my body against the wall and I moaned as he kissed me deeply. His scent was incredible. I had missed it all over me.

He turned my body around and slammed my chest into the wall. He stretched my arms straight up and over my head up against the wall. I rested my forehead on the cold wall as began to feel my Dom's teeth sink into my skin. I felt his hands holding me tightly as he bit my skin down the length of my arms. He bit down my back and down the backs of my legs. His bites were so hard my body was shaking and I was muffling cries of pain. The shock that was sent through me with each bite was so consuming that I felt faint. My gracious Dom had left beautiful deep blue and purple circles all over my legs. I love to see the remnants of his passion and desire for me left days afterward.

My Dom pulled up a chair and commanded that I kneel in front of him. As I knelt down, the kitten bells tied to my skirt jingled happily. He told me to pull off his shirts. I obeyed and set them aside. He told me to unbuckle his pants. I obeyed. I slid the belt through the loops of his pants and set the belt on the table. I knew that I would eventually be taking his pants off, but I had learned not to act unless commanded to do so, so I was to wait for each independent order, and not assume anything. He then told me to unzip his pants. I obeyed. He then told me to take off his pants. I happily obeyed. He then told me strip.

I stood up and pulled off my black tank top. I untied my skirt and let it fall to the floor. He then told me to crawl into my bedroom and into my new cage. I got down on all fours and crawled slowly, naked and in my black leather cuffs, into my room. This was the first time my Dom was seeing my cage. He was very pleased. It had been a fantasy of his for sometime to have a woman caged, and I was more than happy to indulge him. I had bought a dog cage for X-Large dogs. It was metal with black lacquered bars. It had a door that opened in the front and on the side for multiple accesses. I crawled over to it and waited for him to open one of the doors.

He told me to open the door in the front and crawl in. He closed the cage behind me and admired me from above. He slid his hands lovingly across the bars, savoring the cold metal underneath his touch. He looked at me, caged and happy. As he stuck his fingers through the cage, I licked his finger tips lightly, like a sweet kitten. He was very pleased, which pleased me more than I could imagine. He then gave me such a gift. He stuck his hard cock through the bars of the cage and let me lick it. It was so hot, I was getting even wetter than I already was. I felt like a ravenous animal being fed though the bars.

He withdrew and sat in his chair to admire the sight. After some time passed, he clapped his hands and pointed to the bed. I crawled out of the cage and laid on the bed on my back with my legs spread and my palms to my sides facing up. I kept my eyes averted, all of which had been instructions I had been given to obey at an earlier time.

I watched as he walked over to me and settled his head down between my legs. A surge of excitement went up my body as his tongue licked my clit. I felt his lips wrap around my cunt and his mouth felt amazing on me. I love that he loves to taste me. I am always so wet for him. I rolled my hips up and down, fucking his face as he licked and sucked me. He teased and pleased me for so long my mind practically melted. My body was so excited but I could not cum. I wanted so much to, but that need and want perhaps inhibited my natural ability to relax and let my body reach orgasm. However, his mouth on my pussy is a fucking gift all the same.

He walked over to my dresser and picked up his belt. I LOVE his belt. I love the way it smells, the way it feels whipped across my skin, and having it tight around my throat. He wrapped it around his hand and began to slap me with it. He had positioned me so that my arms were bent to my sides and my hands were by my head so that my body was open to be abused. With each snap of the belt on my tits, my stomach and my thighs I shook and moaned, but kept my hands where they were for him. He went and grabbed a washcloth he had given me.

This was a beautiful gift. This washcloth had his scent all over it and he had cum on it for me. He rolled it up and stuck it in my mouth. He had told me to scream. I maintained a look of intense focus and determination on my face. I felt him sink his teeth deep into my side and, as instructed, I screamed into the washcloth. The pain was blinding, but it felt incredible to scream for my Dom. I love being tortured and abused by him. I love screaming for him. I love calling his name.

He pulled the washcloth out of my mouth and pulled my legs straight up. He rested my ankles next to his head and he wrapped the belt around his hands again. He then began spanking me hard with the belt. It hurt so fucking good. He was spanking me hard and quick. I used all my strength to hold still as my body jumped with each smack of the leather. When he had stopped, I told him that I loved it and I wanted more. I am a slave for pain. I crave to be lovingly abused. As my tolerance grows, my desire to be teased and tortured increases, and I love that my Dom grants me such pleasure.

I sat up and my Dom slipped his belt around my neck. I asked him if I could help him pull it tighter. He smiled and granted permission. I slid the buckle down so that when he pulled the end of the belt, it tightened across my throat. I could not get it tight enough. Being bound and constricted made me feel soothed and aroused at the same time. My Dom pulled the belt and led me to my cage. He walked me inside and tied the belt to another leather strap. He secured both of them to the top of the cage, restricting my movements. I was able to move, but not far without being choked. My Dom opened the front of the cage and stood there on his knees with his hard cock facing me. He told me I could suck it if I could reach it.

I began manipulating the belt to stretch it to capacity. I pulled it as tight as it would go and was choking myself to get my mouth to his cock. I am such a cock hungry slut that I would restrict my oxygen intake to suck my Dom's incredible, mouthwatering cock. I stretch out my tongue to lick the tip. I puckered my lips to suck the very end of it. I wanted it so much in my mouth that I could not stand it. I love his cock in my mouth, on my lips, on my tongue, and down my throat.

He had me turn around in my cage and bend over in front of him. He then began whipping my back with his belt. He snapped the leather on the back of my feet, which stung. I was hunched over on my elbows exposed to him and bound to the cage. I felt like an owned pet who was being loved and played with. I felt like a perfect sub, like a beautiful slave in my position.

He laid down his belt and released my belt from my neck. My Dom then crawled into the cage with me. He held me from behind. He wrapped his arms around my torso; protecting and loving. We looked at each other in the mirror next to the cage. We looked so peaceful, happy and safe holding each other in the cage. This was an image that I will keep with me.

This was my last scene with my Dom. He has truly touched my soul and warmed my heart. I will always remember our last kiss together. He was sitting in a chair and I asked his permission to kiss him. I took his face gently in my hands and touched my lips to his mouth. I held his lips with mine and sucked his breath into my body. It was soft, loving and sweet and I could feel his love for me flow into my heart. It was a perfect time, a fantasy come true and I will always love him for owning me.

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English Sex Stories

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