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Master - if it pleeasseeesss you - strike me three times
Tina was trying to be good.

It was not working.

The crop whistled and caught her at the lower part of her bottom, just where her ass cheeks turned into thighs.

Her ass quavered, sending the jolt up her kneeling body. The tidal wave of curious pain traveled up her torso, shaking her firm breasts (juggling them piquantly), turning her knuckles white on the steel railing she was holding desperately and reaching her mouth. She stifled a scream and blurted:

"Three Sir! May I have another?"

** *

And it started with just another bratty jaunt - pushing and testing, as usual.

Soon she was asking: "How do you want my bum presented? Mr. Wolf?" wiggling it for sitting Mr. Wolf.

"Stand between my legs, just about a meter from strategic point - turn your back and let those slack down, slowly. "

She did, easing them just to above her knees, enjoying the stressed feeling of her nakedness the tight jeans created.

She was wearing a light green sweater with a little v at the neck. The back of the sweater and sleeves had purple dots that complemented the slim leg denim jeans. Natural knee length sheer hosiery and denim blue suede heels with little bows on them completed the outfit. Heel was skinny but about 1 inch.

It was cold so Tina was wearing a sand colored suede shirt jacket with cuffs folded back.

He kept touching her tight ass as she kept wriggling it and asking for the spanking --- he just looked at her, not speaking. Tina's begging was growing more intense -"Please sir spank my uppity bottom." - and with more "attitude."

"It belongs to you - spank Your bottom, you will love it."

"Do you want the cuffs - and the flail? Or to give more orders?"

"Oh yes sir" - intense wriggling - " please sir, cuff Tina."

"And will you crawl to bring me the flail in your mouth?"

"Oooooo, "she turned sideways and batted her lashes, looked at the hand testing the firmness of her spankable bum, then again at Wolff, "crawling is one of my favorite activities in the morning, beside coffee and Pink, sir!" and winked at him.

Wolf looked at her, sadly, eyes glinting, dark shadow furrowing his brow, "This is it. Ten with the crop - and this is a punishment."

"And then - you will tell THE WORLD what you are!"

*** ***

"Se...seven sssir -- annnooooher ppll pleeeeeeees!' she sobbed. Sweat was pouring down her body, breaking out anew with every blow. Her palms were so slippery that they slid on the railing no matter how hard she gripped.

She felt the tip of the crop touching and pushing the quivering red flesh of her whipped ass. It moved into the twitching crease, slid down, pushed slightly aside each globe, danced over her sopping pussy lips, puffed and sore, and disappeared.

Tina saw in her minds eye Wolf bringing the tip of back crop to his lips, tasting the thick drops of her honey, licking them, pulling the length through his mouth - tasting her reaction to pain - and making the crop wet, so it would sting Tina more.

The tip returned to her pussy, then slid down her inner thigh, thick with her ooze, worked her way over her leg, finally moving to her bare soles. She twitched as it explored between ball of her soles and fleshy nubs of her toes. "Not my bare feet --- not there, please!" she thought, wishing he gagged her, wishing that she would be allowed to beg.

Suddenly the crop stopped it's teasing exploration, whistled and awarded her ass with more searing pain. TINA HOWLED.

He gave Tina no respite after the tenth blow. Wolf grabbed her hair, looked into her moist eyes (checking if they were focused, she supposed) then pulled her head back forcefully making Tina release her hold on the metal bar. He yanked her head even higher, exposing her throat, then let go. She flopped on the ground legs trembling, ass twitching, sobbing.

"Stay," he growled and disappeared for a moment.

Soon his boots were again at the sides of her head. Wolf was standing above trembling and sobbing Tina. Her naked body was humiliatingly twisting and hugging the ground.

She felt something hard touching her burning ass cheeks. It pressed her raw, red, striped flesh, looking for tender spots. It moved between her cheeks and touched her twitching anus. Suddenly she knew what it was. The cane. The thin swish cane, flexible but very hard. She could imagine the slightly bent line of the cane leading over her glowing ass globes to the center of Tina's ass - pointing to its very heart.

"Spread them with your hands," he growled giving light twitches to her globes, flipping the cane tip horizontally.

"Spread them for this."

"What ... what," she whispered, trying to raise her head - in her tear filled eyes his form was just a dark undefined mass looming above her.

"Spread your ass with your hands for me, Tina, expose your asshole for the cane."

"I cannot sir, NOT that. Please, not that, please...!"

"Spread you ass slut! Open it. Now!" Tina trembled at the crack of his voice, wondering briefly – how did he do it? He didn't raise his voice at all! I am that much of a submissive?

Pushing her hands back she grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. Her sinews grew taut but she strove to pull her flesh further with her fingers. Somehow she saw her pink/brown hole exposed, her asshole offered to the cane - and the incredible hot pain rushed on her like an adrenaline shock.

She started to tremble. "Hold yourself open for six blows. Be still - just count!" And he lifted the cane above the prostrated form he was straddling.

Whssssh .... The pain was incredible - somehow it came from inside; it boiled out of her anus – then it split her from tips of her toes to the top of her head... " ........onhm," she sobbed after the scream. Tina sensed that he was waiting and swallowed.

"One, sir." and was rewarded with another searing blow. She never thought she could dig her fingers into her own flesh so hard as her fingertips and nails burrowed, squeezing her ass - spreading it even further. "Can't," yelled a little voice in her mind, responding to the powerful scream of red flashes thundering in her head - and flashing from Tina's pussy.

He let her revel in her pain - and in the humiliation of holding herself open on the floor for caning – then he delivered the third strike.

Waiting for the screaming, sobbing and trembling to subsidize somewhat - he bent and, cupping her head, looked into her eyes. She felt more exposed and more at his mercy - pussy twitching - than ever. Her hands seemed glued to her ass. Her sweat-bathed body arched as her boobs left her ground, hair wet and plastered to forehead - arched like a flower to a hummingbird - towards Wolf's downturned face.

"Sir - i cannot ---- please," He shook his head and showed her the gag.

"The gag - but you have to beg for the last three."

She swallowed.

"Sir please - give me three more - please. If you want..."

He was unmoved.

"Master - if it pleeasseeesss you - strike me three times...."

Nonplussed, he just held her by the throat, looking into her eyes. Tina was desperate. Swallowing hard, she searched for the calm, for the place he wanted her to go.

"Master, use your slut. Cane Tina as you wish. She hurts - but will take what you want. Please." He held her gaze while she spoke, then nodded ("As you wish, Tina,") and used his finger to gather sweat from her upper lip. He licked it and inserted a ball gag in her mouth, ant tied it. She bit and he let her down.

Three last strokes were agony of pain and exposure and honey drain. She thought she was sliding on the floor in her own juices; then she felt she will disappear in unbearable pain as he waited between the blows.

After the third blow he lifted her head by the hair again and loosened the gag.

"Are you tenderized and tamed enough to receive the spanking now?"

She nodded, licked her lips - "Yes, please Master, spank me - as you will."

He sat and she saw that his cock was out.

"Give me a 'thank you kiss.'"

She crawled to him; she did not even consider whether to do it or not.

She opened her mouth eager to engulf it. He pulled it away. Then she had to consider It, "What did Wolf want? oh..."

She gently kissed the head protruding between the soft fold of skin. Tina lifted her eyes to his. He held her for a moment savoring her submission.


She was flipped onto his lap, ball gag reinserted. Lying naked in his lap she felt the material of his jeans on her belly and thighs. Her boobs were pressed and squeezed against his denimed buttons - she felt even more exposed if possible and wondered in her awareness heightened state, how could it be that the hot waves of shame and arousal engulfing her seemed stronger than the searing pulses of pain splitting her bum.

He pushed her hands under her body. They were held tight together and squashed on his legs by her weight. Her hardened tits were squeezed between her upper arms. Quivering fingertips touched his hardening cock. She was told she must keep it hard, earning the spanks with her good reception of twenty seven spanks. Why twenty seven? If she did not, she will be spanked until such time he was hard again - then the original count would resume. 'How I am to count with mouth gagged?' Tina wondered, then settled on the thought that Wolf will provide for it.

She wiggled on his lap a long time, becoming more slippery with arousal-sweat - getting more aware that his choice of instrument, his bare hand, was a boon. A gift to her bubbling ass, the touch of his hard, hot palm was a divine caress.

A Gift.

After each blow Tina pushed her ass upwards, offering it to his hand, relishing the humiliation. He kept squeezing her inflamed breast, twisting her jutting nipples with the rhythm of his blows.

He increased the time he waited between the blows, forcing her to raise her reddened ass upward searching for his waiting palm. Whenever her bottom found Wolf's palm it was offering itself to him, making a gratis invitation to its reddened expanse. She thought that an ass could not beg, only invite. She was wrong about that. Her ass was begging and positively seeking its spanking.

After a while, Tina somehow managed to climb on his lap. Her knees pressed hard on his thighs, her hands almost touched the ground, and her ass was unimaginably high - and stretching higher. Her sweating hands held on to his cock like it was one hard focus of her exhilarating punishment, a solid spot in the bright snuggly stream she was riding.

Axis in Her Mundi.

She kept him hard for quite some time. He held his hand so high now that she had to jerk up and jump a little to reach it, to beg for more fiery resounding kisses. Wolf kept slapping her overheated raw bottom in rows of threes. Then he would stop and rub it and wait for her to strain and invite more.

And more!

He grabbed her head, turned it, checked her bright, tear filled eyes and asked:

"Are you counting, Tina?"

She started to nod, then checked herself. She wasn't courting! Relying on him and floating on the pain crest wave, Tina forgot his order. She remembered that she was ordered to count silently - and tell him when asked for the number of blows. Hell, he could order her to nod the number of spanks she had already received.

Not wishing him to stop, not knowing what it was she wanted - she nodded.

He smacked her three more times in rapid succession - almost sending kneeling Tina over. He held her fast by her boobs. She held herself fast by his dick.

Stopping, he waited for her thunderous heartbeats to ease down a little and then took her by the waist and let her down. Tina flowed to floor. She wanted to lie down but she managed to keep herself in the kneeling position at his feet.

Shivers ran down her body as her heels touched her burning ass.


Kneeling Tina turned her gagged face toward Wolf. He removed the gag and brushed her hair back - gently.

"How many spanks were there?"

She tried to think but could not. All she wanted was to swim in his gaze. After working her jaw she blurted that strange number he mentioned: "Twenty seven, please, Sir?"

Wolf smiled faintly and shook his head. A pang of fear shook her but his gaze held her.

Then Wolf showed her the metal cuffs, askance in that metal gaze.

She nodded - floating in the great deep, the cuffs had opened and she found it hard to speak.

"Do you want them?" she nodded again - possibilities gluing her tongue to the palate.

"Do they excite you? Make you want to cum?" she nodded, yet again, suddenly aware of the slick wetness covering her inner thighs.

"And yet you cannot count? Hmmm .... You will cum on them! Show how much you need them. Show me how you cum!" The open cuffs were dangling in front of her face like mysterious signs of boiling doom.

This time the pang was much stronger, she almost jumped - or curled into a fetal ball. She wanted to do both as hot shame bathed her body. 'Masturbate in front of him? Cum on cuffs?'

Tina tried to un-rivet her gaze and her eyes shifted like frightened mice. She managed to move her eyes to her corner and the not so neat pile of toys gathered there. 'It is not neat! Oh my God!' Wolf's eyes flickered towards the corner - then they returned to pound into hers. Tina's eyes snapped to his.

"You want your toy?" She nodded faintly. 'How long he will tolerate this nodding?'

"You'd love to have your toy to help you?" She nodded again. "You're cumming to get it?" She only stared.

"Good. I think you should masturbate while you crawl to fetch your toy. Having the chance to get it is making you all wet, Tina? Show it. And masturbate while you are bringing it back here. It is an incredible turn on to be able to bring your toy to masturbate in front of me, isn't it?"

He released her from the grasp of his gaze.

Tina was dumfounded. Slowly she tried to crawl towards her corner in a daze. She discovered it was difficult to crawl with one hand rubbing her aching pussy - so she went on her knees - never letting go of her throbbing sex. She was cropped, and spanked. Her ass hurt horribly but she was burning with almost nauseating waves of humiliation that alternated with equally strong pangs of arousal, steadily building up. She thought she would faint.

She reached the corner, got on all fours and put her head to the scattered pile. Selecting a gold vibrator she managed to pick it up in her teeth and hold it.

Wolf watched her as she crawled back towards him, metal vibe in her mouth, the hand now furiously rubbing her pussy.

She reached him and lay on her back. Spreading her legs to him was torture, even if he was intimate with her, most intimate...

He threw her the cuffs.

Masturbating in front of Wolf (and FOR the Wolf) was by far the most difficult thing she did tonight. And playing with the cuffs, masturbating on cuffs, as he put it, was even more difficult. And actually cumming in abandon in front of him seemed impossible.

She passed the metal over her body, touched it to her lips, placed it on her tits, and played the game of closing the cuffs over her nipple, mesmerized by his dark gaze. She brought the cuffs above her head again and used her tongue to play with the open end, letting it in her mouth, sucking it.

Then she trailed them down her body, towards the wet maelstrom that was her pussy, gripped in the unrelenting hold of humiliation aggravated by his equally unrelenting gaze.

She passed the now hot metal over her cunt drenched in it's ooze. She even pushed the open end of cuffs inside her throbbing vagina, twisting it this way and that.

Then she pulled it out and passed the curved metal edge over her lips, up and down, moving it slowly towards her clit.

And, she stopped. She could not do it. From her inflamed, puffed cunt she lifted her eyes toward Wolf. He seemed mildly interested. Wolf slightly lifted his eyebrows as if wondering: 'is she going to give it to me? If not - well, I won't be surprised.'

She tried. She pleaded with his eyes but there was just mild curiously there, as if she he was pet cat whose antics cannot surprise him anymore.

The cuff metal touched Tina's clit. Suddenly she felt all the might of his gaze return, and gather its force for a blow on that tiny morsel of pink, engorged flesh, the morsel that now seemed a huge throb threatening to subdue her individuality. She WAS the throb raising its song to the unseen piper and she knew his name.

Tina's hand shook as she strove to hold the cuffs steady and push the edge under her exposed nub.

The dull metal, smeared with the glistening sheen of her liquid, shameless arousal, lifted the inflamed piece of the pink, pulsing nerve tissue. Tina's clitoris was exposed, offered on a platter of a blade-like bare surface, naked, like her passion, offered, like a core of her being. It was tiny, just peeking out of its hood, and yet it was huge, like a whale riding a multi-crested wave of humiliation carrying her into unknown spaces.

She pressed it with her fingertip trying not to hide it. It was her precious jewel gift to Wolf. A shudder ran down her body. She almost came and held back. She just could not make herself cum; not so lewdly exposed, not so open, not as if she was cumming on command, cumming BECAUSE of his command.

A light teasing of her nub turned into a furious rubbing. She inflicted pain on her clit rubbing it against the cuff, pressing the metal on her clit with the other hand. Her inflamed pussy set the tempo with its throbbing. She continued pressing and rubbing the slick metal against her nub. Her other hand went under her raised, welted thigh, explored her bum cheeks, and found the exposed anus. She massaged it, rubbed it, then kept gently tapping it in tempo with its twitching. She was coaxing her exposed asshole to show its pulsing power, to reveal it's secret to the man who ordered her to cum on the floor in front of him. She has shown her all and it swept her into throes of orgasm.

Somehow she managed not to squeeze her legs but to keep herself open when she almost pushed the cuffs into her furious quim. Her open condition, her exposed arousal pushed her even further into maelstrom of cumming - turning into howling, spasming, and finally rolling onto the floor.

She forgot his gaze and his presence - and yet, somehow, the very fact that he was there drove her on towards one after another peak of electrifying orgasms, a run of orgasms.

She rolled around the floor, naked and cumming.

Wolf rose. He squatted by the desperate form, savoring that twitching body in the throes of orgasm - the orgasm MADE for him. Then he grabbed her face and made her slow down. She was gasping and shuddering but the unrelenting fury of cumming abated.

Tina opened her eyes. Her body was shivering.

"Nice cum, pet." She nodded, little-girl-like, proud of her achievement, proud of his praise.

"Want these? You earned them."

He was dangling the cuffs in front of her. She nodded again, unable to speak, her breasts heaving. He offered the cuffs and she obediently licked her juice from them.

She licked the cuffs of her humiliating cum clean.

He lifted her, steadying her on her wobbly feet. She pushed her hands backward, holding her wrists together. She felt the metal on her skin, biting.


** *

And that exhilarating CLICK! of unknown consequences was followed by his statement:

"And you still have to tell the world WHAT you are!"

With that he pushed her toward the glass sliding door leading to the terrace.

She resisted; the dread expanding the humiliation she now reveled in. Wolf, of course, insisted.

On shaky legs, supported by his arms, one on her burning behind, another on her throat. He pushed her toward metal railing and she almost doubled over it. Grabbing her ponytail he lifted Tina's head.
Her bare breast spilled over, trembling in the chilly air, nipples growing taut even more. Her hands pulled her shoulder back thrusting her tits even more forward. The railing dug into her belly, cold, unyielding. She faced distant buildings and trees swaying in the wind. The late afternoon light was ruddy.

He felt him pressing into her, his jeans roughly rubbing her tenderized ass, his breast on her neck, making the hair on the nape rise. Wolf's hand slid down her mons and tightly grabbed her soaking pussy, almost squeezing it. He slid two fingers into her. It was easily going in.

His other hand slid up her moist thigh and unerringly found her pulsing asshole. His thumb pushed in, rotated and ripped out.

Suddenly, with blinding pain he drove into her...deep. He was unforgiving, searching the depths, churning her innards. The frightening strength of her arousal was breathtaking.

"Tell them what are you!" he hissed in her ear, panting heavily.

She had trouble breathing herself and was in no mood to talk. Their breathing synchronized.

Suddenly he pushed hard and she screamed as the pain engulfed her sphincter then ripped upward. SHE SCREAMED.

"Tell me. Tell them!"

She gulped, looked with glazed eyes the empty space in front of her, the world, as Wolf put it.

"I am a misbehaving brat!" she screamed to them. "An Uppity, horny brat!"

He pushed even deeper into her ass and she bucked again, almost falling over the railing. Wolf held her. Tina screamed again, this time not needing the urging of his hard cock.

"I am slut for you! Fucking nasty SLUT!"

He kept reaming her.

"Fuckkk I am a bitch! BRAT BITCH!"

Wolf almost lifted her from the ground, completely squashing her imprisoned wrists.

"Exhibitionistic SLUT."

"Exhibitionistic sluts need to exhibit themselves," he panted, plowing her asshole.

"You needed to show off, Tina! Hnnnnghh!"

"What is showing ... off -- without spectators ... to get aroused.... Then the slut ... has to assuage their lust -- " he was close - pushing into Tina like there was no tomorrow (and there was none).

"The lust she caused! She has to drink in what she stirred -- show off! In the strip club!"

She screamed. They started to cum together.

** *

"Calling all units. We have 10-11! Repeat 10-11. All units respond!"

A cop grabbed the mike and thumbed the switch. "Vehicle 101 here! Where?! What's the nature of 10-11?"

"A woman is screaming her head off! Sijambok Street 69! All units! Sounds like bloody murder! Or rabid beasts!"

The copmobile burned rubber.

** **

She was still bent over the railing, breathing heavily. He held her, making sure she will not go over.

She lifted her head and looked into his eyes.

"The club." She was flying so high that she could barely control her quivering lips. The club was just an arousing notion at the moment. The dread will come latter. And with it --- the heat.

Wolf's head was in the shadows.

He smiled.

His eyes glittered darkly, reflecting the sundown.

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