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I am slut for you! Fucking nasty SLUT
I have been thinking about and planning this first 'scene'of ours for almost six weeks, so today, when I finally hear your car in my driveway and see you walk gracefully up my steps to my front door I am experiencing a number of different emotions all at once.

Elation, arousal and relief vie for dominance of my frontal lobes. Fortunately for me I am such a visual person and the vision of you, dressed as I have requested, fairly floating up my front steps clearly rules the moment. Wearing a black latex mini skirt, a crisp white blouse, the seamed black stockings and your highest black heels you are a picture of sophistication and restraint. I greet you at the door with a slim black collar adorned with a few silver studs and a small silver loop. You lift your hair for me as I buckle it around your neck.

"Hi." I say.

"Hello, sir. I am very happy to finally be here in your ...VERY BEAUTIFUL home." You exclaim, "I mean it's amazing, sir. May I look around?"

"Of course and thank you but before we do..." I say and I clip a chain link leash to the collars' tiny ring, leading you around the downstairs with its colorful aquariums and art covered walls till we reach the living room.

Seating you on the couch I pour glasses of champagne for us and while you take your first sip I rub the back of my fingers against your (also as requested) braless nipples.

We drink and talk and the initial tension eases. We have a lot of things to talk about and don't try to steer the conversation in any direction at all. It's a sunny afternoon and bright warmth of the March sun enlivens us both. Your laughter tells me that you truly are glad to be here and that you feel that your trust is not misplaced...all that from one small peal of laughter.

"Are you ready for tonight, little whore?" I ask.

"I think so, Sir but even as excited as I am I must admit that I am a little scared as well."

"I wouldn't have it any other way." I say and I kiss you, hard, my hand in your hair, meaning to take your breath away.

And I do.

Then I stand in front of you on the couch. "This," I say, "will always be your first duty when we Play, before we adjourn and always with you fully dressed." I lower my zipper and offer my half hard cock to your beautiful mouth.

"Let's see what you can do, little slut."

"Yes Sir." You say and bend to your task.

Your mouth is amazing; hot, wet, hungry. I grab your hair and press deeper but your throat opens easily and in seconds I am all the way in to the root. I hardly need to force you; your hungry throat devours me.

"You were telling the truth," I say. "You do love to suck cock, don't you, you filthy little slut."

You moan around my girth in the affirmative and I grab the back of your head and hold it still, buried in your throat till I feel the rising panic I am seeking. Holding you close for a few more long seconds I finally let you go. You gasp and choke for a moment but I lean in and kiss your wet mouth forcefully, calming your fears and re fueling your desire.

"Wow!" I say, breaking away.

"Wow!" you say breathlessly.

I pour us fresh glasses of champagne and offer a toast.

"Here's to first scenes and new friends." Our glasses 'clink' and our smiles are enormous and contagious.

"Hey sirensub," I say, a username that neither of us had heard since the first week we had been talking. "This is going to be goooood."

I think I see you blushing through your smile.

When the champagne is gone I take both of your hands in mine --such beautiful elegant hands -- and I look into your eyes.

"I am going to take you upstairs soon. I 'm going to bind you and gag you and then I am going to hurt you probably more than you have ever been hurt. Are you ready?"

I pull gently on your 'leash' and stand, offering you my hand to help you to your feet.

"Yes sir," you say," I'm ready."

I lead you up the stairs by the chain both of us wildly, breathlessly alive with possibility.


Once in the bedroom I bring you to the window, underneath the two massive crossties that 'decorate' my ceiling.

"Hands behind your back for the moment. I'm going to remove your skirt and blouse. Spread your legs a little more...good... now step out of your skirt." I step away, folding your skirt.

"Good girl." I kiss you; a sweet, lingering lover's kiss and surprising you snap fur-lined leather blindfold over your eyes, plunging you into darkness.

Music, pleasant, pulsing, electronic fills the room. I unbutton the last few buttons on your blouse and slip it from your shoulders. I kiss one shoulder and rub your left nipple gently between my thumb and forefinger. I kiss your lips once more then touching your chin with one finger I give a one word command.


As your lips part, I place a not-too-big leather bit gag into your mouth. I buckle it behind your head and put your wrists into the suspension cuffs. As I hook them to the rope ratchet I see the first bit of drool appear at the corner of your mouth.

"You are so beautiful," I say and I touch your perfectly shaven pussy for the first time. She is already swollen and wet. I draw my finger through from back to front feeling the luxurious moisture.

"Mmm." We say simultaneously.

"Spread," I say and I take your hands up a bit higher. I rub your clit, a bit harder this time, eliciting another soft moan through your gag.

"Time to warm you up a bit. First, though, a clamp for each nipple. I'll add some weights later. That's a good girl. mm,I love that sound you're making...."

The next thing that you feel is my heavy suede flogger between your legs. Not too hard, not too fast I pummel your cunt relentlessly for long minutes pausing to mold and pinch your labia with my fingers and always returning to the flogging. You are moaning almost constantly now and drooling as well. A shiny bit of crystal clear drool rolls down your centerline toward your pussy.

I begin slapping your pussy with my bare hand, quickly finding a rhythm and fairly splashing your copious wetness across your thighs.

"I told you I could make you come like this."

At this moment I think that you believe me. And then I stop.

Sometimes stopping a pussy spanking is the trigger. I had been slapping you there for 5-6 minutes straight.

"Mmmggghhhmmm!" you moan though the gag, craving the stimulation.

I start again and just as I predicted the pause has only increased your volcanic arousal. You are almost panting around the gag trying to focus.

I pause again petting you softly and pulling on your labia once more.

"Good girl," I say, "such a good girl." I coo into your ear. "Let's try this..."

I start spanking her again, this time with my little hard leather slapper. Your pubic mound is already a glorious shade of pink-becoming-red, puffy and swollen like your pussy.

I step back and admire my work.

"Turn around, little whore; let's get this backside warmed up too." I carefully help you spin 180 degrees on your high heels. "So, a nice slow flogging first -- ass and shoulders -- and then..." I pause, "and then I am going to need some attention!!"

I think that you try to smile beneath the gag. The effort produces more drool and a big smile from me.

I start on your shoulders with two rubber floggers then a baby soft suede flogger on both shoulders and ass. Then with a slightly more 'grown up' leather one, I strike with a bit more intensity, coming down a little more forcefully on your ass.

"I almost forgot," I say aloud stopping everything for a moment. Unseen I grab some clips along with some weights to dangle from them. I reach between your legs and feel the abundant moisture. I attach clips to both sides leaving the chains to dangle between your legs. I return to the flogging, graduating to my favorite heavy toy. You are dancing a little but only a little often pushing your ass back and giving me a clear target.

Your ass has begun to redden and the occasional wrap produces a few more strident squeals but nothing more. You pussy is leaking down one thigh and there is a small puddle of drool on my bedroom carpet. Oh well. I am flogging you now with some force but every sound and every movement of your lovely body tells me that I am doing all the right things.

But I need some attention now and I stop, lowering your arms and removing your gag and blindfold. I offer you a drink of water from a plastic squeeze bottle.

"You were AWESOME baby girl!" I say, "Truly remarkable! How do you feel?"

"Good, sir", trying to return feeling to your jaw.

"Just good?" I ask.

"Very, very good, sir. This girl thanks you"

That bit of language is all your own and it makes me feel...empowered. You are more amazing than I expected. I feel a rush of adrenaline and topspace.

"Come here, you slut," I say gesturing to the bed. "Lay down this way...oh, do those clips hurt? Here I'll take them off. No, wait, don't fight it...that is MY PAIN and I want it." I remove the clips from your nipples and use my palms to absorb your pain. The removal of each clip is a tiny movement in the symphony of pain that I am conducting. You sing your parts sweetly, clearly, hungrily, languorously.

I arrange you on your stomach on the bed and I stand in front of your head. Using your hair I lift your head and place your opening mouth over my very stiff cock, sliding the head across your tongue.

But I know that you want this as much as the pain, as much as I do, so I let you set the pace.

"That's it little girl, all the way down, all the way...ooh that's so good! Nasty girl! That's it, that's the spot I like. No, hold it there; you don't need to breathe right this minute. No. Relax and I'll let you go." I pull your head off of my cock to gasps and choking. A long string of spit trails behind.

"Again," I say before you have even caught your breath I thrust back into your throat and begin to rhythmically fuck your face. You struggle to breathe and to keep up with my forceful strokes.

"You're so good." And I release your head from my hands, allowing you to catch your breath. I grab a towel and wipe some of the spit from your chin. Kneeling down next to the bed I kiss you long and hard.

"Little whore!" I say when the kiss is over. "Every time I kiss this filthy whore mouth of yours, after it has been sucking my cock you are to thank me!"

"This girl thanks you for kissing her cocksucking mouth, sir." You say. You open your mouth and point to it with your index finger. "More please sir."

And in my infinite generosity I give you what you are asking for.

"You are perfect, little one. Wonderful effort and wonderful manners as well. I may never let you go."

I have laid a thin, whippy cane on the bed and as you vigorously exercise your throat on my raging erection I begin to cane your bottom, gently at first but as I increase my pace you seem to force an extra centimeter of him down your gullet.

"You are AMAZING!!" I say excitedly, "baby girl!!!!!"

I direct the cane between your cheeks now, aiming for your asshole. After only a few blows I hear the sound that I am waiting for -- a clear 'snap' indicating a direct strike on your anus. To my delight you never break your stride and I begin to find my range, striking you repeatedly between your cheeks. You suck me furiously now and though I know that the pain is sharp and strong; my hardest blows only bring another volley of gasping and inspired fellatio.

"Stop! Little whore," I say, pulling my cock away from your hungry mouth. "I'd love to come deep down your throat but not yet."

"Yes, sir," you reply but I hear your pout.

"Your performance has earned you...another glass of champagne and our..."gesturing grandly toward my junk. "our eternal, fucking gratitude.

A sip of champagne and a blushing smile.

"Thank you, sir."

At that moment I absolutely HAVE to kiss you again but this one is a special kiss. Slow and lyrical, as intimate as any sex act, and we are both grinning wildly as we part. That went well I think.

"This girl thanks you for kissing her cocksucking mouth, Sir"

"Baby, you make those words sound positively musical!" and I laugh heartily. "God, I love your manners."

"So, what's next Sir? "you ask, your enthusiasm is animal, joyous, contagious.

"I thought that I might introduce my little friend," quietly clicking open my beautiful Berretta Knife,"...then I thought 'that would be telling'"

"Noooo", you moan.

"Am I going to have to gag you little slut?"

"Oh you could Sir....but you might be wanting to use this girls mouth again."

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