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Hot and spicy domination whore sexbook
Ding Dong.

I heard the quiet bell chiming inside the house.

"Come IN" she called, Her voice not sounding as far away as the doorbell had.

Opening the door, I could see little, as it was as dark in the foyer as it was outside tonight. A moonless evening.

"Put your hands behind your back, and close your eyes" I heard Her say.

Cautiously, I did so, and stood there, feeling my heart start to race more than it already had been driving over here.

Then I felt a sash wrapping my eyes, tightening behind my head. Then another wrapping my wrists together, tightly, but with enough wraps to keep them from going numb.

With a tug, I gathered I was to be pulled to follow Her direction. My senses recalled some stairs that way, and I prepared hesitant steps for those. Fumbling, almost falling, I hit the first one while She tugged me further up the stairs. I gathered the sash was more than a few feet long, as I heard Her footsteps well ahead of me.

No other words were spoken. I had assumed a certain 'evolution' of events, but did not know the exact process of how this would 'play out'.

When we stopped, nothing happened for a moment. My senses listening for clues were cut off with a head set being applied to my ears. Now I was blind of sight, and deaf of sounds. Some hands traveled down my chest, lingering, feeling the shape of my body under the shirt.

The hands moved around me. Slowly touching more of me. Feeling my cock thru my sweat pants, my legs. I felt something cold touch the inseam, then more tugging.

My hands felt movement of the sash, either being pulled or being tied to something. I hesitated to move forward, but wanted to feel if that was the case. Stepping forward, I felt the resistance of my bonds raise my hands, so I stepped back.

"Don't move!" She cooed softly. Then a resounding SMACK across my ass. OOOCchhh I thought... okay, I'll not try that again...

Something cold & sharp slipped past my neck, tugged, then again at my waist I thought my sweat pants were going to be pulled down, but the tugging was only for a moment.

Then at my neck, knuckles of two hands, grabbing my shirt, and a sudden pulling, ripping the shirt off my chest. As I felt myself pulled forward, I was held fast by my wrists as the sash pulled and tightened. Another grab at my shirt, and more ripping. I felt the material slip off my shoulders, and hang like a wasted rag off my arms.

Cold leather slipped across my stomach, and over my nipples. Slapping me. The sound of the slapper clapping, as my nipples receive several sharp swats each.

Then the hands again, now at my waist. Trembling I feel what's coming. My pants are not to be removed, but are ripped from me too. She must have cut the waistband to effectively rip these so efficiently. I feel Her fingers slip into my waistband. Sliding slowly back and forth, toying with my tummy. slipping a little lower, then around and around. I thought I felt another set of fingers joining Hers, when they pulled in different directions at once. RIPPING down the sides, then attacking the torn pieces, and pulling further, the cool air welcoming my skin to Her pleasures.

My shorts soon disappeared in the same fashion. I felt the scissors touch my skin, as they cut the waistband, then pulled off in one swift motion.

I stood there, embarrassed, naked, not able to shuffle my feet as my sweats lay in a torn frenzy around my ankles.

The scent of the leather hit me first. As its falls drape across my face, and down my chest. The first few dozen landed firmly but not excessively all over me. At the same time a soft pair of lips began drawing my cock into a mouth. I knew then there was more than one person here. Nails scratching my balls, moved to fingers massaging my ass, while the flogger advanced closer to my scrotum. To become light slaps of my balls, making me jump with each switch. Then the lips again. I was becoming hard now with their patient pulling of my cock. My breathing slowed, and the sensation of these expert lips suckling my cock, the fingers beginning to scratch my balls.

But the Flogging continued. This time much harder, painfully across my ass. Over and over, all over my ass, my legs, and back.

"On your Knees now" She commanded. As I knelt down, someone guided my head with hands. Pulling me forward, but still held back by my sashed wrists I could smell the intoxicating scent of a woman. She must have been sitting on a chair, as I was at a perfect height, given my kneeling posture, bending forward, yet restricted by my bonds.

Pulling my head further, my lips met her sex. Instinctively my tongue reached across the final gap to please her. She moved back.

"Lick me!" She shouted. and my Ass received another flurry of strokes from the Flogger. Reaching, painfully pulling on my sash, my nose touched skin. Parted her folds, only lightly so. I could only nod my head up and down, frantically trying to deliver Her pleasure with my nose, in cadence to the flailing I was receiving by the Other.

Finally She shifted forward, enough to let my tongue do its duty. She tasted freshly washed, scented, and deliciously moist. Guided by Her hands on my cheeks, my tongue lapped slowly up each fold of her lips, then back down the other side. As She let go, I continued the path She had put me on. The flogging had stopped, my ass was burning, my mouth watering.

As I continued to try to please the one, The others hands applied something slick, soothing to my ass. Cold at first, squirting across my ass. Followed by warm hands, sliding across my ass, circling my anus, and lower to my balls. A slapper quickly had me spread my legs as Her hands slick with oil, found my cock. Luxuriating in her gift, then nothing. My hard cock throbbing, against nothing but air.

Behind me, I felt my balls being wrapped with something soft, like a cord, distending them further from my body. Stretching them in my sac. Now tighter, each ball now gravely exposed, hanging below me.

The woman in front of me shifted forward, shoving herself harder into my face. I felt my tongue work beginning to pay off. I backed off, but she grabbed my head, and held my face to her. My tongue buried deep within, my nose vibrating against her clit's hood. I groaned with delight as the woman behind me squeezed my balls, holding them tightly, sending a painful wave of pleasure through me. My vibrating groans pleased the woman, who shook with pleasure before me. A fountain from her accompanied a squeal of Her pleasure.

Her friend seemed pleased, as Her other hand began a playful prodding of my anus, slowly fucking my ass with Her digit, while changing the pressure on my balls, from one to the other. Holding them, squeezing them for a minute at a time. When released from this painful torture, each ball would send an almost orgasmic wave through me.

The woman in front, slipped off her chair, and slid under me, kissing my neck and chest. Then biting my nipple. Holding it in her teeth, her hands reaching down to my cock. She seemed nimble, agile, Hot. Moving between nipples, biting harder each time, while stroking me faster. The woman behind me, still squeezing my balls, started finger fucking me faster. Held captive now on the floor between these two women, I felt the beginnings of an orgasm. Each time, though it was taken away by a bite, spank or an excessive squeeze.

Gasping, almost crying out for release, She dropped further down, now sucking my cock deep into her mouth. It was heaven. I started to groan, a moaning of imminent release.

The woman behind released my balls, and commenced Flogging me again. Trying to quell my orgasm, take it away from me again. But it was too late, this time Her pain delivered me over the edge. My orgasm was on. As she flailed on my ass, I drove my hips forward, a fucking motion deep into the one's mouth.

Flogging my ass however, the pain met intense pleasure at some point in my brain. The woman in front joyously took my semen, moaning with her own pleasure. Her mouth vibrating my sensitive head, as my body spasmed in matching passion.

One dropped her Flogger, and grabbed me from behind, as we melted in a three-some hug. Held fast by these two wondrous women. My mind drifted off into a meditative state for several sensual minutes.

My arms were released first, sore from the position behind me, then my eyes, released and adjusting to the light, I met my two Dommes. Smiling at their beauty, and from the gift they provided.

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English Sex Stories

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