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Torturing illegal relationship with my master
"M'Lady, would you be so kind as to show me where the stacks are?" a masculine voice said behind me.

I froze, my fingers hovering above the keyboard at my computer. For just a moment, I closed my eyes and swallowed hard. Felt the muscles low within me clench. Felt my nipples harden against the satin of my bra.

It wasn't his words, it was his voice. That's what he did to me. I could hear it even in my sleep, and I'd wake up needing release. It was so smooth. Like white chocolate truffles—my panacea—sliding down my throat. Deep, just like when I...

I inhaled, slowly letting out my breath, my fingers curling now as I tried to stay poised. "I'd be glad to, Sir."

There was soft, yet audible, gasp and an unmistakable moan.

As I turned, I heard my own sharp intake of breath. He stood on the other side of the front desk, his sunglasses still on, his firm lips twitching ever so slightly. I could tell he wanted to smile. I traced the lines of his red moustache and goatee with my eyes, my tongue darting out to lick my bottom lip even as I tried to resist the motion.

"The stacks, M'Lady?"

I raised my eyes, imagining the ideas running through his head. "Yes, Sir, right this way."

I rounded the counter, my knees wobbling just a little. I paused to catch my balance, cursing myself for wearing my black heels today. They would be hell on the steps going downstairs.

I felt the heat of his body behind me as we walked to the reference section. I held my hands flat at my sides, wanting to reach back. Wanting to be in my rightful place behind him, letting him lead me. But I kept my professional composure and proceeded to weave our way through the shelves of encyclopedias.

"Ladies first," he said once we reached the doorway that led downstairs.

I rolled me eyes, knowing he couldn't see them. But part of me wished he had. I stifled a giggle and gripped the handrail, starting the slow descent. I could be a bad girl when I wanted to.

"Was there something special you were looking for, Sir?"

"The romance section. I wrote the name down. Let me see if I can find it."

We'd reached the bottom with no accidents, although my heel had caught on the edge of the narrow metal steps twice.

"Old or new, Sir? The overflow of the newer paperbacks is also stored down here. We only keep them upstairs for a couple of months."

"Old, I would think. The classics."

"Then we would need to go this way," I said, turning left and heading down the dimly-lit aisle, my heartbeat increasing with each step.

His breathing became heavier as he followed me. Our shoes clicked on the title floor, the sound muffled by the shelves of books surrounding us. Above us, a light buzzed and flickered. I made a mental note to report the faulty bulb.

"What was the name of the book again?"

"I can't seem to find my note. But the author began with M. Martin? Miller? I would know the title if I saw it."

I pointed to a set of shelves on the other side of room. "We would be best to start over there, then."

"After you, M'Lady."

I felt his hand on the small of my back as we approached the correct section. I closed my eyes briefly, wanting to moan. It had seemed so long since I'd felt his touch, even though it had only been early this morning. Through my blouse, I could feel the heat of his skin burning mine.

"I could help you look if you could give me a hint. A word maybe?"

"Sex. I think it had something to do with sex." His voice was a low whisper against my ear. Then he pressed up against me, pushing me toward a small desk at the end of the aisle. When I could go no further, he increased the pressure on my lower back and leaned me forward. "But my interest in reading is waning. I'd much rather experience it."

I gasped, gripping the edge of the desk to steady myself, my breasts smashed on the cool, hard top. I moaned as I felt his arousal through his slacks and my skirt as he slowly rubbed against me from behind.

I gulped as his hand slid further south, caressing my ass. Cinching up my skirt. Pulling my panties down to my knees.

When his fingers grazed over my pussy, pressing between my swollen lips, I whimpered loudly.

"Shh." He continued to stroke me so slowly it was maddening. His other hand played with my hair, releasing the bun I had painstakingly affixed this morning.

I bit my lower lip and rested my cheek on the desk. I whimpered again when his hand disappeared from between my legs.

"Be a good girl. Don't move."

I heard him unbuckle his belt and lower the zipper on his slacks. Heard his soft sigh as he probably released his cock from the confines of his briefs. Heard my own heart beating wildly in my ears.

"Now remember, M'Lady, we're in a library. I've heard there are strict rules about making loud noises. And the punishment for breaking those rules...well, I'm sure you're well aware of what those are, being a librarian and all."

His fingers returned to stroke my pussy. But something wasn't right. He was also gripping my hips with both hands.

I moaned in delight as I realized it was his cock rubbing me there.

A loud crack echoed as he smacked my bare ass, making me jump and squeal.

"I asked you a question, M'Lady."

"I-I'm sorry, Sir."

"Are you aroused?"

"Yes, Sir."

He pressed forward, his cock penetrating ever so slightly as he rocked his hips back and forth.

I parted my legs as far as I could with my panties still binding my knees together. Once he was fully seated within me, he moved one hand to my lower back. He wrapped my loose hair around his other hand and tugged.

I cried out and stared at the cold, gray wall. He was so big inside me, stretching me wide. He was panting as he thrust in and out in a leisurely fashion. He smacked my ass again then returned to holding me to the desk.

"That's a good girl. Nice and tight. So very wet. Just like Daddy likes it."

I moaned, my body begging him to take me. Once, I rocked back against him, following his rhythm. That earned me another smack.

"Don't move, Little One. I'm fucking you. You'll get your chance later. And be quiet."

I tried not to make a sound. I tried really hard. I knew there were other people in the library, and no one ever came down to the stacks. But of all the days for someone to wander down here, today would be the day. And yet, I also wished someone would find us so I could embrace that bit of exhibitionism hidden somewhere inside of me.

Yet as he plunged and withdrew, tugging on my hair, I couldn't help moaning and gasping. Crying out when he chose to spank me.

He fucked me for several long minutes. It felt so damn good. Yet, at this angle, I couldn't reach orgasm. And he knew that.

He released my back, still gripping my hair, and smacked my ass. Hard. His voice hissed as he asked, "Do you like that, baby?"

I groaned. "Yes, Sir!"

"Yes, what, Little One?" He smacked me again.

The sharp sounds and brief pain when his hand connected against my bare skin competed with my cries. Especially as he continued to thrust his big cock into my pussy. I couldn't think. I couldn't speak.

"I'm waiting." Another smack.

"Yes, Daddy!" I gasped.

"Good girl." His free hand slid under me and stroked my clit.

I screamed as my body shook. But it wasn't enough. His hand disappeared, and he suddenly withdrew completely.

"Stand up, Little One, and turn around."

My legs were numb as I obeyed. I rested my ass against the desk for a moment but immediately stood upright again, wincing. I didn't think I would be able to sit for a few hours.

"Take off your clothes."

I opened my mouth, but I closed it when I saw him tilt his head down and glare at me over the rim of his sunglasses. I unzipped my skirt and slid it down instead, stepping out of my panties. I unbuttoned my blouse, removed it, and added my bra to the growing pile on the floor.

He watched me with a smile on his lips, his tongue darting out each time I revealed more of my skin. Then he loosened his tie and pulled it free. He circled his finger in the air. I turned around once more.

Silently, he took my hands, pulling them behind my back and binding them together with his tie. Then he pressed on my shoulder, and I faced him again.

"Lean back."

I bit my lower lip but obeyed. My ass was so raw still, especially with the edge of the desk digging into my bruised muscles. And now with my hands tied behind my back as well, I couldn't use them to support my body.

"Spread your legs. Good girl." He rested his left hand on my right shoulder to balance me before he covered my pussy with his other hand.

I closed my eyes as two of his fingers pressed between my swollen lips, rubbing at my clit. I let my head fall back, and I leaned away from him towards the wall behind me. It forced my legs apart more and lifted my pussy up so his fingers stroked deeper.

I forgot all about the pain. How I was vulnerable if anyone were to happen upon us. All I could think about was reaching that precipice and falling over head first. I was climbing, and climbing, and climbing...moaning during my assent.

"Oh, Little One. What did I tell you about being quiet?"

I gasped as he removed his hand and pulled me to my feet.


I whimpered as he helped me get down on my knees, my hands resting on my sore ass, the tails of his tie brushing against the back of my thighs. I could still feel the sting of his touch, the warmth of my skin where his hands had been. My pussy clenched at the emptiness there now.


I tilted my head back and dropped my jaw.

"Good girl." He stroked my cheek with the back of his fingers for a moment. Then he put his thumb in my mouth, wetted it on my tongue, and rubbed his digit over my bottom lip. "You are so fucking lovely, M'Lady. My Little One."

With that, he lifted his cock and replaced his thumb with the head of his cock. "Lick it."

I darted my tongue out and coated the tip with my saliva. He rubbed his cock back and forth and all around my lips. And then I moaned.

"Now, what am I going to do about those noises you're making?" He cupped my chin, tugged gently so I opened wider, and then he slid his cock into my mouth until it rested on my tongue. "Yes, that might work."

I blinked, but I kept my eyes on his face. On his smile. I could see my reflection in his glasses and moaned again.

He pushed his cock deeper into my mouth, making me gag. He pulled out slowly then slid back in. Over and over he filled my mouth, his rigid skin rubbing against my moist lips.

He withdrew completely and tapped his cock against my lips a couple of times. "Take a deep breath."

I closed my mouth and swallowed—tasting my own fluids and his precum on my tongue now—and then opened again.

"Such a good girl."

He proceeded to slide his cock into my mouth again, his hands on either side of my head. Then he thrust his hips back and forth, fucking my mouth like he had done to my pussy.

He continued for several long minutes, gripping my hair in one hand now, holding my head back. Occasionally, he'd tell me to suck or lick just the crown. And he'd stop sometimes, buried so deep I could feel him in my throat and I could feel his balls against my chin, the spicy scent of his masculinity invading my nose. He reached down and tweaked my nipple or fondled my breast a few times, but he never lingered too long, always returning to filling my mouth with his cock at the depth and speed he desired.

I did moan and I did whimper, but the noises I made were muffled now. And all the while, he whispered words of encouragement.

"That's Daddy's good girl. God, it feels so good to have your mouth wrapped around my cock. Yes, baby. Mmm. Just like that."

With all the movement, my glasses slipped down my nose.

"Look at me, Little One. Oh baby, you're so fucking hot like that. My cock in your mouth, your eyes on me. You're so helpless, at my mercy. And those glasses. Oh, shit!"

He stroked a few more times, then I felt his warm cum hit the back of my throat. He held my head still, his cock pressing against my tongue and the roof of my mouth.

When he was done, he said, "Lick it clean, baby."

I did the best I could without the use of my hands.

"That's my good girl." He stroked my hair until he was satisfied. He helped me to my feet and sat me on top of the desk.

Before I could react, he plunged one hand back into my pussy and covered my mouth with his, silencing my cry of surprise. His other hand covered one of my breasts, finally stroking my aching nipple under his palm.

"Come for Daddy, baby," he whispered when he let me take a breath. Then he was kissing me again, thrusting his tongue against mine in time with his fingers.

This time, I climbed that cliff and finally fell over, my body shaking beneath him. He swallowed my screams, his body covering mine, pressing me against the desk and the wall, until I stilled beneath him.

I blinked as he stepped back, put his cock away, and straightened his clothes. He helped me stand again and untied my wrists.

"Get dressed, Little One. Fix your hair."

I picked up my clothes off the floor in a daze. I hastily drew my hair back up into a bun and righted my glasses. Once I was suitable again, he cupped my cheek and smiled down at me.

"Now, about that book I was looking for..."

I cleared my throat and pulled a random book off the shelf. "I believe that this is the one you wanted, Sir. It was here all along."

"How right you are, M'Lady. I'm so glad a librarian was around when I needed her."

"Any time, Sir. " I smiled at him and led the way out of the stacks. "Any time."

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