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Lattest Porn stories in BDSM
Ever since my wife of 30 years lost interest in sex, I have, to a great extent, replace conventional sex with "toys" and self manipulation. My collection of toys was pretty tame at first. A couple of dildos for my ass, some cock rings, a few clothes pins and an occasional vegetable seemed entertaining enough. As time passed, I began to crave more and more stimulation and started concentrating on anal play and CBT. Although I was never into real pain, a little "ouch" seemed to multiply the intensity of my orgasms.

In two years time, my collection completely filled a large drawer in the base of my waterbed and overflowed into a couple of other places. Nearly every "playtime" included some form of abuse to my balls, usually either stretching the scrotum thru the use of straps or stainless weights or seeing how much weight I could stand to hang from them with a parachute.

Another frequent endeavor was to see how much I could dilate my asshole. Before my wife lost interest, she would finger my ass while sucking my cock or jacking me off and occasionally she would end up working her entire hand inside my ass. The most intense orgasms I have ever experienced were the result of her having her hand inside my ass and my cock in her mouth. I used items like large dildos, cans, bottles and finally an enormous rubber hand in an effort to duplicate the feeling, but it was never quite the same. There is, unfortunately, a limit to what one can do to, and with, oneself and I eventually reached the point that there seemed to be nothing new to try.

Little did I know at the time, but my limits were to be tested and surpassed in ways that I had never dreamed of courtesy of a man named Jim.

A chance meeting on the golf course and more than a few beers afterward led to me telling him all about my non-existent sex life with the wife and my somewhat unusual ways of satisfying myself. Jim confessed that he was divorced and also suffered from a lack of sex and had engaged in many of the same activities as I enjoyed.

An invitation to stop by his house on the way home was quickly accepted and within minutes I was entering his rather modest home. Over some cold beer on his deck, he asked me if I would share some of the things that I did with myself in the hope that he could pick up some new things to do.

I related some of the milder things that I engaged in but he seemed excited nonetheless as a hardon was plainly visible in his golf shorts. Some of the things I described he simply nodded at as if he had already thought of it while other things seemed to really interest him. He then asked me if I had ever taken pictures of myself while playing and I admitted that I had...hundreds of them. He sort of chuckled and remarked that we seemed to have a lot in common.

The conversation was really getting interesting and I wanted to continue it, but had other obligations and told him that I needed to leave. He smiled at me and asked if I was interested in some playtime with him. That was an opportunity that I was not going to let escape and since the wife was going to visit her mother the following weekend, we quickly made plans for the next Saturday. We parted with a handshake and an exchange of e-mail addresses.

When I checked my email that evening, I found a message from Jim and some pictures of him naked except for a cockring and some clothespins on his nipples. I sent a message back to him and included a few of myself playing with similar things.

During the course of the week, our emails became more and more explicit and kinky until by Friday I was sending him pictures of myself with my asshole stretched to impossible limits, my balls distended by weights and some of me inserting sounds in my cock. Needless to say, I was eagerly anticipating our meeting the next day and my mind was so filled with possible scenarios that I could hardly sleep that night.

Early the next morning, I found another email from him that made me so hot I could barely stand it but also a little hesitant. He said that if I was interested in discovering what my limits were that I should plan to be at his house all day and possibly that night. He also suggested that I not eat breakfast but rather just start drinking all the water that I could and piss as often as I needed to. He also told me that I should give myself several enemas, taking in as much as I could stand each time. I knew from experience that the purpose of drinking large amounts of water and pissing often was to keep the piss from being too strong and since I loved giving myself enemas, following his instructions was a pleasure, but the thought of finding out what my limits were gave me a funny feeling.

As soon as the wife left at eight, I began giving myself the enemas. I use one of the old red rubber bags and after a few times to clean my system out, I can usually hold a full bag and most of another. After several of the full enemas, nothing came out but clear water and since I had not eaten anything since early evening, I felt sure that my system was completely empty. I had began drinking water as soon as I read his email and by the time I finished with the enemas, I was to the point where I could stand at the toilet pissing and drinking at the same time like it was going straight thru me. By the time I had shaved my face, cock, balls and ass and showered, it was time to leave so I grabbed a change of clothes and hit the door.

It was only about a twenty minute drive to his house, but by the time I got there my bladder felt like it was ready to burst. Jim greeted me at the door wearing only a pair of nylon gym shorts and ushered me to the deck and motioned for me to sit down. I told him that I really needed to piss first but he said to wait just a few minutes that we needed to talk.

He asked if I had thought about what he had said about finding my limits and if I was serious about it and I told him that I was. I thought it was odd the he immediately asked me again if I was absolutely certain and I affirmed that I was.

He then told me that once we started, I would have no control whatsoever over what happened, nor could I call it off or leave. He then said that he had done this many times with other men and that he would not cause any permanent damage nor leave any marks at all and that I would leave his house with a new evaluation of myself.

I had read about such scenes and knew that persons involved usually always had a "safe word" that they could use if needed and I asked Jim if we were going to decide on one. He said that we would not need one, that he could tell when something was too much and would back off as needed and that if I wanted to do this that I would have to trust him. I couldn't bring myself to say it, so I just looked him in the eyes and nodded. I would have agreed to almost anything by then just so I could go relieve my bladder.

We stood, shook hands, and he invited me to join him in the "playroom". I watched as he unlocked a large door and wondered to myself if I was entering the gates of Hell... and I wasn't far wrong!

As my eyes became adjusted to the semi-darkness, the room began to look like a cross between a doctor's office and a kitchen. Cabinets with doors completely filled one wall. Along another wall were more cabinets and a sink and countertop. In the middle of the tile floor was an exam table like one would find in a doctor's office along with several roll around carts and IV bag holders. Hanging on a third wall were all kinds of instruments of pleasure and torture, some I recognized but most I did not. The fourth wall was covered with mirrored glass from floor to ceiling.

As I stood in the middle of the floor and holding my belly to keep from pissing myself, he looked at me and asked if I was ready to begin. I nodded! The first words out of his mouth were an order to undress, and be quick about it. I was wearing only sandals, shorts and a tee shirt so it didn't take long until I was as naked as the day I was born.

While I was undressing, he retrieved from the wall a leather band about four inches wide with smaller bands at the sides that I realized were cuffs. This was quickly fastened loosely around my midsection and I felt my wrists being fastened into the cuffs. As soon as my wrists were secured, he pulled the band tight into my belly and I felt piss run down my legs as it was literally squeezed out of me.

This seemed to make him instantly mad and he slapped my face hard and told me that I was not to do ANYTHING without permission and that I was to be punished. I was forcibly bent over the exam table and my legs were kicked wide open. I started to raise my head and look at him when suddenly my ass was on fire from the first strike of the wooden paddle.

I couldn't help but let loose a little more piss and upon noticing this he swung the paddle again! Five times my ass absorbed the shock and each time more piss puddled on the floor. His remark that obviously I couldn't follow the simplest of directions was followed by an order to climb up on the table and the statement that he KNEW how to keep me from pissing myself.

It took a while, but I managed to get on the padded table and on to my back. Jim then grabbed my legs and pulled me down to the point where my ass was barely on the table and my legs were hanging off. My legs hanging off the end increased the pressure on my insides but his threat of another slap encouraged me to somehow keep from pissing any more.

From under the table he swung out some stirrups like doctors use for female patients and roughly shoved my legs up and back until my heels were in place. He grabbed my thighs and pulled me farther down till my ass was hanging over the edge a little then secured my body to the table with two wide leather straps then my feet to the stirrups with smaller straps making it impossible to move anything but my head and neck. Once secured to the table, he elevated the stirrups some more and then swiveled them out as far as he could.

I watched as he walked over to one of the cabinets and instantly the room was flooded with light so bright it hurt my eyes. It took a second to realize that the ceiling was also covered with mirrors and I saw the image of myself on the table, spread open like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Jim removed several things from the cabinet and placed them in a roll around cart which he pushed back over to the end of the table. As he picked up a package and tore it open, I recognized that it was a balloon catheter. He looked at me and said "THIS will keep you from pissing unless I want you to".

He retrieved a tube of KY jelly with one hand and grabbed my now flaccid cock with the other. With his thumb and forefinger he spread the little hole in my cock open and held the end of the tube tight against it and squeezed. I had played with sounds before and recognized the slight burning sensation as the jelly filled my urethra. He kept squeezing until I could feel it expanding my urethra and trying to force itself into my bladder.

I felt my cockhead being tightly pinched to keep the KY inside me and then the catheter being forced down inside. I yelped when it reached the sphincter and forced its way inside but there was no relief because he had clamped off the tube. As he began inflating the balloon to keep it in place, my bladder really started to hurt and I started thrashing around and telling him that I had had enough and wanted to quit NOW! He said "I thought as much" and retrieved a ball gag from the cart and shoved it in my mouth, effectively silencing any protests from me.

He then said that since I seemed to really be in pain, the he would let some out and relieve the pressure. For that I was truly thankful until I saw him attach a long piece of clear tubing to the catheter. I knew then that the only relief I would get would be to drink from myself!

He walked to the head of the table carrying the tube, pulled the gag from my mouth and stuck the tube in. The instant he released the clamp, piss started shooting from the tube with the force of a fire hose. I tried to stop it with my tongue over the hole but could not. With his admonition that I better not spill any ringing in my ears, I started swallowing as fast as I could but kept choking and gagging so he clamped it off again. Even though I had swallowed quite a bit, the pressure in my bladder started building again almost immediately.

Jim then said that since he had other things to do besides giving me a drink, he would let me take care of that part. From the table he removed a roll of old fashioned white hospital tape about two inches wide. The gag was removed and quickly several strips of tape were placed over my mouth. A small hole was made in the center and the piss tube forced thru it and into my mouth. The clamp was placed in my hand and I was told that I was responsible for deciding when to relieve the pressure in my bladder but that everything that came out of there went into my mouth. With a little laugh he said something about "recycling"...

I could only wonder what the "other things" that he had to do might be.

As I looked up at the ceiling and saw myself lying on the exam table strapped down with my legs spread wide and a tube from my cock to my mouth I couldn't help but be afraid of what I had gotten myself into. A man whom I hardly knew now had complete authority over me and all of my bodily functions and I was powerless to prevent him from doing anything he wanted to me.

Jim left the room for a minute and returned pushing another cart with a large monitor on it and carrying a tripod and camera. "I like to record my adventures so I can review them later. I think that you will find that the best way to keep the pressure in your bladder to a manageable level is to adjust the flow to a constant trickle and keep swallowing. Now I am going to do some things to your balls that you may not like at first, but will come to enjoy very much before we are thru."

He set up the camera so that it was pointed up between my legs, attached the leads to the monitor and rolled it up by my head and I was provided a close-up view of my obscenely wide spread crotch. The urethra on the underside of my cock was bulging out all along its length because of the catheter and my hairless balls hung loosely in their sack, almost covering my asshole which was stretched partially open because of my legs being spread so wide.

His first touch on my balls was a gentle as any woman’s, lifting them in his hand as if weighing them and then each one individually, rolling them around with his fingertips. Then he took one ball in each hand, pulling them to the side and down and commenting on how much he liked low hanging balls and that after tonight they would hang just a little bit lower!

I have always loved having my balls pulled but his steadily increasing stretch soon became quite painful and it began to feel as if he were pulling my eyeballs back into my head. Moaning and groaning was next to impossible with my mouth taped shut and full of piss and I thought that I might pass out from the pain when he suddenly released them and let them fall. I was almost afraid to look at the monitor for fear that he had pulled them loose. They appeared to be ok, but quite red.

The next item he selected from the cart was a leather ball stretcher, much like the one I had at home but about three inches in width. When he circled under my balls with his thumb and forefinger I knew what was coming! My balls were again pulled away from my body and as the pain approached unbearable he snapped the ball stretcher around the sack as tightly as he could.

On the monitor I saw my balls sticking more or less straight out from my crotch, bulging out of the end of the stretcher and beginning to turn purple. Just as I thought that I could take no more, I watched as he pulled a small leather strap attached to the bottom of the stretcher up and between my balls and snapping it into the top, effectively separating my balls from each other.

From one of the cabinets he produced a metal, u-shaped device about three feet tall and as wide as the exam table and inserted it in some sockets at the end of the table so that it stood up directly over my crotch. Its purpose soon became clear as I watched him snap a heavy cord into a metal ring in the middle of the strap separating my balls and loop it over the bar.

He slowly pulled the cord tight, making my balls extend straight up. The relentless stretch continued until I could actually feel my ass being slightly lifted off of the table. The pain was so great that I could not help trying to cry out but that effort only caused me to choke again on the now strong and acrid piss in my mouth.

I was gagging so much that piss was actually spurting out of my nose and I could not breathe and I was afraid that I would choke to death. When he saw piss coming out of my nose he immediately reached up and jerked the tape off of my mouth and the hose out. Piss went everywhere until he managed to clamp the hose off again. When I had calmed down a bit, he slackened the cord stretching my balls a little, but they were still pulled farther than they had ever been.

"I have some more plans for your balls later, but for now I need them out of the way. I know how much you enjoy having your ass dilated and your prostate stimulated and now I think we will find out just how wide open you can get. Since your bladder needs to be empty to make room, you will get some relief there but your belly will soon be full of something else."

The ball gag was stuffed back into my mouth and strapped into place and then Jim turned his attention to my poor cock which thankfully had remained flaccid. I watched as he connected the hose that had been in my mouth for so long to a bag like they use for such purposes in the hospital and released the clamp. I instantly began feeling better as the pressure in my bladder decreased. I had no idea how much my belly had been swollen out by my full bladder until I watched it go back to normal as the bag filled. When the bag was completely full, he clamped off the hose again and attached another and released it again... it seemed as if there was no end to the piss flowing out of me!

The fact that Jim had recognized that I was in trouble when I started choking and gagging and moved immediately to take me out of danger gave me reason to believe that he really did know what he was doing and I began to relax and enjoy the passion that he was awakening in me. Even the constant throbbing in my balls began to feel erotic even though I was still concerned for their welfare!

As he zoomed the camera in until my asshole nearly filled the screen, he said "you are really going to like this". He began to circle around my asshole with a fingertip, just lightly stroking and rubbing and I noticed that my hole seemed to be "winking" at him all on its own. I shivered a little as he dragged his finger directly across my hole and immediately started wanting him to push it inside me.

He asked me if I liked that but of course I couldn't answer him. I think my asshole answered for me as it continued to pulsate at his touch. I was disappointed when he removed his finger and stood up, but then I realized that he was slipping on a surgical glove. He walked around to the side of the table and checked the urine bag and then pushed on my belly and commented that I was draining nicely. Then he reached up with his other hand and rubbed the top of my head and looked into my eyes and asked if I was ok. All I could do was nod yes.

Returning to his spot between my legs he adjusted the camera to ensure that I had an unobstructed view of my asshole and said "I want you to watch the monitor while I dilate your asshole. Watching what is happening and at the same time feeling what is happening can be quite erotic. Just relax and enjoy the experience."
Before he sat down on his stool, he opened a tube of KY and squeezed some out on the fingers of his gloved hand and reached up and rubbed it on the part of the catheter that was sticking out of my cock. "I know that it won't be long before your cock responds to what you are feeling and this is in case you develop a hardon". He could obviously see that my cock was already beginning to grow!

I focused on the monitor as he sat down and watched as his now gloved finger returned again to circle my asshole. The KY allowed his finger to slide easily over my tightly stretched skin and as he rubbed directly over the hole I could feel my cock growing. Anal play has always aroused me and now was no exception. If I had not been gagged I would have been begging him to put it in me. Again my body betrayed my feelings and my asshole looked as if it had a mind of it's own as it contracted and expanded around his fingertip. I pushed out with my sphincter muscle to encourage him and when I did, I was rewarded with both the view and the feeling of his finger sliding all the way inside me in one smooth motion.

It certainly was exciting to both watch and feel his finger sliding in and out of my asshole and after a dozen or so deep strokes he completely removed it from my asshole and my sight. When it returned to view, I noticed a large glob of something on it and he began to work it into my hole. He explained that the substance was anal lube and that it would de-sensitize my hole a little and would make things easier. Two more times I watched his hand disappear and reappear with more of the anal lube which he worked thoroughly into my hole.

"This will be a little cold, but I need to look inside your ass to make sure that everything is ok for me to continue." It was not his finger that returned to my asshole but rather an odd looking instrument... it looked something like a speculum that doctors used to examine female patients but this one had three fingers closed together that were about five inches long. It was indeed cold when it touched my sensitive rim but he soon had worked about half of the length of the fingers inside me.

I couldn't help but flinch, a little, as he squeezed the handle and the fingers spread out and locked in the first notch. I could see that my hole was spread open about an inch. He could tell that I had tensed up and slapped my ass with his hand hard enough to make me jump. "Relax and this will be much better. I know that you have had some pretty big things in there but I have to be sure that there will be no problems when I dilate you."

I tried my best to relax and took in a big breath and exhaled and as I did, he opened the fingers another notch. Again I both saw and felt them open my hole up another inch. "Just breath deeply and think about playing with your toys," and on the third breath another notch! I had taken many pictures of my asshole stretched by some large things and some pictures of it immediately after removal but my hole never stayed gaped open long enough to get a picture of it before it closed up. Now I was looking up inside my rectum as the instrument held my hole open.

As Jim used a small penlight to examine the inside of my rectum, I marveled at what it actually looked like in there! Rather than just an open tube as I expected, it was filled with soft looking folds of skin that were bright red. "Everything looks just fine! Now you can see why it feels so good to have something in there. The rectum and colon will expand much more than you would think if you go slow and not force it." My asshole felt empty when he slowly closed the fingers of the device and removed it.

This time it was his finger with another large glob of anal lube that returned to my asshole. While the hole did not remain open, it did look much more relaxed and his finger slipped in with no resistance at all. He sort of crooked his finger and rubbed all the way around inside, as one would do to get the last bit of jelly out of a jar, making sure that it was coated with the lube.

"This should open you up nicely; it is an inflatable butt plug. Don't worry about it bursting while it is inside you as I have blown it up as large as a soccer ball. The end will inflate at about a two to one ratio to the neck which is holding your sphincter open so it will not slip out". The deflated plug was only about an inch and a half in diameter at its widest and I watched as my asshole expanded easily around it and the closed down on the neck. As he gave the bulb that I could not see a few pumps I could definitely feel it growing inside me as well as spreading my hole open. I knew that it could not slip out and I did not want it to!

"Looks like your balls could use some relief, are they sensitive?" I had almost forgotten about them while my attention was focused on my asshole and his question caused me to realize that what had been so painful had subsided to only a dull ache as my scrotum had indeed stretched enough so that the cord holding them was no longer tight. He unclipped the cord from the ball stretcher while holding them in his other hand, then slowly unsnapped it. I am not sure which was worse, the pain of being pulled so far or the pain of returning circulation. He held my balls in his hand for a few seconds and then just let them drop and I winced as they banged against the plug in my ass. When I looked again at the monitor I saw that they really were hanging lower than they ever had....MUCH lower!

As Jim stood up again, he gave the pump a couple more squeezes. The plug already felt like it was the size of a softball inside me and while I could not actually see my asshole because of the base of the plug, I could tell that it was opening up pretty good too. "I need a pee break, but I see that you don't" Jim said, as he rubbed my belly again and looked at the bag. "When I get back, lets see if we can get something on the outside as big as what is on the inside" With that, he was gone!

When Jim came back in, he was carrying something wrapped in a heavy towel and laid it on one of the carts at my feet then rolled an IV stand over close. Then he moved to my side and picked up the nearly full urine bag then pushed on my belly really hard right over my bladder. "Looks like you've finally emptied out, let's get this catheter out". With that, he began to slowly withdraw it from my half hard cock. When it was finally all the way out, it felt strange and sort of empty and I almost missed it being in there.

"Before we start with your balls, let's see how your asshole is doing". He then went to the camera and zoomed it out enough so that I could see my cock and balls again as well as my plug stuffed ass. He grabbed the base of the plug and pulled firmly and said that I was coming along nice. That action caused a large dollop of precum and lube to flow out of the piss hole on my growing cock. A couple more squeezes of the bulb and my insides began to feel as they had when my bladder was so full and I could see my belly beginning to swell out again.

"Ever hear of scrotal infusion?" I had, of course, and had seen pictures of men with enormous ball sacks after having it done. "I have had some saline bags warming up for you. It is quite harmless to the body and will be absorbed by it over time. This is gonna be fun." I looked down between my open legs and watched as he unwrapped the bag and hung it on the IV stand. Attached to the bag was a long tube with a needle on the end and a little device for adjusting the flow.

I turned to the monitor and watched as he picked up my ball sack in his left hand and approached it with the needle in his right. He had apparently opened the valve a little as the saline was dripping out of it. Again I watched, and felt at the same time, the little stick as the needle entered the skin of my sack then was taped down. A strange warm feeling began to spread from my balls thru my entire groin.

Jim then reached up and took my now stiff cock in his hand and with the other gave the bulb another squeeze. As he jacked my cock a couple of times I saw that precum was literally running out of the head. My cock jerked in his hand as he rubbed a slickened finger over the head and across the slit. It was a small wonder that I did not cum when he did that but I guess he knew how close I was as he stopped and released his hold on my cock.

Then I heard air hissing and I felt the plug shrinking inside me then being removed. I watched on the monitor as slid out of me and was surprised to see that my asshole sort of hung open when it was out. Lube dripped out of the swollen and distended rim of my hole and it seemed to look more like a well fucked pussy than a tight asshole.

"Look at this" Jim said as he held the plug up so that I could see it between my legs. He started pumping it up until the bulb end was at least the size of a softball if not larger and the neck that had been stretching my asshole looked to be almost four inches across. He had apparently counted the number of times he had pumped it while it was inside me because he said "You can see that if this was inside you, and this is how big it was, that your little toys were certainly no where close to what you can actually take".

He sat back down on his stool so I turned my attention to the monitor and I saw his gloved fingers, again covered with anal lube, return to my hole... but this time three fingers slid in as easily as one had when we started. Again the fingers went all around inside my hole then disappeared and re-appeared holding the plug. I hardly felt it and had he not held it, it would have slipped right back out. The pressure began to build again as it was inflated and finally he said that we were back to where we HAD been... then two more pumps! Precum again streamed out of my cock.

I also saw that my ball sack was beginning to fill out and while it was not painful, it was an intense feeling as the warm saline continued its steady flow inside. I noticed that my normally wrinkled sack was starting to smooth out as it expanded and my balls began to feel heavy.

I could hardly believe it when Jim told me that we had been at this for over three hours and asked if I wanted something to drink. After nothing to drink all morning except water and then my own piss, I certainly did! He left the room and returned carrying a coke can with a straw in it. He removed the ball gag from my mouth and after I had coughed and cleared my throat he asked if we would need this again. I managed to tell him no, then watched as he pitched it onto one of the carts then stuck the straw in my mouth. The cold coke tasted as good as a feast would have to a starving man and I drank till it was half gone before taking a breath.

I started telling him about what I was feeling and he held his finger up to his lips to silence me. "Later, we will talk about it later. For now, just relax and enjoy... the best is yet to come".

As he held the coke can for me and allowed me to continue to drink, his other hand, now gloveless, rubbed slowly over my chest and stopped at one of my hard little nipples. When he pinched it and rolled it between his fingers my cock surged again. It had always seemed that my nipples were connected directly to my cock. He then gave the other nipple the same treatment before sliding his hand down to my belly where it was swollen out just above my cock and gave a little push down, pumping yet more precum out. When I had finished the coke, he sat the can aside and rubbed my head again... "Break time is over".

During the fifteen or twenty minutes time that had elapsed I had not looked at the monitor and when I did again I could hardly believe the change in my ball sack. It had filled out considerably and my balls were no longer discernable as individual bulges but were lost in the sack that was now completely stretched smooth and rounded out and looked like someone had slipped a baseball inside it. As he sat down again, he took my ball sack in his palm and lifted it a little, saying "now you really have balls".

Two more pumps and I was glad that he had tested the inflatable plug to the size of a soccer ball because that is what it felt like inside me. I had a new appreciation for women when they a are pregnant because that's what I felt like and looking down between my legs it looked like it too. There was a constant stream of clear fluid flowing out of my cock and I could not tell whether it was precum or piss, or maybe it was a combination as there was no room inside me for my bladder to expand.

Again I heard the sound of air escaping and the plug shrinking inside me. Jim gave a pull on the base and it popped out of my ass long before it had returned to its normal size. I could not believe the picture that I saw! My nut sack, swollen and stretched tight and my asshole just hanging open in invitation... an invitation that was soon answered as Jim's fingers returned to my hole.

This time four of his fingers, pulled together to form sort of a wedge, slipped in quite easily and did not stop until they were completely buried inside me with only his thumb stopping further progression. His hand was much larger than my wife's, and yet here it was almost completely inside me! A slow retreat of his fingers was followed by another push in till his thumb stopped it again; then again as he began a slow, and rhythmic, fucking of my asshole with his hand.

I couldn't get enough of the picture of him sliding his hand in and out of me and watched intently each time my hole expanded around his hand, but I did fail to notice that on about the tenth stroke inward his thumb was no longer extended but folded into his palm. As he reached the point where he had been stopping, he gave an a little harder push and I watched, and felt, his entire hand slip inside my ass!

My anal ring seemed to flutter a little as it settled around his wrist and then expand again as he withdrew his hand slowly out of me. There is no other feeling in the world quite like a hand sliding in and out of one's ass, a feeling that had been missing from my life for several years. I had seen many pictures and movies of men being fisted, but I had never watched it live and certainly had never seen my own ass stretched around a hand and I could not tear myself away from the scene before my eyes! Each time his hand exited my ass, my hole seemed to gape open farther and farther and I could easily see up inside, and each time he started pushing it back in, my ass seemed to swallow it like a hungry mouth.

I am not sure how long Jim spent sliding his hand in and out of my ass but the sight and feeling of it had caused me to forget about my balls and suddenly I realized that my ball sack had grown to the size of a softball and the skin looked as if it was going to split any second. I gasped and said something about the size of my balls and he just chuckled and said that perhaps I was full enough. I watched as he reached up and pulled the needle out of my ball sack and noticed that a little of the saline was leaking out of the hole, but very little and it soon stopped.

I felt Jim removed his hand from my ass again, but it did not return. I looked down at him and saw that he had stood up and was removing the gloves from his hands. "I think it is time for a break, you have been there for over five hours... besides there is something that you need to experience."

He turned off the camera then removed the straps that had secured my feet in the stirrups and the ones holding my body to the table, as well as the cuffs on my hands and the strap securing them. Even though I was free of all restraints, I could hardly move so Jim helped me scoot back on the table then removed my feet from the stirrups one at a time and laid my legs down. I could not put my legs together though, because my enormous ball sack was between them. Next he helped me sit up then placed a stool at the end of the table and helped me stand.

When I tried to walk, it was more like a duck waddling as I tried to manage the softball between my legs. "Now I want to show you something really cool". With that he walked over to the counter and picked up a flashlight, then turned off all the lights. He walked back over to me and faced me and said to spread my legs wide. I did that and then he placed the flashlight behind my ball sack. When I looked down at it, it was almost transparent and I could see my two balls suspended in the liquid... a very strange sight! Then the lights came back on.

"Now squat a little and move your hips back and forth". This caused my balls to swing gently between my legs, similar to what I had done many times with weights attached, but this was much better! When I squatted though, I was also reminded of what had taken place in my ass as the lube remaining in me began to trickle down my legs. After about ten or fifteen minutes of walking around and playing with my balls and drinking another coke, Jim ushered me over to a padded mat, like a small wrestling mat, and had me get down on all fours.

When I had done that, I just had to spread my legs again and hunch my hips, causing my balls to swing between my legs. Jim started laughing when he saw what I was doing and kept laughing the whole time he was moving the camera over behind me and lifting the monitor from the cart and placing it on the floor in front of my face. I started laughing myself as the monitor came on and I got to watch my balls hanging and swinging below my still gaped open asshole. I was aware that he was placing some things from the cart on the floor beside the mat but I was too busy watching myself to notice what they were.

"This time, YOU get to do the work" Jim said as I could hear him putting on a surgical glove again. Then the camera was zoomed up again until my asshole, my swinging ball sack and what little of my cock showed, filled the screen. Into the picture once again came Jim's gloved hand, covered with anal lube, and then it was at my asshole, fingers formed into a wedge shape. "I will hold my hand here and let you push back. Each time you push back, I will hold firm, each time you move forward I will move with you. You will get only as much inside you as YOU want."

Not only could I see what was happening and feel what was happening, I was in control of it! I started moving slowly back and watched as his hand began to stretch my hole open again. It had closed up some, but a little push back from me and his hand slid right in. An interesting feeling as I tried a little hunching motion... his hand moving inside me and my big balls swinging on the outside!

I moved forward a little, and sure enough, his hand followed, remaining buried inside me at the point where I had quit pushing back before. I pushed back some more and felt his hand slip a little farther in. I noticed that the glove he was wearing had disappeared from view inside me. Another push back and more of his forearm disappeared inside me and I could feel his hand touching something that had never been touched before, and the way seemed to be blocked by a barrier. I felt his fingers wiggle around a little and the barrier seemed to go away.

"Just the little curve that separates your rectum from your colon, no problem now go ahead". I did and sure enough, his hand slipped in farther, farther than any of my toys had ever been. I had to hold still a minute and absorb what I was feeling. My guts were contracting sort of like they do when I need to take a big dump but it almost felt like they were trying to draw his hand in rather than push it out.

One more push and I was as far back as I could go and when he moved his arm to the side a little I could see that he was inside me over half way up to his elbow. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. It was like I was addicted, I wanted more! As I rocked forward again, Jim reached under me with his other hand and gave my ball sack a playful pat and the started swinging it back and forth. What a marvelous feeling, inside and out. I could feel myself building up to a tremendous orgasm, even though I had not even touched my cock.
Suddenly I was afraid that I would cum before I wanted to, so I started pushing back slowly and steadily. I could feel his fingers flexing inside me, helping open my colon to his advance. My eyes were closed as I concentrated on pushing back and just as I had reached the limit of my rearward travel his hand encountered another barrier.

Jim said "that's as far as we go, man... but look at your ass"! When I opened my eyes I saw that his entire forearm was inside me and his elbow was right at my hole. Even though I had seen movies of it, I guess I never really believed it was possible... yet here it was, happening to me! Actually it had not "happened" to me, I had done it to myself, and I loved it!

I guess the realization of it caused me to start trembling and a soft moan came from my lips. "Just hold still now" Jim said as he slowly started pulling his arm back. I could feel his hand slipping out of my colon and then into my rectum, his knuckles giving my prostate a little shock as it went by. Then his hand was out of me and my insides felt so empty!

Apparently he had applied more lube to his hand and arm and then he returned it to my asshole, just barely touching the swollen rim. "Let me do it this time," and I nodded ok. I watched as his hand re-entered my ass, then as more and more of his arm disappeared inside. I could feel every inch of it as his hand progressed thru my rectum and into my colon, stopping only when his elbow reached my asshole. Then he slowly pulled all the way out again and started back in…he was literately fucking me with his arm!

Each time he pulled out, and then pushed back in, I could feel myself getting closer and closer to an orgasm, the likes of which I had never felt in my life. As the pressure began to build higher and higher in my prostate I began shaking like a dog shedding water and mumbling things that no one could understand.

Just as I thought that I could take no more, Jim did something remarkable! When he removed his hand, instead of immediately re-inserting it, I felt him stick two fingers inside my open hole and start rubbing my prostate. I never got to see what happened next as my eyes were rolled back in my head. The two fingers on my prostate were obviously from his left hand because his right hand began entering my asshole again. His hand caused his fingers to mash hard on my prostate. That pushed me over the edge and there was no way to stop myself from cumming, but it was almost like my cock was stopped up because the pressure seemed to keep building and building.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I heard Jim say "ready", but there was no need for an answer. Suddenly the two fingers were making little circles on my prostate and his hand and arm were sliding all the way in, in one motion. When he hit bottom it felt like liquid fire was erupting from my cock... stream after stream of molten, white hot cum.

When I came to, Jim was sitting next to me and wiping me with a warm wet cloth. "Well, we are awake now. Next time remember to breathe! Roll over on this towel and I will clean up the back side." For a bit it seemed like I had been dreaming until I tried to roll over and found that my ball sack prevented it, so I just laid on my side and raised my leg in the air.

A nice cool shower revived me a lot. I felt almost human again as I dried off, the only obvious evidence, of what had happened, was a very tender asshole and some swollen balls. I finally found Jim on the deck, enjoying a cold beer. I started to set back in one of the deck chairs but quickly changed my mind and just sat tenderly on the edge so my balls could hang over the front.

Jim gave a little laugh and said "they will be back to normal in about twenty-four hours. Until then, you could have some fun on the beach! If you don't feel like driving, you can crash here tonight". I told him that as inviting as it was, my wife would be calling later and I'd best be home when she did.

Then I heard him say something that I didn't want to hear. He went on to explain that he loved doing things for guys and helping them experience new levels of enjoyment, but that he was not interested in a continuing relationship, so this had to be a one-shot deal. I told him that I understood and that he had taken me places that I had never been and would probably never go again.

I was certainly glad that I had driven the big car to his house and had worn loose shorts as I waddled to the car carrying in my mind the memories of a remarkable night, and in my hand a video tape of all that had happened.... a chance encounter with a man named Jim.

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