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YES What Bitch?" I said, slapping her again and again
I sat at the bar and ordered a shot of Gin (gin is sin- at least for me it is). I was sipping on the gin, when this guy asked me to dance. We got on the floor and he started to grind but the music was fast (lol). But he did feel so good. We worked up a sweat for a minute and then sat back at the bar. He ordered another drink for the both of us. He told me his name was James.... we talked a little and he said he was married. That bothered me a little, but at this point I was like, what the hell. He told me that he had drinks at his hotel room left the key on the bar. He said he would only be in town for a couple of days and told me to make up my mind .... and then walked out the bar. Intrigued, I thought about it for a minute or two, then I followed him.

I followed him up the street to the hotel and found the room. I stood outside for minute thinking about it, but then curiosity got the better of me, I knocked first then I opened up the door The room was lit with candles and I thought to myself, how sweet. He closed the door behind me and pushed me to the bed (I was scared, but still excited). He told me take off my clothes and get in the shower. He had the water on and stood in the door way and while I cleaned myself (this was turning me on - mmmmmm). But that was when things changed. James pulled me by the hair, grabbing me out of the shower and told me to dry off. Then he reached under the bed and pulled out this suitcase. I try to run for the door, because by this time I thought... this guy is nuts! I got a peek of what was in the suitcase before he grabbed me by the hair and threw me to the bed.

"Please James stop," but he sat on my stomach and put this strap on my wrist and ankles and told me to stand up. He grabbed me by the hair and said, "Bitch you will do as I say or will beat you ass raw. From now on you will address me as Sir!"

"Yes ." I replied weakly, I was really scared at this point.

"Yes what Bitch?" he said. Then he took his hand and slapped my tits till I yelled out "YES SIR!"

THE BEGINNING (His story) -

I decided to go to a local bar in town, to see what might be out there. My hormones were raging and I was in a mood... a good mood, or a bad mood... depending on how you looked at it. The first thing I saw was this gorgeous morsel of a woman, sitting at the bar nursing a drink. I introduced myself. After some small talk, I asked her to dance, she said yes, but the music was too fast to really grind well. I did get a chance to feel that nice ass, both hands full, something that I really liked. Not in the mood to beat around the bush, I slapped my room key on the bar and said, "I am in town for tonight and you are what I want. Make up your mind what you want to do." Then I left and walked back to the hotel.

About 10 minutes after I got back to the hotel, there was a knock at my door. It was her. She was standing there a little flushed from the walk. I grabbed her by her wrist and dragged her to the bed.

"Take off your clothes and get in the shower." was all I said to her.

She looked a bit confused, but proceeded to strip for me. Her tits bounced out of the bra and that ass looked so inviting that I immediately got a hard on thinking about the fun that was to come (fun for me, anyway). I set the shower on high and watched as she prepared herself for me. The soap and the water ran over her body. She rubbed herself all over, trying to give me a sexy show. I got tired of waiting and watching what I could get at any titty bar in town and yanked her out of the shower by her hair.

"Dry yourself off and sit your ass on the bed." I had a major surprise for her and she was going to like it - or else.

My suitcase of toys was under the bed and when I went to get it, she tried to run out of the door, naked. I grabbed her as she went by and slung her back to the bed. Grabbing my straps, I tied her hands together. I pushed her down on the bed and tied straps to both her ankles as well. She was bound but not completely, when I snatched her from the bed, stood her up and pulled her close to me.

"Bitch, you will do as I say or I will beat your ass raw!" I saw fear and excitement in her eyes as I continued, " And from now on, you will address me as SIR!"

She answered with a weak, "yes." At this point, I slapped her across her huge tits.

"YES What Bitch?" I said, slapping her again and again.

"YES SIR," she answered.


I saw a tear slide down her cheek and I laughed. "Not what you expected when you saw me in the bar, was it, bitch?"

I grabbed her wrists and pulled her across the room, causing her to stumble and nearly fall. I grabbed her hair with my other hand and threw her on the bed face down. Tying her hands to the bed I look in the closet and get the leg spreader bar and attach it to her ankles. She squirms in anticipation of what she thinks is next.

"No, please don't do that to me!"

"Did you say something you slut?" I slapped her across her sexy fat ass.

"I meant to say, Sir, please don't do that. I have never had anything in my ass sir!" This makes me laugh again.

"Bitch, before this night is through, you will give me that ass willingly!" Reaching back into the bag, I pull out a paddle and begin to smack that ass over and over and over again. She cries out with each blow and I realize that she is making too much noise.

"You stupid cunt, stop all that noise or I will have to gag you!"

She doesn't understand, until I pull her head back, show her my ball gag and place it in her mouth. She cries out, "Please sir, I will be good. Just let me have my mouth.... I can't breathe with that in it.... PLEASE SIR NO GAG!"

Letting go of her hair, I leave it lying on the pillow beside her and get my flogger out and whip that behind even more. She squirms and writhes on the bed, trying hard to avoid the blows. Her ass is getting redder and redder, small whelps forming and some of them beginning to bleed. The lotion comes next, to soothe she thinks, but it also allows me to lube her ass. When my finger slides inside, she tenses and I pull out... only to push in again and again until she succumbs to the idea. That is when I put the smallest butt plug in her ass and leave her to go prepare myself.

Returning with my blindfold in hand, I grab a handful of hair and pull her face towards me. The blindfold slips easily on her head, but she objects when I put the gag by her lips.

Slapping her across the face, I say to her, "Open your mouth slut, or I will slap you again!"

She whimpers in compliance and opens for the gag. The ball fits nicely and she is unable to speak or see. Flipping her on her back gives me access to her tits and I slap them a few times for good measure. She squirms and tries to scream through the gag, each slap causing tears and spit to flow from the restraints and mingle on the bed sheets below. I am getting aroused as I watch her...... heaving her chest, breathing deeply at the respite and wondering what comes next.

Her nipples are erect and hard so I place clothespins on each one. The flogger continues the work started on that ass, when I flog her tits, over... over.... and over again. She is getting lost in the sensation, not sure if she is in pain - or extremely aroused. Both our senses are heightened by the extreme emotions and activity. Grabbing the spreader bar, I lift her legs into the air and attach them to the headboard of the bed, bending her nearly double. The pussy is fully exposed to my view and she cannot move. I take a moment to replace the butt plug with a larger, thicker shaft. She moans and I am not sure if it is pleasure or pain, no matter, it only excites me more.

The flogger continues it's work on the exposed ass and pussy, slapping them lightly, and causing more welts to appear. She squirms and juices flow out onto the bed with each contact. I release the ball gag and allow her a moment to catch her breath. She coos with relief and mumbles, "Thank you sir."

When I climb onto the bed, she senses what is to come and finally understanding the moment, begins to relax in preparation. I mount her and my weight forces the air from her lungs. I push my way inside and start to stroke her pussy. Her wetness is so inviting and she moans her pleasure to me.

"Tell me if you like it my sweet.... Tell me!"

"Yessir, I love what you do to meeeeee..... More sir, PLEASE!" is her reply. "OOOO SIR, May I cum please? Please sir, may I cum?"

Laughing, I respond, "Yes, but do it quickly."

She moans and spasms almost immediately, her pussy pushing wave after wave around my dick, arousing me and pushing me to the brink. I reach around and pull the plug out of her ass and say to her, "What is it you want me to do with this ass? Beg me.... tell me what you want!"

Between stokes, she hisses through clinched teeth, "Puh...leezze... sir... in... my..... ass now! PUHLEEZE!"

Snatching my dick from her pussy, I plunge into her ass in one stroke. Driving deep, causes her to yell out her acceptance and joy.

"Uhhhhhh, Yesssssss.....YESSSSSSSS! OOOOWWWWOOOoooooo! YES SIR!!!"

Her second orgasm is more than I can endure and I cum with each thrust bringing an explosion of jism into her booty hole. "OOOOOOO..... YESsssssssss! What a good little bitch!"

Nearly falling asleep with exhaustion, I manage to make it to the shower, leaving her on the bed, tied and blindfolded. When I return, I release her from all the restraints. Her legs are too weak to stand, so I lift her, carry her into the bathroom and place her into the soothing bath I have prepared. Allowing her a moment to relax, I go make the bed with fresh linens, returning to bathe and caress her body. She sighs and coos with each pleasurable stroke. I place her on the toilet and allow her to relieve herself while I dry her body and oil her down. At this point she is nearly sleep, so I carry her back to the bed and we fall asleep in each other's arms.

Tomorrow is another day..........of pleasure.

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