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Mastering in play sextoy with whores and bitches
The season of parties and good tithings descended adding hectic schedules to his day-to-day activities. On the first Friday of the month was a group party that he could not refrain from attending. A lady whom had been his companion for years and mother of his children wanted him to meet her coworkers. Dressing for the occasion in a charcoal suit with gray stripes, dress shirt and red tie, the dreaded evening began.

The festivities included a catered buffet and dancing at a local resort. She led the way to her company's table; introductions were made and seating chosen. His gift began when sat down beside a very attractive lady on the left and the end of the table on his right. A large space existed between their table and the next where another company had taken residence. The companion was up near the other end of the table beside her boss.

While eating his napkin fell to the floor. When he reached to pick up the napkin, his head was grabbed. Pressure directed it into the lap of the lady beside him. The aroma that filled his nostrils and lungs as he breathed in was not that of roast turkey or the trimmings. What seemed like minutes but was only seconds he was let go and able to raise his head above the table a bit flushed.

He turned only to be met with the sweetest most seductive smile. Her deep blue eyes gleamed; her white teeth framed by blood red lipstick silenced his thoughts. The heat rose from every male nerve in the body and settled in the groin making the tenting of his trousers feel like a nuclear explosion. Unnerved he looked directly at his food and slowly ate trying to make sense of what happened.

Just as his erection subsided and the feeling of control seeped back into his aroused mind a warmth and pressure was felt on his upper left thigh. Putting his hand down it made contact with the softest silken skin that he had ever felt. The hand on his thigh led up the arm to his dinner guest seated next to him. Once again the flushing made his cheeks seem as if he had just walked in from the cold outdoors. To his amazement her smile was even hotter this time and all she did was slowly shake her head from side to side.

Wondering if his companion had set this game up he looked down the table towards her. Noting that no attention was being paid his way his confusion mounted as well as his arousal. With a tight squeeze the hand left as quickly as it arrived. Remaining result was the erection and throbbing that only he felt and was thankful for the full tablecloth hiding his lack of control.

Lights lowered and music began, as couples migrated to the dance floor he excused himself and headed to the washroom. Thankful for the darkened room and the escape his breathing returned to normal and the erection eroded. Washing his hands and splashing cold water onto his face the courage to face the rest of the evening returned. His plan was to avoid the lady that had caused his discomfort.

In the bright hallway outside the restrooms stood a young lady could not have been a day older than twenty-one. Adorned in a flowing purple gown, spaghetti straps, plunging neckline, tight waist and long slits exposing well-toned and muscled legs up to hose held with straps. As he walked past her the deepest voice coated with honey whispered, "Did you enjoy the dinner treats?"

Stopping dead in his tracks turning his light brown eyes were met with a stare that tore right through him.

"Yes, I thought the food was quite excellent." he replied

With a knowing grin she responded, "I saw your head buried."

Turning beet red, and feeling flustered he started to turn and walk away when she took his hand and held him with a steely grip.

"Tell me now did you enjoy her smell?" as she gave a binding grip around the wrist.

Before he could answer he felt a hand rub against his groin from behind. His reaction gave away the truth of his arousal. The scent of perfume told him that it was the lady from the dinner table. Together they led him down the hall and into a closet room filled with linen. Pushed into the room he was overwhelmed with the female scent that permeated the air.

The young one asked again with more urgency this time, "Did you or did you not enjoy the smell at dinner time?"

"Yes!" he mumbled quietly.

Smiles from the two ladies hinted at that they had achieved what they knew from the beginning. The young one told him to tie the other one to the rack with the linen napkins that started this adventure. Acting as a director explaining the knots to him so that no marks would be left. His companion's co-worker moaning as each limb was secured and her bondage complete.

"Excellent, work now you can enjoy the spoils," cooed the purple idol.

Using her boots she kicked him in the back of the knees forcing him to the ground in front of the other lady. Telling him to begin kissing her legs and work his way up to her pussy. If he lingered too long on one spot or did not elicit a moan from the kiss her knee or foot kicked him in the spine. His erection grew harder and throbbed longer as the smell of arousal brought him closer and closer to her treasure.

Reaching her folds, he went to reach up and his hands were grabbed and tied behind his head. Using only his lips and tongue he parted the outer folds and ran the tongue like a broad sword up from the bottom of the crack to the top flicking over the hardening clit. Sucking slowly the left side of her lips and then the right, until the grinding of her hips offered encouragement. Curling his tongue like a straw he forced his way into her velvet tunnel drawing out the juices into his mouth and down the throat.

Sweet nectar, a honey like blend with hint of tart and spice drowned the taste buds as a river flowed from her into him. His moans buried deep inside her as the hesitation and then the bucking of her orgasm took them both to a pleasant place. Dropping down and freeing his head from her dress the purple one still had him pinned well her lips were locked in feeling the afterglow and sensations of the climax.

Wiggling free of the confinement he was able to regain his feet and stand. The sweet young thing then turned and kissed him in the deepest French kiss he had ever experienced. Her soft lips working and her tongue not only exploring but like the best Hoover sucked all the remaining juices from the roof of his mouth, between his teeth and all along the gum lines. His mouth never felt so violated as when her lips broke the lock leaving him desiring more.

Her hands then with the ease of a Houdini unbuckled his belt and unzipped him dropping his trousers down to his ankles. She then pulled the waistband of his briefs out and over his hips dropping them springing the hardness free. The soft hands which earlier had such a steely grip now slid like butter up and down the length of his member. It didn't take long for stimulating sensations from her stroking expertise to explode inside his mind. This vixen sure knew how to tease and bring out the pleasures of the flesh.

Well distracted she kicked a stool in front of the lady and told him to climb up. Hopping with the trousers and briefs still around his ankles, she steadied him until his cock was inches in front of a waiting set of lips. With an expert motion his cock was swallowed and sucked deep down the throat. The hot sensations and tight constrictions of her throat as the labored breathing as she vacuumed the seed from the swollen sack along the length of his member. Prolonging the explosion by clamping her lips tightly around the base and sucking forward, the pressure of the lips stopping the seed from traveling the length.

Entering a space of pure pleasure, orchestrated by moving lips and a hot mouth. The lady sucked until every last drop of his semen was removed, he convulsed like a Linda Blair spinning head. Ms Purple hearing the soft member pop from the mouth locked lips to get her share of the spoils before all were swallowed. Releasing his hands, he pulled up his trousers and headed for the door. Turning back he was treated to two wide smiles as the two ladies returned to kissing each other.

Returning to the main hall, the night proceeded without another incident, and the two participants did not reappear. Thinking back was it all a daydream during the meal, was he that long without to dream this up. His next trip to the washroom gave evidence that it was no dream for the red ring around his cock was the reminder left for him.

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