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sexual slavery 2015 BDSM Stories
I walked nervously into the small waiting room and gave the person sitting behind the front desk my name and said it was my first time as I had been told to do. The woman asked for my signature on a number of forms and to certify that the information I'd filled out online was correct. Then she gave me a small, black card with the number 34 printed in white.

"This is your tap card. From now on when you come in you tap this over at the computer, verify your information, and then sit and wait. Your number will flash above the window and you can pick up your box and walk through the door."

The woman stopped talking so I turned to walk to the computer and tapped my card. A thin strip of receipt paper came out after I tapped 'okay" and I tore it off and went back to my seat to read it.



-Cleansing 3

-External punishment 4B

-Stretching 4B

-Internal massage 2


Keep card with you at all times.

A) Enter door 3 and remove all of your clothing. Remove the nozzle in the blue bag and using the lubricant in the room insert it rectally. At the enema machine lower yourself onto the bench so the protruding pipe goes through the stationary nozzle in your rectum. Place your feet flat on the provided footrests and lean back against the backrest. Tap your card on the card target and try to relax; follow the instructions on the screen in front of you. A green light will flash when you are free to stand up. Expect this process to be uncomfortable. It will take between 30 and 45 minutes. Do not engage in any stimulation.

Please take a black robe from the closet and leave all of your clothing in the cleansing room. Take your box through to the shower room. Remove the nozzle from your rectum and place it in the large red container against the wall. Shower, paying specific attention to genitalia. Do not masturbate. After you are finished please dry off and insert the rectal plug found in the red bag using only soap as lubricant. Put on the black robe and bring your box to door 4B. Place your box on the floor and lay on your stomach on the bench.

B) With your robe open in front place your feet behind the supports so your legs are spread. Tap your card on the card target to call your therapist.

Your therapist will give you any further instructions. You are required to remain as quiet as possible during treatment. Your safeword is SURRENDER. If you utter this all will stop but you will not be permitted to return for treatment without an extensive evaluation and punishment. Please only use it if you are in danger.

After your visit do not have a BM for at least 36 hours. Unless your therapist says otherwise you are welcome to orgasm after your treatment in the room marked "play room."


I couldn't believe this place even existed. I stumbled on it online starting with a random comment I saw on a post. It was only a half hour drive from my house and in their response to my initial email they said that they'd be able to accommodate my needs.

There was a soft bell and my number flashed. I was the only person in the waiting room and it seemed silly to go through this formality but it had been explained that only new clients came through before noon.

A box came out and I took it and walked through door 3. I removed all of my clothes and put them in one of the cubbies. I pulled out the blue bag and ripped it open. Inside was a metal tube, flared at both ends, probably an inch in diameter. It looked huge but I reminded myself I wanted this. I approached the pump bottles on the wall and squirted a good amount on my hands and the nozzle. There was a poster on the wall illustrating how to insert it. I tilted it slightly and began pressing against my anus. It felt like it was stretching too much but I kept going. Surly they wouldn't give me something that would cut me, right?

Slowly it entered, stretching me, and I felt completely unsexy. Did I really even want to do this? So far it wasn't any fun. I figured if I needed to I could always quit. I walked up to the somewhat imposing black plastic seat and tried to position myself over it and lowered myself onto the metal pipe protruding that was much smaller diameter than the stretcher inside me and probably 10 inches long. Because I was already stretched I didn't feel anything. I tapped my card and the screen in front of me turned on. I confirmed my name and patient number and heard the hum of something mechanical start up. I leaned back against the seat and suddenly I felt the pressure inside of me of water shooting in and the sound of it splashing back out. The screen in front of me read "rinse" with a countdown of 60 seconds. It wasn't pleasant or unpleasant. I could barely feel it except for the slight pressure. The water seemed to be exactly my body temperature.

The countdown reached 0 and the pressure stopped. I released a breath I didn't know I'd been holding and relaxed further into the seat. The screen read "Enema 1, soap" and I felt a slight pressure that I soon realized was a stopper. The solution began to fill me a little faster than the initial rinse. After just a minute I needed to release and glanced at the countdown.

3:49... 48... 47

I took deep breaths and tried to relax. 2 minutes left. Breathe through the cramps. I was still being filled. I shifted a little in my seat. One minute and thirty seconds. One minute. The filling slowly tapered off. My stomach hurt. I'd fasted for 12 hours before but I hadn't used any enema or laxatives in the past 2 days as was requested.

The screen went blank for a second and then it read "retention" and the countdown started over at 5 minutes. I almost cried; five more minutes of this? And this was just the beginning; I knew I wouldn't get away with just one enema. I kept breathing and began massaging my stomach, clenching and trying to force myself to relax. The countdown finally read 0 and I felt the plug pull out and I slowly started to drain. After a minute the screen said "rinse" and I felt another wash of warm, clean water rinse the soap residue away. The rinse went on for two minutes and then I just sat there. It had hurt but I was definitely wet. The screen went blank again and then new instructions came up. "Place your arms on the arm rests. Do not remove them for the remainder of your cleansing session."

I did as it requested. I felt the pressure again that let me know I was plugged. The screen said, "Enema 2 -- baking soda." It was the same procedure as the first time but this one was colder and I cramped up faster. Within a minute I was aching to massage my stomach and after another minute I absentmindedly picked up my right arm to do so and the screen flashed and told me to keep my arms in place. I did so wondering if there were sensors in the arms or if someone was watching. I was startled and tensed up which made the cramps worse. After 3 minutes of rapid filling the release countdown clock came up again. 7 minutes. It was agonizing but I could tell I was wet.

When the plug was released I breathed a sigh of relief and hoped that was it for the enemas. The screen flashed rinsing again and the warm water flushed me out. I longed to masturbate but knew it was against the rules. I clenched and released trying fruitlessly to get some release.

The screen went blank again and I desperately hoped I was done but I felt the plug reenter me. I almost cried. My stomach still hurt. The screen read "Enema 3 -- water." I could handle water. Then I felt a lot of pressure. It kept filling and filling me and I was starting to cramp quickly and badly. After a while I was so full I couldn't feel the water shooting into me any longer but I still felt my stomach expanding. It was agony. The screen switched to say "retention 10 minutes." It was all I could do to keep breathing and try to not look at my distended stomach and watch the seconds count down. When I finally got to release I heard the water shoot out of me in a jet. "Please, please let it be over" I thought. And it was. The green light came on above the screen and I heard the pipe retract. I stood up gingerly, still sore and in a little pain from remaining in the same position for so long. I stretched for a minute and reached down to feel how wet I was. Very. It wasn't fun during some of those enemas but my body did like it. As I bent down to stretch out my back suddenly a small puddle of water appeared on the floor -- apparently I still had some water in me.

I went back over to my small instruction sheet and reread what I was to do next. I got the black robe from the closet and picked up my box. I removed the red bag and pulled out a butt plug bigger than I'd ever used. My butt already hurt from not being able to close it for over a half hour. I didn't want to put this thing in.

The shower room was warmer than I thought; I had been picturing the showers at the gym but this was somewhat like a normal bathroom. I adjusted the temperature to my liking and then steeled myself to pull the rectal nozzle out. I pulled slowly and it came out easier than I thought. It felt so good to have it removed.

I stepped into the steamy shower and just relaxed against the wall. I wanted to masturbate but I also wanted to follow the instructions. I knew I'd enjoy it more if I followed directions. I used the huge pumps on the wall to dispense soap. It smelled almost industrial strength and left my skin feeling dry. I didn't want to put it on any sensitive skin but I knew I had to. I pumped a bit onto my hand, lathered it up, and began to scrub. It didn't burn at first but after a bit I was tingling. I rinsed it off as soon as I could with the handheld shower but after all the soap was gone my feeling remained. I finished soaping up, washed my hair and conditioned it, and then reached for the butt plug. It was going to hurt but I guess I was going to be okay with that.

I squirted a bit of the soap onto the plug hoping to use as little as possible to get it inside me. I touched the plug to my hole and immediately knew I was very sore. I took a deep breath and just started applying pressure trying to remember everything I'd learned about anal sex. Try to push out, try to relax. After a few false starts and almost breaking into tears I finally got it in. It stung, I felt very stretched, but it was inside me. I'd done it.

I walked, slightly wobbly, to the hook to get my robe and then took everything out the door and into the hall. Every step moved the plug up my ass and I felt like I had to shit even though I knew that after three enemas there couldn't be anything left in me. I found room 4, entered, and walked into door B. This was really it, I thought, the place I'll be punished. I already felt like I'd been through the ringer but this was special; this was really why I'd come.

I carefully placed my box on the floor, went to the bench, and laid down, hooking my lower legs behind the supports so my ass was lewdly presented. I took my card, tapped it, and waited.


The therapist appeared within less than a minute. "Alex?" she checked. "Yes." She stepped to my side and laid her hand on my ass and pushed down slightly. I tensed up.

"Please try not to move. What I am going to do is designed to hurt but there will be no permanent damage. We request patients try to remain silent. You are permitted one three-minute break which you can request at any time by saying 'break.' Do you understand?"


And with that she landed a hard blow on my ass. I hadn't expected it so soon and I jumped. She walked away to a cabinet I hadn't noticed and began pulling things out. A cane, a strap, and a leather glove.

She first put the glove on her right hand and stood on my left side. She took off my robe leaving me completely naked and with her right hand pushed on the butt plug a few times fucking me a little with it.

"no" I squeaked.

She pushed on it hard, driving it into me, "I believe I'm the one who decides yes or no." and without waiting for an answer she began to spank my ass hard.

There's no feeling quit like being spanked by somebody who's good at it. She was very, very good. It hurt but it was incredibly hot. She put just a little pressure on my back and moved around my ass with her hand making sure it was well covered. Tears were just starting to well in my smarting eyes when she switched to roughly massaging my ass.

I took a deep breath and exhaled letting my body sink further into the bench. I heard her walk around to the front of the table. "I'm going to put two fingers in you." The sound of a rubber glove going on hit my ears and I felt two fingers slip into me. I was sopping wet. She added a third finger and started spanking my ass again with her other hand. She wasn't fucking me with the fingers she just had them firmly in me. I wished she'd move her hand or something. It was maddening to have her in me but not getting me off.

She withdrew her fingers from my cunt and her hand from my ass and walked away. I heard her remove her gloves.

She came back and without warning pushed something big into my cunt. She turned the base and it expanded both filling me and keeping it firmly in place. She took the leather paddle and said "count down from 50 for me." With each stroke seeming more painful than the last it was almost impossible to keep the numbers straight. I was whimpering by the time we got to 1. She grabbed the base of the butt plug and roughly shoved it further in a few times making me wince.

"You're doing a good job. You like this, don't you."

"yes" I answered feeling proud I was keeping up.

"How's your ass?"

"Sore. Inside and out."

"Well it's about to get worse"

And without any warning she hit me with the cane. It was a sharp, smarting pain and I felt like my skin was splitting. 14 more times she hit me with the cane before she put it down and started massaging my ass again, more gently this time.

"Okay, let's get these things out of you."

She started with the butt plug, pulling it slowly but firmly and stretching me painfully wide again. The soap had dried out a bit and my skin pulled as it came out. She took a wash cloth, ran it under warm water, and cleaned me off. Next she twisted the base of the thing in my cunt again, closing it slightly but still pulling it out while it was expanded. I grunted slightly at being stretched but I was mostly thrilled to have them out.

"I'm going to give you 10 minutes to rest" she said, after cleaning me off again with the wash cloth. "Please stay laying down, I will return soon." She covered me with the black robe and walked out of the room.

I knew what was coming next -- stretching. Which I had specified as vaginal fisting and anal stretching. I wasn't looking forward to it as much as I had been because I was still pretty sore but I loved the idea of being fisted and I was excited to have it done to me. The woman I had originally spoken with told me that almost everyone was able to be fisted on their first visit but that I should expect some pain with that.

The footsteps let me know my therapist was coming back. She didn't say anything as she washed her hands but then asked if I wanted an ice cube to suck on. I was incredibly thirsty so I said yes, and she brought over a small cup of them. I pushed myself up a bit on my elbow and grabbed one to put in my mouth. I hadn't realized how thirsty I was.

"Do you need to urinate?" she asked. I answered that I didn't.

"Great. We're going to get started. Lay back down and remember to breathe deeply. Try not to tense up too much. I'm going to start with anal plugs and when I'm done with that we'll turn you over for fisting."

I felt her finger touch my asshole and slowly start pressing. Two fingers went in easily and a third was added without too much pressure. Then she removed them and I laid there in quiet anticipation. I felt something cold start to push into me and when it slowly started to open I realized it was a speculum. Trying to relax I took a deep breath but then winced as I was stretched too fast. She stopped for just a minute and then began slowly opening it again. At last I heard a small click I somehow knew meant it was done. She brought a small hose up from below and directed it at my gaping ass and warm water sprayed from it. It felt fantastic.

I felt her hand on the speculum again and some pressure; I realized she was pulling it out while still open. Involuntarily I tensed and it hurt even more. I felt the reassuring hand on my lower back and took a deep breath as she continued to pull it from me. At last she was at the end and said "this is the worst part" and then yanked it from me quickly. I couldn't help but let out a small cry.

Without my realizing it she'd slipped four fingers in my ass, palm down, and she was massaging inside me. She had everything up to where her thumb joined her hand inside me and slowly, so slowly, added her thumb inside me. And then she stopped moving in and out and the pressure was only pushing in. I realized she was going to fist my ass. And then with one last big stretch her entire fist was in my ass. It hurt but I was already so stretched I almost didn't register this. She continued pumping, in and out, for a few minutes and then just as slowly pulled her hand all the way out.

"Let's get you turned over" she said, retracting the side stirrups. I gingerly sat up and felt totally deflated. I was done. Totally worn out. I almost said this but couldn't bring myself to quit. I laid down on my back and it felt so good to be in a different position. After washing her hands and putting on new gloves my therapist came back over.

She slid two fingers into my sopping cunt, then a third, and a fourth. "This should be fast and easy."

She pushed her thumb in and then with steady in and out movements she got her hand inside me. It was that simple; I was being fisted.

"Deep breaths" she said "try not to clench." She moved her hand deeper and then pulled it back just a bit. She didn't exit me at all, just retracted enough for me to feel it. She kept up these small movements making them the tiniest bit bigger with each passing minute. Soon she was pumping her hand hard in me and then she suddenly pulled out with a full fist.

I squeaked in surprise but before long her fist was back in me. And then out, and in, and out, and in again. Over and over she brought her fist out of my cunt and shoved it back in and while it didn't hurt I could feel the stretch, the pressure on the back of my vagina, and I was tired. I was glad she stopped when she did.

"Let's have you sit up." She said after I'd laid quietly for a few minutes. "You did a great job. Drink that cup of water and then we'll have you go over for your massage. It's a fast process after what you just went through."

"Yes, ma'am." I said, between sips of water. After I'd finished the cup I slowly got to my feet to see how they would carry me. I was steady but sore. I thanked her again and put on my robe. I took my mostly empty box and walked out, checking my instructions. Room 2.

I found it and walked in. A woman in a pair of jeans and a button up with a brutally short haircut asked how I was feeling.

"Fine. Sore."

"I'm going to have you sit on one of these chairs. Direct the small metal rods into your vagina and anus. A thin dildo will enter you and the tips will expand and vibrate. It shouldn't hurt at all."

I did as she said, relaxing back into the comfortable cushions of the chair. She pushed a button and said, "deep breaths and relax. I'll get you when it's done. Do not masturbate."

I felt the small dildos enter just like she said and both started vibrating. I felt the one in my pussy growing bigger, almost like it had a ball on the end. It felt good and gentle after all the roughness in the other room. Too soon the woman was back.
"All set?" she inquired.

"Yes. Thank you."

"Do you want to orgasm now, or go home?"

"I'd really like to cum" I said, somewhat shyly.

"Head straight back to the room with the black door. Use anything you find. After you're finished deposit whatever you've used in the red bin. Then go back to your original room, shower, and check out."

"Thank you" I said, walking toward the door.

I walked to the black door, entered, and saw all manner of dildo and vibrator available. I selected a hitachi magic wand, a tried and true favorite, and went to one of the curtained off cells. There was a cushy mat on the floor and an outlet. I plumped up a couple pillows behind me, relaxed, and turned on the high powered vibrations.

Too soon I was cumming. My body was so beyond ready and so beyond turned on that I couldn't help it. I was too tired to go for a second though I'm sure I could have easily gotten there. I stood up, placed the hitachi in red bin, and walked out to get dressed.

After a thorough shower I put my clothes back on feeling exhausted, fucked, stretched, and hot. As I laced up my black boots I asked myself if I wanted to come back to be a regular. I did, I decided. It hurt but I loved it.

Upon leaving I tapped my card to leave the office door and a strip of paper printed out. I handed it to the receptionist.

"Would you prefer a four or six week schedule?" she asked.

"Four." I decided.

"Your next appointment will be the 25th of May." She said, printing this on a small card. "Please fast for 12 hours prior, drink at least 32 ounces of water, and wear this" she said, handing me a bag, "for at least 20 hours a week between now and then. We expect you to show up wearing it. We will know if you did not." Inside was a large buttplug. I slid it into my messenger bag as I walked out, slowly, still in pain, and smiling.

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