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Animal roleplay domination nasty sex artcle
During the entire flight, Melinda stared out the window, lost in her thoughts. Wondering if he would live up to his promise and meet her at the airport, both hoping and fearing that he would. She recalled the phone conversation when he learned she was coming to his area for a seminar and how he calmly insisted he would pick her up.

"Don't be silly, " he said. "You don't know a soul here and it's not safe for you to be wandering around a strange city by yourself."

"Oh, really?" she replied, "and I suppose I'll be safe with you? Damn, that's a disappointment!"

He laughed and she smacked herself on the forehead. When would she ever learn to keep her smartass mouth shut?

Smoothing her skirt over her thighs, she thought back to their initial meeting online in a BDSM chatroom and the quick friendship that had sprung up between them. Although she had become somewhat jaded regarding online relationships, Lance had a way of being almost irresistibly charming and she often found herself wanting to believe he was sincere.

The pilot announced their imminent landing and she made a concerted effort to compose herself while gathering up her things. Entering the terminal on shaky knees, she almost did not see him at first as her dark eyes swept over the waiting area. One tall man, leaning against the wall alone, met her moving gaze with eyes steadily looking back and a slight smile. As they walked towards each other, she became painfully aware of her cheeks flushing.

"Hi, you.. " she spoke softly.. "It is you, isn't it?"

"Who else could it be?" he smiled and wrapped her in a quick hug before taking her bag. "Come this way… let's get you out of here and find a quiet spot for dinner.. And a drink."

The two became comfortably at ease with one another during the ride to the restaurant, a nice place, but casual. Sliding into a booth, they quickly placed their orders and continued to talk. A teasing manner dominated the tone of their conversation and Melinda was quickly aware that Lance was every bit as charming sitting in front of her as he was on the other end of an icq message, if not more. She caught herself watching his face and hands more and more intently and struggled to stay focused on his words.

The topic turned to the connection between them - the internet and the chat room where they had met. Feeling the heat rising in her face again, she stammered a bit while relating some juicy tidbit of gossip about a mutual chat friend.

"How can someone who says some of the thing I've SEEN you say, blush like a virgin?" he laughed.

Shaking her head, she blurted out "But we weren't face to face then!"

Leaning forward, Lance took her hand from where it rested on the tabletop and began to lightly rub his thumb across it. "And is there something wrong with my face?"

"Oh no… you are exactly as I expected"

They both stared at one another silently for a moment, some unspoken agreement passing between them. He suddenly tugged her up from her seat.

"Please…. Dance with me."

The music was some old slow torch song, but it really didn't matter. As she placed one hand on his arm and the other in his and felt his arm encircle her waist, Melinda sighed and visibly relaxed into his strong embrace. He pulled her closer to him, and she leaned in, her head almost on his shoulder but not quite. Breathing in deeply, she took in the clean but sexy smell of his aftershave, the name of which she couldn't quite place. Becoming aware that her breasts were pressed against his chest, she tried to ease back, but he tightened his hold and murmured into her ear.

"And just where do you think you're going? I've waited a very long time to have you this close."

With a little shiver from the feel of his breath in her ear, she willed herself to once more relax. The hand on her back slid down just a bit… to rest at the very top of her ass. He whispered again "And what will you do if I reach down and squeeze that luscious ass right here and now? Will you at long last obey me completely?"

At that, she giggled. He had been asking her that same question for quite a long time and never getting the answer he desired. As she searched her mind for a suitably glib response, she became aware that something hard and insistent was pressing against her body as he pulled her even closer. Suddenly and intensely pleased knowing that his erection was her doing, she went for broke.

"Yes, Sir… I will submit,: your wishes will be mine to fulfill"

He laughed softly at her "subbie speak" and did indeed reach down and squeeze her as cheek deeply, his fingers digging in and pull her skirt up a bit. Gasping, she looked up at him and he seized the opportunity to lower his head and take her lips in their first kiss. Soft and tentative with the thrill of the unknown, it quickly progressed into a breathtaking dance of their tongues. Breaking away, nearly panting, he led her off the dance floor, threw a few bills on the table for the meal, and quickly exited to his car in the parking lot. He started to reach for the car door to open it for her, but as he leaned close, he caught another whiff of her perfume and changed direction. He reached for her shoulders with both hands and kissed her again, pressing her back against the car. She welcomed the body contact completely, wrapping her arms around him and grinding into his with total abandon.

Breaking the kiss, he whispered in her ear, "Don't move…. Obey me."

As she forced herself to stand still, his hands roamed her body as if he owned it. His fingertips lightly traced the curves of her breasts then squeezed and fondled them roughly, feeling her nipples harden under his palms. A devilish smile crossed his lips, pleased at the answering shudder that ran through her body at his touch.

"Remember, you are not to move" he warned, as his hands left her breasts and moved downward. Grasping the fabric of her skirt, he began gathering it… pulling it up higher and higher on her thighs, finally exposing the tops of her thigh high stockings and the crotch of her panties. He leaned back slightly, gazing down.

"Legs apart.. Shoulder width at least."

She kept her eyes on his face as she oh so slowly moved her feet apart to the ordered distance.

"Now, reach down and pull the crotch of your panties to one side. Show yourself to me."

She glanced frantically around the parking lot fearfully, could anyone see them?

"NOW" he ordered.

One trembling hand reached down… fumbled to tug at the opening, then taking a deep breath, she pulled the flimsy fabric aside, revealing her totally bare cuntlips.

"Hold it…. Don't let it go."

As they both stared downward, he placed his hand about an inch from her throbbing pussy and felt the heat radiating from it. Slowly he lowered his hand until it pressed against the pink folds and only the slightest tip of one finger slipped inside, causing her to moan softly. She moaned involuntarily. As he leaned forward to kiss her once again, he let the momentum of the movement thrust his finger completely into her. Her inner walls spasmed around it and he delighted in her surrender. As she gasped for air, Lance began thrusting first one finger, then two rapidly in and out of greedy cunt.

"And who owns this pussy?" he whispered, his lips touching her ear, his thumb beginning to press on her clit.

*Pppplllleasssse ….. You do… please… may I?"

"No, " came his firm reply, "not yet. Better work on your patience, Mel."

Through her clenched teeth, she hissed "Yessssss, Sir."

He continued fingering her with maddeningly slow deliberateness. She closed her eyes and was lost in the sound of his whispers and heragonizingly increasing need for release. As through a haze, she dimly realized in the recesses of her mind that his erection was pressed against her thigh, pulsing.

He abruptly withdrew his fingers and raised them to his mouth, taking a quick taste then placing them on her lips, smearing them with her own juices. Keeping his lips just above hers, his tongue lazily licked her lips clean as her body swayed towards him.

Pushing on her shoulders, he indicated that she was to kneel.

*Oh my god… right here?" She was shocked at his command.

Another, harder push, and she was on her knees and praying no one was witnessing this. As she raised her glance to his face, he looked pointedly at his crotch and then at her mouth. Her trembling hands rose to his zipper… and pulled it down slowly. Reaching inside, she nervously fumbled his cock free of his trousers and began to move her lips toward it.

"Only what I allow you to have" Lance warned. "Try to take more and I will not be pleased."

He moved in close enough for Melinda to lick the head only and suck it into her eager mouth. Her tongue swirled around it and she sucked it passionately, but she dearly wanted more. Her body language must have communicated her desire, for he suddenly grasped a handful of her hair and jerked her head back.

"I'm very sorry, Sir, " came the whisper. "Please let me try again."

Once more, she extended her tongue and bathed the swelling head with long, slow licks. After a few moments, she was rewarded by his moving closer and allowing her access to the shaft of his cock as well. Her tongue dragged up and down the length of it, as her head bobbed up and down, her cheeks hollowed out with the sucking motion. As she increased the suction and the speed of her effort, he could feel his impending orgasm.

"Stop!" he said suddenly and grabbing her arms, he yanked her up to her feet and spun her around, one arm behind her back.

"Bend over the hood, " he barked out and she complied immediately, feeling the answering flood of wetness in her pussy at his harsh tone. Reaching under her skirt, he roughly pulled her panties down to her knees and gave her exposed ass two swift smacks.

As she howled from the unexpected sting, he rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slippery wet pussy lips then with a thrust of his hips, he buried it fully inside her. Wasting no time, he began pumping rapidly while reaching around her thigh to rub her engorged clit. The sound of their panting echoed across the parking lot and they were both aware of the very real possibility of discovery. As her hips thrust back into him, her pussy squeezing his cock tightly, she felt her orgasm welling up quickly.

"Sir…. Do I have permission to cum, please?"

He groaned out his assent and as they both strained together in the first wave, he pinched her clit between his fingers HARD. As she screamed out his name, he erupted into her cunt, with a flood that felt as if it started in his toes. His cock spurted into her again and again, until he collapsed onto her back, gasping.

He thought he heard a little laugh and listened more carefully. Yes, there it was again, a soft breathless giggle. Lance pulled her up with him and turned her around to face him.

"What….in the world….. Are you laughing for?" he demanded.

She raised her flushed face to him, and her cheeks burned as she answered. "I always laugh…. Right at the end of a very strong orgasm, Sir. Ummm.. it's a good thing."

Taking her hand in his, he guided it to his cock. "Clean me up and then do the same for yourself. I think its time we got you to your hotel. If we hurry, we can tickle your funny bone again….. And at greater leisure.."

The ride to her hotel was a combination of conversation and teasing touches. Lance was every bit the flirt she had expected. Her mind jumped from the intense passion they had already shared and her lips curved in a soft smile when she thought how gentle his touch had been at times. Then, just as she closed her eyes deep in thought, she felt the back of his hand caressing her cheek and his soft whisper "we're almost there baby".

Mel looked out at the lights of the city twinkling against the summer sky above the headlights of the traffic moving along the streets. As they wheeled up to the hotel entrance, Lance quickly pulled her to him, kissing her lips again. She could feel the heat rising between her legs yet again as his tongue darted between her lips, finding hers. One thing for sure she thought as his lips retreated….this man could kiss.

As the doorman opened the car door, Lance was waiting to help her out of her seat. The plane ride, the unexpected but very erotic sex in the parking lot, along with the drive into the city, had Melinda's legs a bit on the shaky side. He led her into the hotel and helped her get checked in quickly. Entering the elevator, Lance pressed the button for the sixth floor, but only a moment later pushed the red STOP button..

"What are you doing?" she asked, although she had a very good idea of exactly what he was thinking.

Filled with desire, Lance's eyes burned deep into hers like twin laserbeams trained on their target as he pulled her to him. His silence only added to the intrigue of the moment. Her body gave instictively to his wants and she found she couldn't take her eyes from his. His hands were all over her again, mapping out each subtle curve of her body, his touch demanding, yet gentle. Their lips once again pressed together, first soft and teasing, then growing deeper as their bodies began to fill with a hunger that only each other could satisfy.

She felt his fingers pushing aside the silky fabric of her panties and then abruptly, one finger thrusting inside her. She spread her legs apart a big wider in response to allow him easier access to her drenched cunt. For the next few moments, time stood still in that elevator for Melinda. All she could think of was her desire to allow this man to completely take her, his spell over her becoming ever more mystic as his finger dived deeper with each thrust. She gasped as he dropped down in front of her, pushed her skirt up and draped one of her legs over his shoulder. His face moved to her moist mound quickly and the feeling of his probing tongue gliding in and out of her quite took her breath. His large forceful hands grabbed her asscheeks, pulling her body tightly against his face.

As she moaned, she found the strength to ask, "Please Lance, please allow me"….her words trailed off as she felt his mouth covering her swollen, sensitive clit. As he sucked the bud between his lips, his fingers kneaded the smooth flesh of her ass, pulling her to him with the rhythm of her grinding motion. Her need to cum grew to an almost uncontrollable state and he recognized she had reached the edge. His mouth and tongue never losing contact, she could hear him hiss against her clit the magic words….."Yesssss baby.."

Her body began to shake as her orgasm overtook her completely. She screamed out his name as her pussy flooded his face with her sweet hot juices. She heard him lapping the tasty nectar into his mouth, and then as her spent body relaxed, came that soft laugh again which made him smile. Lance rose to his feet and kissed her softly, allowing her a brief taste of her own pussy. Reaching behind her, he hit the button to restart the elevator. Their floor was next.

"Give me your panties," he calmly ordered as the elevator approached the fifth floor.

She glanced up at him, and grinned devilishly. Suddenly, Melinda was not as easily surprised by his actions as she was only a few hours earlier. Bending at the waist a bit, she reached under her skirt and slipped her panties off, clutching them in her hand.

"Roll your skirt up at the waist until the hem is ..mmmm.. .about here."

He pointed to her upper thigh, above the level of her stockings, and relieved her of the panties, stuffing them into a pants pocket. Hiking up her skirt obediently, she realized how totally slutty she would look exiting the elevator and walking to her room. Reaching out his hand, Lance unbuttoned three more buttons on her blouse, leaving the lacy top of her bra exposed, completing the whorish image.

Smiling down at her as the elevator doors opened, he patted her ass affectionately as they exited. An elderly couple in the hallway gawked openly and Melinda was not sure if their shock was due to Lance's gesture or her appearance.

Using the card key, he opened the door to her room and ushered her inside.

"Stand right there in front of the mirror."

She did as ordered and watched his reflection as he moved around the room, turning on the bedside lamp and then the television, selecting one of the all music channels. He kicked his shoes off and settled back on the bed, lounging comfortably.

"Alright, love….. Strip to the music for me but watch yourself in the mirror as you do so. I can see you and your image perfectly from here."

With her mind racing, she considered refusing. She could not do this thing he asked; she had never been able to be this blatantly sexual in front of anyone. Lance caught the play of emotions across her pretty face in the mirror and understood her reluctance.

Leaning forward, he spoke softly, " Don't be afraid. You will be wonderful. I think you are amazing already."

As the next song began, she unbuttoned the cuffs on her silk blouse, then the ones remaining down the front of it. As she watched herself in the mirror, she began to enjoy her new found boldness. Shrugging her shoulders, the blouse slid slowly down her arms and fell to the floor in a puddle behind her.

"Keep going… please."

She tried to remember how she'd seen strippers in movies do this before; she wanted to make it sexy and sensual. She slowly slid the straps of her lacy bra down her arms, then reached to unhook the front clasp. As the leaned slightly to let it drop, she brought her arms back up and crossed them to cover her breasts immediately, delaying his ability to see her upper body totally exposed for another moment. The music changed to a song with a more steady, throbbing beat and she began letting her hips rock and sway to the seductive rhythm. Her hands slid down her arms and she cupped her breasts, squeezing them. As she tugged and twisted her hardening nipples, Lance was at last able to see the fullness of her tits, the dark rose color of her large nipples.

Still staring at herself in the mirror, she reached behind her back to slide the zipper down of her skirt. She wiggled it over her hips, and then bent at the waist with straight knees, and let it drop, fully aware that Lance could see every detail of her ass and cunt in that position. As she straightened up, she brought both hands up her thighs, her tummy, and back to her breasts again, carefully avoiding her crotch.

"Leave the stockings and the heels on for now… " he said, and walked up to stand close behind her. She met his gaze in the mirror.

His warm hands moved down along her sides, his touch gentle on her skin.

"Caress your breasts, baby, " his voice quiet but confident that she would obey.

Melinda felt his warm breath on her neck as he spoke and shivered as her hands moved up to cup each scoop of flesh, her fingers softly squeezing as they made their way out to the taut peaks of her nipples. She moaned softly as his hands moved up to cover and guide hers, fondling her tits together causing the insistent ache between her legs to deepen. His hands continued his control of hers, moving them lightly down over her stomach Her body jerked slightly as he led her fingers to the top of her soft mound The anticipation causing a wet trickle down the inside of her thighs and she knew she couldn't bear waiting much longer.

She pleaded with him, "Take me, please, Lance. I need it … "

Lance s smile burned into her eyes as he whispered, "Remember, Melinda, patience."

She moaned again as her fingers were lead down between her legs and forced to feel the slick wetness of her soft lips and then gasping as his fingers pushed back the swollen folds.

"Touch yourself, while I hold you open," came the calm voice ordering her again.
As the pace of her breathing quickened, Melinda let one trembling finger glide smoothly up and down her dripping slit. Her senses were saturated with passion as her wants and desires took control of her body. She suddenly thrust two fingers into her gaping opening and began to grin her hips against her hand as Lance reached for her swollen bud Letting the tip of his finger circle the sensitive flesh slowly, he fueled the fire burning in her pussy, pushing her inexorably towards still another ecstatic climax. Her body collapsed back into his as her fingers made love to herself faster and deeper. Lance s lips burned into the skin of her neck as he continued to relentlessly finger her clit, easily finding the one spot that drove her wild over and over. Her screams of pleasure filled the room as Melinda orgasmed, her fingers buried in her throbbing cunt as his finger rubbed firmly over her clit. As her pulse rate slowly returned to something approaching normal, he turned her to face him. With the music still softly playing in the background, he moved her at will across the room towards the bed. Melinda found herself completely under his spell and stood willingly motionless as he knelt down and removed the heels she was still wearing. She watched, fascinated as his hands moved up to the top of her stockings and smoothly inched them carefully down her long legs and set them aside as if he were preparing a child for bedtime.

Rising to his feet again, he commanded "Undress me, baby."

Melinda quickly began to unbutton his shirt, letting her hands slip inside the fabric to touch his chest Not lingering long though, she finished with his shirt, tossing it over a chair. Then kneeling in front of him, she hurriedly undid his trousers and began tugging them down past his hips. Glancing upward, her eyes met his and they both broke into smiles as he stepped free of his pants. She wasted no time in removing his boxers, anxiously gazing at his already hard cock.

Licking her lips, she begged, "Please allow me one more time, Sir."

"Yes, Mel… take my cock into your mouth, lick the head slowly. Make me want you even more than I already do."

She flashed a grin before immediately beginning to do as ordered. Lance s cock seemingly growing harder still as her tongue first licked around the head, flicking softy against the tip. Then as she took him fully inside her mouth, letting him push his length in at his own pace. Her lips tightened around the firm flesh, feeling it glides smoothly against her tongue. As she began to feel him throb inside her hot mouth, she could taste the precum, sweet to her taste, and his hips thrust forward harder. His fingers suddenly grasped a handful of her hair, pulling her mouth from his hardness.

"Get on the bed, baby…. NOW, slut!"

Quickly, she scrambled up onto the mattress, lying back completely as she watched him climb up between her widespread legs. His body parting them even more as he moved in close and tight. She watched expectantly as he guided his stiff cock to her needy hole, gasping a bit when she felt the head pops inside, opening her treasure to him.

He thrust quickly, driving his entire manhood deep into her cunt. His hips began rocking and grinding in against her body as she rolled her ass upwards to meet him. As Lance leaned down over her, she wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him closely to her, holding him inside as she flexed her internal muscles and tightened her pussy around his cock As he plunged deeper still, her own passion was once again driven towards the pinnacle of desire. Their bodies glowing with perspiration, they strained together; the wet sounds and smells of their flesh meeting filled the hotel room. As his moans echoed in her ears, her own responses were unintelligible, almost animalistic. They came together, his creamy hot seed released deep inside her already drenched pussy. The squishing noise of their juices was almost embarrassing to her as his cock continued to move persistently in and out, but finally slowing as their orgasms began to recede.

Lance lay down beside her and took Melinda into his arms. Kissing softly, the last thing she remembered before sleep overtook her was his lips on hers. As the early morning sun streaked through the drapes, she awoke momentarily to find herself still being held within Lance s warm embrace. Contentedly, she drifted back into dreamland.


"Oh my god… " she fumbled for the alarm clock and realized she was now alone and had an hour to shower, dress, and get to the seminar. She laughed to herself as she realized it was the first time since she arrived that her "real" reason for being here had crossed her mind. Sitting up in the bed and stretching, she spotted the note on the pillow.

"You were wonderful. Don't ever doubt that. Love, Lance" she read to herself. "Oh, well.. I guess all good things come to an end and at the very least, it was an experience I will never forget." She forced herself not to dwell on his leaving and headed for the shower.

Sleepwalking through the rest of her day, Melinda made it through the relatively boring seminar and all too soon was back at the airport, checking in for her return flight.

"Ma'am, " the clerk looked at her smiling, "Ma'am, your flight has been upgraded to first class."

"But… how did that happen?"

"I think that gentleman over there had something to do with it," the clerk's smile grew broader as Melinda glanced behind her and saw Lance leaning casually against a pillar.

Taking her boarding pass, she walked over to him and felt a gamut of emotions rush through her.

"You didn't have to do that, you know."

"I know, but I wanted to…. Make an impression, " he said, looking down at her with twinkling eyes.

She laughed, and replied "As if you hadn't already."

They stood together, holding hands without speaking, until her flight was called. He kissed her goodbye, a lingering tender kiss, and watched as she walked away. As she glanced back over her shoulder, he threw up one hand to wave while the other slid into the jacket pocket where her panties were safely tucked away. As his fingertips met the silky fabric, he smiled.

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