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Master, is fucking me hard. His dick feels so good inside me
From the first time that I saw him I wanted him. It was during a meet and greet for some event or group I was participating in at the time. He walked in and pretty much took my breath away. He had brown hair and lovely eyes, a lithe build and an attitude that just gets you—confident, almost cocky, but oh so attractive. He introduced himself by his screen handle and I made the connection; he had helped me a few days prior. I never expected him to be around my age or to be so hot.

I didn't get to talk to him much that day, but we continued to talk online. Somehow we got on the topic of sex, as most of my conversations do after a while. Then it moved to showing him my blog, which was filled with all of my sexual secrets as well as all of my nude photos.

I met her the same way. We became friends instantly--telling each other things, going out places. She was shorter than me, and adorable. Straight black hair framed a lovely doe eyed face and pretty small, all warmed up by her tanned skin. Her eyes were dark and easy to get lost in. I had to admit I had a crush on them both.

The two of us eventually started sharing our sex secrets, things that I'd barely shared with any of my friends. It came out that we were both subs looking for a caring Dom. At this point, I'm not exactly sure how these two events crossed and became what it was, but I'm not upset at all.

From what I remember, it had been a normal day surfing the internet and, essentially, leading myself to be turned on. I was talking to her at the time and we had succeeded in getting ourselves all worked up. For a moment it was just a joke, Let's include him. But why not? So we did. We slowly brought him into our conversation and it was nice to have male input--even nicer to find out about his dominate side.

Talking somehow led to setting up a date for all three of us to meet up at his place. She and I went out to lunch first, we were sitting there eating sushi when she admitted she was nervous. I didn't blame her since she was a virgin. Even at first, it had taken a little convincing to even consider this. But there she was sitting across from me, her body shifting every so often. She obviously wanted this.

We arrived at his apartment at the given time, knocked, and waited. We waited for a while, at least ten minutes and we were whispering about leaving. Perhaps he didn't want us, or maybe he was out--we could always do this another time. We decided another five minutes and another knock was in order. He had seemed more than eager over our chats, so why would he make us come over just to send us back?

The five minutes were almost up when the door was pulled opened slowly. He had set the mood in his apartment, the lights were dimmed and he had lit some scented candles that smelled very good. I couldn't place the scent, but it was very nice.

"Strip." One word, no greeting or anything. Just "Strip". We were still outside though, in the middle of the hallway where anyone could see.

"Aren't you going to let us in?" She asked nervously.

"Pets don't wear clothes in my house."

"But-"Just one look had me silenced and, I admit it, a tad frightened. I started to remove my clothes but I wasn't wearing much--just jean cut offs and a t-shirt. I slipped them to the floor while she removed her sundress. We stood there in our underwear in the middle of his hallway.

"I said strip. Naked." His voice was threatening, demanding and though I blushed and scurried out of my remaining clothes, I could already feel my skin flush. When we were both naked, he took his time to look us over.

She was delightfully curvy, with exceptionally large breasts for her size and height, curvy hips and soft skin. And while I was taller than them both, with dark chocolate skin, big tits and ass and extra fat around my tummy, I felt tiny under the heat of his gaze. It was an agonizing time, as his eyes slowly drifted over us, taking in our hairless bodies as we had went for a wax earlier. His eyes took in our faces, our necks; they drifted over our collarbones and stayed at our breasts, taking in the two set of double Ds, before moving lower.

I could feel the heat of his gaze on my skin and she gave off a shiver beside me--I knew this was getting to her, too. It was like being on display, and I suppose we were. In the middle of the chilled hallway, he stared. Seconds passed into minutes--maybe it was hours--before he stopped staring. I was dazed by then, I could feel every breeze of air that hit my skin, and was entranced by the sweet smell from his apartment.

"Come in, and get on the ground. You will crawl." We went to take a step, but we were stopped by a light tap from a riding crop. When had he gotten that? Getting to our knees we started crawling as he opened the door for us. "Stop." We did while staying on all fours. I knew then that if he was going to take the same slow treatment of staring us over, I was going to feel helpless. He didn't. Instead, he attached a collar to each of our necks first.

Then he stood in front of us. I looked up from his bare feet to his jeans, then his light t-shirt up to his face. When my eyes reached his he raised his eyebrow a little and frowned. I quickly dropped my gaze back to the floor and he walked away.

"Second door on the left, get in the tub and wait for me." She and I moved with her in front. It was a shameless move from me so that I could get a view of her ass and pussy. She was as wet as I was and we hadn't even started yet. We reached the room and crawled inside. The tub was easily big enough for all three of us, and I wondered why anyone would need a tub that big. We slid in facing each other, our legs barely touching in the round basin. I reached my hand out to touch her collar. 'Dust' it read. I giggled.

"Dust and Plot?" It was our pet names, when we talked to each other. Dust bunny and Plot bunny. She laughed and nodded after reading my tag.

"This is fun so far," she admitted and I agreed with her. I mean, the tingling I was feeling was definitely fun.

"Yea it is. He's a lot scarier than I thought he would be."

"Hello my lovely bunnies, not talking about your master are you?" We clamped our lips shut. He had probably heard us.

"Uhh, R-" That look again. Damnit. It was so disapproving it made me pout. "Master." His smile rectified my pouting lips and I felt elated. "What would you like us to do?"

"Well Plot," he regarded me slowly as he moved to sit on a small chair at the edge of the large tub. He looked me in the eyes, and then at her. "Ultimately, I want both of you to give yourself to me. That can wait however. For now, both of you may bathe each other." He leaned back on the chair and watched. I supposed that I was going to have to get used to him just staring. We were his, our bodies were no longer our own.

We washed each other quite innocently. Each other's arms, legs chests and backs, but when my hand reached to wash in between her legs she couldn't help but let a moan escape. I quickly shot a look to Master, but continued washing. He gave me his raised eyebrow, asking me if I wanted to test the boundaries. I couldn't help but wiggle my fingers, and then rub her clit. She gasped and slid a little forward in the tub, allowing me better access. With a smirk, Master nodded. I had permission to go ahead and so I did. I teased her clit, and gently ran my fingers along her folds, searching for her opening. Her hard breathing told me she had to be close, and I sped up my movements to bring her to climax.

"That's enough." I stopped and a whine tore from her throat. I took my eyes off of Master, where I had been looking the whole time, and faced her. She was shaking with near release and it was being held from her. This is what Master could do, this is what he had control of. "Get out and dry off. " He stood up, leaving us two towels and moved out of the bathroom to stand and watch by the door. He was making sure that she didn't reach her pleasure. I had to help her out of the tub because her legs were weak.

Drying off while on all fours is pretty tough and I assume that he enjoyed watching us try. When he felt that we were sufficiently dry and would not to drip all over his apartment he nodded his head for us to follow him. Thinking back, I was too distracted to see the layout of the living room when we first entered, but it looked very fun. He had a setup a pair of cuffs to a couple of bars along his walls and I could only imagine what they would be used for.

"Dust, come here." She crawled to him while I stayed seated. He handcuffed, her hands above her head, making her breasts stand up delightfully; her legs were spread, but nothing was so taut that she couldn't bend if she need. He stood back and admired her before turning to me. The glint in his eyes told me I was in trouble. "Now you Plot. You've been testing me all night, and it's only been a short time. I didn't think I would need to punish you both." His eyes snapped back to Dust. "So quickly, come bend over this table for me."

I crawled to him, eyes down. His floors were hard wood and I was sure that bruises would appear on my knees. I pulled myself up and over the table. It was about two and a half feet tall, just below my waist. I bent over, my knees apart. I looked up and I could see Dust staring at us. Her fists were clenching and unclenching in their binds.

"Pay attention, pet." A quick smack landed on my ass, and his hand stayed there. "You are spending too much time looking and touching," another smack. "my property." My knees went weak as his next spank was aimed in-between my two cheeks and his fingers grazed the bare lips of my pussy. "Straighten up, you have seven more." I nodded, though I doubt he could see me.

With each smack the skin on my ass heated, left cheek, right cheek, middle. I was counting in my head, when we reached six and I was awaiting the last smack, but his hand was still resting in between my cheeks fingers parting my pussy. I held in a moan, which got caught in my throat.

"Your sounds are mine, release them when I coax them." I heard a faraway whimper, but I knew that it was me. Both of his hands were on my hips now and I knew he wouldn't leave the last smack. "This is also mine." He placed a finger into my eager wet hole, and pushed up against my g-spot. I let out something close to a mix of a scream and a choked moan. He removed his fingers quickly and, before I could make a sound of regret, the last, and hardest smack, landed on my ass. I fell to my knees at that movement, my knees losing all support.

Master walked away from me, and over to Dust who was staring at the whole scene biting her lip. He reached her and placed a hand over her mound, two fingers darting into her folds and finding her clit. She started moaning as he quickly rubbed her. I knew she was going to find release soon as I watched from my crumpled seat on the floor. She did, with a scream--her first orgasm at the hands of another.

"That is mine. It's what I can give and take away as I please. Do you understand?" We both nodded weakly, mumbling. "Speak up pets, I can't hear you."

"Yes Master." We replied and he gave a precise nod.

"Good." He released Dust from her binds and bid us not to move. So we sat on his hardwood floor. She was still shaking from release, and I was silently begging for it.

He came back after a short time, his shirt missing, his lithe form free to be stared at. His muscled back showed off his tattoos and lead to, what I could only conclude, was a nice ass beneath his jeans. We both sat up as he came in. Dust had calmed down from her orgasm and was also sitting up. We were both waiting and I was still itching for release.

"I have something for the both of you." He smiled a crooked smile, the right side of his mouth inching just higher than the left. "Dust, lay down on the table for me." She instantly moved to do as commanded. "On your back, legs spread opened wide." I didn't move from my position at the end of the table, but my eyes were focused on the scene of Dust's legs spread, showing her lovely open and soaking wet cunt. "Now I'm going to blindfold you, but don't worry. Plot will be more than happy to describe what's happening to you." I blushed. It was common knowledge that I was very shy when it came to dirty talk.

"Yes Master." She replied in a whisper. It was like we both were in the same type of trance. The world could end at that moment and we probably wouldn't have noticed. A hand on my arm was less than gentle as it pulled me up to my position bent over the table. Master knew--he knew us both—that while Dust was softer, I was okay with being treated rough. I actually enjoyed it.

It was a quick thrust and he was in me. I think I screamed, but I'm not sure. His hand was in my hair pulling my neck and head up, face to pussy with Dust. If I stretched forward even a little my nose would be on her clit. He leaned close over me, thrusting quickly. My mind was a blur and I was definitely past the point of intelligent conversation.

"I want you to tell her what's happening. How I'm fucking your tight pussy, how it feels, how full-" A particularly hard thrust. "my cock makes you feel." I moaned and whimpered, his words turned me on as much as his warm breath on my ear. I whispered some words. "Louder." He stopped thrusting, pulling my hair harder.

"Master, is fucking me hard. His dick feels so good inside me. I-it's filling me up." My face was hot and my mind was lost. I didn't care about how embarrassed I was. I wanted to get off, I wanted Master to continue fucking me. "His cock feels so big." When I finished, he went back to his thrusting. My body lurched against the table and his hand buried my face into her cunt.

"That's a good pet." He whispered once again into my ear. "Do you hear her moans, Plot? Can you hear how much pleasure she's having?" I came then. My knees went weak and I screamed out. I squirted all over Master's cock and felt my legs give out and shake. I couldn't fall though,Master was still rock hard inside of me holding me up. "There it is." He licked my ear, my hair still caught in his hand he turned my head and kissed me on the lips, still thrusting. I responded by kissing him back, my orgasm not forgotten but another one close approaching behind it. "Now, are you going to just let her pussy be unattended?"

"No Master." I instantly went to work, flicking my tongue on her clit and tasting her juices. I sucked and kissed all along her folds before my tongue began to work its way into her centre. I heard her moan, or I heard myself.

"That's my good pets." He was thrusting harder and I was sure he was going to cum, but he didn't. He held out through my second orgasm, after which, I couldn't help but fall to the floor. It was fine though. He grabbed me under the chin and led my mouth to his cock. I eagerly took him into my mouth, licking, sucking, and letting each inch sink past my lips and down my throat before swallowing. He went stiff, and let out a groan I opened my throat to receive his seed. Thick bursts flew into my mouth and I went to swallow when his hand grabbed my throat semi-gently. "Don't you dare swallow or spit it out. I want you to remember my taste." I nodded, my mouth full.

His taste filled my mouth and nose. It wasn't so bad, but as cum goes, Master did smoke so there was a bitterness that accompanied it. I swished it around so that my mouth wouldn't get numb since I had no idea how long I would have to keep it in. I looked up to see him smiling down at me, I couldn't help but smile back, even with my full mouth.

Dust was still lying there on the table, panting heavily and still blindfolded. That was soon remedied however. Master's cock was still hard and I knew I would want to watch this. I shifted from my position so that I could see the top of the table properly.

"Don't move." He kissed her soundly and she responded instantly. I didn't blame her, he was a good kisser. He slid her along the table until her butt was just at the edge. "Lay your hands flat and be good for me. Don't move." He started to slowly kiss her neck, and playing with her large breasts. I didn't know who I was more jealous off. He moved down her body, his lips trailing kisses as his hands moved up and down her thighs, caressing her. His mouth descended on her and she was already moaning loudly when he sneaked his first finger inside of her virgin hole.

He would need to prepare her well, he was pretty thick. I was tight, but Master would rip her open if he wasn't careful. One finger became two without her notice. A little flinch when a third finger went in, but her body started to shake as she reached her second orgasm of the night and he finally pushed into her easily. I knew the orgasm she was feeling was different than all of the clit inspired ones she was used to. Having a cock inside you, filling you up was something unexplainable.

I was getting turned on again and I was most likely drooling. My hands moved of its own accord, pinching my pierced nipples and sliding down my sweat slick skin to reach my well fucked pussy. My clit throbbed from my last orgasm, but I couldn't help myself--the scene in front of me was way too hot.

Something broke inside of Dust, she became almost feral and she forgot Master's orders to stay still. She sat up and wrapped her legs around his waist before wrapping her arms around his neck. She grinded into him and pulled his cock all the way inside her freshly taken hole. The whole thing was beautiful and so erotic. He pounded into her, no longer gentle and she met each of his thrusts with wanton passion. It didn't take long; in that position he was most likely continuously hitting her g-spot. Her legs squeezed his waist tight and her head was thrown back as she moaned out loud, spasming with the force of her orgasm. I came at the sight, a wet spot now on the floor in front of me. It was so fierce that I passed out momentarily.

When I fought my way back to consciousness, Dust was beside me doing the same. Master looked at both of us with that darned raised eyebrow. He started frowning while he stood there looking at us both as he had when we first arrived. It seemed like hours ago that he was standing there taking in our naked bodies. Now, he did the same except we were both thoroughly fucked.

"It seems that you both have trouble following my orders." I noticed that my mouth was empty and there was a bit of cum running down my chin. My tongue darted out to clean it off. "I told you to savour it." He glanced at me, making sure I met his eyes before I looked to the ground. "I told you not to move." He turned to Dust. "I guess that you'll both need to be punished." He hadn't cum from fucking Dust and he was still hard. The glint in his eye told me there was a lot more to come.

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