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Suck this and suck it good, you little whore slut
I was in such a hurry to reach home on this rainy Friday afternoon, traffic was heavy on the expressway, and the weather was making it even worse. I was looking forward to a weekend of fun with some old friends and a couple of new guys that we had recently met at the club. It had been a few weeks since I had a good fuck session and I was ready, willing and able. I had brought my clothes to the office and changed in the bathroom in order to save time. I had decided to wear my new black leather skirt, which was just short enough to show the tops of my lacy thigh high nylons if I bent over. The silky low-cut blouse was cropped to just meet the top of the skirt and tied and the neck and back. It left plenty of access for my lover's hands to reach in front to caress my breast. I felt especially sexy when I chose red satin panties and bra to match and leather spike heels to match the red perfectly. I wore my long curly red hair in a natural windblown look that was easy to pull back or just let it hang loose. I was pleased with the reflection in the full-length mirror and with the reaction of several men in the elevator on the way down to the garage.

Today was going to be my day and I sang a little song as I sped down the expressway---then it happened. The car sputtered, coughed and died. I managed to pull it over to the edge of the busy road. I thought, no problem, I will just use the cell phone and call the AAA Motor Club. I tried and tried but got no answer, it must be a busy day for motorists in need of assistance. The rain was getting worse and it was going to be dark in about 1 hour. Suddenly I looked up to see a friendly face approaching the car with a huge black umbrella.
"Hello, are you in trouble?"

I smiled back at you and relief flooded my being to see you were willing to offer me help. I also noticed that you were quiet tall and muscular and quiet good looking. After a few minutes of checking under the hood of the car, you decided nothing could be done here, and you offered to drive me to your home where I could use the phone and call either of help or possibly a friend to fetch me. I willingly run back to your car and feel safe with you.
"My home is just a few miles down the road, and we will be there in no time."
We make a few turns as we exit the expressway and I'm surprised to see that your home is at the end of a long deserted driveway, flanked on both sides with tall pine trees and deep underbrush. It is a feeling of going back in time and a little chilling. I wonder if I'm safe with you, then take a quick glance at your face and shake off the sudden fear.

My normal method of selecting potential new sexual conquests is by driving around the area searching for vulnerable ladies in distress. This lady stood out because of sexy lacy legs and a very cute ass protruding out of a magnificently low cut skirt, as she hunched over the bonnet of her car. As I drove past I nearly smashed into the car in front as I gazed almost staring into her breasts. I slammed on the breaks and pulled over to the hard shoulder. A damsel in distress? Here comes the night in shining armor.
I pulled a spanner kit out of the trunk and walked over. It was a warm day and I was wearing khaki shorts a red Nike T and Jesus sandals. 'You need a helping hand young lady' I inquired.
She stood up revealing her lovely pert breast once again. I couldn't keep my eyes of them. This lady was dressed to kill. She laughed and looked directly as my crotch. My cock was starting to stiffen as my mind raced with the endless possibilities of what I could get up to in the next few hours. We got chatting and she told me she was going to see some friends a few miles down the road for some fun. The way she said the word 'fun' was a dead give-away. She was going somewhere to get a damn good fuck. Well I wanted to be the man doing that so I suggested that we tow her car to my house, which was just round the corner. She could freshen up, while I tried to fix her car. There was no way I was going to fix her car but I needed to get back to my house so I could entrap her. Of course if she objected to my advances I would let her go but I thought somehow she was going to be putty in my hands.
My house is a typical 'Desperate Housewife's' house, with a nice white picket fence. Very deceptive. I have dispensed of the large en-suite bathroom and turned it into dungeon. My bedroom is neatly decorated with fine wallpaper, a nice Victorian nude painting with a intricate gold frame and a large Queen Size four poster bed. I have a large Plasma TV screen mounted at the far end of the room I also have a small Plasma TV mounted in the far corner of roof of the four poster bed. The floor is covered with a high quality deep red shag pile carpet. The Dungeon room is to right of my bed. The floor of the dungeon is imitation flagstone and the walls are painted dark brown. The window is black out from the inside so there is no light coming in, only from the small chandelier hanging from the ceiling. To left of the door I have another large Plasma TV, wall mounted. Underneath the screen is a digital camera on a tripod, which has wheels. In side the dungeon I have a medical examination table, covered in black leather and restraining leather straps and a gag. At the end of the medical examination table I have a homemade 'fuck machine' which is motor mounted on a portable trolley. Connected to the PTO shaft is an adapter, which can take any shape and sized dildo.

As we are towing my car back to your house it gives me time to check out your entire package. The tall rugged frame topped by the flashing eyes and smile. I have to admit I was turned on by my thoughts of being in your house alone with you. I didn't stop to think that it would give you the home court advantage. I have always been mechanically inclined and you were surprised to see that I was quiet at home under the hood of the car helping you to solve the problem. The sun had now moved to the back of us and we both were getting warm not only from the sun. We both were aware of the other and you could smell the sexual tension between us.
You stood up, laughed and suggested we go in, have a cool drink and a shower. We could come back to the car when it had cooled down some. The interiors of the house were dimly lit and cool, a welcome relief to the heat outside. I was surprised at the tone of your voice when you almost commanded that we would shower then have our drink and relax in the TV room.
The bathroom was manly in black, white and grey accented by the blood red of towels, vases of roses and various jars of unknown liquids and gels. I stripped quickly and hopped into the large glass enclosed shower, directing the 4 separate shower heads to massage my body, the water turned to hot and almost too hot, but feeling wonderful on my skin. Suddenly the glass door opened and you stepped in, pushing me roughly to the wall pinning my arms to my sides.

"I have waited for this for a long time and I will enjoy every part of you."

It was almost a hiss before your lips crushed down on mine and your tongue invaded my mouth. When you raised your head you stared directly into my eyes and said, "We can do this the easy way or the hard way, it makes do difference to me."
With that you spun me around, bent me over and rammed your rock hard cock home to the hilt. The pain and initial shock were soon replaced by intense pleasure as you fucked me at smooth steady pace. With each stroke you slapped my ass making a loud 'smack' sound. No one had ever hit me before and I was surprised at the pain and how much I liked the feeling. I was pushing my ass back towards you with each stroke. "That's right you slut, take it and love it."
As I felt your balls start to tighten and your cock grow inside me, you hissed, "Cum for me now slut." And I felt the hot shooting of your sperm deep in me. I came with such a force that I needed you hands around my waist to keep me from falling to the wet tile floor. Gently you turn me around and begin to soap my body whispering soft sweet words in my ear.
Your mood had changed from Dom to Sub in an instant. You are drying me off with a big fluffy red towel, rubbing my hair, I'm so relaxed that before I know what has happened you have blindfolded me and forced a gag in my mouth. The pain of the gag brings tears to my eyes
and fear to my heart.
My bare feet hit the cold stone floor of the dungeon, and I can smell the smoke of the several candles placed around the room.
"You will either love me or hate in before this night is over", you say with an evil laugh.
I feel you move away from me as I stand-alone in the room afraid to move or breath. You grab one hand and quickly I'm cuffed to a chain hanging from the ceiling, before I can fight back my other hand is restrained. I hear the purr of a motor and feel my arms being pulled up and up as my body is lifted until just my tiptoes are supporting my weight. You circle my body, touching gently as you walk around, almost lovingly. You stop at my back and before I know that you're about to hit me, I hear the swish of the leather strap through the air.

The sound of the stiff leather whip thrashing her lovely silken skin was delicious. Each whipping was harder in its intensity. I aimed the blows at her ass cheeks at first and then lowered the blows towards her pussy lips while weakening the intensity of the strokes. Her moans and muffled cries increased as the aim of the whipping lowered.

'Do you know why I'm punishing you?' I ask coldly.

'Because you are a dirty filthy Slut who needs punishing'.

With that I gave another six soft blows against her pussy which triggered her off into a writhing orgasm. I let her calm down and took off her blindfold and gag, giving her a tender soft kiss. 'If you give in to my every command you will enjoy the experience my little defenseless slut'. With that I left the room.

I went to my bedroom and switched on the DVD player and the Plasma TV in the dungeon. I played one of my favorite porn videos of a nice middle
aged housewife getting her brains fucked out by two extremely well endowed black guys. I left this run for 15-20 minutes while I went to the bathroom and prepared my tools for the next stage of the initiation.

I returned to the dungeon. She was now highly aroused, obviously extremely turned on but the porn playing on the TV. I turned the sound up on the
TV so it was now quite load. I then gave a soft tender kiss and she responded by entwining our tongues. Lovely she was now becoming completely Sub to my Dominant demands. I then blindfolded her and gagged her once again. I then moved her across to the medical examination table and laid her on it with her arms hanging from the chains from the ceiling and her legs splayed open with her ankles chained to the bottom of the table.

I then left her in that position for a minute or so while I went to the bathroom to fetch my tools. I placed the bucket containing hot water, shaving foam and a razor blade onto the floor. I then fetched of the smaller vibrators from the shelf, switched in on and moved it slowly across the pussy lips of my totally defenseless Slut. She pushed her hips towards the vibrator trying to guide it into her pussy. I moved it away each time just focusing on rubbing the tip of the vibrator onto her clip lips. After a few minutes she got used to this. So I decided to give her a surprise. I reached up to the shelf and got a nice 10 inch black thick dildo. I continued to use, the small vibrator for another minute or so and when she was at least expecting it, I rammed the full length of the black dildo deep into her now dripping cunt. She gave out a muffled cry as I rammed it in very deep and hard, then pulled it completely out and then rammed it hard in again.
I carried on doing this for 5-6 minutes increasing the intensity of the strokes. This was just too much for her as she writhed hard on the medical examination table. As she was shuddering I pushed the dildo heard into her dripping wet cunt and left it there. She was obviously squeezing her pussy muscles against it forcing it out and I would just gently push it back in. She continued to writhe and moan. I then lowered my tongue to her clit lips and licked her lovely juices.
After a while, with the dildo still buried deep in her cunt, I got a soapy sponge from the bucket and started wetting up around her pussy area. Once she was nice and wet I started to massage in the shaving foam. I think at this point she guessed what I was about do to. She continued to slowly fuck her large dildo which was still buried deep in her, as I raised the blade to her pubic hairs for the first time. The first strokes removed the bulk of the hair and I then took my time slowly and carefully shaving her pubic are a very finely. I cleaned up the area once with the sponge before
re-applying a thin layer of shaving foam. This time I went again the grain of the hairs so that I could get a very deep clean shave. She was now as clean as a baby's bottom. I tidied her up, removed the dildo from her pussy, dried her down and removed the gag and the blindfold. I raised her up and inquired 'Do you like my handy work?'

I looked at my pussy, seeing it for the first time with no hair. It looked so new to me. The cool air of the room and the left over menthol from the
shaving cream gave me a tingling sensation that made me want to be licked right now. I raised my eyes to yours; you read my thoughts, nodded
your head slightly and smiled. With relief I knew that the next session would be delightful and without the pain that you seemed to love to administer. You unhooked the chains from my arms and legs then led me to the beautiful Victorian bedroom, pushing me gently back onto the bed.

"Make yourself comfortable my dear, I shall return soon."

With that you left the room, dimming the lights as you walked out the door. I snuggled down on the pillows, sighed deeply and quickly fell asleep.
It had been an exhausting few hours and my body craved some rest. I was dreaming that there was a heavy weight on my body, pinning me down
making it hard for me to breathe. At the same time I had this wonderful soft
feeling on my pussy, my clit and the outer lips. I opened my eyes to find a
huge black man, actually from the video, sitting on my chest with his hard
cock just inches from my mouth. I could not see around his body but I knew
that you were between my legs working your magic on my pussy. Your tongue
flicked over my hard clit teasing and biting then teasing it again. You moved
your hand and slipped 2 fingers in deep, moving them around and up and
down...searching for just the right spot.

The black man stared into my eyes, "Call me Mark. You are here to please me, tell me what you want, but remember you may get more than you ask for."

"Mark, I want to suck your cock, please move closer to my mouth."

With that, you leaned forward on your arms, and I opened my mouth to speak, you shoved the erect member deep in my mouth.

"Suck this and suck it good, you little whore slut."

I started to suck with each stroke as you pulled it nearly out of my mouth before pushing it back in deep. I could feel the tip as it touched the back of my throat. It was so hard to concentrate on sucking when at my pussy you were working to make me cum like I have never before.

Wait", you commanded.

"Do not cum in her mouth and you little slut, don't you dare cum yet

Mark quickly moved from my chest and stood next to the side of the bed, his head lowered just waiting his next command. You moved up the bed, lying down next to me on your back. I was amazed to see how stiff and hard your cock was.

"Get yourself on top of me slut, and slide my cock in your hot wet pussy."

It was a command spoken in a tone that scared me yet thrilled me. I positioned my pussy over your cock and lowered myself in place, feeling the head spread my pussy lips then enter my hot hole. You placed you hands on my waist and pulled me snugly down, filling me completely.

"Now lay down on me and don't move."

Mark was now at my back, spreading my legs even more and climbing up
closer and closer to me. I felt his hands on my ass cheeks as he spread them
apart then I felt the tip of his huge cock at the entrance to my ass, pushing
steadily forward. The big head now in me, stretching my hole. The pain is bad and I bite my lip to keep from crying. Inch by inch he pushes it in, then with one final jab....he is totally inside me. I am now filled completely in both holes.

She was screaming wildly now, obviously experiencing the pleasure of
having my splendidly thick cock ramming her sloping wet cunt and Mark's
splendidly large cock slowly jabbing as a her asshole. It did take long before
she came to a shuddering climax, literally shaking with extreme abandon. Her
eyes closed for a minute as if she was fainting but she awoke quickly as I
grabbed hold of her tit tops as squeezed them with my fingers as hard as I
could. She screamed again loudly as I increased the pressure on her nipples
as I rammed my cock deeper into her pussy.

I then asked Mark to get up and move over to the front. I crawled out
and went behind her ass.
'Slut I want you to taste what you Slut ass tastes of. Lick Mark clean. Make
him cum' I commanded.

Mark didn't waste anytime as was clearly gagging for blow job. She gobbled his cock greedily with long deep strokes. She lost all concentration though, as I rammed by short my very thick cock into her asshole, making her scream out in pain. To try and readdress the balance I rubbed her now dripping went pussy with my fingers, which she immediately responded to my pushing her pelvis onto my fingers.

'Go on Slut make that lovely black cock cum'

She responded my increasing the depth and speed of her strokes and I could
tell by the expression on Mark's face that he was just about to explode.

'Pull out Mark and cum over the little Slut's face'.

He did that immediately but not before shooting a stream of hot spunk over
her mouth, which the greedy little tart immediately licked up. Mark then shuddered a second and a third type spraying large thick globules of jism all over her face.

I continued to ram fast into her asshole but it was also getting to much for me.

'Mark, clean up this little Slut's pussy for me with your tongue, while she cleans up my cock'.

We swapped places and she swallowed my cock and began a lovely cock fuck with her mouth. Again she trembled as Mark tongue began to sweep across her
pussy lips, savoring the tastes. This was all too much for me and I pulled out quickly, firing my thin stream of dribbling cum all over her face.
She also began to react to Mark's action with his tongue and she closed her
eyes and trembled.

We also soon dozed off and awoke half an hour or so later. She said that she now really had to get to her friends house and would Mark and I like to come
over. We smiled at each other and agreed. We showed and changed and just
before we left I gave her DVD as a leaving present.

'This is what we got up to earlier, write from when you entered the shower. I'll add it to my collection and hope that you keep it as a souvenir.'

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