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my girl, my slave, mine...cum for me, my passionate little pet
I enter the castle moving quietly into the great hall you are sitting in your favorite chair watching the dance of the flames sipping ale. The firelight flickers over the rugged good looks of my Master, my breath catches in my throat, my eyes devouring your ruggedly handsome features and the strength in them. Hearing the whisper of my steps across the cold stones of the castle you lift your eyes to mine. "Come girl", You say in your strong deep voice that sends chills of pleasure throughout my being. I move with the silent grace that comes naturally to me as I quickly approach you. My emerald eyes kissed with the oceans mist lowering as I near.

I slip effortlessly with quiet elegance into my kneel, my back slightly arched my breasts with their swollen nipples that speak of my desire for my Master straining the gossamer fabric. My crimson silks slide up my silken thighs offering you a glimpse of the glistening wet heat of your treasure. My delicate ankles cross behind me as I settle back on my heels, flawless skin shimmering in the flickering light of the fire. A soft sigh escapes from my lips as my slave belly burns with the desire to please you, my Master.

You stand and walk to the fire. I watch quietly as you pick up a small white box from the ledge over the fire. You return to your chair. Smiling at me you sit stroking my hair, your fingers running down the length, watching the way the firelight enhances the lighter shades of red in a sea of dark, rich, red curls cascading down my back to my waist. Your eyes fill with hunger. You hand me the box smiling as you hear a tinkle emanating from it. I smile softly taking the box from you, my hand trembling as I open it. I lift my eyes to yours whispering, "slave bells." A smile plays on my lips, my eyes glittering with pleasure at your gift.

You smile at me and take the box, "your wrist girl," you say as you take the silver bells opening the clasp. My eyes widen a bit at the intricacies of the tiny silver bells as I give you my hand. you place the bells around my wrist and close the clasp. I turn my wrist slowly, listening to the soft tinkle of the bells. My eyes meet yours, we both smile. "Your ankle girl." I shift from my kneel and offer you my ankle, smiling softly as you place the bells and close the clasp. You make a gesture with your hand and from behind a heavy curtain that hides an alcove, the still night air is broken by the sensual beat of a song. "Dance for me slave," you say softly in your deep rich voice.

Rising from my place at your feet, I smile softly stepping into the light of the fire. With my movement, the tinkling of the slave bells on my ankle and wrist, blend perfectly with the music. I close my eyes feeling the fire burning in my slave?s belly, opening my soul letting my need for my Master free, filling me, and feeding my fire. The soft sensual music with an underlying animalistic beat fills the air. The music enters my body. I slowly move feeling the spirit in the sounds. My hips sway seductively without my notice, my hand drifting without thought to my elegant neck, my fingers tracing the collar that marks me as yours. I open my emerald eyes kissed with the oceans mist. They smolder with internal fires, my passion consuming me. My eyes find yours O/our gazes locking. My body moves with the music, the music and my body are one, connected deep in my soul.

My hands move lifting my hair from my neck, I move delicate hands over my head, my body swaying. My silks cling to my curves, the firelight dancing over my flawless skin. I let my hair fall in a gentle caress of my hips. My hands become yours as they slide over my neck, moving over my red silks. Hands roam over my full heavy breasts, I moan my need. Soft hands move sliding down my silks over my flat belly to my hips. I turn slowly with a seductive roll of my hips my eyes never leaving yours, as I look back over my shoulder my hips moving with the music. Your own eyes show the hunger in your soul. My hands roaming over my silks, I turn again slowly to face you. I smile as I relay my sexual needs, my breasts rising and falling with my heavy breath. My fires fed by my need, an inferno of desire. Hands roam down my hips moving to silken thighs. My silks dance between my legs with the sensual sway of my hips. Wanting hands move between my legs, feeling the cool smooth sensations of the silk on my mound. I groan.

Delicate hands move slowly over the silks pressing the fabric against the wet heat of my need. My hips roll against my hands instinctively, fed by my hunger. My hands slowly reluctantly move back up my body. I listen as the bells sing their song, I move my body with the sultry rhythm of the music, my silks speak of my need damp now with my juices. Hands move over the silks with the whisper of a gentle breeze, moving to the swell of my heavy breasts. My nipples are swollen with my want, my hunger, thumbs teasing my nipples. Hunger consumes me. My hands move to my shoulders slipping my silks from them, they fall with a rustle, catching momentarily on my swollen nipples. I gasp. The silks continue their path over my body, stopping with the swell of my seductive hips. I slip my thumbs between the silk and my soft skin and slide it over the swell and down my thighs. The whisper of the gentle caress of the cool silk sliding over my heated skin leaves chills of pleasure in their wake. I slide the silk down my legs. I step out of them and toss them aside.

My hands move up long tapered legs to my thighs. I smile softly as I see your pleasure reflected in your eyes and lose myself once again in my need for you. "Your" hands move up my body as I watch you moaning my desire to please you. My hands moving over my hips, over my slave?s belly which burns with my desire for your pleasure, to cup my heavy breasts. My hips sway to the music in my soul, hands gently squeezing my full breasts. My thumbs tease my erect nipples, catching them between my thumb and forefinger. I roll my nipples between them pinching them lightly. My juices flow freely, my thighs glistening with my need for my Master. Hands begin to stray back down my body over my belly with the slave fires raging, over my hips to my thighs. Delicate hands moving up my thighs, I drop to my knees, my movement fed by the music in my soul. My knees are parted wide for your pleasure my hands press against my mound dripping with my passion, my hunger, my need.

I lay back open and vulnerable to you. My body trembles as my fingers trail up the inside of my thighs to ever so lightly brush over my swollen lips. I watch you gasping at the heat I see in your eyes, as I trace the outlines of my lips with my fingers, smearing my juices over my mound. I trail my fingers through the wetness then slipping back up to my clit, flicking very gently back and forth. I bring my fingers down harder working them in small circles for awhile and the lightly flicking, alternating back and forth. I moan and whisper one word, no others needed, it is pure and true a fact not to be denied, "Yours."

Fingers move down slipping into my burning need fingers slick with my juices. I lift my hips to meet thrusting fingers moaning as my lust consumes me. I whimper as fingers thrust in and out, my body trembling with my need for my Master. My eyes find yours as you growl giving voice to your own burning desire. My body shudders with pleasure, I bite down hard on my lip as a small cry escapes, my lust for my Master pushing me to the edge. You growl the sound resonating from deep in your chest, "girl, your Master has not given you permission to cum." "Do not cum girl, not until I give you my consent."

I whimper with your words knowing I would never betray your command. I tremble as I try to back desperately from the edge. Sliding my fingers out and bringing them to my lips, you whisper huskily, "come girl bring your essence to me." I stand moving silently to you. I raise my fingers to your lips. You suck them into Your mouth, savoring the taste of my sweet heat.

You slip one hand behind my back to grasp my hair, pulling my head back leaning me back into your arms to kiss me passionately. The taste of my passion fuels my burning need. You turn me in your arms and pull me back against my hair grasped firmly in your hand. You growl softly in my ear as you feel my body pressed against you, taking my earlobe into your teeth gently tugging, then releasing to kiss it softly. You loosen your hold for your hands to run over my body, using my hair you pull me to my knees. I moan as you position me on all fours, knees spread widely, palms resting on the floor. I hear the rustle of clothes and then nothing, the silence only broken by the pounding of my lust filled heart. Then I gasp as you rub the head of your cock against my dripping burning need. I moan as you whisper "Mine." I whimper with the power in that word, my body, my heart, and the very depths of my soul, reacts to the simple word that means so much to me.

I gasp as with a powerful thrust you enter that which is yours and yours alone, my wet heat, only pausing when your entire length fills me. Your thick cock buried buried deep inside me. I groan my juices flowing freely my fire overwhelming me as the trembling moves in waves throughout my body. You pause feeling the wetness close tightly around you, moaning as you savor my lust. You begin to stroke with slow powerful strokes. Pulling out you slide two fingers in and out several times before removing them, your fingers slick with my juices. I groan deeply as You slide a finger into my ass gently applying pressure until it is buried deep, while you slowly thrust your cock deep inside me. You hold your finger still until you feel me relax and then begin moving it in and out matching stroke for stroke with the thrust of your thick cock. I bite down hard on my lip as you slide the other finger in both fingers matching the slow pace of your stroke in my burning need. Losing ourselves in our passion time stops we only feel each other's hunger, our fire. When my body begins to tremble You slip your cock out of me, leaving me wanting, my hunger for my Master fueling the inferno of my desire.

My trembling increases as I feel your thick cock slick with my juices probing, demanding entrance to my ass as you slip your fingers out. I cry out as you push through, your hands on my hips pulling me back on your hard throbbing cock. Stopping after the head slides in waiting for me to relax around you, with a slow stroke you press deeper. Pausing, only to press deeper still as you feel me relax. My body shudders as you reach around me and finger my clit.I groan from deep in my soul as you press deeper only stopping when your heavy balls rest against me. My trembling runs through me violently. You caress my back until you feel me relax. With long slow strokes you slide in and out of my tight hot ass. I whimper lost in lust as I press back against you to meet your strokes, feeling your cock grow inside me. You moan, your breath heavy deeply effected by my lust and my passion for you. You growl again sliding slowly in and out of my ass losing yourself in your burning desire.

"Not yet girl," you growl as I whimper my body shuddering with pleasure, your fingers torturing me in my burning need. You flick my clit back and forth with each slow stroke, savoring every whimper and shiver, as you feel me, my passion, my desire, my need of you, teasing me, wit holding what I want most yet giving it to me at the same time. I groan panting feeling the head of your cock swell in my ass as you stroke faster and harder. I grind against you, a creature of lust for my Master, my body shuddering with my need, my hunger. You bring more pressure down on my clit, your touch no longer light and fleeting, spiraling in circles as you again slide in and out of my ass with fast powerful thrusts. You speak to me your voice deep, gruff and demanding, bringing me higher as you growl to me, "my girl, my slave, mine...cum for me, my passionate little pet, give me what is Mine to claim, you, your passion, your soul.

I cry out as the first wave crashes violently over me, I fall from the edge lost in my passion my body shuddering uncontrollably. Unable to wit hold anymore you growl from over my shoulder, "mine," You thrust deep inside my ass groaning as your cock explodes giving your cum to me, filling my ass as we ride the ebb and flow of each wave, lost in our passion and lust. You slow your pace bringing me back to you gently as you kiss my back softly. Eventually stopping your motions, we lay on the furs spent, you wrap your arms around me holding me as we gather thoughts, sensations, and emotions savoring them and quietly drifting off to sleep.

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