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Fetishism sexual slavery stories
It was a dark and stormy night and she sat on the sofa with her legs curled beneath her. The change had come through an hour ago and what had been a sultry warm evening was now chilly. She had pulled a throw around her and over the dusky silk top and bottom she had chosen to slip into after a long day at work. The sun had fled from the sky and she was reading with the lamp on, periodically illuminated further by the spectacular lightening quartering the Sydney sky. Rain lashed at the glass and she tightened the cover around herself before resubmerging into her novel. Not her usual fare but a woman at the school had recommended it as she knew the author. She meant to ask the woman next time she saw her just how well she knew the author! The book was at best erotica and bordered on aspirational porn as far as she could tell. She was only on chapter two but the heroine had already been taken in three orifices several times, and at least once at the same time. It was hard, if you pardon the pun, to see how he would fill the remaining 18 chapters. Perhaps she became a nun? Anyway, at the moment the heroine was bent over a dinning room table, her hands tied to the table legs. An intruder forced her legs apart and pulled her skirt roughly up over her bottom. Despite herself she felt her bottom squirm a little at the thought.

As she did a tremendous crash of thunder rocked the windowpanes and there followed a loud knock at her door. She was startled by both noises. She wasn't expecting anybody and who would want to visit in this weather? She hesitantly opened the door to find him standing there dripping wet. She hadn't seen him for a while but he didn't seem to have changed much if one ignored the copious amount of water running off him.

"You're soaked!" she said.

" Ever the observant one, can I come in?" he grinned.

"Not like that you cant. Take the wet clothes off first before you drip on my carpet" she instructed.

Again with a grin, he shrugged off his jacket and then pulled the equally wet t shirt off. she could see his chest was wet as he was soaked through. As she looked, he slipped off his boots followed by a sodden pair of jeans. He was left with a pair of trunks darkened too by rain. He raised an eyebrow and hooked his thumbs over the waistband. She shouldn't have been surprised but she still felt herself blush as he pulled them down and kicked then off. He was clearly still into shaving and his penis seemed to have a life of its own, starting to swell as she found herself staring. She looked up.

"Can I come in now?" he asked.

"Yes, um, of course' she replied, opening the door wider. He slipped past her ducking down slightly to kiss her cheek. As he did his cock brushed gently against her thigh catching slightly on the silk.

"I see you are cold too" he remarked looking pointedly down at her chest, which replied in kind. She blushed again and turned slightly away.

"Would you like some water?" she asked.

"I think I have had enough already!" he replied in decline.

As she hovered a little away from him he picked up the book and started to read where she had left it open. She darted forward to try and retrieve it but he turned a little to one side and caught her with his other arm around her waist.

"Not so fast darling. I just want to see what you are reading. Maybe I have read it too!?" he said as she squirmed a little.

She didn't know whether it was her tight against his hip or what he was reading but she watched his penis growing before her eyes till it was hard and rather purposeful. His balls, which had swung so confidently when he had walked in, were now tight and high and she felt herself grow wet herself.

"So this is the sort of thing you like to read about is it? " he asked with a smile.

"No not really, its just a book i borrowed. Its not very good really" she replied somewhat embarrassed.

He turned towards her and putting the book down held her at arms length. He smiled at her.

"I don't believe you. Its not well written I grant you but I think you like the plot! "

She didn't answer but her own arousal was rapidly dispelling any earlier chill. She looked down at his cock as it pointed towards her and then looking him in the eye, raised an eyebrow by way of answer.

He pulled her forward and kissed her lips. Softly at first then with more force as their tongues fought for dominance. His cock pressed into her stomach and she felt a drop of moisture staining her silky top. She moved her hands to cup his naked bottom but he dropped his own arms and grabbed her wrists rather firmly. Stepping away he moved to grasp her wrists in one hand and then pulled her towards her wooden kitchen table. He swept the curtain material off in and pushed her forward so she was face down on the wood. Stepping around the table he kept her stretched out uncomfortably by holding her firm with one hand while with the other he picked up some curtain braiding. With that he lashed her wrists together and then tied the other end off to the edge of the table.

He bent down and kissed her face. Then she lost sight of him. He turned out the light and then it was only the lightening that spasmodically light the room. She couldn't hear him move but then felt her ankles being tied to opposite legs of the table. She was now having to go on tip toe to relieve the pressure on her wrists. She wiggled her hands to see if she could loosen the braid and was rewarded with a firm smack on her bottom. Another followed. He was smacking her hard and she felt her bottom smart and glow. A third blow was delivered before she felt his face resting against the inside of her thighs. he was now kneeling behind her and started to gently kiss her thigh just above the knee. he worked himself up kissing her as he went. When he reached her silk shorts he edged the material aside with his nose and continued to kiss her. Just as she felt his face touch her soft blond hair he stopped and started the same with her other leg. This time though he didn't stop and pulling aide the silk with his hand he started to kiss her lips. His tongue licked her long and hard, probing between her outer lip till he tasted her own excitement. He drove his tongue as deep into her as he could before flicking back faster over her clit, his face pushed up hard to her forcing her to pull against the ankle ties. She never let herself come this way but she knew he liked to lick her and would do so for hours if she let him. So she was surprised when he stopped so suddenly. He stood up and she felt the silk bottoms pulled to one side again. she heard the tearing of a foil packet. " We must keep to the script sweetheart'" he said " and I believe now the villain takes her roughly with little foreplay!"

With that he pushed his hard cock deep into her. Aroused as she was she was still wonderfully tight and she sighed as he first entered her. He pushed right in to her pushing his hips up against her buttocks. Again she felt the pain in her ankles contrasting by that oh so warm pressure inside her. He started a firm hard rhythm pushing her again and again into the edge of the table. He reached around her and fondled one of her breasts. He pinched the hard little nipple in time with his thrusts. The other hand he slipped around her hips. Finding her clitoris he pulled back the lips so it was taut and exposed. Matching the rhythm he started to rub it. Each time he trust into her he pushed down on her clit to feel his cock meet from inside her. Time started to blur for her as she felt the pleasure build in her. The pain of her position only added to the sense of control she had handed over. His hand slipped from her breast and she felt him lean back a little. His thighs nudged hers further apart and she felt his thumb slip into her bottom. Again he matched the rhythm and she begun to feel the pleasure build in her. She pushed back into his thrusts, which he took as encouragement. He increased his pace and angled his thrusts so the pressure was increased on her clitoris. She started to pant and without stopping her own movements she began to gasp. Little gentle intakes of breath and soft moans that went on for several cycles of the lightening. He continued to rub her till he saw her head rest on the table. She continued to grip his cock firmly but he knew she was no longer in her own world.

"And now I think the book says..." he said before she felt him pull his still thick cock out of her, the rubber still taut and empty at the end.

He hadn't come yet. She heard him pull the condom off and then the head of his cock pressed against her bottom, significantly thicker than his recent thumb. She hadn't read the rest of the page but she recalled the first chapter and had a good idea what was next. He pushed himself into her till his thighs were once more pressing into her bottom. She could feel his penis throbbing as her tight muscles gripped him. He began to move in and out causing her how groin to move with him. She relaxed and it stopped hurting like it had initially. he had both hands on her hips now as he fucked her bottom faster. A different rhythm this time to the one he had used to make her cum just earlier. He was faster and deeper. Even so she felt her vagina warm again as it was pulled and pushed by its neighbour. He moved his hand around so one held her lips apart while the other proceeded to push three large fingers into her vagina in time with his cock in her bottom.

No gentleness here. He rubbed her hard and fast. She started to grind her crotch against his hand. The room light up with electric light and she realised with a surprise that she was nearing another orgasm. She was so full and all her nerve endings were tingling as her skin was being stretch and pulled. She could hear his breathing being faster and his balls were hard and high as they banged into her perineum with each thrust. She arched her back and let out a surprised cry as she came. As her muscle taunted he too gasped, called out her name in pleasure as he pumped spasms of semen into her bottom. He gently slipped his hand out of her and rested against her as he caught his breath. Then slipping completely from her he untied her and carried her rather used body to the bedroom. Lying her down he curled up beside her pulling the duvet up over them both.

"Do you think the clothes will be dry in the morning out there?" he murmured, but she was already asleep..

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English Sex Stories

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