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Come on and suck it, my cum hungry slut
I arrive at the restaurant to meet you, and I sit at our table waiting wearing a jacket and tie. I smell this incredibly flowery perfume from behind me and look up to see you in a beautiful gown, with your hair down, framing your face and your beautiful smile and the sparkling of your eyes. My heart flutters as I get up to assist you with your chair. In reality I just want another smell of your perfume and the chance to brush my hand up against your soft skin. I take your hand to assist you and bring it to my lips to give it a gentle kiss. As the soft hair of my goatee touches your hand, I quickly press my lips to your fingers while I dart my tongue up and down the grove between your fingers. I feel your hand tense and your hairs raise as I do this, and I give you a look of desire that promises that there is more to cum, if you are willing.

Our dinner goes quickly with pleasant conversation and the frequent flirtatious looks we give each other. Even though we have a pleasant bottle of wine, even that can't remove the taste of your skin from my lips and tongue and my body aches for more. The band plays a light melody, so I ask you for a dance. You kindly accept and we walk to dance area hand in hand, smiling. Your dress fits you like a second skin and my mind can barely restrain me from taking your breasts in my hands and lifting them to my lips. But I know that in seconds we'll be holding each other close and feel each other's warmth.

As I take you in my arms, I feel your firm breasts press against me and my hand rests on your ass. The sensation is too much and my cock starts to grow, rubbing against you as it does. I kiss you on the cheek and look you in the eyes as the music plays, and our bodies sway against one another. My cock swells with desire and I suggest that we lose all pretenses and go back to my room, moving my cock against you to provide additional motivation. You hesitate but agree, but you know what your body and soul desire is me and tonight you want the satisfaction that you know I can give you.

On the drive to my hotel, I have my hand on your leg running it up and down, occasionally touching the tops of your stockings. I look over and see your eyes close with a smile on your face and I take this as encouragement so I run my hand over your panties and then run my fingers in circles on the outside. Your hand is on the seat and I take a moment to place it on my cock, where it instantly wraps around and starts to stroke it. I slide the front of your panties aside and run my finger up and down your slit and I hear you sigh. Your slit is so wet that I have to bring my hand to my mouth and take a taste. Just as I imagined, yours is the sweetest pussy I have ever tasted and it makes my hunger for more intensify. My cock is fully erect and enjoying your hand work and I slide a finger inside your love tunnel and rock it back and forth, as my thumb brushes against your clit.

The smell of your pussy intensifies in the car and I increase the tempo of my finger. My goal becomes to make you cum before we reach the hotel room and it is only a mile away. My finger pumps faster and faster into your willing hole and I tell you to rub your breasts. You refuse but this time I raise my voice and order you to do it "Squeeze your tits and rub them now!!!!" startled from my voice and understanding you have no choice, your hands reach up and grab your breasts through your dress. Cupping and squeezing your breasts and nipples your hips start to move with my fingers as they dart in and out of you. "Cum for me baby, cum for me now" I order you, and the authoritativeness of my voice laced with a hint of anger in case you do not obey, pushes you over the edge and your hips start to buck as you cum. As you buck hard against my fingers, I insert a second finger and push them deep inside you and hold them there as you cum. Slowly you start to calm down and relax and I replace your panties and pull your dress down and then lick your juices off of my fingers. You have a smile of one who is very happy and content from sex and you attempt to finish straightening yourself out as we arrive at the hotel.

I help your from the car and pull you close and kiss you. Our tongues intertwined, as our hands roam over each other. I pull away from your embrace and take your hand and lead you to my room. We enter and I put out the do not disturb sign. As I turn around you are leaning over taking off your shoes, and I tell you to leave them on. You give me a curious look and I walk over and once again kiss you, long, slow and passionate, giving you a hint of what my tongue is going to you here shortly. My hands reach around and undo the zipper on your dress and slide it off your shoulders and onto the floor. My hands then come up and unzip your bra, you start to speak but I put a finger to your lips to quiet you. Your bra falls quietly to the floor and I do what I've wanted to all evening, and that is to take your breasts in my hands and suck them.

One by one I suck the nipple, running my tongue around them in circles and then dragging my teeth against them, as I gently squeeze and knead them with my hands. Your skin feels so soft and silky in my hands and I run them all over your body. I give your ass a couple of squeezes as I run my fingertips up and down your back. My right hand slides between your thighs and cups your mound as my fingers tap against the entrance your cloth covered pussy. I say my turn and you start to protest, so I pull down on your shoulders and push you on to your knees. I pull off my shirt and tie and unbuckle my pants and lower my boxers.

My cock is fully hard at this time and wavering in front of your face, you start to protest that you only do this for your Master and I tell you "I'm fucking you right now, not your limp dick Master, so suck my cock bitch!!" as I grab your head with my left hand and using my right hand, open your mouth and force my cock into it. You give up all pretense of protest and start to suck my cock like it was what you were meant to do in life. Up and down the shaft you lick as you fondle my balls and then bob your head up and down on the shaft, your lips tight around it trying to contain the whole thing. My hands run through your hair, pulling your head farther down on my cock, forcing you to deep throat me. My hips buck back and forth as I fuck your face, your tits swaying against my knees.

"Suck it baby, suck it" I command. The room fills with the noise of your "mmm" and the sounds of your sucking. I look at the side mirror and see your head bobbing up and down the length of my cock and I start to feel the pressure build in my nuts. "Come on and suck it, my cum hungry slut" I moan as the pressure mounts. Your tongue works its magic faster and faster, and I start to thrust my hips into your face. I shove my cock deep in your throat and let loose the first wad of cum deep, startling you, yet I keep it in your mouth. Wad after wad goes into your throat, as my hands keep your mouth on my cock until I stop cumming. I pull out and tell you to "suck the last cum out of my cock", willingly you obey and suck hard getting the last drops.

Then I tell you to remove your panties and get on the bed. I pull you up to the headboard and use two silk scarves that I pull from the side table (I was prepared) to tie your hands to the bedposts. A look of fear crosses your face until I wag my tongue at you, curling it. I finish undressing and lay on my back underneath you and slide between your legs, stopping first to flick my tongue at your asshole and then licking up your slit slowly and then kissing the inside of your thighs. My hands cup your asscheeks and pull your pussy to me. I use my nose to part your pussy lips and run the tip of my tongue around your love tunnel before driving it in you. The hair of my goatee rubs your asscheeks as I lick in and out of your pussy.

You taste so wonderful that I can't get in deep enough, yet my tongue keeps rolling and twisting in and out of your hole. My nose is rubbing your clit, my hot breath rolling off of your sensitive clit and making you squirm. Your hips begin to grind against my face and that turns me on even more, making me lick harder and faster. Round and round I lick, alternating speed and pressure. Then I stick my tongue deep into your pussy and vibrate my whole head side to side, causing your to arch your back and fill my face full of pussy juice. Eagerly I lick it all up and start to lick the alphabet on your pussy, long strokes forming the letters, A, B, C and so forth. Every couple of letters, I latch onto your clit with my lips and then vibrate my head again. My hands are kneading your ass at this time and I now reach around and grab your stomach and massage that and then grab your breasts and start tweaking your nipples. You start to moan while I vibrate my head so I continue until you welcome me again with the taste of your juices.

I scoot out from under you and start to run my fingertips all over your stomach and start to tweak your nipples as I run my fingers in your pussy lips and slide one finger in your pussy as I start nibbling on your back and neck. I give your ass a good slap and take my hand with your pussy juices on it and place it to your mouth and tell you to lick your juices off my fingers. You start to hesitate so I shove my fingers in your mouth and once again you obey, sucking and licking my fingers. Then I grab your head and pull it around and kiss you passionately, our tongues rolling together and both of us enjoying your juices. Then I grab your ass and pull it back a little and then guide my cock into your wet hole.

It goes in easy due to the number of times you have cum and I reach around and grab those beautiful tits of yours. All 8 inches of my fat cock are in you pumping in and out as you are still restrained to the headboard. I give your ass a slap and keep the steady pounding of your pussy going. I feel you start to convulse again and your pussy clenches my cock. I keep pounding you steady in and out as you cum, intensifying the orgasm and making you cum several times. You hang with your head down, recovering from your orgasms and I untie your hands and lay down on my back, pulling you on top of me. You straddle my hips and I slide my cock back into you and say "use my cock like a live dildo, make yourself cum again".

You like this and start to bounce your hips up and down on my cock, I reach up and grab your nipples and then take your hands and put them on my chest, letting you tweak my nipples as I run my thumbs over yours. This excites you even more and you start to impale yourself harder on my cock. You start to smile as you start to cum again and I feel the pressure building again in my nuts and I ask you if you want it in your cunt or mouth. You reply your mouth, so you hop off and start to suck my cock. You barely get it in your mouth before the first wad spurts out of my cock. You gulp down the load and start to swallow more, as I slide two fingers in your cunt and begin to fingerbang you. My cock has stopped spurting cum so I tell you to come up and lay next to me. As you lay next to me relaxing, I stroke your hair and run my fingertips over you lightly. You look so beautiful so I tell you that and give you gently. But your beauty has a reviving affect on my and as my cock starts to stiffen, you place your hand on it, stroking gently.

Then I ask you "shall we call for champagne and strawberries and eat it off of each others bodies, or call for a female escort to come here and join the fun or should go out and get some dildos to make it interesting for you?"

You look at me and say you would like the strawberries, but I sense that is not all that you want. I lean over and give you a kiss on the lips as I cup and caress your right breast. "Let me go order them" I say after I slide my tongue back from your mouth. You lean back and let out a heavy breath as I get off the bed and go to the phone. After a few minutes on the phone, I come back with a smile on my face, saying that room service is going to bring it up in a few, but I wasn't going to wait to have my snack. I reach into my overnight bag and pull 2 more silk scarves from it and tell you to lay back, you are hesitant at first but I push you back and tell you to do as I say, "I'm your Master now my pretty and you had better start doing as I say". To reiterate my point I reach down and give your left asscheek a hard slap (SMACK!). You get a look of fear in your eyes but I have already brought you so much pleasure tonight that you go along with my wishes.

I take the first scarf and tie your right hand to the railing on the side of the headboard, and then lean over you to do the same to your left hand. As I do this, my cock bounces against your chest and you lunge for it with your mouth trying to wrap your lips around it. I look down, laugh at your valiant attempt, take my cock in my hand, and offer it to your waiting mouth. Your tongue swirls around it and I pull it out of your mouth, "telling you it was just a taste".

I move to between your legs and tie your legs spread apart to the railing at the footboard. You are now spread eagle on the bed and helpless to resist my actions. I lean over you, kissing you deeply and then trail my kisses to each breast and nipple and then to down to your stomach. I linger around your belly ring because I find it so damn erotic, I love sucking it and rolling it around with my tongue and the thought comes to my mind that someday soon I am going to fill your belly button full of cum so that the ring floats in a pool of my seed. My hands are now caressing the inside of your thighs and running my fingers up and down them, the constant motion over your sensitive veins and arteries driving you mad, giving you hints at what I am about to do next.

I look down and smack my lips at your beautiful pussy, still glistening wet from our intercourse minutes before. I lean down and start to slowly lick up and down the lips in a wide tongue fashion, flicking my tongue at your clit. You taste so good, especially after I have stirred your juices. I cup your asscheeks in my hands and start to dive my tongue deep inside you. Your back arches trying to push your pussy farther onto my tongue, as it probes deep inside you. I love your taste and my enthusiasm shows it. Deeper and deeper goes my tongue, rolling and twisting deep inside you. My nose and goatee are rubbing against your clit when I push my tongue deep inside you and vibrate my head side to side, wanting you to cum for me. Your moans get louder as your hips start to buck against my face and all at once, my face is flooded with your juices. I swallow you juices and lick up as much as I can as fast as I can.

"Thank you Julie" I love your taste and your enthusiasm". I plant a kiss on your clit, come up, and sit by your face caressing your hair. The doorbell rings and I say wait here and I go to get it. You are still tied to the bed spread-eagled, naked, and for the most part helpless. You hear our voices at the door and then you here me say, "she is in here just waiting for you". Mortified you think that I am about to offer you to the lucky waiter who brought our strawberries, but when she comes into view, you see it is a busty redhead in a French maids outfit. "the strawberries are here and so is Michelle". Michelle at this point has been speechless, just devouring you with her eyes, with a look of total lust on her face.

"Julie, Michelle here is a special Maid of sorts, here to clean up and inhibitions you may have as well as finish consummating my possession of you", with this Michelle smiles and puts down the plate of strawberries and champagne and a small black bag, the bag going on the floor next to the bed. "Lets untie her" I tell Michelle and within moments you are untied. I lean over and kiss you, "are you ready to commit yourself to me Julie?" I ask, a hesitant moment and your reply is "yes my Master, I accept you as you have accepted me". "Good, you are ready for this now" and I pull a leather studded collar out of my bag and place it around your neck. "Now get up and undress Michelle, do it to please me", a look of fear crosses you face because I know you have never done this before and this is a big step for you. But you get up and walk up to Michelle, but before you can get behind her, she takes you in her arms and kisses you, her tongue exploring your mouth.

Your hands go to her waist as she pulls you close, until you suddenly break free. You start from her back, unzip the black maids outfit, and then begin to slide it over her shoulders. A desire comes over you and you kiss her shoulders as the outfit comes off her. Your hands reach around and you cup her breasts, they are a little fuller than yours but yours are natural and her are enhanced. You give them both a quick squeeze and then begin to pull the rest of her clothes off. She has no panties on so that makes it a bit easier, but we both notice that she is clean-shaven around her pussy as opposed to your trimmed bush. She turns you around and kisses you again, this time you take the initiative and explore her mouth even more than she had yours the kiss before. You feel another set of hands as I join in on this kiss and I hold onto both of you as our 3 tongues intertwine as one. I lean down and start to suck one of your breasts and then switch to one of hers.

"Lay back down on the bed precious Julie for now the fun begins" I tell you. You do as you are told and Michelle and I begin to tie you back down with the scarves from earlier. Then without speaking Michelle and I start to suck on your breasts, both of us getting our own nipple, as our hands wandered your body. I lead the way back down to your stomach and once again around your belly button and down to your waiting pussy. I look at Michelle and she needs no encouragement as she goes straight for your pussy, her tongue flickering up and down your pussy as I lean over and start to lick on your clit. The work of two talented tongues has your body in over drive and you are cumming within a matter of seconds. Like me before, Michelle is very adept at swallowing your juices and licking the rest of them up.

However, neither of us stops our actions and your hips keep bucking in orgasms as the waves of pleasure keep rolling over you. The spell of organs continues for the next 5 minutes as Michelle and I switch places and I am the one who is eating your pussy. I ask Michelle to allow you to return the favor and she comes up and straddles your face, her bare pussy exposed, waiting for your tongue. You cautiously lick at it and then lean forward to get a full taste of Michelle's juices. A loud moan escapes Michelle's lips as your tongue finds her clit and starts to whirl around it. You feel my fingers probing your insides as then the familiar feel of the head of my cock enters your pussy. Michelle pulls your head tight to her pussy as I slide the whole length of my cock into you and start to work my cock in and out of you.

I love watching your face being pulled into Michelle's pussy and from the look on her face and the moans she is giving, you are repaying her well for her tongues earlier action on your pussy. I see your breasts bouncing with my every thrust and reach up and grab your nipples. I roll your nipples between my thumbs and caress your skin, leaning over I kiss Michelle's back and lick a long path up it. Your wet pussy feels so good to my cock, plunging in and out of you deeply. I love the feel of it, and Michelle's moans are just exciting me even more.

I pull out and just watch your actions on Michelle, your tongue making long loving strokes up and down her pussy lips and diving into her love tunnel a quick flick of your tongue. You are so focused on what you are doing that you do not even notice that I start to suck on Michelle's breasts and even put my hand under your head to push your head into her pussy even harder that what you are already doing. The sight of what you are doing to her has me so excited that I want to cum just from watching you two. But I have other ideas- he he. I sense that Michelle is close to her orgasm so I reach up and tweak her nipples and that puts her over the edge and she starts to scream as your tongue forces her orgasm and her hips start to buck against your face. She grabs my head and starts to kiss me as her body bucks wildly against your mouth, my tongue and hers twirling together like yours is inside her pussy. She eventually releases her lock on my head and slumps off your face and onto the bed. I lean down and kiss you passionately, tasting her juices on your lips. You have a look of lust on your face that is simply so beautiful. Michelle leans over and kisses you so deeply that I think she is tonguing your pussy from the inside. Her right hand caresses your breasts as her left holds your head in the crook of her arm.
"What now Master" you ask me and my only reply is a smile and a wink. I tell Michelle to grab the strawberries and whipped cream that she brought and bring it to the bed as I grab the bottle of champagne and open it over you, the foam and some of the drink spilling over onto your body. "Well lets not waste it" I tell Michelle and we both start to hungrily suck the champagne off of your body, our tongues making wide strokes as we do this. Some has gone down your neck and Michelle takes this opportunity to kiss you again as well as offer you one of her breasts, which you greedily latch on to and nibble on with your teeth. I begin to lick the champagne that was gone down between your legs and do my best to lick clean your pussy and clit from the drink. Many long and hard licks of my tongue are needed before I think the hood of your clit and the lips of your pussy are clean.

I also dive my tongue deep inside you and taste the mixture of champagne and your juices. The flavor is one that I know I want to have repeatedly, so I poor some more on top of your pussy and lick you again, this time with the intent to make you cum again. Michelle notices my actions and places a kiss on your nose and says "that was so intense on my clit, thank you for rubbing it with your beautiful nose" and then she kisses you on the lips again. Your hips are moving hard against my mouth as Michelle grabs both of your nipples and twists them between your fingers, before she puts the right nipple in her mouth. "Cum for me Julie, I want to taste your love juice again, come for me now" I tell you as your hips start to buck against my chin, my nose rubbing your clit and the bottom hairs of my goatee scratching your anus. I feel your body tense up and then release a flood of juice into my mouth, which I greedily suck up. I feel Michelle's hand pull on my hair and she pulls my head back and kisses me, savoring the taste of your juices mixed with the champagne in my lips. I kiss her hard back and ask her if we should "make her cream now".

A naughty look fills her eyes and she reaches out and grab my cock, giving it a quick squeeze and says "and we must also get some of this cream as well" as she gives a devilish laugh. We take the whipped cream and dab some of it on your nipples, your belly button and your pussy and then grab some strawberries and rub the cream around with them, taking bites of the berries and rubbing their juices on you as well. "Such a lovely treat" I tell Michelle as I start to lick your belly button and roll my tongue around with your ring barely through the cream. I place my hand on one of your nipples and rub the cream into it as my tongue works its magic with your belly button. Michelle decides to taste your delightful juices from the source and she lies down between your legs and starts to lick your pussy with hard long strokes, and then the occasional diving in your love tunnel with her tongue more rigid than her fingers could be. Your belly button is clean and I have licked the berries and cream off both of your nipples as well as given you a slow and passionate kiss.

Your hips have the familiar movement of your impending orgasm, and I so want Michelle to taste the wonderful flood that I have tasted several times tonight. "Michelle, fuck her pussy with your tongue, fuck it hard, make my slave cum in your face", I encourage her on with this dirty talk as I offer you my cock and pull your head close so that you may get most of it in your mouth. Your tongue rolls around my cock as I pump my cock in and out of your mouth, as your impending orgasm makes your hips thrust into Michelle's face. I untie your left hand and pull it to my cock so you stroke my cock. "Yes Julie, milk my cock, make me blow my wad deep in your mouth. Cum for me, and make me cum my beautiful slave, pump me harder my little cumslut". You pull my cock out of your mouth and start to yell as your orgasm takes hold of you, your hand on the sheets squeezing as your back arches with the pleasure. Your hips buck against Michelle and then slowly start to subside, as I grab my cock and start to stroke it, my balls aching for release, "Michelle come here, get ready for my load".

I pull her close and am just about to cum as I feel your hand on my right nipple tweaking it and that pushes me over the edge, my first spurt hits your chest between your breasts and then I shove my cock in Michelle's mouth 'don't swallow slut" I command her. Load after load goes into her mouth as my hot cum flows finally from the depths of my cock. The flow of cum from my cock stops and I lean back "share it with Julie now, drip it into her mouth" I command Michelle. She leans close to your face and your mouth opens up so that the cum she is letting drip from her mouth may drain into your mouth. She gives you half of my cum and then swallows the rest, and then leans down and kisses you fully on the mouth. I lean back in amazement at the two beauties before me in their entire naked splendor, sharing my cum and enjoying each other's touch.

"Now it is your turn Michelle" as I start to release your limbs from the scarves, tenderly massaging the flesh that was rubbed against in the spasms of your orgasms. I pull you close and hold you tight to me, the passion of your arms giving me such joy. Michelle lies back on the bed as we apply the cream to her body, her enhanced breasts defying gravity and pushing her nipples straight up into the air, and the cram sliding down her slick mound. She giggles in delight as we rub her nipples with the strawberries and each clean one off, you look so magnificent and focused on her nipple that I take pride in watching your tongue moving around her nipple. This time I want to eat her pussy and I offer you her mouth, which you quickly move to accept. You start to straddle her face and she pulls you close to her waiting tongue. You grab the headboard to steady yourself as she dives deep into your love tunnel, rolling and twisting her tongue in you, her hands squeezing your asscheeks. Her erect nipples rubbing against your ass, her hunger devouring you in every lick of her tongue, you begin to moan slowly and rock your hips against her tongue.

My tongue slides down between her pussy lips, I get my first taste of her fresh love juice, and I dive in deep into her with such abandon, as if I could lick my whole head deep inside her. Her pussy tastes great but nothing compared to the splendor of yours, I reach out, grab the bottle of champagne, pour some down onto her clit, and then start to lick her clit with my tongue as rigid as my cock. I hear your moans getting louder and louder as your start to buck against her face. I reach up, give your ass a good slap, then lean up, and pull your lips to mine, kissing you as your orgasm starts, my hands caressing your breasts. My cock is hard now and while your orgasms are beginning, it think it is the perfect time to lean you forward and slide my cock up into you from behind, filling your pussy as Michelle adjusts her position so that she may suck on your clit as I slide in and out of you. Your hands on are holding on the railing connected to and my hands are on your beautiful breasts, tweaking your nipples. Your pussy feels so tight and wonderful that I could keep fucking you forever, but your orgasm rips through your body and I fight to not cum, Michelle's lips sealed to your clit as you buck back and forth. Your body moves violently as an even more powerful orgasm rips through your body as the combined efforts of my cock and Michelle's lips push you over the edge again. Your third orgasm begins and then calms slowly and I am still slowly pumping in and out of you.

I hold you close and thank you for the pleasure you have given me, but the best is yet to cum I tell you. You give me a quizzical look but know me well enough to not have cause for concern. I lean over and whisper into Michelle's ear something quiet and she gets a big grin on her face and rolls off the bed. "Julie, would you please come here and suck my cock, for you do it so well," I say after I lay back against the headboard. Before you can take my cock in your mouth, I pull you forth and kiss you deeply. " Do you regret your decision to accept me as your Master?" I ask of you. Your answer to that question is to kiss me deeply again, pulling my head close to yours, our tongues intertwined. "Thank you Julie, that is what I wanted to know"

You lean down to take my cock in your mouth, and slowly lick the head, treasuring your juices on it. With a gulp, your mouth engulfs my cock deep into your throat and I feel the sensations of your tongue against it. My hands grasp a handful of your hair on each side and bob your head up and down upon my cock. You suddenly feel a set of hands on your ass and a hard cock pushing against your pussy. You are startled and make a moan of fear. I lift your head and let you turn around to see that it is Michelle behind you with a 6-inch strap-on dildo braced against your outer pussy lips. "Now you will be feel cock you lovely morsel" says Michelle as she plunges it into your pussy, I pull your head back onto my cock and bob your head up and down once again as Michelle pounds her rubber cock deep into your pussy. She is merciless as she pounds you hard and deep, her fingernails digging in your ass deeply, she gives your ass a good slap as she continues to pound you. You get distracted from my cock by the pounding that she is doing on your pussy so I start to thrust my hips up into your mouth, gagging you a little until you pay attention to my cock the way you should. You start to grab the sheets as your pussy starts to give into the dildos stimulation of your love tunnel and clit. You remove your head from my cock and start to scream in pleasure as wave after wave of pleasure flows through your body, your skin on fire from the sensations. Your breathing calms down and you look up to see me smiling in glee at you.

"Now for a reversal of roles Michelle" I tell her, and I unbuckle her strap-on from her waist and pull you close. "Now you will fuck Michelle like she has fucked you", "Michelle lay on your face, so that Julie may fuck you missionary style and you may kiss her". Michelle does as I command and I strap the dildo on your waist, its small knob against your clit. Michelle pull you close and feed the dildo into her waiting pussy and pulls you head to her lips, kissing you deeply as your hips start to move in and out of her. I lean back and look at the sight before me, my beautiful slave kissing an enhanced redhead, your breasts rubbing against each other, making your nipples stand erect. I kneel behind you and insert my cock into your exposed pussy and coordinate my thrust with yours, so that Michelle receives twice the force of each thrust, the combined visual of the 3 of us intertwined is too much for Michelle to take and she starts to cum, this setting off vibrations against your clit and this in turn makes you cum, which in turn makes the last cum that is boiling deep in my balls start to rise.

"With this cum in your pussy, you truly are mine Julie, thank you", "yes Master, cum in me" you scream, and the lava flow of cum rises from my balls and empties deep inside you. Each thrust spilling more and more seed into you as the three of us convulse in orgasmic pleasure. Finally, our bodies give out and we collapse to the bed. All of us are smiling, my cum is leaking out of your pussy and we have each had many orgasms this night. You and Michelle lay against my chest as I wrap my arms around you both. I pull you close and say "thank you for a night to remember, my beautiful Julie".

We do a group hug and I look at you both with a wicked grin and say, "shower anyone?"

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