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Hottest collar 2015 BDSM domination sex stories
The letter had been pushed under the door, it lay ominously on top of the catalogues and other junk mail. Dark italic flowing script sliding across the envelope like it had been poured onto the paper spelling out her name.

It had been a long day at work and Natasha carried the letter to the lounge, flopping onto a sofa with a glass of wine. The letter called to her but after the strange events of the last week, it scared her to open it. In the end curiosity got the better of her and she slit the letter open with her nail.

She looked at the same flowing script with its list of clear instructions, telling her to enter her bedroom and put on the clothes on her bed, only the clothes on her bed, then before donning the blindfold to push send on the mobile next to the clothes.

A shiver ran up her spine as she entered her room to find a long black, backless, silk dress, so thin it was almost sheer, together with stockings and a silk collar with thin leather strands running through it and a chrome ring hanging from the front.

She slipped out of her work clothes and rushed a shower worried in case a time limit could be broken, although none had been stated. After braiding her hair down her back she put on the dress, it was almost made for her, the material starting just above the cleft of her buttocks and running up to her shoulders in narrow swathes, her nipples stood proud through the material and in the right light her skin and breasts were easily visible through the silk. No underwear was provided. She put on the black high heels and buckled the collar in place, then with a twinge of anticipation pressed send on the mobile.

A week ago she would never have dreamed of behaving this way but her mystery admirer had a hint of someone she once knew about him, making her feel safe, although wariness and excitement still ran through her.

Blackness enveloped her senses as she put the mask in place, all of her other senses seemed to be improved tenfold and it was only moments before she heard the scrape of the front door opening. Footsteps approached her, hands gently lifted her chin, and she felt the weight and the jangle of a chain being fitted to her collar and then she was lead from the room, her flat, and then her building into what felt like a limo due to the expensive leather she could touch and the powerful motor she could feel and hear.

The vehicle travelled for 20 minutes at what felt like high speed but was smooth and driven with skill, her only contact was to be told that silence was expected and insolence punished. She didn't argue and sat quietly.

The limo halted, the engine note a deep rumble echoing off walls, the sound giving the impression of an alley, the chain tugged and she stepped from the vehicle walking on cobbles, a door opened and she stepped onto pile carpet, doors whirred and she felt the familiar pill of gravity as a lift descended. Deep bass notes of hip hop music started to be heard and when the doors opened a wall of sound hit her, Ying Yang twins Whisper song blasted into her eardrums, the smell of whiskey, cognac and cigarettes assailed her senses and as she followed the tug of the leash, the heat from bodies pressed against her as they gyrated to the beat told her she was on a dance floor. Hands caressed her as she was pulled through the throng, a female voice whispered in her ear that she must taste sweet as a finger slipped around her nipple, an erect cock pressed against her ass whilst a male voice told her that he would ride her till she screamed for mercy. Tongues ran down her neck as she passed by, a female hand cupped her backside and a long finger slid along her slit causing her to moan out load. A sharp tug on the Leash pulled her from the woman's attention through more bodies, the sound of skin slapping on skin could be heard from her left, the smell of sweat and sex overpowering the whiskey, the sound strangely in time with the music.

Suddenly the intense feeling of the bodies all around her eased, and she was guided up a flight of stairs and then the sounds were muted as a door closed behind her, the chain slackened as she was passed to another.

Footsteps left her and once again the sounds were loud for a moment as the doors opened and closed, the click of a lock telling of people leaving.

Footsteps approached her and the leash pulled her forward, a click sounded in front of her and a strangely familiar voice directed her to remove the facemask, darkness was all around her apart from a large picture window looking out over a bar and club, dancers swirled on the floor, some nude, others half dressed, many fucking and sucking. A naked girl was laid out on the bar, bartenders poring shots of baileys, whiskey and frozen vodka over her body whilst men and women licked it from every inch of her.

Natasha watched the scenes before her, her pussy wet with arousal, she tried to turn to see who was with her but hands grasped her hands to her side and held her strongly, the voice telling her never to look at him. It stated that to see him invited banishment and the cessation of her adventure and did she want that yet? No, Tasha clearly stated.

Leather cuffs appeared on her wrists tying her to the same floor shackle that she could now see her leash was attached to. The voice asked if she had been a good girl, if she had let others touch her on the dance floor. Not knowing which was the correct answer she tried No.

The whistle of a crop was closely followed by the crack of it hitting her buttocks causing her to cry out in pain, and also arousal, the crop landed three times more and she realized she had never been more turned on, her juices ran down her thigh.

A finger slid up her dress and wiped some away following by the sound of a finger being sucked and a low growl of lust. She trembled with the thought of what would happen next.

A cold metal object pressed against her nipple through the silk of her dress and she looked down to see a hand holding a knife appear from behind her. The knife tracked around her nipple sending thrills on a racetrack through her body to her pussy. The knife tracked up her breast cutting material to her neck sliding up to her ear and down her spine.

The voice again asked the question, Yes she said, and did you enjoy the touching the voice asked.................., Tash had no idea what to say but truth seemed the best course, Yes she said. No answer came but the knife tracked down her back, lightly scratching but not breaking the skin until hitting the back of her dress at the base of her spine, a slight pull on the dress and a ripping sound followed by the feel of cool air on the back of her legs told her the dress had been cut away, another slice at her neck and the dress pooled at her feet.

The voice directed her to kneel, and not look up, an erect cock slapped at her cheek and she opened her mouth to receive it, the taste and feel once again familiar she ran her tongue up and down the hard shaft and licked and sucked the head, the voice groaned, saying" I forgot how good this could be" and the penis swelled in her mouth, she sucked harder wanting the explosion in her mouth but none came, the leash pulled up and she was kissed hard, a tongue thrust into her mouth and a memory tugged at her consciousness, but still she dared not look at the face of her tormentor keeping her eyes shut.

The kiss was broken and his tongue tracked down her body, biting and pulling her nipples, then onward until his tongue swirled around her clit, she came twice in quick succession before being unshackled and bent over a sofa and then pounded into whilst watching the scenes outside the window, just as she was about to come, his strong hands turned her lifted her up by her buttocks and slid her down onto his cock, hot semen erupted into her, causing another orgasm and making her bite his shoulder, drawing blood. She stayed suspended on his cock for minutes before before they both collapsed onto the sofa.

In the silence the voice bade her look at him. She opened her eyes looks at him then drew him into a long kiss.

You could have just asked you know, she says, but then where would be the fun in that?

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English Sex Stories

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