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I like that I am making you my slut, my fuck toy, my dirty delicious girl
As the first glow of the morning peeked through the window, he kissed her awake. Slowly she became aware of his warm masculine body curled around hers and his lips on her cheek. She nuzzled his face, his beard creating a pleasant sensation against her skin.

"Good morning, my love. We're going on a little trip today!"

She turned in his embrace, rubbing her hand over his chest.

"We are, Master? "Where are we going?"

"Oh, someplace lovely, mine. Off to the shower with you and we'll talk about clothing for the day when you're done."

She smiled, gave him a big hug, and piled out of the bed and into the bathroom.

Once showered, she wrapped herself in a towel and padded out into the bedroom again. He pointed to the chair in front of the vanity and smiled.

She sat and he kissed her shoulder as he removed the towel from her head. Selecting a comb, he combed out her wet hair.

"I'd like you to dress comfortably today, pet. A nice casual blouse with a short skirt--something cool. Pretty bra and panties. Low sandals. Oh, and give me your bathing suit to toss in my backpack."

"As you wish, Master."

"You style your hair while I grab a shower and dress; I won't be long."

Obediently, she dried and styled her hair, then added makeup and perfume. Crossing the room to her closet, she selected a tan skirt and light blue top to go over her champagne-colored bra and panties. She placed her bathing suit near her Master's pack, then slipped her feet into her favorite sandals. Plopping down onto the bed, she waited happily.

Twenty minutes later, they were motoring down the highway going south. The weather was warm and dry. They opened the windows and played favorite songs from the iPod, sharing recollections about some of the music.

She knew their general destination was the shore. She was delighted because she loved the ocean. As Springsteen sang "Thunder Road", she wondered what kind of plans her Master had made.

They left the highway for local roads, passing beer and soft drink outlets, quickie marts, and strip malls. Eventually, they found themselves driving slowly along quiet streets lined with beach houses and bungalows. Finally, they reached the beach road and a public parking lot.

Her Master parked the car and closed the windows.

"I know how you love the ocean, my sweet. Are you excited to be here?"

"Oh, yes, Master! This is a wonderful surprise!"

"I like your enthusiasm! Before we leave the car, there is one thing I want you to do, pet. Slip your panties off and leave them here, please."

A shiver traveled down her spine as she reached up under her skirt and shimmied out of her underwear. She folded them and placed them in the glove box.

"Wonderful! What an obedient girl you are, my love. Now, I'll grab my backpack and we'll go for a walk and take in the sea air."

Leaving the lot, they walked up the weathered ramp onto the boardwalk. Although it was a weekday, there were a good number of people around. He took her hand and they started off.

They laughed and watched the seagulls at their antics. The farther they went, the more the boardwalk traffic thinned out.

They reached a pier that jutted out over the beach toward the ocean. Upon it was a semi-circular colonnade that offered shade from the summer sun, as well as rest rooms and an information kiosk.

"Let's take a look over here."

They stepped between the cool stone columns and her eyes relaxed in the dimmer light. She held his hand as they moved down the columned walkway.

Passing the men's rest room, she saw that there were only a few scattered benches and an alcove or two.

He stopped and reached out to stroke her cheek and let his hand travel up into her soft hair. He drew her close, tilting her head back slightly to kiss her exposed neck.

"I want you now, my girl; I must have you."

The flame rose within her, and her pulse began to race with desire as she experienced that sense of internal falling.

He looked around and led her into an alcove just off the main walkway, placing her against the cool, stone wall.

"I will have you now, pet."

"Yes, Master."

"Someone may come along..." he said, letting the idea mature in the shaded surroundings.

"Yes, Master, I imagine someone might," she said, feeling the impact of that thought spread throughout her body.

"It doesn't matter who comes along or what happens, mine; you will obey me."

She nodded in affirmation.

"You please me so."

He slowly closed the distance between their bodies. The cool wall was a contrast to his warmth.

He took her mouth, exploring with his tongue, taking his time. Her body responded like a magnet, holding tight to him. Moving downward, his face pressed against her breasts, inhaling the delicious womanly scent of her. She basked in his attentions, caressing the back of his head.

His mouth kissed her more urgently now. His hand skillfully undid the buttons on her blouse. She wondered if anyone was watching or approaching, but she could not see around him.

His hand slipped inside her blouse, resting on her lace bra.

"Are you looking to see if we are being observed, my love? Would you be embarrassed if someone saw you like this, serving me in pleasure? "

He knew she was neither an exhibitionist, nor experienced with public sex. She knew he was aware of the answers to the questions he asked.

"Yes, Master, I might be...well, it would be a little embarrassing if someone were to come upon us...."

"But you're excited nonetheless, my girl, isn't that true?" His hand rested on her leg just below the hemline of her skirt.

"Yes, Master, it's true."

His hand began to travel upward.

"I like that, pet, so very much."

His hand stroked the soft, smooth skin between her legs. "I like that I am making you my slut, my fuck toy, my dirty delicious girl."

Hearing the litany of terms, she owned every one.

"I am, Master; I am all of those things and more because you wish it, because it pleases me to obey you."

"Yes, that's my good girl."

Exposing her breasts completely, he took each nipple between his fingers, caressing and massaging them into stiffness. He leaned down and sucked each one as she moaned.

"Careful, my girl, someone might hear," he said, flicking each nipple with his tongue.

His leg slipped between hers and moved against her moist pussy as his fingers abused her hardened nipples. He nibbled her, making her squirm against the wall and against him.

Suddenly, she gasped.

"Master, do you hear footsteps?"

"I do, my girl. Remember what I said."

He continued playing with her nipples as the footsteps drew near. His body very nearly hid hers, so he waited until the footsteps stopped, then turned slowly so that just a bit of her was visible.

A man regarded them with interest. He was in his mid-30s, with sandy hair, dressed in jeans and a white tank.

"Please, don't let me distract you." He smiled.

"Not at all. I take it you enjoyed what you saw?"

"Oh, very much so. " His voice was filled with lust.

"Would you like to continue to watch?"

"I would—if that would be alright with the two of you."

"Yes, it's perfectly alright. In fact..."

The young man looked expectantly at her Master.

"Perhaps you'd like to help?"

The young man eyes moved over her slowly. Her core quivered and a wave of heat moved across her skin.

"I would love that. That's an extremely kind offer and I would follow your directions with regard to what you'd like me to do."

Her Master smiled broadly and as the young man approached, he extended his hand.

"It's nice to meet you..."


"A pleasure, Gabe."

Turning his attention back to her, he asked, "Is she not a remarkable creature, Gabe?"

"She's amazing. I have a deep fondness for older women."

Her Master smiled.

"I'd like you to use her nipples, Gabe. She likes it when they ache and throb; she knows how much that pleases me. Can you do that?"

"Oh, yes, Sir, I surely can."

"Good. That will let me take care of other areas that require attention."

Gabe moved close, rubbing a thumb over each nipple. Each one grew hard under his touch and she lowered her eyes. Emboldened by her response, Gabe took her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and began kneading and pinching. She moaned softly as he alternated between short pinches and long kneading strokes.

"Look at me, my girl," her Master commanded. "How does it feel to have the hands of a stranger on your breasts? Do you feel like my slut now? Do you know how much I am enjoying watching him use your nipples under my direction?"

"I am your slut, Master, and I am enjoying his touch because I know it pleases you." Her lower lip quivered.

"That's right, my love."

He leaned in, filling her mouth with his tongue. She moaned as Gabe's fingers clamped onto her nipples and her Master's hand began moving up her thigh again.

She floated down into the gauziness of subspace as he teased and toyed with her wet lips. She shivered as his finger approached her sensitive clit and then withdrew.

"Oh, Master, oh, Master..."

He smiled, showing her how much he enjoyed being in complete control of her. He slipped a finger inside her and slowly stroked in and out; then he added another.

"Such an accommodating girl you are to let this young man touch you! I think he's doing an outstanding job with your nipples."

"Yes, Master, he is." She squirmed and glanced at Gabe, who was clearly enjoying his assignment.

"Maybe I should let him touch you elsewhere, you delightfully naughty girl. Maybe I should let him show you how those fingers could work on your clit. Would you like that?"

He began to fuck her harder with his fingers, and she pushed back against them.

"Oh, Master, I would--you know I would."

"Yes, my little slut, I do. Well, Gabe...how about it? Will you tease this girl's needy clit?"

"I'd be more than happy to do that, Sir. Any special instructions?"

"Oh, yes. Slowly, Gabe--very slowly. I want her on the very brink of pleasure, but not pushed over."

"Yes, Sir."

"Come here, girl," her Master commanded, moving a bit deeper into the alcove.

He drew her against him, holding her arms back at the elbows. She felt the hardness of his cock and she shivered with desire.

"Go on, Gabe. Nice and slowly."

The young man reached up and stroked her smooth mound, exhaling softly. He cupped and stroked her, and she knew he was aroused by her wetness. He slipped a finger between her lush lips, moving it toward her clit with painful slowness.

She was breathing heavily, aroused not only by the scene, but also by the restraint imposed by her Master. As Gabe rubbed and teased her clit, she heard her Master whisper.

"Look at you, my own--here in this public place with one man restraining you and another playing with your slutty little pussy. You're not a bit embarrassed, are you? I think that if a crowd gathered to watch, you would like that even more, wouldn't you?"

"No, Master...no one else, please."

"Oh, are you shy now, little one?" he teased.

She squirmed and moaned under Gabe's fingers, and her Master smiled. He knew exactly where she was mentally and he took great pleasure in pushing her this way. He was also extremely protective and knew it was time for this part of the scene to be ending.

"Thank you, Gabe. You may stop now. You've done a wonderful job of bringing my girl to the very edge of orgasm, but she's not allowed to come right now."

Gabe stepped back, looking a bit disappointed. Her Master released her arms, pulled a handkerchief from his pocket, and offered it to Gabe. The young man accepted it, cleaning his hand. Her Master also produced a small card and handed it to Gabe.

"If you have an interest in the lifestyle, which it seems you do, don't hesitate to call me," he said, kindly.

"Thank you, Sir, I'll certainly do that. Thank you for this opportunity; I'll leave you two alone now."

Gabe smiled at her, turned, and walked down the colonnade.

Her Master helped her to straighten her clothing and took her into his arms.

"Thank you, my sweet. You gave me a wonderful gift."

"I am so happy you are pleased, Master."

"You must still be a very hungry girl, hmm?"

She nodded, feeling tightly wrapped in her arousal.

"It's alright, my love, let's walk a bit."

They returned to the boardwalk, continuing away from the crowded areas. The sun was high overhead and people were seeking cooler quarters from the heat of the day. They walked hand in hand until they came upon a set of stairs leading down to the beach.

"Let's get changed and go down by the water, shall we?"

"That sounds wonderful, Master."

Locating the nearest changing rooms, they emerged in bathing suits after a few minutes.

Down the steps and across the sand to the ocean's edge they walked, wading in. She giggled as a wave crashed over her legs. She grabbed onto him to keep from falling.

"Whoa there, little sailor!" he said, laughing and catching her. His arms felt warm and safe as they stood in the cool water.

"Why don't we find a spot and get comfortable?"

Looking around, he finally found a spot he liked.

He opened his backpack, taking out a neatly rolled beach blanket, spreading it in the sand and inviting her to sit. She plopped down happily and hugged him as he joined her. She noticed that they were alone on this stretch of beach.

"It's like our very own tropical island, Master."

"I like the sound of that, my sweet. Lots of secret places on a tropical island."

He drew two partially frozen bottles of water from his pack, handing one to her and taking a long drink from the other.

"Is that your magic backpack, Master--the one that contains whatever you want when you open it?"

"Oh, you'd be surprised, my girl, at exactly what's in this pack."

"That sounds like an invitation, Master!"

She sipped her water and watched him look around. He motioned for her to rise and follow.

He walked up the beach and under the raised planks of the boardwalk. She followed him into a walkway formed by the support beams that held up the structure. It was a cool, dark underworld compared to the bright, sunny atmosphere above.

He stopped near one of the beams and she hurried to join him.

So, my girl, are you still hungry?"

A flood of desire washed over her and she wondered what he had in store for her.

He took her by the arm and stood her with her back against the beam, deftly slipping a blindfold over her eyes. Her breath quickened as she was deprived of her sight.

"You'll have to be a very quiet and good girl. You never know when someone might be standing just above us."

She nodded, leaning against the beam for support.

She felt him close to her and then his hands were slipping down the straps of her bathing suit. Before she could even think, he had tugged it down and was lifting her feet to remove it. She felt a moment of panic as she realized that she was completely naked in a public area, but settled herself with a reminder that her Master would take care of her.

She heard rummaging and then he was beside her again. Lifting her arms above her head, he used rope to tie her securely to the beam. Her nipples were hard and tight, and she knew he would find her wet and ready.

More rummaging and then a whisper: "Remember, my girl, you must be quiet."

She nodded.

In the next moment, the clamps close around her nipples, causing her to gasp. He pressed his naked body against hers, creating a contrast between the hard wooden beam and the suppleness of his skin against hers. His fingers toyed with the clamps and his cock grew hard immediately.

He slipped his hand between her legs and spoke softly into her ear.

"You are everything I could desire—one who has passion and loyalty and a sense of adventure, one who is trusting and giving and pleasing in so many ways. I never tire of the feel of you, nor the taste or scent or look of you. Each time I think I have pushed you as far as I dare, you take a little more—and that sets my dominant heart and soul on fire. I want you so much, in so many ways, that I think it might consume me at times. You are my own—my submissive, my slave, my slut, my toy, my wonderful girl..."

Her eyes fill with tears as he spoke. She felt his power like a golden light surrounding her, and it made her ache with desire for him.

"My Master, you are adored every moment of every day. Pleasing you makes my heart sing."

"Oh, yes," he murmured as he slid himself up into her, creating a physical bond between their bodies that was the culmination of all the bonds they shared.

Silently, he pushed her ever closer to the edge of pleasure, as she fell into the depths of her submission to him, embracing his control over her. He groaned softly, fucking her harder, pulling her hips to him to create the right angle. He moved in and out of her, as her body hummed with the music of the spheres. Her shoulders ached, her nipples throbbed—and she was in ecstasy. With every thrust, his breathing grew faster.

"You...are mine....treasured...owned completely..."

"I am, Master."

"Then come for me now, my girl," he commanded as he thrust into her with long, hard strokes. Reaching up, he removed each clamp, and the blood rushing back to her nipples pushed her right over the edge.

Her head was against the beam, her mouth open in a silent scream of pleasure tinged with pain. The tears rolled down her face and she gasped for breath as the next wave of orgasms crashed over her. He did not stop or slow his movements; he watched her carefully and continued to take his pleasure with her.

"Again, mine," as he reached down and fingered her clit. She squealed and soaked him as he skillfully hit the right spot with his cock, again and again.

"Oh, now there's a noise I love," he whispered, pounding her hard. "I think I shall reward you for it."

He grabbed her ass and rocked hard, exploding inside of her. She shuddered with pleasure as he filled her.

He slowed, caught his breath, and removed her blindfold. Releasing her from the ropes, he brought her hands down slowly and rubbed her arms and shoulders. He kissed her tear-stained face, gathering her into his arms. His body was warm and she kept her eyes closed until she had come back to herself. He helped her with her bathing suit and donned his own, and they walked back to fetch their blanket.

Climbing the steps to the boardwalk, they made a brief stop at the changing rooms and then began the trip back to the car. The evening crowds were beginning to come out, mainly families with children and packs of teenagers looking for some freedom.

He took her hand, leading her over to a brightly lit stand. Within moments, she was holding a chocolate ice cream cone covered in rainbow sprinkles. She laughed with delight and shared it with him as they walked the rest of the way.

Driving toward home on the Parkway, the windows let in the soft evening breeze. She held his hand, dozed on and off, and listened to the songs that came up on the iPod. She smiled as Springsteen came up again, gave her Master's hand a squeeze, and sang along: "Promise me baby you won't let them find us, Hold me in your arms, let's let our love blind us, Cover me, shut the door and cover me... Well, I'm looking for a lover who will come on in and cover me."

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