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yes Master! i am soooo sorry Master! i will be better at communicating to you Master.
It was a very warm summer morning and she was lying in bed relaxing, being lazy actually, not wanting to get up yet and start the day. Master had an early morning meeting that day which allowed her the opportunity to stay in bed a little later than normal. her cell phone sitting on the table next to her bed sounded the tone of an incoming text message. Grumbling to herself about her quiet time being disturbed, she reached for the phone to check the message. her heart began to pound when she saw it was from her Master. Instantly, she felt guilty for her selfish thought about her quiet time being interrupted. Before opening the message, she slid out of bed and knelt on the floor in the same position she would be in if waiting for his arrival; legs tucked under her, knees slightly spread apart to allow viewing her cleanly shaved crotch, head tipped down, and her hands on her knees. she pushed the button to open the text message. her heart beat even faster as she read the message.

"you have 15 mins to check your email… Master"

she looked at her watch to see what time it was as she typed her response to Master, she did not want to run any risk of taking too long and the computer sometimes took what seemed like ages to get up and running. her response read simply, "yes Master". she stopped long enough on the way to the computer to grab an oversized t-shirt to pull on and to go potty. she turned on the computer to get it started while she went to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. Glancing at the computer which was still not ready, she looked again at her watch. Time passes so quickly sometimes and so slowly at other times, already 5 minutes had passed. Even so, she thought she still had time to run outside for a smoke. she loved that feeling of stepping out into the morning air in just her t-shirt for her morning smoke. One of her new rules was that she was not allowed to smoke in the house, her car or His truck. Sometimes this was a hassle but she was finding that it reduced how much she smoked and Master and she both hoped that it would help her to quit.

she lit her cigarette and breathed deeply, enjoying that first drag as well as the cool breeze that wafted up under her t-shirt, brushing her naked crotch. she let her mind wander as she smoked, thinking about how naughty she felt standing there on the porch like she was, wondering what the email might say, thinking back to the night before, she had run an errand and taken longer than Master expected her to, He was disappointed and unhappy about that. she felt some trepidation about what might be in the email as she suspected that there might be some form of punishment coming for her. she looked again at her watch and realized that 12 minutes had passed since receiving the text message. Afraid that she would once again be late, she stubbed out her cigarette and almost ran to the computer. she opened her email and clicked on the message from Master.

you have exactly 20 minutes to be ready to go. you are to put on your thigh

highs, your corset, your heels and your blue dress, nothing else. you are to have

the toy bag at your feet and be waiting on the porch prepared for inspection

when I arrive. Text me when you have read this.

she knew that she would have to hurry, so as fast as she could, she sent the appropriate reply of "yes Master" as she shut down the computer before racing to the bedroom to prepare. Nineteen minutes later, she was dressed and on the front porch as directed with the toy bag positioned between her feet, legs shoulder width apart, fingers interlocked behind her head, heart pounding in her chest and the slit between her legs practically dripping. Both excitement and fear filled her as she waited for Master's arrival. As she stood waiting, she was very thankful that their porch was fairly private. They had bushes surrounding the porch on three sides that were about shoulder high so it was very difficult for anyone to see what was happening on the porch but still allowed someone standing by the door to see out. This was often a source of excitement for them. It allowed them some play outdoors when home without too much risk of being caught in the act. It was also helpful that they did not have neighbors right on top of them. They lived in an area where the homes were placed on large lots.

Exactly 20 minutes from the time she opened the email, Master pulled up in his truck. He stepped out and walked over to where she stood. He looked her up and down; he walked in a slow circle inspecting how she was dressed. When he was behind her, he reached around and took a breast in each hand to insure that she had on the corset but no bra. He found her nipples and gave them each a good hard pinch. He held and intensified the pinch until she could not help but let a mixed moan/wince escape her lips. At that point, he stopped tighten the pinch but he did not release it, he simply held that pressure. After a few moments, he started to twist her nipples between his fingers increasing the pleasure/pain she was feeling. When again, a sound escaped her lips, it was more wince than moan. Again he paused allowing her a few seconds to adjust to the feeling. He then began to pull her nipples away from her body. He pulled slowly but firmly until he could feel her pulling away from his body and toward his hands. He stopped and held that position. He rolled her nipples between his fingers, knowing that he was bringing her close to orgasm. He pulled even harder only this time, he allowed his fingers to slip from her nipples.

In a very firm yet whispering voice, Master told her to present her pussy. Instantly, without hesitation, she bent over and grabbed her ankles. Master raised her skirt to her waist as he stepped to the side of her. He gently rubbed his hand over her bare butt cheeks. Without warning, he removed his hand and brought is down hard on her ass. The sound of the skin on skin smack resounding in the semi-enclosed porch. The impact threatened to make her lose her balance but she fought hard to maintain her position. Master alternated between tender, gentle caresses and very hard smacks until he had delivered 10 whacks. With each of them, she counted as she knew she was supposed to, "One, thank you Master" etc. After ten well placed swats, Master allowed a finger to travel the length of her butt crack, over her anus, across the tender skin separating her anus from her wet slit, toyed for a moment (not nearly long enough as far as she was concerned) at the opening to her pussy as she attempted to push back against his finger in hopes of encouraging him to slip inside her, before finding his way to her clit. He brushed her clit lightly, flicked it several times before grabbing it and pinching it hard. Try as she might, a moan again escaped her lips. Master returned to the slit of her pussy and this time pushed his fingers as deep inside her as he could. He quickly worked his fingers in and out bringing her so close to orgasm that she had to fight hard not to give into it. Just as she was about to beg to be allowed to come, Master removed his fingers from her, leaned down enough to push his fingers into her mouth. She sucked the juices off his fingers as thoroughly as she could. Master stood up and walked back to the truck, telling her as he went to get the bag and get in. Disappointment from the denied orgasm flooded her as she did as she was told.

Master started the truck and pulled out onto the street. They drove out of town in silence. Soon they were out in the country where there were very few cars and even fewer homes. This was one of those times where time passed very slowly. Once in a while, Master would reach over and either play with one of pet's nipples or reach between her legs. If he reached between her legs and got her juices on his fingers, he would then put them in her mouth for her to suck off. It became evident that they were headed to their property on the lake which would take them about 20 minutes to reach. It would be 20 minutes of near orgasms, nipple torture, silence, and her mind going crazy wondering what was in store for her.

When they finally reached the property, Master told pet to get out of the truck and lock the gate behind them. Her hands trembled and her heart raced as she followed his orders. Seldom, did they lock the gate when they were at the property so this could only mean that Master had something really wild and different planned and did not want any chance of anyone wandering onto the property and interrupting them. As pet made her way back to the truck, she noticed numerous pieces of lumber that resembled rough logs in the bed of the truck as well as some tools. The lumber appeared to have been cut to specific lengths and had holes drilled in them as well. They had talked on several occasions about constructing some equipment in the shed behind the cabin or on the property somewhere out in the open but had not completed it yet as they had just recently decided on a place that would not be easily discovered if they were to have company at the cabin.

They had researched several different things that could be constructed to look like one thing to the uninitiated but used for their own purposes. The last time they were at the property, they had dug some holes and placed rough logs into cement as the first steps of construction. One of the items they had planned to construct was a frame that they thought could be easily made to look like a gateway similar to those in the old west. It was intended to be a fairly simple log frame at the entrance to the path leading to the lake. They had talked about the fact that they could build a fence in that area to enclose the small garden they wanted to have someday and that there were ways they create the fence that would allow them some options for using it as well. Her legs were shaking, her heart was racing and her pussy was dripping with both the excitement and the fear as these thoughts and pictures flashed through her mind and she climbed back into the truck.

Master pulled up in front of the cabin and then turned the truck around so that it was backed up close to where they had put the posts. He got out without saying a word, pet was unsure if she was supposed to get out or stay where she was. Sometimes she had no idea what she was expected to do, she feared making the wrong choice and found it almost impossible to even move. As she sat there debating with herself, Master had moved behind the truck and came to her door. He opened it and held a hand out to help her out of the truck. He pulled her close to him and kissed her deeply on the mouth as his hands traveled down her backside and cupped her still stinging ass cheeks. He pressed his hardened cock against her stomach and all her fear and trepidation washed away. That kiss told her volumes that he loved her and that even if there was punishment coming, it was out of that love. She melted in his arms and his kiss. Once he could feel her relaxing in his arms and knew that he had relieved some of her fears, Master released her from his embrace and stepped back.

"We have work to do that is going to be tough for you to do in those clothes. you better get out of them but you may do put on the tennis shoes you have in the cabin to protect your feet. Do it quickly because I do not want to do all this work myself."

He stood watching and waiting for her to remove her clothes. she knew that there was no one around for miles but as is always the case, she was still nervous as she started to unbutton the dress and let it slip from her shoulders. she drew strength and courage from the pleased look on his face. As each piece of clothing left her body, she paused to fold it carefully and place it on the seat of the truck. she loved bring him pleasure and was swelling with pride as she watched the smile on his face grow. Finally naked, she gracefully walked to the cabin to grab her shoes. she returned to the truck just as Master was pulling out the first log for the frame. He had already set up two large ladders beside the posts, it was clear that this first log was to be placed at the top of the posts creating the uppermost cross piece of the frame. Without being told what to do, pet grabbed the other end of the log and helped Master move it toward the ladders. It was not until they had it at the top that she realized, she had not bolts or tools with which to lock it into place, all she could do was stand there at the top of the ladder holding the log. Master bolted his end in place and climbed down from his ladder. He went to the cab of the truck and brought out the camera.

There she stood, buck naked, at the top of the ladder, holding the log while Master snapped pictures of her. It felt to her like hours but was really only a minute or so before Master climbed up the ladder behind her to hand her the bolt and to hold the log in place. she worked it into the predrilled hole and added the nut to the back. Master then allowed her to descend the ladder before he went up with the wrenches to tighten the bolts. As she watched him do that, she noticed that he had drilled holes along the length of the log and put eyehooks in them that could be used to hang things… she knew instinctively that one of the things that would be hung from them was her. With that thought, her heart raced once again and crotch grew very wet and tingly. Master came down from the ladder and also admired their work. He returned the ladders to the truck and reached for the next log for the start of the fence. pet followed his lead and took the other end. They repeated this process for awhile without speaking, each time they would place a log, Master would secure his end, step back to snap a few pictures as she stood there naked holding her end in place before bringing her the bolt to hold the log in place.

The hot sun beating down on their bodies combined with the work brought sweat to their skin, her naked skin glistened more and more which He knew would create a wonderful look in the pictures He was taking. At long last, all the logs he had brought were in place but there still remained a few pieces of lumber. Some of the lumber looked like the side pieces from stairs and pet was pretty sure that they were for building a stile over the fence. Not that they needed a stile but it would provide more options for bondage. Once built, it would resemble not only an old fashioned stile but also a spanking horse, of course minus the padding. They had talked about the fact that padding could be added by simply placing pillows on the steps. pet knew that building that part was probably going to be the hardest and most time consuming part and already her body was aching and she was feeling the effects of being naked in hot sun. It did help that Master had precut and predrilled everything; he must have been planning this for awhile. she hoped that that work would make this go quickly. They worked on, getting the stile in place and put together even faster than she had hoped.

At least all the work was done. Master looked at pet and said that he thought perhaps she needed to go to the lake and cool off while he took care of a few last things. she followed his orders and with a look over her shoulder, started down the path to the lake. she took off her shoes and waded into the cool water. she enjoyed the contrast of the cool water on her hot skin as she floated out onto the lake. It was always a thrill to swim in the lake naked. she was so lucky that there were so few people who had property at the lake and the ones that did, were seldom there during the week so she was able to swim naked often when they were at the cabin. She had been swimming and floating around for awhile when she noticed Master watching her from the shore with his camera in hand. she swam back towards shore and walked out with the water dripping from her body as Master continued to snap pictures of her. When she had gotten to where he stood she reached down to pick up her shoes. Master took her hand and led her back up the path toward their newly constructed frame.

pet saw that Master had rigged a series of cuffs, stretcher bars and ropes on the frame. He walked her to the center of the frame and took her shoes from her hand which he placed along with the camera on the tailgate of the truck next to the toy bag. He returned to pet and turned her so that she was faced away from the truck and gently took one of her hands. He put the first cuff around her wrist and tightened it up. He placed a cuff on the other wrist just as gently. Between the two cuffs was a stretcher bar to hold her arms apart. Master knelt and put a cuff around each of her ankles. He then pulled on the ends of the rope, the way it was all rigged, as He raised her up, she was also forced to spread her legs wider and wider. When He was satisfied that He had her raised as high as could and still allow her to touch the ground with her toes and her legs were as far apart as He could get them, He secured the ropes and stepped back. Again, she heard the click of the camera. Master then put a blindfold around her head blocking out all of her sight. He brushed her hair from her neck and kissed the spot that drives her wild. He whispered that she had some punishment coming from last night and that He expected her to take it in a way that would make him proud but that since they were here at the property, she was free to scream, cry or yell out as she needed to. He reminded her that she was to count if she was struck, not lose count or they would have to begin again and that she was to thank him for each stroke.

He stood back and admired her glistening skin. He knew that it would hurt Him almost as much as her to do this, but also knew that it was necessary to the process of teaching her to please Him. He took the flogger from the bag first and approached her. He ran His hand over her soft skin. Just as he had at the house, He alternated between swatting her with His hand and caressing her tender skin. Once He had delivered 10 swats, He kissed her neck again, as He did, He dragged the lashes of the flogger up one of her legs, between her legs and across the warmed skin of her butt. He stepped back and took the first swing with the flogger. As the lashes connected with her skin, she cried out as much with surprise as with pain. she counted off the stroke and had barely gotten the "thank you Master" out when He struck her again. Twenty strokes later, He backed away and put the flogger back in the toy bag.

Next He took out His paddle, He hated having to use this on her but felt that she really needed this lesson. He was so disappointed and hurt the night before when she was gone for so long without letting Him know that she would be that long. It was not the length of time she was gone that had upset Him, it was her poor communication which left HIM sitting waiting for her. After today, she had better learn to never keep Him waiting like that again. As He thought about it, His hurt and anger resurfaced and He knew that He would be able to complete her discipline. He stepped up and took the first swing with the paddle. This time, His anger refreshed, He did not even bother with the caresses in between swats. He would pause for a moment to allow her to catch her breath but that was all. He delivered 20 whacks with the paddle, each one harder than the last. Tears streamed down her face, breathing was difficult as she sobbed from pain, humiliation and shame that she had disappointed and angered Him to this extreme. It was not often that He used the paddle.
As usually happened, her body betrayed her and even through the pain and shame, she came at least once during the paddling. Her pussy gushed juices onto the ground beneath her. her nipples were as hard as ever and she prayed that the punishment would end soon. In a way, it did. With the way Master was delivering the strokes, He had quickly gotten to 20. Master stepped in close to her and roughly stuffed His fingers deep into her pussy.

"I see that my little slut came didn't she? I know that you enjoyed that at least some but I certainly hope you learned your lesson from it as well, you know how much I hate to have to punish you in this way." He reached around in front of her taking her nipples between his fingers and pinched hard enough to make her cry out. He pulled to emphasize each of His next words, "Never… ever… keep… me… waiting… like… that… again… do… you… understand… me… pet?"

"yes Master! i am soooo sorry Master! i will be better at communicating to you Master. Please forgive me?"

He put the paddle back in the bag and walked into the cabin, leaving her hanging there on the frame. Again, it seemed as though time stood still and it was an eternity before He came back. By then, her breathing had returned almost to normal but her ass was on fire. Master untied the ropes releasing her and allowing her to lower her arms. He removed the stretcher bar from the cuffs but left all the cuffs in place. Still blindfolded, He moved her over to the stile and told her to kneel on the step. He pushed on her back until she was laying across the top of the stile. He unzipped his pants and slipped his cock into her dripping wet pussy. He sunk His hard cock balls deep inside her.

"Come as often as you can pet, you know how I love to feel you come around my cock. This is your reward for taking your punishment as well as you did."

And with that said, he began to fuck her hard and fast. He reached up and took a hold of her hair to use like a handle and fucked her. she came the first time almost instantly. He continued to pound away at her right through her orgasm. As she came close to her second orgasm, she begged Him to allow her to play with her clit. He granted permission. she worked her clit hard and fast coming a second time on His cock. He fucked her through that one as well. Come now dripping from them, she came a third time on His cock. she had reached the point that she was almost hoping that He would come soon and allow her a rest for a few moments at least. she felt His thumb press against the opening to her asshole and knew what was coming next. she tried to relax as He pushed His thumb inside her. That added stimulation forced another orgasm. Master pulled His cock from her pussy and replaced it with a dildo He had tucked into His pocket. He squeezed lube over her asshole as he worked the dildo in and out of her. He took his cock in hand and lined it up with her asshole, then pushed, working the head of His cock past her tight sphincter muscle. He allowed her a second to get used to His cock before He began to pound away at her anally. Each time He pounded into her, it pushed the dildo in as well, He told her not to stop working her clit.

Normally, Master is generous enough to only use her asshole for short periods of time. For the most part, as soon as she comes, He comes and He pretty quickly pulls out of her. He knows that once she has come once with anything in her asshole, she is about done and needs a break. Not so this time. With all the stimulation of His cock in her ass, the dildo in her pussy and her fingering her clit, she came again very quickly. Master was not done yet, He kept fucking her ass hard. Thankfully, the next time she came, Master came too. He shoved His cock deep inside her and shot His hot come up her ass. He collapsed on top of her, pressing her against the boards. When they had both caught their breath, Master pulled out and backed away from her. He stood her up, removed the blindfold, and took her in His arms.

He held her for a few minutes before letting her go so that He could take the cuffs off her wrists and ankles. They went back down to the lake and spent a little time in the water together, washing off and cooling off before dressing and heading home for a nice romantic dinner for two. As a further reward for her taking her punishment so well, Master had planned a very special dinner and evening for them. He stopped on the way home (which was a long and interesting ride for her on her freshly paddled butt) and picked up dinner to go from their favorite Chinese restaurant. At home, he took over her normal chore of serving dinner. He was so gentle, loving and caring with her, reassuring her of his love and pride in her. After dinner, while she had a cigarette, he ran a nice hot bubble bath for her. Once in the tub, Master tenderly washed every inch of pet's body. He helped her out of the tub, dried her off and rubbed soothing lotion on her paying special attention to her sore bottom. He lead her to the bedroom and helped her into bed where they spent hours caressing and making slow passionate love before falling asleep in each others arms.

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