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A slut like her? I'm surprised
The next morning, my body was so sore that it hurt to move. All I wanted was for it to happen again. But according to Matt we had other plans.

"Get up" he ordered "We're going to the mall" I rolled out of bed, my thighs still sticky from the night before. I grabbed my towel but Matt shook his head.

"No time to shower. Just brush your teeth and get dressed" he gestured to a pile of clothes that been laid out on the bed- a sheer white shirt and a short pink skirt. I wrinkled my nose (pink really wasn't my color) but Matt liked to dictate what I wore and I liked to please him. I went to grab one of my bras from the top drawer but found it was empty- no bras, no panties, and my vibrator was gone too.

"Matt?" I asked him.

"You aren't going to be wearing any panties today. Or a bra" he informed me as though it was something that happened every day.

"What?" I gasped, blushing at the very thought "I- I can't do that"

"Why not?" he demanded.

"Because my boobs will show through my shirt!"

"Well try it on and let's see" I pulled the shirt over my head and just like I had suspected it clung to my body, my large pink nipples poking through the fabric. I crossed my arms over my chest.

"I can't go out like this" I protested.

"Why not?" Matt stepped forward and started to tease one nipple, pinching it through my shirt until I finally said "All right! I won't wear a bra. But I have to wear panties"

"Why?" Matt whispered, putting his hand between my legs and letting it rest on my clit. I shuddered.

"Because I'll- because-


"Because I'll be so wet!" Matt raised his eyebrows.

"You need to wear a pair of panties because you can't stop your pussy from getting wet? Is it all those naughty thoughts that make you so wet?" He kissed my neck. "I think maybe you are having some of those naughty thoughts right now. I think maybe you don't even want to wear those panties. I think maybe you want the world to see what a naughty little girl you are" He was right of course. I just didn't want him to know how right he was. But then he slipped a finger inside me and I gasped with want.

"Yes, Matt yes" I bucked my hips. Matt laughed.

"Good girl. Now come on. We're going to be late meeting Mark" I left the apartment with my clit still tingling.

The entire car ride over I started to squirm in my seat, trying to apply friction to my throbbing pussy. Matt noticed what I was doing and whispered "See how much easier that is without panties on?" I blushed again. I had hoped that Matt wouldn't notice. When the car pulled up in front of the car and I got out there was a large wet stain on my seat. Matt smirked. I grew even more heated when I caught sight of Mark walking towards our car. I went to slam the car door but Matt gently grabbed my hand.

"You're late" announced Mark. In the light of day he looked even hotter than he had the night before.

"I know. Catherine was a little resistant to the idea of not wearing panties" Matt's words sent another flood of heat between my legs. How was I ever going to be able to get through this day?

"A slut like her? I'm surprised"

"But she enjoyed it once she got used to the idea" Matt said slipping an arm around my waist. Another thing I loved about Matt was the small affectionate gestures he frequently gave me to assure me that even though he treated me like a toy, he still loved me like a person "In fact look at what happened to the car seat" He gestured to the spot on the seat of the car.

"Didn't have time to use the bathroom before you left?" asked Mark with another of his arrogant smirks.

"Why don't you show Mark what happened?" Matt said "Touch yourself"

"Here?" I asked, glancing around nervously. The parking lot was fairly empty for a Monday morning but there was still the occasional passerby.

"You could do it now" Mark said "Or you could do it in the middle of the food court. Your choice"

I felt their eyes on me as I stroked myself quickly. When I pulled my hands away they were dripping, coated in cum. I felt Matt's breathing grow heavier and tried not to smile too much at the bulge at his crotch.

"Lick those fingers clean" he said, his voice husky with lust. I did, making sure to put on a bit of a show as I took my time licking the cum from each finger. I knew they were watching me, closely enjoying my every move and I loved the power I had over them. But those tables were turned the minute we set foot in the mall.

"The first place we're going to hit is Spencers" I took a deep breath of apprehension. I had only ever bought one thing from Spencer's- a tiny vibrator that I hadn't used in three years. I had a feeling this shopping trip was going to cover a bit more ground.

Spencer's was on the third floor right next to the food court which meant it got a lot more traffic than it did than if it was nestled away in a corner. There had to be about 30 people- mostly college kids my age. Thankfully I didn't recognize anyone.

We marched right through Spencer's to the back where the racy lingerie and foreplay skirts hung from the wall. Right away Mark began to grab panties, thongs and skirts off the wall- in every color, in every style, in every variety. Matt began to look through the corsets and the bras.

"You guys do know this stuff is expensive right?" I asked. Matt just laughed as he grabbed a French maid costume.

"Don't you worry about it my little sexpot" he said taking a "Sexy cop" costume down from the wall and checking the size.

"Hey Matt" called Mark, his arms overflowing with crotchless panties, Playboy bunny booty shorts and miniskirts "Do you want to get her the nurse costume or the school girl costume?"

"The nurse costume. We can make a school girl costume with her old uniform" he turned to me "Catherine you see that guy there?" he gestured to a guy flipping through pinups of naked girls. I nodded "I want you to go over there and ask him which bra he thinks will look better on you" He held up a black lace see through bra and a pink bra covered with white lace.


"Listen you little whore. Your boyfriend is spending all this money so you can dress up that sexy ass of yours. He's trying to make that little pussy of yours happy. So you listen to him"

I bowed my head and walked over to the guy who was now staring intently at a picture of three naked girls all lying on top of one man. "Excuse me?" I asked. He raised his eyebrows at me.

"What do you want?" I bristled at his rudeness but said "Could you tell me which bra would look better on me?" I held up the black one and the pink one keeping my eyes on the ground. I felt him roam his eyes on my body especially on my chest. He appeared to be taking the question very seriously. Finally he laughed and said "I don't know why you need a bra for those little titties"

Matt stepped forward indignantly. "Excuse me did you say my girlfriend's boobs were small" The guy looked annoyed at the interruption but Matt was several feet taller than he was so he merely stammered "No-no it's just my girlfriend's boobs were bigger than that when she was in primary school. I need to go. Bye" He brushed past us. Another boy that had been standing near the lingerie approached us and said softly "I don't know what that asshole was talking about. Your breasts are fine" He was a nerdy looking boy- probably he had never been kissed in his life. And right now he was staring at my breasts like he wanted to worship them. Matt smiled.

"This young man is so nice, I think maybe you should let him give your boobs a squeeze, Catherine" The tone in his voice told me I didn't have much of a choice. The guy didn't wait for permission either. He just gasped with delight and then gave my breasts a quick grope, sliding his fingers over my erect nipples. Then he snuck another glance at Matt as though to make sure he wasn't going to beat him up before he left the store.

"Well I guess we'll just take both bras" Matt said not sounding too unhappy about it. I surveyed all the items they were holding. While Matt and I had been busy with the man, Mark had added more items to his stash including a pole dancing kit, a whip, and a Spread 'Em Bar and Cuff Set. How the hell were they able to afford all this stuff?

Matt took my hand and led me over to the vibrators. "I think you'll enjoy this part" he said with a smile. Together we picked out seven kinds of vibrators including a rabbit vibrator that claimed it was "guaranteed to bring any girl to climax". I saw a couple of younger boys watching us. They nudged each other and smiled, though they quickly looked away when Matt saw them staring.

"Is this enough stuff?" I asked. I was mostly teasing secretly I was wondering how much stuff we would be able to carry. As it was I knew we had five bagfuls of stuff.

"Not quite. As a reward for being such a good girl" and here Matt stared pointedly at my crotch which had been in a constant state of wetness "you can pick out any three items you want to get" The way he said it I knew skimping on the items wasn't really an option. I pretty much gathered up the first three things I saw (an Adult Paint box, an edible female thong, and a Naked Strip Poker Card Game). Don't judge.

The guy behind the register almost passed out when we laid our items on the counter. Mark and Matt stepped back so I had to stand there while the (fairly cute) guy checked out every item. At first he raised his eyebrows but at the 27th item he didn't even blink an eye. I think he figured that they were for a bachelorette party or an orgy. But after he had wrapped the last item in the back he smiled at me and said "I look forward to seeing your show"

Before I could ask what he meant the lady behind me cleared her throat impatiently and I grabbed the seven bags and joined Matt and Mark outside the store. Thankfully the bags weren't see through so I didn't have to expose the entire mall to my virbrators, and my panties.

"Dammit all that shopping made me hungry" Mark said. So even though it was the last thing I wanted to do in my sheer shirt and tiny skirt I followed them into the crowded food court. Walking around dressed like a hooker in the food court was a lot different than it was walking around in Spencers. In Spencer's people practically expected you to be promiscuous or strange. But the food court was filled with people who probably had never set foot in Spencer's in their eyes. And their eyes immediately flew to me.

Mark led to us to a table which was in the middle of the court so we had to walk past what felt like half the mall to get to it. I was all too aware of the way my breasts bounced with every step and the way the back of my skirt was beginning to stick to my ass. I tried to cross my legs as I walked to keep the wetness from slipping down my legs but it was getting very difficult. At one point Mark dropped his wallet and I had to bend over and pick it up. I cringed as I did so, certain that I was mooning half a dozen innocent bystanders. When we got to the table I sat down very carefully not wanting to flash the whole mall.

"Catherine, Mark and I are going to get food. Wait here" Matt said and he brushed past me briskly as he and Mark headed over to get some KFC. As soon as they had left I felt a hand on my shoulder. I whipped around to see two young men standing behind me, both of them well dressed. Without asking they both slipped into the seats on either side of me.

"Excuse me miss?" the one on my right said with a smile that could only be described as cheeky "Is what the sign says true?"

"What?" The other guy put his hand on my back and removed a small piece of loose-leaf that said in large letters Wet Pussy Hungry For Cock. I felt the heat rise to my face.

"Maybe that's why she's not wearing panties" the guy who had handed me the sign said to his friend.

"Or a bra. You should really cover up those perky little titties. You can get a guy way too worked up with them" the guy on my right informed me.

"Are you?" I whispered. The guy nodded. I could see the lust in his eyes mirrored my own. My eyes moved to his crotch, my breathing grew heavier at the sign of the telltale bulge. His friend laughed.

"Hey Jeff check this out" he slipped his hands under my skirt and between my thighs "Christ, your soaking" He lifted up his wet hand and Jeff whistled. I moaned softly.

"Well look at you. I turn my back for one moment and you let some other guys play with that pussy of yours" Matt had returned. Mark was right behind him carrying a bag of KFC wings. I tried not to laugh as I watched the color drain from the faces of the boys sitting next to me. Matt just stuck out his hand.

"I'm Matt. Nice to see that you're paying attention to my slut. It's so hard to give her satisfaction" The pleasantries were cut short by the arrival of a woman dressed in a mall security uniform.

"Excuse me miss. Mr. Jackson, head of security, would like to see you in his office. Feel free to bring your friends too" She looked around with distaste at the crowd of boys gathered around me. I had never seen two boys retreat so quickly as the ones that had been sitting on either side of me. They scrambled out of their seats without so much as a good-bye. Mark and Matt however looked remarkably calm.

"Lead the way" Matt said taking the sign that had been taped to my back.

The security office was located on the fourth floor nestled between Barnes and Noble and Claire's. The woman kept up a brisk pace glancing back every now and then to make sure we were still behind her. I think she was a little surprised that we hadn't made a break for it.

"Mr. Jackson" she called rapping on the door "I got that girl you wanted"

"Door's open" he called.

"Well?" the woman said "He doesn't want me. Go on in" I tentatively entered the office. Several things struck me- first how large and spacious the office was. The second thing was the man behind the desk. He was a lot younger than I had expected- possibly Matt's age. And although he wasn't exactly handsome he did have a certain something about him that made me blush when I realized how exposed I was. I crossed my arms self consciously in front of my chest. He averted his eyes. I could tell he wasn't used to dealing with scantily clad women. Mark and Matt filed in behind me then closed the door.

"I'm sorry to call you in here, Miss-" he looked at me.

"Harper" I supplied.

"Miss Harper, but several mall goers have complained about the way you are dressed" Here Mark stepped forward somewhat aggressively.

"What's wrong with it?"

"it's just a bit provocative for public wear" he explained not making eye contact with any of us.

"How so?" Matt asked.

"Well, the shirt is- is see through and according to one woman she isn't wearing any panties" He fidgeted slightly in his seat before looking up briefly "Is that true?" I bowed my head.

"Yes sir"

"Catherine is such a slut, officer. She gets very aroused and not wearing panties is very pleasant to her. She likes men staring at her body, wondering what it would be like to take for them to fuck her"

The officer cleared his throat.

"Yes well, it's just not appropriate to satisfy those needs in a family place" he said, looking rather pleased with himself that he had managed to get the words out. Matt laughed.

"What about a more private place. Such as your office" The officer gulped, straightening his tie.

"What do you mean?"

"Catherine will explain it to you" Matt said with a meaningful look at me "Mark and I will be outside" They left the office, leaving me with the officer who was becoming more and more nervous with every passing minute.

"Well, what were your friend's talking about?" asked Mr. Jackson.

"They aren't my friends" I said taking a step forward "They're my masters. They tell me what to do and I do it. They like to watch me touch myself, to hit on guys, to pant and get worked, to cum in my panties"

"I see" He was shaking now. I wonder how many times this guy had gotten laid. My guess was not enough. He was much too tense.

"I bet they would like it if a security officer took me in his office" I whispered.

"Impossible" he shook his head. "It violates-"

"I have something you can violate" I said ripping off my shirt. I saw his eyes widened as he took in my breasts. There was no concealing how much he wanted them.

"Well officer" I teased shaking my hips. My skirt flew up a little to reveal my pussy which was unmistakably wet.

Mr. Jackson got to his feet saying something that sounded a lot like "They didn't teach me this in the police academy" and then got out from behind his desk. His boner was begging to be let out of his pants.

"Can I help you with that officer?" I asked.

"Yes you fucking can!" he snarled. With amazing speed he yanked down my skirt and pushed me onto his desk. I spread my legs knowing what was coming, biting my lip and trying to keep my excitement quiet.

"You little tease" he hissed as he unzipped his pants. His cock was not as large as Matt or Mark's but my body tensed a little anyway knowing I was going to be rammed with that cock "What a wet slut you are" he said before plunging his cock into my pussy.

"Oh yes I'm going to fuck that tight little pussy of yours until you beg me to stop. Until you can't take it" he said thrusting himself inside me. I clenched my legs around his body trying to get his dick as far inside me as it could go. He started to nibble on my breasts, his teeth grazing them with every thrust.

"That enough for you, you filthy little bitch" I could tell he was getting closer and closer. Finally with one final thrust he erupted inside me. I came moments after, fighting to keep my screams quiet so the entire mall wouldn't hear them.

When we had finished, Mr. Jackson zipped his pants like nothing had happened.

"You may leave" he said walking over to the bathroom leaving me panting on his desk covered in sweat and cum. I smiled. Matt sure knew how to get the most fun out of a little shopping.

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