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Nipple piercing domination sexpost
The sun beats down on my face as I step out into the yard and make my way to the stables. You have asked me to prepare two horses for a ride in the state forest as You have a surprise for me and as I take the saddles from the stand my mind wonders, wondering what You could possibly have in store for me today. You love keeping me in suspense and You know I hate having to wait, teasing me is one of Your most enjoyable pass times.

Feeling Sugar nudge my back gently I come back to reality and quickly go about saddling her before moving to Your horse Blaze and preparing him. After checking all is in order I set about tidying the stable while I wait for You.

Seeing You approaching I lead both horses out into the yard and wait quietly.

"Good morning little one" You say as You kiss my nose softly

"Good morning Master" I chirp with a smile "Did You sleep well"

"Yes I did my pretty...and you?

"Very well Master...being with You always makes me relaxed and happy" I answer with a smile

"Ok my pretty I don't want any questions I just want you to follow me...do you understand?"

"Yes Master" I answer as You help me mount my horse before climbing up onto Yours and turn to trot steadily down the drive and out onto the road and I follow obediently.

The forest is thick and quiet, nothing around except the birds and as I follow You down the winding path I start to wonder again just what You are up to.

Coming to a clearing deep in the forest You stop and dismount telling me to do the same and I do so quickly.

"Undress my pretty" You order and I do so without question

I watch without a word as You reach into the saddle bag and pull out a blindfold. Walking to me You place it over my eyes leaving me in darkness, then taking me by the hand You lead me to a tree and order me to stand and wait. I hear Your footsteps as You walk away and then nothing, not knowing where You are makes me nervous but I obey Your orders and wait.

What seems like an eternity passes before I hear Your footsteps again and feel Your hands on my shoulders pushing down gently making me kneel, then I feel the tip of Your cock brush across my lips and I open my mouth instinctively, my tongue licking at the head of Your cock. Reaching up I take You cock in my hands and run my tongue around its tip then slowly up and down Your shaft feeling Your cock harden as I lick. Letting my tongue run softly up and down a few more times before taking Your cock into my mouth and sucking gently, making You shudder and moan softly.

Your hands still holding my shoulders I suck greedily my head moving up and down faster, my cheeks sucking in as I lift my head then pushing Your cock back into my mouth, taking it deeper into my throat each time. Feeling You cock against the back of my throat and gagging slightly before I relax my throat and feel Your tip slide further down, deeper and deeper into my throat until it feels as though it will enter my stomach...my lips working wildly over Your shaft, my tongue dancing over it making Your legs shake. Tasting Your pre-cum makes me hungry for more and I frantically bob my head up and down, sucking harder as I feel Your balls tighten and Your cock begins to throb. Grabbing my shoulders I feel You stiffen and the first of Your hot cum shooting down my throat and into my belly. Stream after stream shoots from Your cock and flows into my belly, filling it with You love. Feeling You relax as the last of Your cum oozes from Your cock I lift my head and start to clean Your cock, licking and sucking every drop of You love for me from it gently and slowly.

Your hand runs gently over my head as I lick, when You are satisfied Your cock is clean You help me to my feet and turn me to face the tree placing my hands on the rough bark then pulling my legs back and spreading them wide, making my ass tilt upwards, exposing it fully to You.

Your hands on my soft ass cheeks makes me moan and I hear You chuckle...You can see my wetness, my juices flowing down my inner thighs and You reach down and push two fingers slowly inside my gaping pussy, sending a shiver through my lust ravaged body. Sliding I a third finger You start slowly pushing them in and out of my pussy making me squirm with delight and push back taking them deeper, then suddenly delivering a hard slap on my ass cheek causing me to flinch, my pussy clenching around You fingers tight. Again and again You slap my wriggling ass until I can feel the heat rising in my cheeks, burning into my body, while still pushing Your fingers into my pussy deep and hard...

"Don't you dare cum my pretty" I hear Your voice through the haze in my head "or you will feel more than my hand on your sweet little ass"

"No Master, I won't" I whisper holding my breath as I try to hold back the flood of orgasm that threatens to take my body...

Pulling Your fingers from my pussy You move them up and spread my juices from Your fingers over my ass, then spreading my ass cheeks wide, slide a finger inside, letting my ass adjust before sliding a second finger in, moving them around, spreading Your fingers and stretching my tight ass hole wide...biting down on my lip hard I struggle to control my body.

The tip of Your hard cock against my ass hole lets me know You cock has fully recovered from my blow job and I hold my breath again and try to relax as I feel it pushing hard against my tight ass hole, opening it slowly, then feeling the head push past the muscles and enter I let out a slight gasp. You stay still for a moment, then start easing Your cock in deeper, filling my ass and making it convulse around Your shaft. Without warning You thrust Your cock in all the way, deep and hard, forcing the air from my lungs and making me scream. Holding my hips You start to pump Your enormous, hard cock in and out, finding Your rhythm and pounding harder and faster. The pleasure and pain of the hard ass fucking bring tears to my eyes under the blind fold.

Feeling You stiffen I know that my ass is soon to be filled with Your hot seed and my pussy throbs wildly, pushing back hard I feel as if Your cock is going to push right into my stomach and I sense the first tremors of my orgasm rippling through my body. Grabbing my hips firmly You push in hard and groan loudly and I feel Your hot cum squirting deep into my bowels, jet after jet pumping into my ass and I scream out as my orgasm hits me and takes me into ecstasy, my head spinning out of control.

Your hands running softly over my back bring me slowly back to reality and I feel You lift me and lay me gently on the soft grass. You stand over me smiling, looking like the cat that got the cream and I smile back weakly.

After some time has passed You help me to my feet and onto my horse without a word, then mounting Your horse You turn to me...

"I think it's time W/we went home my pretty...the day isn't over yet though" You say with a wink, leaving me to ponder what other surprises are in store...

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