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Are you some kind of dirty slut
She follows her new Master into the bedroom, nervous and a bit shy. When she reaches the center of the room she hears her Master's voice, "Stop." She comes to a halt, looking up at him questioningly. She stands there, smiling nervously, as his eyes rake up and down her body.

He looks her in the eye and says "Take your clothes off." She blushes deeply but, still standing in place, reaches up to the top button on her blouse and begins to unbutton it with slightly shaking hands. As the last of the buttons pulls free, her blouse hangs open, exposing the black bra covering her full breasts. She pulls the blouse from her shoulders and lays it gently on a nearby chair. She reaches up to the front clasp on her bra and hesitates for a moment, not in embarrassment but because she is hoping that her Master will be pleased with her breasts.

She pulls the bra off and glances at Him, but his face is expressionless as he examines her, now nude from the waist up. She reaches behind her and slowly begins to unzip her skirt, allowing it to slide to the floor. She is feeling very vulnerable now, dressed only in panties, thigh highs and heels. She slowly slides her panties down her hips, exposing her freshly shaved pussy to her Master. The panties off, she straightens and, with her arms at her sides, waits for His reaction. Her embarrassment and nervousness grow as he silently inspects her body. She wishes He would say something, but for the moment the only sound in her ears is her rapid, shallow breathing.

Then the sound of his voice - "Turn around." She turns, hands still at her sides, and waits, now unable to see him as he inspects her from behind. She hears his voice again, "Spread your legs further and grab your ankles."

She immediately follows his command, bending at the waist and grabbing her ankles, knowing that she is completely exposed and vulnerable. The seconds tick by, feeling like hours in the silence of the room. Then "Stand up and turn around." She does as she is told and when she is facing him again she sees the smile on his face, and feels a rush of gratitude and pleasure. He walks up to her and she stands, unmoving, as he begins his tactile examination of her. He runs his hands up her arms, over her shoulders and brings them around her throat, gently squeezing - not causing pain, but reminding her of her vulnerability. His hands slowly move down to her breasts, cupping them, his thumb running gently over the nipples as he watches them harden at his touch. He slowly strokes her nipples, then gently rolls them between his thumb and forefinger.

They get even more stiff, more prominent with his gentle ministrations. Her breathing is getting slightly erratic, and she is having trouble staying still. Then, without warning, she feels him press his fingers together, pinching her nipples painfully. She gasps involuntarily at the sudden pain, and a low moan comes from her throat. He smiles and, after a moment of pressing even harder, releases her nipples, his hands beginning their descent down her hips until he reaches her shaved mound. He lightly rubs the lips of her pussy, fully aware of the sound of her breathing as she becomes more aroused. He continues his gentle exploration of her pussy, but doesn't press his fingers inside the folds, his ministrations so gentle that she is having trouble not pressing herself against his hand. Suddenly he shoves a finger into her pussy, violently finger fucking her for a few moments before removing his finger and holding it up before her face.

"Are you some kind of dirty slut?" he asks as she sees her juices coating his finger.

She quietly replies, "Yes, Sir."

He looks her in the eye as he asks "Yes, Sir, what?"

She blushes and stammers, "I am a dirty slut, Sir."

He nods and replies, "Yes, you are. Now come over here." He sits down in the chair and when she approaches him he tells her to lay on his lap. She obediently follows his command, laying her body across his legs. He begins caressing her ass, gently feeling the curves and contours. He runs his hand between her legs as she tries not to squirm. His hand returns to her ass cheeks, rubbing his hands across them, gently squeezing. Then his hands pull away and she lays there, tension mounting as she waits for his next touch. When it comes, she feels white hot pain as his open hand strikes her ass cheek. She immediately gives a shout of surprise, her body jumping.

When the next blow hits her other cheek she manages to keep herself from shouting, but can't prevent her body from reacting to the pain. Soon the spanks are raining down on her ass - five of them, ten of them. She tries to stay still, to keep her cries inside, but as the spanking continues she can't maintain control. Her body begins instinctively moving, trying to escape the blows and she is moaning "Oh! Ouch!"

Just as she thinks that she can't take anymore and will have to scream, the blows stop and she feels his hands gently caressing her sore cheeks. At first the sensation is meaningless to her, her mind focused merely on the baseness of blows, but as he continues his ministrations she begins once again shifting her body against his - this time not to escape his hands, but in pleasure. She is almost purring now. He quietly tells her, "You have done very well, my sweet little slut. Go lie down on the bed." She rises and follows his order, laying face down on the bed. He climbs up on the bed and lays next to her, pulling her into his arms as he caresses her hair, whispering to her that she has pleased him. She sighs and presses closer to him, feeling totally peaceful and fulfilled.

She lays on the bed, feeling safe and protected in her Master's arms. They lay together for a quarter of an hour and then she feels Him shift. He pulls away from her and tells her to get on all fours on the bed. Despite the loss of the comfortable warmth of their snuggling, she doesn't hesitate to respond to his command.

She positions herself on her hands and knees in the center of the bed, her Master behind her. He says "Spread your legs far apart.," and she immediately separates her legs as far as she can in this position. Then he firmly, but gently, pushes down on her shoulders, pulling her arms back away from the bed, until she is resting with her cheek pressed against the bed, her ass held high in the air, an inviting target for her Master. He runs his hands across her cheeks, admiring the red glow still present from her previous spanking. She feels his hand pull away, and unconsciously her muscles tighten in tension, waiting for the painful blow. Then, as she expects, his hand lands on her ass cheek with a loud slap. It takes her a moment to realize that the smack felt good! The next one lands, harder than the first, and even more pleasurable. She is amazed at the feeling this spanking is producing. Another smack and there is no doubt in her mind that she is getting wet again...

She wonders to herself "Why did I think it so painful last time? This is wonderful!" as the next blow lands. She is squirming a bit again, but this time it is in pleasure. His next blow lands between her cheeks, making contact with her pussy, and she jumps at the unexpected sensation. Still, it is pleasure she feels. She wants him to continue, wants to explore these new sensations. He answers her silent pleas, reigning more blows on her tender ass cheeks and pussy.

Then another blow lands on her ass, only this one connects with the inside of her thigh as well and she shouts "Ouch!" at the unexpected pain. The next one matches that one, as does the next, and she desperately wants to tell him to go back to the way he was spanking her before. That felt so good, and this hurts! Another smack and then another! Her ass and thighs are burning now, the pain becoming white hot with each blow.

Then, just as she thinks she must scream and pull away, they stop. She hears her Master's voice, "Very good my pet, you took that well. Now come collect your reward." He lays down on his back and says "You may kiss your Master's cock." She forgets about the burning sensation from her ass as she smiles broadly, pleased that he will allow her to kiss his manhood. She kneels next to him and places a gentle kiss on the head of his soft cock. She slowly kisses him again, each kiss working slowly down the shaft of his cock. She kisses her way back up to the head of his still soft cock, then hears him say "Put it in your mouth." She lowers her lips over the head of his cock until she has taken the entire length of it into her mouth. She starts to use her tongue when he tells her "Don't move. Just sit there."

She obeys, not moving a muscle. She can feel the cock in her mouth beginning to get hard. The urge to suck is overwhelming, but she fights it, keeping as still as possible. Her Master's cock keeps growing inside her mouth, pushing back against her throat, and still she remains motionless, hoping that he will allow her to move, to pleasure him. The feel of his cock hardening in her mouth while she is helpless to lick and suck as she so desperately wants is making her crazy.

She has to fight to keep herself from moaning against the hot firmness of his rapidly hardening cock. It feels like hours have passed when he finally says "Good girl. You may lick and suck now." She needs no further encouragement as her tongue starts making its way up and down the shaft of his hard cock. She sucks hard on his shaft, pulling back until just the head is pressed against her lips, then slowly sucking it back down until its pressing into her throat. She pulls back and presses forward several times, then pauses to tease the head of his cock with her tongue.

She licks gently, flicking the tip of her tongue against the sensitive skin, running it along the ridge where it meets the base of his cock. Then she engulfs his cock with her mouth again, still using her tongue as she beings sucking it in again. She picks up the pace, wanting to taste his sweet cum, using her mouth to milk him for it. Finally she feels him begin to tense as his orgasm builds and then its finally the moment she's been waiting for. She hears and feels him as he explodes inside her mouth, his cum pouring down her throat as she makes sure not to spill a drop.

When his cum finally stops shooting from his softening cock, she begins licking it, cleaning it, making sure that there is not a drop left on him. He pulls her off his cock, and guides her head to his thigh, so that she is laying on the bed with her head on his leg, his soft cock resting against her face. He gently rubs his cock over her eyes, her nose, her mouth and then lies back, leaving her there to rest with his cock lightly pressed against her face.

They rest for a few minutes, then He sits up and pulls her head up by her hair, saying "Its time to go out for dinner. Go take a shower and I will pick out something for you to wear." She obediently rises and heads into the bathroom. A little while later she emerges, still nude, but with her hair and makeup done for an evening out. On the bed she sees her clothes neatly laid out - a black tank top, short black skirt, black thigh highs and black bra, but no panties. Sitting in a nearby chair, her Master says to her "Face me, and put on the stockings first."

"Yes, Sir," she says as she moves over to the bed and picks up the stockings. Facing Him, she raises one leg and places her foot on a chair, as she knows he'd want, so that her pussy is exposed to him. She slowly glides the silky stocking over her foot, up her firm calf, to the top of her silky thigh. She blushes, aware that he is staring at her, expressionless letting his gaze roam, over her thigh as the silk encases it, to her pussy exposed and wet, to her breasts her nipples hard.

She shifts position, her other foot raised onto the chair and slides the other stocking on. Then she straightens, arms behind her back, facing her Master, waiting for his next instruction. He tells her to put the skirt on next. She picks up the skirt and slides it over her hips, feeling both relief and remorse. Relief because the skirt eases her embarrassment and she feels less exposed. Remorse, surprisingly, for the exact same reasons.

After zipping, she once again stands at attention, hands behind back, as she waits for his next command. The seconds tick by as she anxiously awaits his order to put her bra on, to cover herself. He knows that she's anxious now to cover herself, and so he stretches out the moment, letting her impatience build. Finally he says "You may put on the rest of your clothes now." She immediately puts on the bra and tank top and slips into the black high heels.

He smiles and says "Shall we go out to dinner, my pet?" She returns his smile, shyly saying "Yes, Sir, I'd like that." They walk out to his car and he walks around to the passenger door with her. He pauses before unlocking the door. "Raise your skirt to your waist." She looks around her in panic and embarrassment. She doesn't see anyone, but someone could turn the corner at any moment! She raises her eyes to meet his and silently begs him not to make her do this, even as her hands reach down for the hem of her skirt and she says "Yes, Sir."

With trembling hands, she raises her skirt to her waist, leaving her pussy totally exposed. She is still embarrassed, but pleased too, as she see her Master smile and hears him say "Good girl." She stands there, mentally screaming at him to hurry and let her put it back down. Instead, he unlocks the door and tells her to keep her skirt hiked up with her bare ass on the seat of the car. She does as directed, waiting for him to get into the car. He starts the car and pulls out onto the road. He tells her to spread her legs as far as she can. She opens her legs, feeling exposed, her naked pussy on display for anyone who might look in the window. His hand then makes its way over to her exposed pussy and starts play with it. He chuckles as he feels how wet she is.

Her face is bright red, as she silently hopes that nobody notices. They come to a stoplight and she is shaking with fear and excitement as they slow down, coming to a stop next to a car. The she hears her Master tell her "Look at the person in the car next to you. If they make eye contact, smile and hold it until the car starts moving again." Her face is hot with embarrassment now. She turns to look in the other car. She sees a guy about her age at the wheel and shakes as she fervently hopes that he doesn't look over. The light changes and the car starts moving forward again and she turns her head with a gasp of relief. Her Master's hand is still active on her pussy, and the adrenaline from the fear turns to lust as she feels her juices start to pour. She closes her eyes to enjoy the sensation just as the car slows down again, and He tells her "Open your eyes!." She opens them and, as the car comes to a stop, looks out the window. There is an SUV next to them - they will have a clear view into the car! Her Master's finger now stroking her clit, she looks over into the driver's window. It is a middle aged lady and before she even has time to hope against it, the woman makes eye contact with her, and she sees her eyes open wide as the woman's gaze is drawn to the sight of exposed pussy being stroked in plain view.

When the woman's gaze returns to hers, she sees shock, disapproval and anger there and, without thinking, she hangs her head in humiliation. She jumps as feels her Master slap her pussy. "I told you not to look away!"

She realizes she's in trouble and begs "I'm sorry, Sir! It will never happen again!" He shakes his head and says, "As punishment, the next time we stop at a light you are to play with your nipples while looking at the car next to us. And remember to smile if they make eye contact!" She is horrified! How can she do that? She will just die of embarrassment! They are in motion for several minutes, all the lights green, as he continues to rub her swollen clit. She is so hot now, that her hips are beginning to press towards his hand and a moan escapes her lips. Then she realizes the car is slowing down again. Her fear rises, but so does her arousal as the car comes to a stop. She begins rubbing her hard, sensitive nipples as she looks over to the car next to them.

There is a very attractive guy of about 25 driving. She has just silently started praying for the light to change when he looks over and catches her eye. His eyes immediately slide down, taking in her fingers pinching her nipples. He looks back up into her eyes and she remembers she is supposed to smile. As the smile tentatively forms on her lips, he breaks into a broad grin. Accepting her invitation, his eyes move back to her nipples, and then come to rest on her pussy. He is laughing as he watches the hand on her pussy play with her clit. She has never been so humiliated in her life, but she was already on the verge of cumming before she'd started playing with her nipples.

She tries to fight against it, not wanting to cum while this stranger watches. He raises his eyes back to her smiling face, having seen her writhing on the car seat. She is almost to the edge when he laughs again, and then, just as she starts over the edge, he mouths the word "Whore" through the window. Her orgasm explodes and she is bucking and screaming as she watches the man take in her orgasm, knowing that he thinks she is just a cheap streetwalker. She is still in the midst of her orgasm as their car starts moving again and she finally looks away.

As her cumming starts to quiet she can hear her Master chuckling over the scene. She wants to scream at him, to tell him that she's humiliated and that its not funny! Instead, she hangs her head and then hears his voice "Oh, my pet - I'm so proud of you. Its not every slut who could cum so beautifully for a stranger. Come, we're here - and I'm going to buy you your favorite dinner." he says as he gently kisses her.

As promised, they have a fabulous meal in the restaurant. As they are leaving the restaurant her Master reaches down to her skirt to flash a customer coming in. Without thinking her hand shoots out stopping him before he can humiliate her. Her Master says nothing, just keeps walking. They get to the car, and still he says nothing. He is silent the entire ride back to her hotel. With each passing minute she is getting more and more scared.

"Please, Master, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to, it just happened!" she pleads with him. There is no response. When they get back to the hotel she follows him silently to her room. As soon as the door closes, he merely says "Strip," and continues past her into the room, turning on all the lights. She follows his order and, with shaking hands, removes her clothes. She stands in the middle of the room, shivering, more from anxiety than from the temperature of the room. She feels very scared and vulnerable, wondering what is going to happen next. Her Master walks over to the window and opens the curtains wide. There are tall buildings directly across from the room with a clear view in.

Her Master now walks up to her and says "If I choose to display you to someone, you are to smile, nothing more. Since you wouldn't show yourself to that man at the restaurant, your punishment is to be showing yourself to anyone who might look out the window." He points to the window. "Now go stand in front of that window, legs spread, arms behind your back, for 5 minutes." She looks up at him in disbelief - but anyone could see her! However, she doesn't question or hesitate. She knows that to do so would not only make her punishment worse, but would disappoint her Master even more than she's already disappointed him.

She walks over to the window, her face turning redder and redder in embarrassment, as her eyes start to fill with tears. Following his instructions she spreads her legs wide. She feels as if the entire world is staring at her pussy. Then she clasps her hands behind her back, thrusting her breasts out. She feels like running, hiding, but tries to stay calm, to keep the tears from flowing. An hour passes... Well, it feels like an hour to her, but in reality only a minute has passed. She sees a light go out in an office across from her window and wonders if someone is standing there in the dark, violating her with their eyes. She begins forcing her thoughts away from where she is when her attention is brought back to the room as she feels her Masters hand's on her nipples.
Now she can't pretend she's somewhere else - the sensations sweeping her body have sharpened her awareness of where she is and what's happening. Anyone could be watching as her nipples are rubbed and pinched, making them stand out firmly in obvious arousal. She then feels his other hand wrap around her body and brush against her pussy. The tears start to fill her eyes again. She is going to be forced to cum in front the entire city! Despite her humiliation, she can't help responding when she feels his finger gather juice from her pussy before beginning to slowly run it around her already swollen clit. She tries to stay totally still, but the electricity going through her body won't be denied. She begins to moan, pressing her pussy against his hand, tears streaming down her face. He picks up the pace, pinching her nipple as hard as possible while rapidly massaging her clit with the other. She knows she must look like a whore, standing in the window, on the verge of cumming.

Then her Master presses her clit between his thumb and finger and, pressing painfully tightly begins rubbing it back and forth. Her body freezes for a moment and then she screams as the intensity of her orgasm washes over her. Her Master keeps up the pace on her nipple and clit until she begs him to stop. "Oh, you've still got a few more seconds before your punishment is over." He whispers in her ear, enjoying the sight of her body clearly bucking in orgasm as she stands in the window. Then she feels Him remove his hands, signaling that the punishment is over. She slumps to the ground, her back to the window. Her Master picks her up and gently places her in the bed, pulling the covers up over her before climbing in next to her. He kisses her tenderly on the lips and asks "Who owns your body and has the right to display it anytime He wishes?" She looks up at him, smiling, and says "This is your body and you have the right to display it anytime you choose." He responds, "Very good, my pet. Now get some rest."

The next morning she awoke before Him, so she decided to get in the shower. The shower felt wonderful and she spent some time in there, touching herself, remember the events of the previous night. Then she got out did her hair and makeup and pulled on a skirt and blouse. She was smiling as she left the bathroom, only to be greeted by a look of displeasure on her Master's face. She looked at him, confused... but surely he'd forgiven her for last night?? Then He spoke - "Did I give you permission to put clothes on?" Her faces flushes as she realizes that she's once again disappointed her Master. Head down, she says "I apologize Master. I deserve to be punished."

"Indeed you do." He replies. She quickly takes off her clothes and then He walks up to her and places a blindfold over her eyes. She stands quietly, listening as he moves around the room. He comes back to her and binds her hands behind her back. He moves away once more, then comes back and bends over, placing cuffs on her ankles which are then attached to a spreader bar. She is scared, but determined not to let him down. She can take this, whatever it is. He straightens up and proceeds to attach clamps to her nipples. She makes a small gasp of pain, but quickly manages to control it. "Now, my bad little bitch," he says, "I am going to whip you with the flogger 10 times.

After each one, I want you to thank me for guiding you." She nods, saying "Yes, Sir." as she unconsciously begins tightening the muscles in her back, waiting for the first blow to land on her ass. She hears the sound of the flogger in motion seconds before it lands painfully against... her breast!! She can't hold back a loud yelp at the unexpected pain, but quickly recovers and says "Thank you for guiding me, Master!" He lashes out over and over, and each time she repeats the phrase.

By the eighth blow there are tears rolling down her face, as she chokes out the words, but she does get them out. On the tenth blow, she's so relieved that its the last one that she screams "THANK YOU MASTER FOR GUIDING YOUR DIRTY LITTLE SLUT!" before really starting to sob and shake. He gently wraps his arms around her, kisses her tearstained cheeks and says "You're welcome, my pet."

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